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KII Meter

Thursday, June 11th, 2020

KII Meter

The KII EMF Meter is considered the “bread and butter” of paranormal equipment. It is the item that many start with before the go on to purchase more expensive kit.

The KII EMF meter is a fast sampling Electromagnetic field (EMF) meter that covers frequencies from 50-20,000 Hz at an accuracy of 5% at 50-60 Hz. This makes the KII EMF meter a great instrument for Paranormal Research.

The five lights give an indication as to how far away from you the EMF energy is.

The KII also picks up mobile phone signals, hearing aid loops, wifi signals and electricity from main electricity boxes. You have to really close to the electricity source for it to light up.

We like the KII because it’s a quick an easy way to determine if it is spirit energy or something man-made like wifi or electricity. It is also a great tool when you are outside, because the likelihood of finding wifi or electricity outdoors in a wood for example is unlikely (assuming of course that your mobile phone is switched off). It is also quite rare for a KII to light all 5 lights and when it does (and you have ruled out the phone/wifi/electricity) it is really rewarding and can be used as a basic communication tool.

Generally these days (2020) the KII is overlooked as everyone in the paranormal field has used one and it is an improvement over Gauss meters. Gauss meters measure the same thing but use noise instead of lights. You can also get KII Meters with a sound function although this is mostly annoying in a paranormal investigation environment.

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True Crime Museum – 4th June 2016 – Steve

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

True Crime Museum ghost hunt 4th June 2016
Hastings, East Sussex


The True Crime Museum is an odd place, hence why we hold ghost hunts here, but our first event in February didn’t reveal anything unusual or menacing. This time though, is a different story.

This was in many ways, one of the strangest ghost hunts that I have ever undertaken. There were only a few guests, which may explain why it happened but the team were all affected by spirit at one point or another. Some of us were only affected once in a minor way, whilst others were affected all night.

We started the ghost hunt with a séance in the aptly named “Death Chamber”, the idea behind this was to build the energy that would last throughout the rest of the evening.

It all started well, with two brother spirits who joined us, starting to move guests by their hands and arms and as happened on our previous visit in February, the spirits tried to pull people backwards over the railings. The two male energies were Royal Mail post men from the year 1900, only one gave his name as David Webb.

Sue (team) was picking up on a smell of horses and was telling us about what she was sensing, when she announced that she wasn’t feeling right. So I made my way over to remove her from the circle. After she came out she explained that she became dizzy and didn’t feel right. Emma (guest) during this time also had dropped her head and was unresponsive to us calling her name. As Sue and myself made our way to Emma, she collapsed on the floor. I decided that closing the séance circle was the safest thing to do.

When then took a break so that those that were affected could recover.

After a tea break we continued with a table tilting session which was something sporadic, one minute the table was walking and moving, next it was stationary followed by some more movement. At one point this table was walking between the two rooms (the two rooms were linked by a small tunnel) which was interesting in itself.

After a short break we handed out equipment to the guests (and instructed them on how to use them) and let them wander around the museum, communicating and asking questions of the spirit.

I had just walked back into another room to collect another piece of kit, when Louise (team) came out of the “Death Chamber” and looked at me in an odd way, it was more of a surprised look. When I spoke to Louise and asked if she was alright it became clear that she wasn’t as her eyes were glazed over and she was unresponsive. It was necessary that Louise should exit the venue as the spirit that had more control over her than she did herself. It took three of us to remove her from the Museum and she was kicking and fighting with us that she didn’t want to leave, although gave no reason as to why.

After she was outside she couldn’t remember anything that had happened and only remembered going into the “Death Chamber” with a KII (EMF Meter).

As I walked back into the Museum on my own I could feel a malicious spirit energy present, although didn’t pay much attention to him as I was heading to see how the guests were getting on. At this time, I felt disorientated, dizzy and lost.  As I stood there I was aware of these feelings but unable to do much about it and then whatever had stopped me, had gone away and I was able to move again, although I had no idea what I was doing or going to do, so I returned to the base room.

Jason (team) also felt a sensation of being confused and disorientated once in the “Death Chamber” during the séance and at other times throughout the evening.

