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Explosion Museum – 24th July 2015 (Kym)

Friday, July 31st, 2015

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 24th July 2015
Gosport, Hampshire

Area: Officers Admin Building
Equipment: Pendulums and Dowsing Rods

Group B – This was a lovely old untouched building, with a tremendous amount of atmosphere to it, and I wanted the guests to enjoy exploring and feeling the energies around them.  With Louise’s assistance we showed the guests how to use the rods & pendulums, establishing their yes & no’s, and then communicating with spirit.  We had a male spirit with us initially who worked here in the 1900’s.  The spirit said there were more than 10 spirits in this building with us.  Everyone then went off to explore, myself I ventured to the opposite end of the corridor into a small room and immediately felt like I was being punched in the stomach, not a physical feeling could just sense this.  I felt there were two men in here that had fought.  Louise joined me and said what she had picked up here: A male spirit called Arthur, worked in the building, died in the 1950’s age 41, was married with two children.  His wife had died during childbirth in her 30’s, his children are still alive.  He worked with his brother who also died here, they didn’t get on and fought alot, and a possible fight here.  Whilst on her own later Louise asked spirit to give her a sign, and she had pins & needles suddenly in her left hand.  We stayed for a short while talking to the spirits, I asked for the spirits name I was talking to and was given the name Peter, Louise said she was also given this but when asked if that was the spirits name her pendulum said no, I asked if I was talking to Arthur’s brother called Peter, and my pendulum said yes.  Peter also confirmed there was a fight in this room with his brother.  He was here 1925-1950, and died aged 47.

We joined the guests downstairs, and one guest said he felt uncomfortable in the bathroom and wouldn’t enter that room.  We went with him, and could feel the energy when entering that room.  It felt like a static energy all around us.  I sensed someone had been strangled here, and could feel pressure on my throat.  Louise was also picking up on the same.  All three of us could feel the energy, but also quite bizarrely we all felt it suddenly go at the same time.

Group A – Again we started in the large end room upstairs with showing the guests how to use the rods & pendulums.  We asked spirit what this room was used for and it was the recreation room.  Louise had connected with a female spirit called Mary, she had worked here, and died here, age 49 in 1944.  She worked here in the war as a maid/housekeeper.  She had not married and had no children.  A guest (Kim) joined her, and Louise asked her to see what she could find out from the spirit, and Kim got exactly the same, including the name Mary.  I was with the remaining guests who were initially picking up on the two brothers from earlier, and were surprised by the amount of energies in the room, with rods & pendulums spinning erratically.  We all then went downstairs, and could hear noises, at first thinking they were from upstairs, then realising they were in a room next to them, followed the noise.  They sensed they were talking to a mischievous male spirit.  Louise took Kim (guest) to the bathroom that we felt the energy in earlier, and with no knowledge from myself of Louise, Kim could feel the energy, could sense someone had been strangled, and by using her rods had confirmation that someone was murdered here by strangulation.

Area: Grand Magazine
Equipment: Ouija, Table Tipping, Writing Planchette

Group B – I had now moved to the Grand Magazine and started with five guests and myself on the ouija, and Louise with two guests trying table tipping.  The table started moving very gently at first, and establishing their yes & no found out they were talking to two children.  Then the table started moving with a lot more energy, and was able to confirm this was now a male spirit.  On the ouija we didn’t have any movement on the glass, but did feel the table move.  We did try asking spirit to move the table, but with no movement we switched to the writing planchette.  Although we didn’t get any drawings, the planchette did move up and down, and the guests were able to communicate with the spirit this way.  I did join the others on the table tipping, and asked spirit to lift the table up so we could all feel how strong the spirit was by trying to push the table back down, which was incredibly hard.  Two male guests tried the ouija and had some glass movement with the letters P D Q then the glass went to goodbye.  The five guests then tried some table tipping together and had some movement, whilst I joined the two ladies on the ouija.  We had a male spirit called Mark, from 1824 and was married with 4 children.  He didn’t work here, but did live here.

Group A – This group of guests had a lot of experience talking to spirit so didn’t really need our assistance, so initially Louise & I asked spirit to move a chair whilst we rested our hands on it.  And to our surprise the chair started rocking quite fast, and did twist slightly.  I then joined the guests as they had stopped the table tipping and were asking spirit to move the glass on the table for yes & no answers.  They were talking to a 13 year old boy, who worked on HMS Victory as a powder monkey.  He knew Nelson and was involved in battlement on the ship, and had died in combat on the ship, although it did not sink.  He was at the battle of Trafalgar.  He gave the year initially as 1850.  They were fighting the Spanish.  They were also able to establish the spirit’s name was William Henry.  We then switched to the ouija table and the spirit stayed with them.  Asking spirit to spell his name, he gave us William Henry.  Asking for his family name he spelt FUGR twice.  Asking if he meant Fergus – confirmed yes.  He also confirmed he was 13 years old, but the year was 1803.  He had 4 brothers and 1 sister.  He was the middle child.  His mother died in childbirth.  His father and other children fought too.  William died in an accident, a canon had backfired.

Some guests wanted to return to the Admin Building with the Ouija and when they came back said they had spoken to the female spirit Louise & Kim had spoken to earlier, and she confirmed her name was Mary Smith.  Also they took the Ouija in to the bathroom and spoke to the sprit(s) there and confirmed that a man was strangled there because he was gay.

Wow – what an amazing place – still didn’t explore everywhere so definitely looking forward to coming back!

Kym & Louise
Paranormal Investigator
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Marwell Hall – 11th April 2015 (Wayne)

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

Marwell Hall ghost hunt 11th April 2015
Winchester, Hampshire

Seymour Room

Equipment used :- Ghost Pros, K2 Meters, Mel meter, Laser Grid, Full Spectrum Video and Still Cameras, SB7 Spirit Box and Digital Voice Recorders in all sessions.

