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Newhaven Fort – 18th March 2017 – Steve

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Newhaven Fort ghost hunt 18th March 2017
Newhaven, East Sussex

Newhaven Fort is a new venue for us in 2017, and after a site visit back in January I was really looking forward to the event itself.

I started both my sessions in the Laboratory, in both sessions we were joined by spirit, the strongest spirit was a chap called Stanley, a Second World War soldier aged in his mid-40s who could lift peoples’ hands and arms, push people and pull people backward off their feet.

The second session the spirits were less forthcoming but nevertheless they were still able to move us.
After both sessions, I asked everyone to think of a question to ask spirit and recorded their questions and a gap after each question for spirit to respond in the hope of recording a spirit voice (a.k.a. EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomena). At the time of writing, the audio files are still being analysed.

After the second session, I asked questions via a spirit box in the hope of hearing a spirit voice but unfortunately none were forthcoming.

The East Bastion and Caponier were strange places to be and many guests wandered (quite quickly!) through them, on several occasions footsteps and other noises we heard behind the person exploring and whilst this area is known for ghostly whistles, none were heard.

We are looking forward to our return to this fort in October 2017.

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Old Beneficiary School – 20th February 2016 – Steve

Friday, February 26th, 2016

Old Beneficiary School ghost hunt 20th February 2016
Portsmouth, Hampshire


This is an unusual building as we often have activity but not in relation to the building or its past use. This particular evening was no different. I was in the main theatre, the upstairs room for all my sessions.

The first group were joined by a Man who was reluctant to say anything, he wore a schoolboy type cap and was aged roughly in his early 30s. He seemed to be dressed in clothing associated with a summer party and he gave me the impression that he had something to do with importing fine spices into the country. There was also a woman called Grace who said that she washed the floors when this building was a school in 1890s. When we were near the back of the room there was a spirit here called Daniel who was a recent spirit, someone who had passed away recently, although he gave the year as 2006 and he took his own life in sad circumstances. He said he lived locally.

During the séance we experienced lots of movement, including arm movement, footfalls, noises and squeaks that could not be explained.

The second group once again experienced some movement in the séance, although not as much as the first group. Although we did experience some of the strange noises and footfalls like the first group.

The third group didn’t experience any movement at all, nor did we hear any odd noises.

We look forward to returning later in the year

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Landguard Fort – 6th November 2015 – Steve

Friday, February 26th, 2016

Landguard Fort ghost hunt 6th November 2015
Felixstowe, Suffolk


For this evening I chose one of the magazine rooms near to the Caponier told hold my séances.

We were joined in this room by two Second World War Army soldiers; Georgie and Frank, both aged in their early 20s and both wanted to have fun.

The first group didn’t get much in the way of physical movement, although we could hear lots of strange noises and footsteps.

The second group experienced lots of movement including pushing people against the walls and pulling them by their arms to the floor. Once again some strange noises were heard but no footsteps.

The third group all experienced their arms being moved and some people were swayed, pushed and twisted as well as being pulled to the floor. We have no idea if there were strange noises or not in this group since we were all laughing so much.

This was an excellent ghost hunt with everyone experiencing some form of paranormal activity either during the séances or one of the other sessions.

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Old Beneficiary School – 5th December 2015 – Louise

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Old Beneficiary School ghost hunt 5th December 2015
Portsmouth, Hampshire


Area: In front of the stage
Equipment: Table Tipping/ Ouija Board and Dowsing Rods