Guests continued to communicate with spirit and had a long conversation with a spirit using a Ouija board which revealed truths about what had happened on the night. Unfortunately, I wasn’t present so don’t know the full details. Louise during this time was still recovering as she felt weak.

Once we left the venue everyone felt OK, albeit tired.

Watch the edited highlights videos:- – Séance – Table Tilting

All in all, this was a very unusual ghost hunt with some strange activity felt by various people including guests and team.

We look forward to returning in July

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Charlton House – 20th November 2015 – Steve

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Charlton House ghost hunt 20th November 2015
Greenwich, London


This was the last time that we had planned to visit Charlton House, the reason for this is simple, the start time of the event is too late and the Management won’t let us start earlier. We were hoping for a good ghost hunt and it was another excellent night.

All groups in the séance sessions felt the resident spirits move or touch them. Some of the movements especially with the third group were pulling us towards the floor, why this is so common we have no idea but there must be a reason otherwise spirit wouldn’t do it.

Have of the session I held a séance the half of the time I was introducing the guests to certain electronic gadgets and kit that we use. Many guests had useful communication via a spirit box including saying the guests’ names, which was scary to some of them.

This was an enjoyable ghost hunt and one in which all the guests had some form a paranormal encounter, either from using the gadgets or from the séances.

We would like to return but until the event times are earlier this will not be possible.

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Landguard Fort – 30th January 2016 – Louise

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Landguard Fort ghost hunt 30th January 2016
Felixstowe, Suffolk


Equipment: Tech and Gadgets

Started the sessions in an area with 3 adjoining rooms, in the first room a male and female energy came through on the ghost pro. The male went on to tell us that he was in his 30’s and worked at the fort as soldier. The female energy told us that she worked as a nurse looking after the soldiers when wounded. All of a sudden a cold sensation was felt on the face f one of the guests and he felt very light headed. As this occurred, the door that joined the two rooms slammed very loudly. We then moved into the second room where Sean (team) had set up the laser grid to face the door that slammed. All the guests said the witnessed the lights going out at the bottom of the door as if someone was standing in front of it.

The second session was amazing as we all gathered in the bigger room because as soon as we entered the room we could here the EDI machine (EMF, Thermometer and Geophone) going off. Also all the K2’s were going off in sequence throughout the whole session and the temperature dropped significantly. Asking spirit to slam the door again as it did in the first session, it did so and at the exact same time a guest got pushed forcefully from behind. Two guests the stood against the wall so they could see if anyone in anyway were slamming the door. As they stood against the wall both felt like they were being pulled into the wall, with one guest literally pinned against the wall unable to move.

In the third session there was very little activity, so it was decided that we all move to the communication room. Setting up the equipment all the K2’s went off in sequence but only going up to amber. Gareth (guest) decided with some other members of the group to go into one of the smaller rooms leading off from the gun room. The K2 immediately lit up to red and remained on red. It was then decided that they try and get one of the heavy information plaques to start to tip. Immediately upon asking spirit to join us and move the table it started to rock back and forth really forcefully slowly moving round the room in a circle. All the way through the session the K2 that I was holding, spirit constantly lit up taking the lights right up to red and holding them there.

Louise and Sean
Paranormal Investigators
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Fort Amherst – 29th January 2016 – Kym

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Fort Amherst ghost hunt 29th January 2016
Chatham, Kent


Area: Radio Room
Kit & Human Pendulum

I started the night by giving the VIP’s a personal tour around the tunnels, showing them how to use the Ghost Pro’s and KII’s.  We stopped for a short while on the Gun Floor, and immediately we were sensing spirit around us.  I started feeling a static energy around me, and a pressure on my head, as if I was wearing a very tight hat.  I was also being pulled back.  I asked spirit to do this to others, and Pat (guest) to my left started being pushed & pulled back too.  We were also asking spirit to copy our whistles, and were very surprised when we heard whistles back twice, especially Luke & Jay (guests) when they heard it right next to them.

With the event starting we headed back to the guest’s area, and commenced with the three controlled sessions.  I started with the first group by showing them all the equipment, and we explored the Radio Room.  No activity on the KII’s and Sprit Box, but a lot of interaction with the Ghost Pro’s.  We then did a human pendulum, and was able to communicate with a French male from the 1600’s, aged 40+ and not married.  He was not connected to this fort.  We then had a young female spirit who had a small child, was not married, and had died young.  Then we had a male prisoner from Fort Horsted.  He had killed someone, but said he deserved it.  He had killed another person, and the prisoner had seeked revenge.  The prisoner had escaped once but had been recaptured.