Session 1

As always ghost pros and K2 meters were given to the guests to see if any communication could be established with spirit, almost immediately the ghost pros were lighting to indicate spirit presence.
2 female guests were talking to a female spirit that claimed to be Jane Seymour and another that said she was the spirit of the bride who became trapped in a chest and was not found until many years later.
We started a spirit box session and noticed a female scream lasting about 3 seconds over multiple sweeps, this was also heard by a male guest. Were these screams of the trapped bride?

Session 2

This next session became much more active with guests interacting with spirit and asking plenty of questions through the ghost pros.
We had male and female spirits present. A female guest managed to communicate with the bride on several occasions and also a male spirit that worked at the hall who died in the 1880s.
Another female guest using a ghost pro was speaking to a chamber maid in her 20s from the 1800s and an older chamber maid in her 50s from the 1700s.
We held EVP and Spirit box sessions but no voices were captured.

Session 3

Activity started before the guests came into the area, as just outside the doorway our next group could already sense spirit. A couple of the guests were being prodded by “unseen hands” and when they questioned Steve (GHE team) he told them that there had been the spirit of the “house master ” standing in that spot all evening and he keeps prodding people. All of the group where taking photos in and around the area before we went into the Seymour Room where the guests carried on taking photos as they were capturing many unexplained lights, orbs and the odd mist here and there. Ghost pros and K2s were being used by the guests that weren’t taking photos but they were having photos taken of them while they were trying to communicate.
Michaela captured 2 very bright anomalies located against the ornate woodwork which actually looked like light bulbs but clearly were not.
Free time

We (Wayne and Paula) joined with Louise (GHE team)  and the female guest and her boyfriend from Session 2 and went for a snoop around the building and eventually made our way to the room upstairs that Steve was using for all of his séance sessions, where we met Kerry (GHE team) and some of the other guests. We started to call out for spirit to copy our tapping and whistling but all was very quiet. After chatting about table tipping the huge table at Fort Amherst we decided to try table tipping with a large table that was in the room. The room is carpeted and the table has metal feet and was very heavy but we all gathered (probably about 8 of us) round the table and began to put our energy in to trying to get a spirit to move the table, which it did faster and faster the table then moved bit by bit across the room until it came to a standstill, then with no warning slid by itself in one smooth movement, amazing everyone, quickly back towards Kerry and Paula for about 12 inches.

Wayne & Paula
Paranormal Investigators
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 18-4-2014

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 18th April 2014
Rochester, Kent

This particular venue is a favourite with many of our team, the reason behind this is that we now know what areas of the Fort are the most active and can more or less guarantee some form of paranormal activity when in those particular areas. We look forward to every visit because this fort is very active, very haunted and although we know what to expect, we still get surprised by what happens to the guests.

As always I choose to hold my sessions in the Counterscarp galleries, not only is the area very interesting as it involves walking through a very long tunnel, but it is also the most physically demanding as the staircase goes underneath the dry moat. The level of activity here changes from one investigation to another although there are always similar experiences felt by the guests.

The first group we encountered a male spirit who I have met before in this particular part of the Fort. His name is Biffa or Bernard to his mum, aged in his 30s and another spirit called Justin, both it seems were prisoners who were put to work to build the fort in the late 1800s.

The séance session started with some gentle arm movement, mostly on the instructions of those who asked for it, those guests who didn’t say anything or encourage the spirit to move them remained stationary. Once those guests who were actively encouraging the spirit to move their arms they then asked for the spirit to move or push them. Within a matter of minutes several guests were being pushed, swayed or pulled backwards. Some people were also being moved in circular motions.

The second group to the Counterscarp galleries felt some movement but the majority of the guests wanted to ask questions and conduct their own ghost hunt and use their ghost hunting equipment. It transpired from their questions that the spirit that was present was also a prisoner who had murdered his mother, a dog and prostitutes of Rochester. This spirit died in prison.

On our way out several of us clearly heard footsteps behind us as we walked out of the tunnel and back to the main part of the fort.

The third group we were joined by a familiar spirit (to me) his name was Captain Daniel Bedford, a First World War soldier. Daniel started to move the hands and arms of the majority of guests which quickly transpired into twisting people’s arms together. Several times the people either side of me felt a weight in their arms which resulted in us being dragged down to the floor by our arms. Michelle (guest) said that she didn’t want to face the floor but no matter how many times she said this and resisted the sensation, she ended up on the floor!

Many people of the group were being pulled downwards by their arms, but once on the floor the movements continued and several guests and I were pulled backwards so that we were lying on the floor. This has happened before but never have so many people been involved, it was a chaotic scene with people not only on the floor but arms entwined and to the point where none of us had any idea how we could untangle ourselves and remain holding hands. The spirit however knew exactly how to untangle people, although this wasn’t a quick operation.

At the end of this séance session I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. The results of this will be published at a later date.

Unusually I decided to hold another séance with the intention this time of the spirit moving everyone in turn so that all the guests could feel and hopefully know that they were being moved by unseen hands rather than being pulled by someone they were holding hands with. Daniel complied with this and moved everyone in more gentle ways by pulling them backwards so that each person had to take a step back to avoid falling over. During this time and to avoid people being consciously aware that they were moving all the instructions to the spirit were asked by me as thoughts, therefore none of the guests knew who I was asking Daniel to move, the guests only knew it was them when they found themselves being moved!

At the end of our controlled sessions, we allow the guests to go to the areas that they want to, to conduct their own ghost hunt or to experience a particular area on their own. I joined a group in the Caponier during a Table Tilting & Ouija board session.

As soon as I entered the room I saw a spirit that I had not seen before. He was called Cecil, who was a well-spoken Second World War soldier who was busy moving a table at guest’s request.