I started all the sessions on the Ouija board. Not everyone wanted to participate in this activity but all were more than happy to watch. The guests sat round the table and I asked spirit to step forward and come and communicate with us by moving the glass. Very little happened and the glass didn’t move despite all the encouragement to spirit to come and tell us their story. I told the guests to keep encouraging as I went to join two other guests that had started to work on the table tipping. Initially this was also very slow to start, but then the table began to gently rock from side to side. At this point a really cold sensation passed right through us as we heard a loud bang come from the wall right beside us. Jason (team) called out to spirit to make the again if that was them to make the noise again and straight away the noise was heard again but louder. With More encouragement from the guests on the table the table slid itself across the floor to the Ouija table and stopped.  As there was no movement from the glass the remaining guests decided to join us on the table. Shuffling noises and loud footsteps were heard coming from the on the stage and got us all a bit worried at this point. On investigation nothing was found but the footsteps carried on throughout the rest of the session. As there was now more energy on the table it started to rock back and fourth tipped on to one leg and spin us around. One of the guests asked spirit if they could walk the table to the door before we leave. To out surprise the table very gently started to walk towards the door. All encouraging spirit saying how well they were doing the table then walked very quickly and stopped very abruptly when it reached the door. Activity stopped at this point except that we thought we heard laughter of small children as we left the room.

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Charlton House – 20th November 2015 (Louise)

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

Charlton House ghost hunt 20th November 2015
Greenwich, London


Area: Grand Salon
Equipment: Writing Planchette/ Table tipping

Session 1: Group C
Guests (Andy, Rosemary, Daniel and Danielle)
I started this session with the writing planchette. Initially the planchette was really slow to start. Andy (guest) encouraged spirit to step forward and move the planchette for us and draw something on the paper. The planchette then started moving around the paper drawing small circles and the bigger circles. The spirit of a man then entered the room and stood in the doorway watching us. I could not make out his features as they were blurred to me. I kept getting the name Edward in my head over and over again. I did not tell the guests this as some of them might have picked up on the same name. I asked the spirit if he could write his initial on the paper but we got no further movement from the planchette.
We then moved on to the table tipping and immediately heard loud footsteps outside in the corridor. Daniel (guest) went to investigate in case when of the other groups ha finished early but there was no-one there. As he came back into the room the door behind us slammed really hard. We investigated all possibilities but could not come up with an explanation and had to believe this might have been paranormal. After we re-grouped and went back on to the table it began moving straight away rocking gently at first but then tipping and spinning really fast.

Session 2:
Group A
I started the group on the writing planchette. Again the movement was slow to start but eventually with encouragement from the group it slowly started moving around the paper. I told the guests I was thinking of an animal in my head and Eve (guest) asked the spirit if it could please draw the animal for us. The planchette started moving very fast drawing different shapes on the paper but none of them resembled the animal I had in my head. The guests then wanted to move on to the table. Encouraging spirit the table moved straight away. I stepped away from the table but kept encouraging spirit to keep moving the table for the guests. It tipped on to two legs and held this position, then suddenly spun round in a clockwise direction and started walking into the other room. Once I the room the table stopped and we didn’t get anymore more movement. I asked spirit it they could copy me and bang on the table two times. Spirit did do straight away you could feel the vibrations through the table.

Session 3:
Group B
I started this session on the writing planchette. Again the spirit was very reluctant to move the planchette. We kept encouraging spirit as a group but we only got very slow movements. Just about to give up and move on to the table, the planchette started moving and drawing random lines and circles. We all then encouraged spirit to try really hard for us again and see if they could spell out their initials for us and they confirm if they were male or female by drawing the letters. The movement was very quick at this point and I asked spirit when they had finished to lift one end of the planchette up for us. The planchette suddenly lifted and fell on to its side. When we looked at the paper we were all amazed as clearly on the paper were the letter R and N, then a few circles and lines and the letter M in the corner of the paper.
Moving onto the table we only got very slight rocking back and fourth, but we heard lots of noises coming from the other room. Creaking floorboards and loud knocks and bangs were heard by the whole group. We all went to investigates and asked spirit if they could make the noises again for us please. Spirit did so but this time back out in the other room.

Really active areas of the building making everybody feel uneasy and some very tired like they had been drained of energy.

