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Red Lion Hotel – 27th January 2017 – Kym

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 27th January 2017
Colchester, Essex

Area: Tudor Room
Equipment: Dowsing Rods & Pendulums, Glass Work and Human Pendulum
With my first group we started with the rods & pendulums, and all were able to communicate with various male & female spirits.  We then switched to the human pendulum and some of the spirits continued to talk with us, the first being a male who had worked here.  He had died within the last 100 years aged over 70.  He was married with children.  Louise (guest) suddenly had back pain and wanted to go into the circle next to find out why.  The spirit confirmed this was his pain when he passed.  He had fallen and hurt his back and died, it was an accident.  I felt someone touch my back, spirit confirmed that was him.  We asked spirit to tell us his name, and immediately Louise said “John” in a male voice.  When we asked her after, she had no recollection of saying that.  Louise had also seen visions; the spirit had been outside this window on a ladder cleaning when he fell.  We then tried glasswork, initially we had John for a while.  Then we had a spirit that said they knew Caroline (guest).  Asking all the obvious questions drew a blank, then Caroline remembered seeing a solid white shadow earlier in this room.  Spirit confirmed that was them, however did not give us any more information.  Then the glass started moving a lot stronger, and it felt familiar to me – this was “Alice”.  She did not wish to communicate any further, just seem to revel in moving the glass with a lot of energy around the table.  Moving the glass how we asked, and even surprising us by rotating the glass all around the edge of the round table very fast.

With my second group, we again had communication with the spirits by using the rods & pendulums, then the human pendulum.  First, we had the male spirit of Peter who had died of TB.  Then we had the spirit of Philip Robert who was in the military.  He had been very young when he joined the arm and had lied about his age.  He had fought in WW1 at the Somme.  He had returned mentally scarred from war but had recovered.  After the war, he had worked in an office in the South.  He had passed in the (1940s) forties age around 30.  Stuart (guest) suddenly had a pain in his back.  I asked spirit to make that pain stronger which it did.  Then once we had acknowledged it, we asked spirit to take the pain away, and to Stuart’s surprise it immediately went.
Again a fantastic night at the Red Lion.

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Red Lion Hotel – 28th May 2016 – Kym

Friday, July 8th, 2016

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 28th May 2016
Colchester, Essex


Area: Rooms 6 & 7
Equipment: Scrying, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums & Glass Work
With all four groups we started with scrying and were all seeing similar images: older female, with wrinkles, one side of the face and eye dropping, a male with a goatee beard, and a wide grin, with a lip curl sometimes.  Would see shadows moving behind the reflection of people too.  With the rods & pendulums all were able to communicate with the spirits.
We then tried glass work, and had little movement on most groups, but one group we had the spirit of a male, who had died in this room (room 6) in the 1900’s from a sudden illness.  We asked if he had a message, responded with yes, asked if he needed help going to the light, again responded with yes, so we did our best to guide him.
With the first group doing glass work in room 7, myself and Karl & Charlie (guests) were feeling the energy of a spirit next to us.  It felt colder, static/tingly, and the air just felt thicker.  We moved in different places in the room, and the feelings were moving with us.

With one group (hen party) we also did the Human Pendulum in room 7, and had the spirit of a little boy with us.  He didn’t know his age or the year he passed.  He did die of an illness, some of his family did too.  He had lived here in this building, and had a sister.

With the free session I joined a group of guests wanting to try some table tipping, so we set up in the bar area.  The table started moving, very gently, then would lift up one side but do no more.  Whilst doing this I felt and saw what I though was someone walk behind me, when I looked no-one was there.  Two of the guests felt and saw the same.
A fantastic night at the Red Lion Hotel – we all love coming here.
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Fort Amherst – 4th March 2016 – Kym

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

Fort Amherst ghost hunt 4th March 2016
Chatham, Kent.


Area: Lower Gun Floor
Ouija & Table Tipping

With my first group we had a female spirit called Olivia come through on the Ouija, who may have come through to the guests at a previous event elsewhere.  With the table we only had slight movement, so switched to glass, and they were able to communicate with a General connected to the fort.  Back on the Ouija a male soldier had come through, and kept spelling N and Z.  Asking if he could spell he said no.  So asking spirit to try and communicate through us, we worked with yes/no.  We got the word “hang”, spirit had hung someone for doing something bad to his wife.  We asked if his wife could spell, answered yes, and she stepped forward.  However, all we got was O and Z, asking if they were from Australia – yes.  We asked if the spirits would join us for some table tipping and they said yes, so we did just that.  We had a lot of movement with the table rocking and moving a lot.  We were also feeling a lot of coldness around us, and the feelings of being touched.

With my second group we had a female spirit come through on the Ouija, that may have been connected to the guests there.  I joined two guests on the table tipping, but only had slight movement so with the other guests finished on the Ouija, we all tried the table tipping again.  We did have some slight movement, but had a little more from the glasswork, however we couldn’t determine who the spirit was.