I also joined in with the Ouija board which is something I don’t often do, because as I was explaining to the guests I ask questions about things I want to know the answer to, not what the spirit did when they were in a physical body nor anything to do with my life. I want to know the answers to questions which are more spiritual in nature. The spirit energy who was called Robert, another World War Two soldier answered by using the letters and numbers of the Ouija board. Below are the questions and answers.

Q: What colour is the sky in the spirit world?
A: Red.
Q: How many levels of the spirit world exist to your knowledge?
A: 3
Q: What is the largest animal in the spirit world?
A: Oup, a whale

After asking these I then asked the spirit to use the numbers as a scale of difficulty (0-9) for different activities that we ask of all spirit.
Glass work = 3, EVP = 7, Table tilting = 8, Ouija board = 3 or 4, Séances = 9, Manifestation or moving inanimate objects = 99

This was an excellent ghost hunt, with lots of people feeling, sensing and experiencing paranormal activity first hand and participating in paranormal experiments that they had not encountered before.

Psychic Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 22-3-2014

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 22nd March 2014
Chatham, Kent

This event was our first public event of the year at Fort Horsted, the week before we held a special invitation only event for our frequent customers, but since this was a public event many of the guests probably didn’t know what to expect. Fortunately we have done many ghost hunts at this Fort to know where the best areas to get ghostly activity or for the guests to experience the activity.

We usually hold three one hour sessions so that all guests can experience different parts of the fort with different team members doing different activities. So I chose the furthest area away from all the other groups; a room which is right at the edge of the fort.

We were joined quite quickly by a spirit called Philip, he was a Doctor from the 1880s and 37 years old.

When asking Philip to move us as we were standing in a séance circle James (guest) who was next to me could feel Philip’s energy and the fact that James was swaying or rather being pulled backwards, to fight this sensation James was pulling himself back upright. James found this a little unnerving to start with but like all things the more he got used to the sensation the easier it became for Philip to move him.

Whilst James was being pulled back lots of guests experienced their arms being moved and unfortunately for the people either side of me, my hands were often dragged to floor and on one occasion the letters P and O were drawn in the dust on the floor.

I asked Philip what the O stood for but didn’t get a response.

As the guests all got used to the sensation Philip was able to move more and more people until everyone had been moved in some way. A few times we all heard the sound of a children’s toy, it sounded like a toy train and immediately after this we all heard a stone being kicked or thrown. Since there are a lot of stones on the floor in the corridor we could not be sure it was thrown at us and because of the acoustics we couldn’t be sure of the direction. But since we were all holding hands it could not have been any of us.

At the end of this session I held an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. There were several responses to people’s questions but not all could be clearly heard, the two clearest ones though can be heard at:-

The second group to this same area, Philip was still present and in fact he stayed with me in the room all night. Once again arm movement was felt by the majority of the guests relatively quickly as well as some pushing and people being pulled back. This group however were not as nervous as the first group and Philip was able to push people and twist them into some very unusual and sometimes painful positions.

For some reason Philip wanted to touch people’s shoes with whichever hands he was able to move, which meant that some people ended up getting all the dirty dust on their shoes.

During the séance two guests became incapacitated and had to be removed from the séance. Gary (guest) in particular just felt drained and he described the feeling similar to feeling faint.

The third group were very nervous compared to the first two groups, this is usually because my sessions are held in virtual darkness and people feel more vulnerable when they can’t see the walls of the room, let alone where the doorway is.

However Philip still attempted to move people and as the group became more comfortable with their surroundings and what I was trying to achieve (which is to ask the spirit to move people) more people’s arm were being lifted and when a few guests least expected it they were pulled backwards. Two guests though had laughing fits for no reason. This is something which we have encountered before at the Fort although not in this area, but neither of the guests knew why they were laughing and according to their friends this was so out of character for them.

The rest of the time we allow the guests to hold their own ghost hunt or to experience other areas of the Fort under our supervision but not holding set activities.

I joined a group in the Counterscarp Galleries (which is an area that is usually out of bounds) and some guests asked that I do a séance circle. We were joined by a spirit that I had met the previous week called Captain Bell (he pushed people to the floor) and two other spirits who I have seen before although not for a while, they were both prisoners who probably were employed whilst serving their sentence to build the place.

All of these spirits combined their energies to move everyone’s arms although some more than others, which very quickly progressed into people being twisted up and a strange lunging sensation towards people, not always their faces but usually. One guest was “picked on” by the spirit and he was forced to the floor until his head touched the floor. I attributed this to Captain Bell as that is what he did to two people the week before.

This was once again an enjoyable ghost hunt with many guests getting some form of paranormal activity which they could not explain or an experience that they enjoyed.

Psychic Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 8-3-2014

Friday, March 21st, 2014

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 8th March 2014
Rochester, Kent

The majority of the team enjoy Fort Borstal as we always get some good activity, this evening was no different and some of the séance sessions in the counterscarp galleries were very memorable to some of the guests. This area is one of the best areas for the feeling of being touched or moved in some way.

The first group to the counterscarp galleries I started asking for some gentle arm movement from the spirit energy who stepped into the room, an old prisoner of the fort who had lots of energy and Captain Daniel Bedford who usually gets some guests on the floor. The prisoner spirit started by moving my arms and the two people either side of me. Most of these movements were gentle touching of faces and some of the men’s chests. This quickly moved onto touching people shoulders and one particular guests fur jacket although he was intrigued by a female guests’ jacket which had the appearance of someone in authority.

Several times the people who were standing beside me were pulled by their arms down to the floor or made to bend over as there was a heavy weight on our arms. Several times my hands touched the floor and then it was wiped clean on some other guest’s jacket!

When asking for the spirit to sway or push people only one of two people could feel his presence and they felt a gentle or slight pull back or push forward.