With my second group again just activity on the Ghost Pro’s.  With the human pendulum we first communicated with a female who had miscarried.  Her husband was in the Navy and connected with the fort.  The second spirit that came through was her husband, who confirmed he was in the navy in WW1.  He said his ship was bombed, but by the Russians.  The ship sank but he survived.  He worked as a deck hand cleaning the ship.  After his wife had lost their child, he had an affair and fathered two children.  He was born and lived in Kent.  I wanted to know the spirit’s name, so I asked all the guests to clear their mind and ask spirit to tell them his name.  Initially we had John, then Sam, but three of us all had George, including Jenny (guest) who was in the middle with me.  Spirit confirmed that was his name but moving Jenny to yes.

My last group was too small to do a human pendulum so we just concentrated on kit.  We had a lot of activity on the ghost pro’s, communicating with George again.  On the spirit box we kept hearing a female calling what sounded like “help”.
Throughout all the sessions, people did comment that they felt they were being touched.
At the end of the night I joined most of the guests on the Gun Floor for some amazing Table Tipping with a very large table.

Paranormal Investigator
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Colchester Town Hall – 28th November 2015 – Louise

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Colchester Town Hall ghost hunt 28th November 2015
Colchester, Essex


Area: Kitchen and adjoining rooms
Equipment: Table tipping / dowsing rods

Session 1: group C
I started this session in the Kitchen area. Working on two tables it was decided that the group split into two smaller groups so there was an even number of guests on the table. I explained to the guests to put one hand lightly on the tables and I stood on the middle of the room and called spirit forward to come and move the tables in some way. Initially there was no movement, one of the tables then started to gently rock back and fourth but no more movement even with encouragement from the group. At this point the guests decided to split up and take the tables to separate rooms to see if the spirit activity would be stronger. One group had no movement at all from the table even with my encouragement and theirs. So I decided to try the group with the dowsing rods. After explaining how they work to the guests showing a movement for yes and a movement for no, they all began to get activity and all started to asks questions. A couple of spirits came through that of a little girl and male spirit in his 50’s. However no more information was received. In the other room the group had the table moving and the K2 that I had placed on the chair was lighting up. I asked spirit if they could possibly light the K2 up to amber and hold it there and it did so, a which point the table started tipping on to one leg and spinning round really fast. All the guests started laughing and the K2 lit right up to red. After some more encouragement from the guests the table started to walk and went out of the door and right along the corridor stopped for a while and then walked straight back into the room. As the activity from spirit was so great, I decided to ask the guests if they would like to move one of the bigger tables in the room. The table I can only describe as a long school dinner table. We all placed our hands on the table and immediately the table started to tremble. Vanessa and Marie (guests) called out to spirit to ask possibly if they would move the table for us instead of making it tremble. Then all of sudden taking us all by surprise it started rocking really forcefully back and fourth.

Session 2: Group A
This group were the VIP’s being looked after by Kym (Team). It was decided that we all start the session back in the Kitchen area. Again initially the tables didn’t move, so I asked the group to encourage spirit to move the tables to which they did. Both tables slowly started to move just gently rocking back and fourth. Kym (Team) then decided to take a group into another room. My group and I stayed on the table in the kitchen as it had really started to move. The guests asked spirit to show them more with table to prove that they could do more. A this point the table tipped up on to one leg spun round in an anti-clockwise direction and walked us out into the corridor and straight into the other room where all the activity had taken place on the first session. The table walked right up to Kym’s group and stopped. Both tables then stopped moving. But we noticed that the K2 was lighting right up to red. I asked spirit to take it back down to the green light which it did, then asked if they would take it back up to red if we moved into the kitchen area and move one of the big tables in there, it shot straight up to red. After placing our hands on the table and calling out to spirit the table completely spun round in a full circle. We could not believe that this was happening. The table then stopped and we could here taps, bangs and scraping noises coming from under the table and we could also feel the vibrations through our hands. One of the guests asked spirit if they could possibly do that again for us and it did so straight away. At this point I and one other guest saw a shadow figure pass by the doorway. We went to investigate and the temperature in the corridor had dropped significantly.