With my last group we tried the Ouija first, and immediately had a male soldier come through, however couldn’t quite determine his name, age or year.  We did ask if he liked what we were doing and he said no.  Simon (guest) thought he saw someone standing behind me, asking spirit to take the glass to where he was standing, the glass went to me.  We then switched to table tipping, and had some incredible movement, with the table rocking fast, tipping and twisting at random.  Moving across the room too.  We were also asking spirit to copy our taps on the table, which we did hear and feel back.

With the free session I joined guests on the Upper Gun Floor, who wanted to do a human pendulum.  The spirit that came through was female that seemed to be looking for someone.  She was killed by her father, was also pregnant by her father.  We asked if she wanted any help but she said no.  The guests all were amazed that spirit were able to move them to answer yes and no, saying quite an odd feeling.

A fun night, with evidence of spirit coming through, and a lovely group of guests who were all willing to join in and participate.

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Explosion Museum – 6th February 2016 – Kym

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 6th February 2016
Gosport, Hampshire



We started the evening by having a tour around the Explosion Museum with the VIP’s, being led into some interesting areas that are not seen by the general public.  I chose to work in a huge building that would have been used, and still was being used, for storage and boat building/renovation.  The weather was very wet and windy at the start of the evening, with the door being continuously blown open and closed, but the skies became clear and still later.

We started with half the group on the Ouija, and the remainder of the group on the table tipping, but with only slight movement on both all seven guests tried the table tipping together.  However, before this we were hearing whistles when asking out for them, and one guest felt his chair move whilst sitting in it.  The table started moving immediately, lifting up at the side, twisting and spinning randomly.  We were also experiencing a coldness moving around us, and some felt they were being touched.  We did hear what sounded like the glass being moved across the Ouija table, but on checking the glass had not moved, or if it had, it had been moved back.

With my second group we had a little movement on the Ouija, with the glass twisting, but no communication.  The group on the table had some slight movement, they tried the writing planchette, but the table tried moving again.  So I brought all the guests together and we all tried the table tipping.  We had some gentle rocking, and were hearing noises around us, a mumble or murmur in one area, one guest saw a shadow in a different area at the same time were heard a rustle/movement there too.  We all tried the Ouija, the glass moved to the numbers 4 and 5, was this his age?  The glass started moving to yes but then stopped.

With my last group we had a little movement on the Ouija but no communication.  We then all tried the table tipping and it did start rocking very gently.  I encouraged the guests to interact with the spirit, and the more they did this, the more the table moved.  We then tried the writing planchette, had no movement, but the table was moving again, so we switched back to that.  And again with the guests asking, especially Janet, the table moved and spun as they asked.

With the controlled sessions over, and an hour left of the night, I joined three guests, in the Admin Building.  We went to the shower/toilet area in the back left of the building and started with the Ouija board on the table we use for table tipping.  The planchette started moving immediately, and went to “Hello”.  We then asked for spirit to spell his first name and got “OFUK” – interesting!  The planchette went to “goodbye”, but we asked spirit to stay with us for some table tipping.  With our fingertips lightly on the table, the table started moving.  We managed to get the table to lift towards Mark for yes, and opposite for no, and was able to ask spirit some questions.  He was a male spirit from WW2 who had murdered someone here.  Mark suddenly felt a coldness behind him and heard a footstep next to him, which made him jump.  We had also heard a footstep earlier in a different place.  We then put the Ouija board back on the table without the planchette, and with us touching the board asked spirit to move it, to our surprise the Ouija board started moving on the table.  We then asked it to rotate, which it did.  With only a short time left, we went back to the table tipping, and again the table started lifting, spinning and started to walk out the room.  We did also have a spirit box on for some of the time and were hearing corresponding words to the answers on the board i.e. hello and yes.

A fabulous end to the night at a terrific venue!

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Old Beneficiary School – 5th December 2015 – Louise

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Old Beneficiary School ghost hunt 5th December 2015
Portsmouth, Hampshire


Area: In front of the stage
Equipment: Table Tipping/ Ouija Board and Dowsing Rods

I started all the sessions on the Ouija board. Not everyone wanted to participate in this activity but all were more than happy to watch. The guests sat round the table and I asked spirit to step forward and come and communicate with us by moving the glass. Very little happened and the glass didn’t move despite all the encouragement to spirit to come and tell us their story. I told the guests to keep encouraging as I went to join two other guests that had started to work on the table tipping. Initially this was also very slow to start, but then the table began to gently rock from side to side. At this point a really cold sensation passed right through us as we heard a loud bang come from the wall right beside us. Jason (team) called out to spirit to make the again if that was them to make the noise again and straight away the noise was heard again but louder. With More encouragement from the guests on the table the table slid itself across the floor to the Ouija table and stopped.  As there was no movement from the glass the remaining guests decided to join us on the table. Shuffling noises and loud footsteps were heard coming from the on the stage and got us all a bit worried at this point. On investigation nothing was found but the footsteps carried on throughout the rest of the session. As there was now more energy on the table it started to rock back and fourth tipped on to one leg and spin us around. One of the guests asked spirit if they could walk the table to the door before we leave. To out surprise the table very gently started to walk towards the door. All encouraging spirit saying how well they were doing the table then walked very quickly and stopped very abruptly when it reached the door. Activity stopped at this point except that we thought we heard laughter of small children as we left the room.