The second group to the counterscarp gallery the movements started almost as soon as I asked for spirit to move us, with the two people either side of me. This started as gentle arm movement, which quickly descended into various people’s arms being twisted and entangled with some guests being forced to twist and turn to face the opposite direction. Several guests also had their faces touched by spirit via other people’s hands, this some people found unnerving. One particular guest asked to be pushed into the centre of the circle and although it didn’t happen instantly, eventually this guest found herself standing in the middle of the circle with her hands entwined with other guests that didn’t know what the spirit were intending to do. The spirits that were responsible were two prisoners, Biffa & Justin and these spirits I have met before. They are particular with making sure the guests want to be moved and if the guests didn’t ask to be moved they weren’t moved.

At various times the majority of the group were pulled by their arms and hands onto the floor and even when the guests were able to stand up, many of them felt that they were being pulled back into the wall or rocked gentled, sometimes forward and backwards but also in circles. This is a common experience from these two particular spirits, this seems to be their thing and it usually happens first to a female member of the group and then once the spirit knows that people don’t resist then they do it all the more. This can make some of the guests feel unwell as we conduct all of this in virtual darkness. People find it a little disconcerting to be rocked and swayed when they cannot see what it causing the movement and no matter how much they try not to move the spirits are always able to move people in one direction or another.

The third group to the counterscarp galleries was a larger group than the rest of the groups although this seem to have no effect on what the spirit could do, we were joined quite quickly by a spirit who I usually encounter in this area, a First World War soldier; Captain Daniel Bedford. This spirit also has a particular thing he likes to do, which he didn’t achieve with the first group. This always ends up with many of the guests being dragged to the floor by their arms and after initially asking for him to lift people’s arms, which he completed just to prove that it was possible he then moved onto moving people in the way he wanted to. This involved the two people either side of me first (Kat & Neil) and then the people standing next to them until the majority of the guests were being moved. Arms were being lifted towards the ceiling, whilst others were being pulled to the floor. This proved to be quite painful for some and involved just about everyone being touched in some way. At various times many of us were twisted and entangled by our arms, sometimes whist we were on the floor.

Kat was pushed down until she was kneeling on the floor, yet each hand was being pulled away from her. Then she asked whether the spirit wanted he on the floor face first, she asked that her left hand be raised if this was true and immediately her left hand was raised, then dropped and pulled away from her until she had no choice but to obey the spirits wishes.

After asking for the spirit to push and sway people many people were swayed and pushed into a wall, Neil found himself being pulled backwards towards a wall to the point where he had no option but to sit on the floor with his back against the wall and once he was down then the spirit were able to pull the people either side of him down (Me and Harry) and then subsequently the people next to us.

At various times those who were being moved were twisted and squashed up together so that all the dust that each of us had collected on our clothing was now being “transferred” to those who were less dirty.

All of this twisted and entangling went on for a long time and every time that I asked for the spirit to put us back to where we started with all our hands by our sides, so that we could finish the séance part, it just didn’t happen, this just made the spirit want to continue moving us. After the third time of asking I told the guests to let go and thus break the séance circle. I don’t like to do this as I know that it has taken a lot of energy for the spirits to move us but had we not let go this twisting and pushed and being pulled to the floor would have gone on for a longer time.

After the three controlled sessions, all the guests were then allowed to go to various parts of the fort with some of our ghost hunting equipment to hold their own ghost hunt. Many guests used this opportunity to try some table tilting, Ouija boards and semi-solo vigils to record EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice experiments) and Spirit Box sessions (a device that scans the FM radio band at 100ms in reverse) to hear a spirit voice. Some of these sessions that the guests undertook on their own were very successful, although those that heard responses asking them to leave the room or area did so.

This was an excellent ghost hunt which was very enjoyable to those guests who were moved or manipulated in ways that they never thought possible and many were surprised what could be achieved, especially the more physical nature of the movements.

There will be an event video (edited into a shorter video) of some of the group sessions.

Psychic Medium
Ghost Hunt Events


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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 7-12-2013

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 7th December 2013
Rochester, Kent.

Fort Borstal is one of the special places that we go to where we have had so much in the past, but every time we return we don’t really know what to expect, tonight was one of those nights with lots of physical paranormal activity felt, noises heard and strange phenomena that we have no seen here before.

After splitting the whole group into three smaller groups everyone headed off into different directions and as usual I chose the double Counterscarp Galleries as they are in my view the most spiritually active areas of the Fort. Paranormal stuff always happens here and usually when it is a good night something that has never happened before affects everyone.

The first group to this area we were joined quite quickly by a male spirit who often frequents this area; Captain Daniel Bedford, a First World Soldier. After forming a séance circle Captain Daniel was able to move the arms of some people quite quickly, others took a while to move. He proceeded to start with gentle arm movement which each guest in turn was able to ask in their heads which way their arms should move and Daniel moved the guests arms, it even worked this way when other people asked for someone else’s arms to be moved.

After this gentle arm movement Daniel moved on to pushing and swaying some people, this too was also quite gentle, but purposeful. He also used our arms collectively to push Dave’s (guest) chin up as he kept saying “Stand Tall” as Dave was a tall person who generally had to look down at everyone. Dave and John (guests) we both pushed towards the centre of the circle several times. I and the people either side of me were also pulled by our arms down towards the floor, but we never actually touched the floor. This is quite a common experience in this room with this spirit. Both Dean and Darren (guests) also experienced this arm movement and some gentle pushing but not the same level as John & Dave.