Session 3: Group B
This session was started in the Kitchen. Initially there was no response from spirit even with encouragement from the guests. The table then stated to move very slowly rocking then suddenly started to spin went up on to one leg and held this position. With encouragement from Janet (guest) the table started to walk out into the corridor and down the stairs. This amazed the guests, so as we were getting a lot of activity from spirit, Janet (guest) decided that we move on to one of the big tables that I can only describe as a school dinner table. The table immediately started to rock back and fourth forcefully. At the same time during the session a number of guests saw shadow figures walking along the corridor and disappearing into the other room.

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Landguard Fort – 6th November 2015 (Louise)

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

Landguard Fort ghost hunt 6th November 2015
Felixstowe, Suffolk


Area: School Room
Equipment: Ouija/Table tipping

Session 1 – Group B
We started the session with table tipping. Initially the table slowly rocked from side to side. Asking the group to all encourage spirit to move the table more or in some other way it tipped up on to one leg and slowly rotated clockwise. The table then began to walk to on several occasions to a desk that was in the room and stop at this point. Steve (guest) had a K2 metre that lit up from green to red very quickly and held it on the red light. Asking the guests if any of them had their mobile phones switched on as these can interfere with the equipment, they all said no. However, the K2 would only go off in that certain area of the room that the table kept walking to.
We then moved on to the Ouija board as I asked spirit through the table if they would communicate through the board and it tilted the table for the yes position asked by the group. The glass moved straight away moving the glass very quickly in a circle around the table. The spirit then went on to say she was a female spirit by the name of Isabel, 19 years old and married to John who worked at the Fort. During this session we managed to find out that Isabel had two children called James and Sarah and she died during childbirth. She then went on to tell us that her surname was Suttoz and her husband was Austrian and died in 1936. At this point the glass started spinning very fast around the table and a loud bang was heard by all the guests in the corner of the room. I asked spirit to make the noise again and it did so straight away much to the amazement of the guests.

Session 2 – Group C
I began the session by splitting the group into two smaller groups. Some of the guests had done Ouija before and felt comfortable to make a start. I however stayed with them until the glass started to move. Asking spirit to stay on the board I then started the other group on the table tipping. All the guests started to encourage spirit to come and move the table. It immediately started to move tipping, rocking and spinning making it hard for the guests to keep up with the fast movements. Once the table had settled we asked spirit if they could communicate by tipping the table right for a yes answer and left for a no answer. One of the guests asked if we were in the presence of a male spirit to which the table with some force tipped to the right.  Back on the Ouija the group had contacted a spirit called Tom who said he was moving the table. He also went on to say that he died whilst building the Fort. The glass then went to goodbye and another spirit came through. The spirit went on to tell us her name was Elizabeth and she was 19 years old. She then told us that she was kidnapped while fishing for her family and brought to the Fort and was beaten and raped by her brother who worked at the Fort and died at the age of 25 years of her beatings. The glass then took us all by surprise and very quickly spelt out the name Ray. Ray was the name of one of the guests on the table who had seemed to have gone in a trance like state. The spirit went on to tell us her name was Edna and she was 78. Still in a trance like state Ray said that’s the name of my Mum. I asked Ray if he was comfortable to carry on to which he replied yes. Rays Son Luke (guest) asked if Edna had a message for Ray. She went on to say that she was sorry for dying and that she loved him. At this point Ray had come out of his trance and became very emotional and had to leave the room.

Session 3 – Group A
I started this session on the Ouija board. I was joined by guests Kelly, Steven, Louie and Jan. Initially the glass took some time to move even with the encouragement from the guests. However, after some time we were joined on the table by a spirit called Trevor who said he as born in 1897 and died in an accident. Asking Trevor if possible he could tell us, he went on to say that he was cleaning his gun when it accidentally fired killing him and his friend called Geoff in 1943.
Trevor then said goodbye and we were joined by another spirit by the name of Thomas. He went on to say that he was murdered by his friend Tim whilst on duty. He had a wife called Elizabeth who is still alive today. He said he was confused but his mum and dad are with him but misses Elizabeth as she was a nurse and she tried to save him but he later died from his wounds. The glass on the table begun to move very erratically and very quickly spelt out the name Tim. Tim went onto to say that he was angry with Thomas and that they were never friends as he did bad things and that is why he murdered him. Tim went on to say that his regiment was the Lance Corps, he loved being the joker and always made people laugh. Even today he said that he still makes noises to try and scare people. When asked if he could make a noise for us to prove he was there, a loud sudden bang came from the corner of the room. Asking Tim if that was him could he do it again please another bang came from just behind where we were all sitting.