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Charlton House – 10th October 2015 (Louise)

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

Charlton House ghost hunt 10th October 2015
Greenwich, London

Area: Grand Salon
Equipment: Ouija / Table tipping / Writing Planchette

Session 1 – Group B
This is the area I decided to work in as it was felt to be the more active area in the building. We started our session with some table tipping. Initially it took a lot of effort to get any movement on the table, and then there was a gentle rocking motion for some time until eventually the table tipped up on one side and held this position. I kept encouraging spirit to move the table again or in some other way, but it just went back to a gentle rocking motion. After a while the table suddenly went up on to one leg and rotated anti- clockwise and stopped. Asking spirit to do this again, it did so this time clockwise.
During the Ouija session we had a spirit join us by the name of Tom. He was 4 years old and died in 1906. He told us that he was lost and looking for his parents, and there were 4 spirits in the room with us and he knew two of them. Tom then left us and there was another spirit moving the glass. We established this was the spirit of a young girl of 12 years old named Rebecca. She went on to tell us that she looked after Tom after his parents had passed away and that she was hung in 1906 for stealing bread to feed her and Tom. We then sensed that we were joined by a stronger energy. One of the guests asked if we were speaking to a male spirit to which he confirmed. He went on to tell us that he was 45 years old and that he had hung Rebecca and Tom for stealing.
Three of the guests (Fay, Gemma and Nicola) decided to use the writing planchette. Once the planchette started to move Fay asked the spirit if they could spell out their initials which to their amazement spirit did so. They then asked if the spirit would draw them a tree, and straight away spirit drew a tree.


Session 2 – Group C
In this session the table tipping was quiet and all through the session we only had gentle rocking. We all tried to encourage spirit but to no avail.
During the Ouija session, Rebecca came through again. She went on to tell us the same stories as the previous session only with the difference that she was born in 1906 not die. Her spirit came through really strong in this session. We asked her if she could spell out some of the names of the people around the table. She went on to spell out Kevin, Chris and Louise. Kevin and Chris (guests) were mother and son. We then asked Rebecca if she would like to communicate through the writing planchette and play a game to which she replied yes. The game consisted of a set of cards numbered 1-10. Setting the cards out face down, I asked Kevin to pull on forward but not look at it. Once the writing planchette began to move, we asked the spirit to write the number on the paper. The spirit drew the number 2. When we turned over the card we were all in shock as it said number 2. We tried this experiment another four times and spirit got two more right, drawing them out on the paper. I then asked the spirit to draw the animal that I was thinking of in my head (fish). The spirit went on to draw a perfect fish shape. Spirit then went on to draw random things. At the end of the session, when we looked at the paper, there was a perfect heart shape with the initial R in the corner. We assumed at this point that we had been communicating with Rebecca.


Session 3 – Group A
Again we started the session with table tipping. Movement to start was initially very slow with steady rocking from side to side. Encouraging spirit to move the table more or in another way, it went up on to one leg and gently spun round and then stopped. No more movement was experienced on the table despite encouragement from the guests.
During the Ouija session, to start to the glass never moved. With plenty of encouragement from the guests however, the glass began moving in a circle around the table very quickly first clockwise and then anti-clockwise. As the glass was moving around in a circle it was also spinning around under the guests fingers. Once the glass had centred we were joined by the spirit of a young 7 year old boy by the name of Richard. He went on to tell us that he was at the location in 1059 but unfortunately we couldn’t get the reason why or how he was connected to the land. One of the guests asked Richard to take the glass to where he was standing in the room. He took the glass to Sue (guest) and kept the glass at this point. I asked him if Sue reminded him of anybody and he spelt out mum. He went on to tell us that he was lost and trying to find her, but was in the company of two other spirits ‘Smith aged 9 and Eli aged 7’.

Very enjoyable evening, with lots of communications and footsteps and tapping noises also being heard

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Explosion Museum ghost hunt – 24th July 2015

Friday, July 31st, 2015

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 24th July 2015
Gosport, Hampshire

This was the third time that we had investigated the Explosion Museum. The original plan was to use rooms and buildings that would be dark because it was summer. However as it turned out there was no problem with light because 24th July it rained constantly all day and it was a dark and miserable day.

Sometimes we have several members of the team present, but being July some were on holiday so I decided that Kym, Louise and I would hold two different activities in different parts of the site so that the guests could experience different aspects of ghost hunting. The first two sessions, one with each group would be a séance session, followed by a tech and gadget session both sessions would be held in different buildings.