The second group to this area Captain Daniel joined us very quickly and even before I had finished the do’s and don’ts he had already started to move some of the guests but mostly concentrated on Russ. This quickly moved on to Simon and most of this group of friends felt arm movement, which was mostly on command but Daniel got bored of this and did whatever he wanted. This mainly involved everyone getting twisted and tangled up on one side of the circle, the other side of the circle they experienced some light arm movement but it was not of the same calibre because those questions kept questioning the movements and wanted their arms to be moved as and when they wanted, whereas Daniel wanted to move their hands when he wanted to not when asked.

Various time through this session some people were pulled backwards towards the far wall and pulled towards the back wall. This is activity that I have seen in this room before although not for many months.

During one of the strange twisting sessions Russ felt a punch to his stomach, which surprisingly came out of the blue as I usually get a milliseconds notice before something like this happens so that I can warn the guests. This particular time this didn’t happen and it certainly didn’t happen when a bit later Simon felt a punch in his face, this too came as a surprise to me and an unwarranted surprise to Simon!

Also during this session Russ and Simon were pulled to the floor with other people’s hands pushing downwards on Russ’ head. When I asked for the spirit to do something different to end the session we were all pulled and pushed out of the room. Russ said that whilst he was trying to fight the sensation he wasn’t having any luck withstanding it and either had to move or fall over!

This sensation has happened once before and only happens to certain people, although this time was much better because there was little anyone could do to avoid being moved, which as a Medium I like because in a way it proves the spirit are stronger than we are, if they want to move someone they can and will.

The third group to this area were very scared and nervous of doing this activity because they were all on a Hen party, and they thought it was going to be scary, however after an initial nervous movement and when everyone felt the gentle movements that Daniel was able to inflict on the guests they all settled down. Once this happened Daniel was able to move everyone very easily everyone felt their arms move. The guests were all able to ask Daniel to move their arms to point at certain people or to touch others. However Daniel was quickly able to move all the guests and gently sway and push people. He even pulled some of the guests backwards and made them feel like they were on a boat (Julie). The Hen (Alicia) said something in her head and almost immediately Daniel moved her hands and mine to make her salute. This is something that I have never seen this spirit do to anyone he before.

This very quickly moved on to him standing behind certain people and when he did so they could feel a strange coldness, this is not a normal cold as it felt like someone had just opened a refrigerator door behind people and the two people either side of the person who felt the coldness felt nothing. I moved around the circle (as the sprit finds moving me a lot easier) so that everyone could feel this strange sensation. However when I made the final move the two people either side of me felt a strange warmness and this was generally followed by either the guests arms moving or mine and theirs arms being dragged down towards the floor to touch our shoes or stroke someone’s lower leg and my hands were placed on the floor (as it is dusty) and then placed on someone’s jacket or stroking their shoulders which left a white dusty mark. Some of this group were wearing whistles, which Daniel had great delight in touching and pushing. There was also another spirit in the next room; a former prisoner, who coincidentally help build the place but passed away whilst doing so. He didn’t interact with the session but I could hear him laughing a lot.

After these controlled sessions we then let the guests roam throughout the fort and re-visit areas and rooms that they had visited and some areas that they had not visited in our controlled sessions. This part of the night we allow the guests to venture off with some of our ghost hunting equipment. Many of the guests thoroughly enjoyed this time and had lots of spiritual contact on our electronic ghost hunting equipment and they noted that some of the areas had lots of spiritual activity which was shown or displayed on the equipment.

This was a very enjoyable ghost hunt with lots of physical paranormal activity felt by the guests. Some guests whilst off on their own heard footsteps and other strange noises which could not be explained because they were the only people in those areas.

Let’s hope the event that we have planned here for 2014 are just as active and enjoyable.

Psychic Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 16-11-2013

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 16th November 2013
Rochester, Kent

Fort Borstal is one of my favourite ghost hunting locations, not least because we have access to the majority of the Fort; two counterscarp galleries, the caponier, the officer’s mess, the front casements, the second world war command post, all the tunnels and an underground magazine room but also because the level of activity never ceases to amaze us as a team. Paranormal occurrences seem to happen more or less on command throughout this fort.

As always I chose the double counterscarp gallery for my sessions, the reason why I choose this is because of a number of factors, but the main one is that time and time again the same paranormal phenomena happens to the guests and it is always of a physical nature.

The first group that I took to the gallery were quite nervous to start with, probably because it was complete darkness apart from my red cap light. The red light is used so that it doesn’t affect anyone’s night vision yet people are able to see what is happening to each other.

We were joined quite quickly by a spirit that I have seen within these galleries before, his name was Bernard and he was aged in his early 30s, quite muscular and tall at 6’5”, certainly not someone who you would argue with. He seems to be a spirit from the 1880s and talks of his time when the place was being constructed.

Upon asking for Bernard to move the hands and arms of the guests as well as sway or move people unusually he started by swaying people and making some of the guests fall into other guests, usually without any warning whatsoever. Normally most spirits no matter where we are start by gently lifting or moving arms of the guests. Bernard was different, first he pushed and pulled some people in all directions and then he moved on to lifting peoples arms.

He was very quickly able to push and drag people down to the floor and drag my hands on the floor, then without much warning he pushed and pulled the guests in all directions but his focus seemed to be just two female guests. For some reason he moved both of them towards a wall, but not the same wall, he chose the two walls that were at the back of the room. People had the simple of choice of allow the spirit to pull or push them to a wall or fall over.

Bernard quite happily pushed all of the guests in some way and he was later joined by another spirit friend; Justin who was slightly older at 38 years old and of a smaller build. Justin however didn’t really participate in the moving of the guests, he just stood nearby and laughed a lot. I got the feeling that both of these spirit would have been fun characters in life and slightly mischievous.

On asking for us all to be moved firstly Jason (GHE camera) heard a breathing sound behind him and then without any warning whatsoever all the guests were swayed or pushed backwards and then very quickly pushed and twisted around each other so that most of us had our backs to another person.