Really active night enjoyed by myself and the guests. Can’t wait to return

Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Explosion Museum ghost hunt – 24th July 2015

Friday, July 31st, 2015

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 24th July 2015
Gosport, Hampshire

This was the third time that we had investigated the Explosion Museum. The original plan was to use rooms and buildings that would be dark because it was summer. However as it turned out there was no problem with light because 24th July it rained constantly all day and it was a dark and miserable day.

Sometimes we have several members of the team present, but being July some were on holiday so I decided that Kym, Louise and I would hold two different activities in different parts of the site so that the guests could experience different aspects of ghost hunting. The first two sessions, one with each group would be a séance session, followed by a tech and gadget session both sessions would be held in different buildings.

After splitting the guests into two groups I headed off to a building known as C Mag.

We were joined by a spirit called Colin who had a Dorset accent, aged in his mid 20s and was someone who worked in this building unloading explosives. He had a colleague but this person who was aged in his late 30s was only called by a derogatory name; Stupid.

Both séances Colin and his accomplice touched, pushed, twisted and swayed people as part of the séance, many times our arms were lifted as high as we could reach and then pulled downwards so that we touched the floor.

Many guests felt uncomfortable in the room and there were odd noises heard and cold spots felt. The cold spots weren’t in the same place on each session and those who reported the coldness sometimes were the only person who could feel it. On more than one occasion people saw something that they described as a person or a shadow moving behind people. On one of the occasions a guest and I saw something that looked like a person wearing a hooded jacket, turn and walk away from the group. If the workers in this room wore felt suits which is likely during its early days then this could be an explanation of what we saw.

The following two sessions were tech and gadget sessions held in a building known as 309 which is a store room and maintenance room for all the large guns, missiles and implements of war that don’t fit in the main museum. Adjoining this building are the two former cottages.

After explaining how the gadget work and handing out kit to everyone I let people roam around the building. I had also set up a laser grid. I had hoped to use a spirit box, as it was still raining I thought it might be better to listen to that noise, but unfortunately the two spirits boxes that we brought to Gosport neither of them worked, both had the same problem which was a battery leakage. This is strange as our kit is used weekly and it was fine 6 days ago.

Nevertheless guests had lots of activity in both groups with our KII meters and Ghost Meter Pro’s (EMF meters) and had unusual spikes in the cottages. The REM Mel meter also went off a couple of times although we heard it no-one was near it on either occasion to witness what triggered it.

Many times we heard footsteps and strange bangs within the building, every time I asked the guests where they thought the noise came from, everyone pointed in different directions.

All in all this was another great ghost hunt at the Explosion Museum and we look forward to returning later in the year.

Psychic Medium
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Explosion Museum – 9th May 2015 (Wayne & Paula)

Friday, July 3rd, 2015

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 9th May 2015
Gosport, Hampshire

Location: Missile Warehouse and Cottages
We used Ghost Pros, K2 Meters, SB7 Spirit Box, Laser Grid, EM Pump, Mel Meter, REM Pod, Ovilus lll and Infrared Non Contact Thermometer.

Session 1 with Steve

Straight away we had activity near the coffin carrier with the ghost pros where we met Arnold/Arnie who introduced himself initially to Steve and then the guests with communication through the ghost pros. He was a maintenance man working on the machines and firearms in the warehouse we established him to be in his 60s. His son was also with us, his name was Chris and he was 14 which we discovered through the ghost pros.
We then used the SB7 as they both seemed willing to communicate with us which they did. Firstly Chris said “Hello” very clearly then we heard both Chris and Arnold say there names through the spirit box.
A couple of the guests felt cold spots on their shoulders so with the non contact thermometer we managed to get readings to validate this as their normal temperature was around 20oC and the cold spots were showing 17.5oC
Also Steve managed to pick up on many spirit “working” as they would have done when they were alive unaware that we were there.