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Landguard Fort – 6th November 2015 (Louise)

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

Landguard Fort ghost hunt 6th November 2015
Felixstowe, Suffolk


Area: School Room
Equipment: Ouija/Table tipping

Session 1 – Group B
We started the session with table tipping. Initially the table slowly rocked from side to side. Asking the group to all encourage spirit to move the table more or in some other way it tipped up on to one leg and slowly rotated clockwise. The table then began to walk to on several occasions to a desk that was in the room and stop at this point. Steve (guest) had a K2 metre that lit up from green to red very quickly and held it on the red light. Asking the guests if any of them had their mobile phones switched on as these can interfere with the equipment, they all said no. However, the K2 would only go off in that certain area of the room that the table kept walking to.
We then moved on to the Ouija board as I asked spirit through the table if they would communicate through the board and it tilted the table for the yes position asked by the group. The glass moved straight away moving the glass very quickly in a circle around the table. The spirit then went on to say she was a female spirit by the name of Isabel, 19 years old and married to John who worked at the Fort. During this session we managed to find out that Isabel had two children called James and Sarah and she died during childbirth. She then went on to tell us that her surname was Suttoz and her husband was Austrian and died in 1936. At this point the glass started spinning very fast around the table and a loud bang was heard by all the guests in the corner of the room. I asked spirit to make the noise again and it did so straight away much to the amazement of the guests.

Session 2 – Group C
I began the session by splitting the group into two smaller groups. Some of the guests had done Ouija before and felt comfortable to make a start. I however stayed with them until the glass started to move. Asking spirit to stay on the board I then started the other group on the table tipping. All the guests started to encourage spirit to come and move the table. It immediately started to move tipping, rocking and spinning making it hard for the guests to keep up with the fast movements. Once the table had settled we asked spirit if they could communicate by tipping the table right for a yes answer and left for a no answer. One of the guests asked if we were in the presence of a male spirit to which the table with some force tipped to the right.  Back on the Ouija the group had contacted a spirit called Tom who said he was moving the table. He also went on to say that he died whilst building the Fort. The glass then went to goodbye and another spirit came through. The spirit went on to tell us her name was Elizabeth and she was 19 years old. She then told us that she was kidnapped while fishing for her family and brought to the Fort and was beaten and raped by her brother who worked at the Fort and died at the age of 25 years of her beatings. The glass then took us all by surprise and very quickly spelt out the name Ray. Ray was the name of one of the guests on the table who had seemed to have gone in a trance like state. The spirit went on to tell us her name was Edna and she was 78. Still in a trance like state Ray said that’s the name of my Mum. I asked Ray if he was comfortable to carry on to which he replied yes. Rays Son Luke (guest) asked if Edna had a message for Ray. She went on to say that she was sorry for dying and that she loved him. At this point Ray had come out of his trance and became very emotional and had to leave the room.

Session 3 – Group A
I started this session on the Ouija board. I was joined by guests Kelly, Steven, Louie and Jan. Initially the glass took some time to move even with the encouragement from the guests. However, after some time we were joined on the table by a spirit called Trevor who said he as born in 1897 and died in an accident. Asking Trevor if possible he could tell us, he went on to say that he was cleaning his gun when it accidentally fired killing him and his friend called Geoff in 1943.
Trevor then said goodbye and we were joined by another spirit by the name of Thomas. He went on to say that he was murdered by his friend Tim whilst on duty. He had a wife called Elizabeth who is still alive today. He said he was confused but his mum and dad are with him but misses Elizabeth as she was a nurse and she tried to save him but he later died from his wounds. The glass on the table begun to move very erratically and very quickly spelt out the name Tim. Tim went onto to say that he was angry with Thomas and that they were never friends as he did bad things and that is why he murdered him. Tim went on to say that his regiment was the Lance Corps, he loved being the joker and always made people laugh. Even today he said that he still makes noises to try and scare people. When asked if he could make a noise for us to prove he was there, a loud sudden bang came from the corner of the room. Asking Tim if that was him could he do it again please another bang came from just behind where we were all sitting.

Really active night enjoyed by myself and the guests. Can’t wait to return

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