Some guests also felt very cold spots within the room as they were being moved around although we know this is not due to any environmental reason as the whole gallery is sealed from the outside elements and there is only one door (which was closed) into the area.

On many occasions various people were pushed to the floor and not only were they pulled down, but once kneeling down on the floor they were then pulled by their hands and arms further onto the floor so that their whole body was in contact with the floor. Even though many guests tried to resist this sensation no-one was able to stop the overbearing force and once on the floor those guests could not get back up no matter how hard they tried. The majority of the guests said that it felt like a great weight was holding their legs down.

At one point Bernard pushed and pulled us all out of the room (this has happened before in this room) as many guests felt like they were being watched. Once out of the room the sensations and the movements increased because there was a bigger space to fill and the two spirit energies had no trouble dragging us out of the room.

Toward the end of the session Bernard was moving the guests in such a way that it could have become dangerous as people were being moved very quickly and with such force that other guests could not anticipate which way someone was about to move. I ended the session because it could have been very painful if someone was pushed over or pushed/pulled into a wall.

The second group to this area started much the same, with some guests being moved and manipulated in much the same way, but this session started more slowly although Bernard was responsible for some of the movement, Justin was the main spirit who was touching and pushing people. Whenever someone asked for their hands or arms to be moved in some way Justin obliged and it did get a bit weird with various peoples’ hands touching the shoulders and stomachs of others.

When I asked for either spirit to start to push or rock people the resulting movements were much gentler and everyone at one point had their arms raised or pulled backwards which was rather uncomfortable for some.

Once again though, the majority of people were pulled downwards to the floor from their arms and the guests once realising that they were not in control of their movements, let the spirit move them however they wished.

Although the force was not the same of the first group, there was still a lot of arms and hands being dragged down to the floor, many of the guests were unable to restrict or control their movement and once again those guests that were pulled down were also pushed and moved whilst on the floor, although the energy was not as powerful.

As soon as I started to ask the spirit to move us all in a different direction, I heard a faint whistle which sounded like it came from the other end of the tunnel complex, although no-one else heard anything at the time.

Jason also felt and thought that he saw shadows behind some of the guests. Considering that Jason was filming in IR (Infra-Red) light the only light source was my red light (which doesn’t really show up on the recorded footage because I point it at the floor) but he could see the shadows behind some guests and he commented that the shadows moved around the circle behind certain people. These were also the guests that were moving more frequently.

One of the guests also felt his left leg was being raised as it had lifted about 4 inches off the ground. When I asked that the spirit lift it higher the only thing that moved upwards was my arms with another guest. Although the guest that had their leg in the air was unable to put their foot back on the floor.

This was a very enjoyable, and for my sessions a, physical ghost hunt with every guest being eventually moved in some way that they could not explain as the spirit seemed to be playing a game with us. We would call this twister but the guests had called for the spirit to move us like the okey cokey which they dutifully accepted and accomplished.

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Rye Castle (Ypres Tower) ghost hunt – 28-9-2013

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Rye Castle private ghost hunt 28th September 2013
Rye, East Sussex

We as a team were heading back to Rye with a sense of uneasiness because the first event that we held here this year was an action packed amazing experience for everyone who was present, then we returned a month after that and whilst the level of activity was still interesting it was nothing like the first event. So we were a little cautious in getting our hopes up. However since this was a private event, the majority of the people have been on a ghost hunt before we didn’t have to show the guests what to do, they knew. This however didn’t prepare anyone for what happened.

Whilst half of the guests headed into the Women’s Tower with Carl, I stayed in the Keep with the other half.

During my explanation of the room, as there are two cells in two corners and a balcony which overlooks the courtyard I was standing on the balcony explaining to the guests the metal prongs which stopped anyone from climbing the walls. I was using my torch to show some of the guests where they were and undoubtedly shone my torch into the women’s tower skylight. However Carl came out of the tower as they had seen a light above them (which was my torch) but they had also saw a light shine up the staircase, which could not have been me because the entrance to the staircase is 90 degrees from where I was standing.

Back inside the keep we were joined by a spirit called Tommy or Thomas, quite recently a spirit from 1988 aged in his 50s and quite broad shouldered and well built.

Whilst using KII (EMF meters) and our electronic communicator meters we all noticed a strange “ball” of energy in the room, it seemed to start about 2 feet off the floor and extend to about 7 feet above the floor and was approximately 8 feet in diameter that suddenly “arrived” at the same time as Tommy. It was also centred in the room right over some of the display cases, which although had an electrical supply, these were all turned off as I checked to make sure. There was no obvious explanation as to why this ball should be there as we have never had something like this happen before and as quickly as it arrived it disappeared. It was only after talking to Ted (the Museum guide) later in the evening that he suggested the tie ring. The tie ring was in the centre of the room and prisoners were tied to this ring when there was no room in a cell.

Tommy though was able to say several words on a spirit box (a device that scans the FM radio bands at 100ms in reverse) including “Tom” and answered some questions posed by the guests.

After a short break I demonstrated what I had done in the first group with regard to the torch as those in the Women’s Tower were a little confused how my torch managed to shine up the staircase and no matter what I pointed the torch towards the light never shone up the staircase, which sort of proves that it wasn’t me. Although no-one had any idea what they saw the first time as my torch looked completely different apparently and according to those who saw it my torch wasn’t that bright either.

The second group to the Keep we still had Thomas present and once I started a séance circle he was able to move people’s arms very easily. He also pulled Darren (guest) downwards and backwards so that he was resting on the table behind him in an awkward manner. Tom also pulled Mark, Darren, Esther and me to the floor by our arms, then without any warning pulled Jo down as well. Once we were on the floor we were all still being moved and twisted although Darren remained in an awkward position much to his delight [sic].