Session 2 with Louise

In the 2nd session we had a spirit come forward that we had met on a previous investigation here in February. Her name is Carly and she is a little girl that we think lived in the cottages that are linked to the Missile rooms and that she is probably in there playing and being cheeky. She didn’t communicate that much but she did let us know that she was there and that she wanted to play with the interactive bear which we had with us last time but unfortunately left it behind on this investigation.
We used 2 Mel meters on the coffin carrier which both spiked to 0.4mg at various times from a baseline reading of 0.0mg,but what was interesting was that when we reviewed our camcorder footage when we got home we captured one of the Mel meters moving by itself, only a very small amount but nevertheless it moved without being touched by any of us.
After this one of our male guests had some great activity with the K2 meter that he was using, spirit was able to light it up to amber and hold it there and then when asked able to light up to the red.

Wayne & Paula
Paranormal Investigators
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Colchester Town Hall – 17th April 2015 (Kym)

Friday, May 15th, 2015

Colchester Town Hall ghost hunt 17th April 2015
Colchester, Essex

Area: Council Chambers
Equipment: Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Tech Equipment

Group C – We started by using the rods & pendulums, everyone chose one and started getting movement.  Once they had established their yes & no movements, they were able to ask the spirits some questions.  We had male & female spirits with us.  Marc (guest) whilst sitting in the mayor’s chair saw a large black shadow in one corner of the room, he placed a KII there but didn’t see any lights go on.  It wasn’t until I was talking to Edward (guest) later, he had felt a coldness next to him at the same time, in the same place as Marc had seen the shadow.  But when Marc had put the KII there it had disappeared.  Karen (guest) wanted to go to the Upper Gallery, and whilst there had a female spirit with her.  Just before I left her on her own there, I had the name Catherine given to me, asking spirit if that was her name using the Ghost Pro, it confirmed yes.  I left Karen talking to the spirit with her pendulum & ghost pro and she was able to find out the spirit had been murdered here by her husband, who had also killed their children.  She was an older woman with grey hair, with a hat wearing a black dress.  When Karen came down, Marc & Helen went to the balcony and whilst there they were asking spirit to touch them.  They started to realise both were being touched at the same time in the same place each time.  They also had the spirit box with them and asked the question “how many persons were in this room” and they clearly heard the number seven – there were seven of us.

Group A – Again started by showing the guests how to use the rods & pendulums, and most had movement.  Some had a male spirit, another had a small female child, possibly aged around 5 or 6.  We could feel her warm energy between us, around our hip height.  We both sensed she had long blond straight hair, she confirmed this by answering yes on the pendulum.  When using the spirit box we had alot of words come through, but none clear enough.  We were all hearing something different each time.  Steve (guest) was standing by the door using rods, and was sensing a mayor with him.  Asking if that was the shadow that was seen in the earlier session, the rods answered yes.  The rods also pointed to where we need to look to see him again, which was the same place seen earlier.  Steve had also felt a touch a moment before.  We did keep looking in that area hoping to see the shadow again, but unfortunately no.

Group B – Using the rods & pendulums again to start, lots had movement, all were able to communicate with spirit, some had male, others had female.  When using the equipment we did have some relavant words on the Ovilus, but had many more words on the Spirit Box: the name Bob & Stephen for the name of the spirits, no guests names said when asked but did say the number of people in the room correctly twice – ten.  People were seeing shadows in various places in the room, and one guest saw a shadow behind me at the same time I felt someone shaking my chair I was sitting on.
After the last controlled session finished I stayed with another team member Louise and did some glasswork.  The glass started moving, and after establishing our yes & no positions, the spirit confirmed he was the mayor from earlier.  Surprisingly we felt the table shake whilst the glass was moving.  This was a very large heavy table and we found it difficult to move ourselves.  We did ask the spirit to take the glass to where he was standing which he did.  We were also hearing noises and footsteps around us.  I could also feel someone touching my hair.

The Town Hall at Colchester is an amazing building, very active with spirit, and one I cannot wait to return.

Paranormal Investigator
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