Eventually we were allowed to stand back upright and more or less as soon as we got to our feet, Esther and Jo were both moved in a swaying circular motion. Others of the group had our heads pushed down by other people’s hands and arms and Darren had his head and ear “stroked”. My hands were pulled in opposite directions which was quite painful and also pulled behind other people’s backs. Whilst this was amusing for us it was also fun for the spirit energy as he smiled throughout the session obviously enjoying what he could do with us.

After another break I headed with a group to the Women’s Tower as I wanted to see if the same sensations and noises that I had heard on previous ghost hunts happened again.

On the top floor everyone felt the same swaying and pushing sensation. No matter where anyone stood, everyone felt the same sensation and that was being pushed or pulled towards the corner of the room by the only window. This is exactly what happened when we first visited earlier in the year, which was just after the tower had undergone some building work. Whilst we were here we all heard a familiar noise, footsteps. However like the previous time I visited this tower the footsteps sounded like someone walking on a wooden floor and since the tower is detached from anything else this sound still remains a mystery.

Darren felt a female energy at the bottom of the stairs was too afraid to enter the building, so we went downstairs to see if this would make any difference.

Since we were all in the small downstairs room no-one was expecting to hear the sound of a person walking on gravel (which is what is in the garden, the previous exercise yard) but that is exactly what we heard, someone approaching, but no-one did. Then we all heard a stone thrown into the Women’s Tower which landed a few steps in. We checked but no-one was outside nor on the balcony to the keep. Immediately after the stone being thrown we all heard the sound of water being poured from a jug as we heard a “glug glug” sound plus several bangs. Darren and Mark went to investigate upstairs as they thought that the noise came from upstairs, however they didn’t stay long because they kept hearing footsteps and other noises that we didn’t hear nor make because we were standing still.

As soon as they came back down to join the rest of us both Carl & Ted thought they heard the footsteps on gravel sound. Although most of us thought it sounded like it was raining, however when going outside it wasn’t raining or windy.

Back in the keep once again lots of KII spikes seen on our meters plus lots of electronic communication.

There was a soldier present in the room, but not a uniform that I have ever seen before. He was wearing a bright red jacket with a white belt (similar to a Boer war soldier) and a black fez style cap. It is the cap that puzzles me because it didn’t look like it belonged to the rest of the uniform.

We recorded a spirit box session and EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voices) but on analysis nothing tangible could be heard.

This was a great ghost hunt with lots of strange and paranormal occurrences for the guests and it also had a familiar feel for us, because we have investigated here five times previously and every time we have similar activity, not necessarily the same activity from the previous time but something that has occurred on a previous visit happens in a similar way or the experiences of the guests happens again. We cannot wait to investigate here again in 2014.

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Toys Hill ghost hunt – 22-9-2013

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Toys Hill and Weardale Manor ghost hunt 22nd September 2013
Toys Hill, Kent

After making our way through the fairly spooky path to the site of the old manor house and handed out to the guests some of our ghost hunting equipment, spiritual activity was noticed and spotted on the various electronic gadgets quite quickly. I then left the guests to wander around the various parts of the grounds and joined them intermittently as different parts of the grounds guests feel and can interact with different spiritual energies.

Whilst I was near to the terraces a familiar male spirit was seen. His name is Alfred and he would have been a head butler in the house. He often stands at the edges until I ask for him to do something physical to a guest, like a gentle touch or push.

There were many spirit present, which is nothing unusual, but it is rare for them to interact with us unless there are asked to join in, otherwise they just watch with curiosity.

Many guests were getting meaningful communication on various pieces of equipment and as I joined several groups of people I was able to tell them details about the spirit that they had not thought of asking or couldn’t get meaningful responses on the electronic equipment. Many female spirit energies were spotted and toward the end of this session a brother & sister who were about 8 years old had taken a liking to one of the guests and followed her around the site.

From the manor house we descended into the very spooky woods, the walk into the woods is scarier in appearance than actually being in the woods but that is because there are so many trees which are exposed out of the ground or knocked over by the strong winds that occur on this hillside.

Once in a familiar place in the woods I started a séance circle so that all the guests could experience a physical paranormal encounter. We were joined by a spirit that I have seen on a couple of previous occasions. He was called Edward and was a local Engineer. Aged in his late 50s and mostly bald with dark brown and grey hair on the back and sides.

Edward started by doing exactly what I asked; to gently move the hands of some of the guests and myself and the three people either side of me felt our hands gently move and when I asked the guests to ask in their heads or for others Edward did exactly what anyone asked with regard to moving hands. After a while Edward obviously got bored of doing what we asked and then started to do what he wanted, which seemed to be to stroke the shoulder of a particular guest, which she found a little odd, although it didn’t frighten her.

Many guests reported that when my hands were near to them they could feel a lot of heat coming from my hands even when I wasn’t touching them.

During this time other guests were gently swayed and rocked from side to side then all of a sudden the two people either side of me were pulled backwards, then pushed forwards and then pulled downwards by our hands towards the ground, which none of us wanted to touch because it was a little muddy!

The séance came to an abrupt end because one person couldn’t follow the simple instruction not to break the circle and due to this incident another guest was feeling unwell and faint and this guest required some attention by me.

I then held an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment

There were several responses but unfortunately not all of them could be understood, the best ones can be heard at: –

After this I turned on my spirit box (a device that scans the FM radio bands at 100ms in reverse) and asked for Edward to say something to us or said one of the guests’ names. Many random words were heard but no answers to our questions.

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt and one is which many guests had a physical paranormal encounter or were able to have some kind of communication with the spirits that reside within the grounds of the old manor house.

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt 21-9-2013

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 21st September 2013
Chatham, Kent

As ever the team always like returning to Fort Horsted as we always have interesting nights, sometimes though the ghost hunt is exceptional, this was one of those nights!

After separating the group into teams of three we set off to our nominated areas, I usually choose one of two areas, but for this event I had chosen I room that I first had a great experience, as did the guests that were with me.

The room was one of the old magazine rooms and the farthest walk from the rest of the groups so we could be fairly sure that there would be no noise pollution.

We were joined by Geoffrey, a lieutenant in the Army from the Second World War, he was aged in his late-20s or early 30s and came from Lincolnshire. Also present was another Second World War soldier called Paul who was a quieter or shy spirit. Both of them seem to have a funny side to their nature.

On asking these spirits to touch or move people slowly some people’s arms started to move and quite quickly various people’s arms started to stroke the arms of other people in the séance circle as well as pushing people’s chins up (as if to say stand up straight). Some guests arms were pulled to the floor and hands dragged on the floor.

One of the spirits kept calling one of the guests “Teddy Bear” which at first I ignored but after a while realised there must be a reason for this and told the male guest what the spirit was telling him. He was a little surprised because there was a family link with the phrase Teddy Bear.

I moved around the circle as some people on the opposite side of the circle to me were not feeling any movement. Once I had moved various people on this side of the circle started to feel their arms move and on command and once again there was some gentle pushing and pulling back felt by the guests. Some people were also dragged to the floor by their arms and had their hands dragged on the floor. Those that didn’t get dragged to the floor had felt the spirit energies gently rock them, either forwards and backwards or side to side.

During this séance we all heard footsteps further down the corridor, usually this sounds like someone approaching which is exactly what we heard but as ever no-one arrives. There were also sounds of chatter or mumbling but because of the acoustics of the room it is very hard to know which direction the sounds are coming from.

At the end of the session I held an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. During the recording we all heard a strange whistle after one person spoke, although nothing was recorded. There were several ghost voices on the recording but unfortunately many of them were either too quiet or tainted with some other noise (either someone speaking or moving their feet). There were however two clear EVPs which can be heard at:-

The second group to this area (of which some have been to this Fort before and other had been on other ghost hunts of ours) knew exactly what to do during the séance. The two spirits from the first session were still present and almost immediately after I asked for the guests arms to be moved, the spirits complied and moved lots of people arms and pushing them into uncomfortable positions. One guest (Darren) wanted to see how far the spirits could push him and it was no surprise to me, but he ended up on his back on the floor!

We were also joined by a different spirit; a Colour Sergeant or Sergeant Major (the terminology depends on the division), this particular spirit was a very strict man although he was able to move people with greater force and stood behind one particular guest (Mark), the reason for this was apparent afterwards. Mark could feel a strange coldness behind him and Jo (who was next to Mark) also felt a sharp stabbing pain in her back, she said like a needle was pressed into her back. Another guest was afraid to look at the only doorway into the room, but this is a normal experience and exactly why I chose this room because that is what has happened to the majority of the guests that come to this Fort.

The Colour Sergeant wouldn’t tell me his name, but he had the demeanour of a man that if he asked you to jump, you would say, how high? He was 6 foot tall, quite strong looking build and quite muscular, he wore a moustache and had long sideburns that were down to his chin. He also wore the usual green fatigues and a cap with a red stripe. He also held a knotted/rope thing which at the time I didn’t know what it was, but have since found out this was called a swagger stick.

The Colour Sergeant stood directly behind Mark and he commented that he felt a thumb pushed into his back. (After we finished the session Mark told me that his father would do exactly the same thing when he was younger).

When asking for any of the spirits to make a noise, everyone heard the sound of a footstep, which Darren and I heard a noise that came from directly between us and since we were both looking at the floor, we each knew that neither of us moved.

Some other guests heard breathing noises behind them which became very unnerving.

At the end of this session I held another EVP experiment and since the majority of this group had been on a ghost hunt, they knew to be quiet. There were lots of spirit voices after the questions asked but unfortunately not all of them we could understand but out of 8 people there were 4 clear responses which can be heard at:-

The third and final group session in this same room the spirit energy of the Colour Sergeant and Geoffrey joined us and once again asking for the spirit to move arms of the guests resulted in some gentle but purposeful movements, most of the time on command i.e. when people asked for their arms to be moved (in their heads) their arms moved, obviously there is no way the person who was holding their hand knew that one of them had asked and was surprised when both their arms moved.

There was also some gentle pushing and swaying which some of the guests found unnerving but I find it is an excellent way to prove that people are not doing it themselves because it is very difficult to sway backwards because if you were doing it yourself you would not be able to see or know what you would fall into.

There was also some rubbing of people arms and shoulders with other people’s hands and once again some people were pulled by their hands to the floor, many of which didn’t want to touch the floor but no matter what they said (the guests) they ended up with their hands on the floor.

This was the only session of mine which was filmed (see the link below) and whilst Jason (GHE team Cameraman) was standing in the doorway to the tunnel he could feel a spirit near to him, this was a female energy, a nurse called Annie which I have seen at this Fort before. There was also another soldier from the Second World War; Alfred standing behind Jason and he commented several times that he could hear whispering and movement behind him.

After our controlled sessions we allow (as always) the guests to venture off to any area of the Fort under our guidance so that they can hold their own vigil or ghost hunt and use our ghost hunting equipment.

I joined a group in an area known as casement 10 and there was a male spirit in his mid-50s wandering about the rooms, he is a maintenance man and I have seen him before in this area. Whilst nothing exciting happened, some noises we heard and the guests that were here felt uncomfortable because it felt like someone was watching them. Other groups that used this casement in earlier groups reported the same thing.

Several guests went to the most interesting part of the Fort; The Counterscarp Galleries and held a séance where two people were pushed to floor in a strange way.

This session was filmed and can be watched at: –

The full event video can be watched at: –

This was a very active ghost hunt with all groups getting some excellent paranormal activity.

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