After splitting the guests into two groups I headed off to a building known as C Mag.

We were joined by a spirit called Colin who had a Dorset accent, aged in his mid 20s and was someone who worked in this building unloading explosives. He had a colleague but this person who was aged in his late 30s was only called by a derogatory name; Stupid.

Both séances Colin and his accomplice touched, pushed, twisted and swayed people as part of the séance, many times our arms were lifted as high as we could reach and then pulled downwards so that we touched the floor.

Many guests felt uncomfortable in the room and there were odd noises heard and cold spots felt. The cold spots weren’t in the same place on each session and those who reported the coldness sometimes were the only person who could feel it. On more than one occasion people saw something that they described as a person or a shadow moving behind people. On one of the occasions a guest and I saw something that looked like a person wearing a hooded jacket, turn and walk away from the group. If the workers in this room wore felt suits which is likely during its early days then this could be an explanation of what we saw.

The following two sessions were tech and gadget sessions held in a building known as 309 which is a store room and maintenance room for all the large guns, missiles and implements of war that don’t fit in the main museum. Adjoining this building are the two former cottages.

After explaining how the gadget work and handing out kit to everyone I let people roam around the building. I had also set up a laser grid. I had hoped to use a spirit box, as it was still raining I thought it might be better to listen to that noise, but unfortunately the two spirits boxes that we brought to Gosport neither of them worked, both had the same problem which was a battery leakage. This is strange as our kit is used weekly and it was fine 6 days ago.

Nevertheless guests had lots of activity in both groups with our KII meters and Ghost Meter Pro’s (EMF meters) and had unusual spikes in the cottages. The REM Mel meter also went off a couple of times although we heard it no-one was near it on either occasion to witness what triggered it.

Many times we heard footsteps and strange bangs within the building, every time I asked the guests where they thought the noise came from, everyone pointed in different directions.

All in all this was another great ghost hunt at the Explosion Museum and we look forward to returning later in the year.

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Charlton House ghost hunt – 4th July 2015

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

Charlton House ghost hunt 4th July 2015
Greenwich, London

Since we have been to this venue before I decided to move the team around and for different activities to take place in different rooms.

This time around I used the Library for my séance sessions.

I joined Wayne & Paula for their first session in rooms that used to be bedrooms. I pointed out at various times the spirit who I could see, the first one was a stocky chap who was called Antony who was a Rose gardener and he wore a green shirt or top and light brown trousers. Wayne could sense someone in the doorway but did not know who it was.

Also when three people left the room with Paula I noticed that there were two nurses, both dressed in World War One uniforms chatting in the corridor, neither seemed to be interested in what we were doing.

The first group to the Library we started a séance on the lower level and we were joined almost immediately by a strict looking Edwardian gentleman who turned out to be a banker. He was wearing a smart three piece pin stripe suit and a top hat. Whilst he didn’t give me his name he looked to be in his late 50s. As I said at the time, he looked like the bankers from the film Mary Poppins.

The was also an old couple, walking hand in hand down the side of the room holding a small bunch of flowers, both looked to be in their 70s and the man called his wife Agatha. They looked to be on their way to church or to place flowers at a grave side. They did not interact with us.

During the séance we all heard a number of clicks and bangs within the room, one of the guests suggested that this might have been materials of the building cooling down after a hot day, although this sound was not heard by the following group. We also heard footfalls on the upper level but the sounds were not heard by everyone in the same direction.

There were a few arm movements during the first séance and some swinging of arms, this was a soldier from the First World War who was responsible for these movements although he tired quickly and the group did not encourage him to do anything.

After everyone had explored the upper level we held another séance this time sitting down and although no movement was felt by anyone it did increase the energy in the room as we heard a lot more odd noises and towards the end of the session we all clearly heard a noise that sounded like a cane being tapped on the wooden floor twice.

The second group to the Library we started a séance more or less in the same spot as the first and quite quickly people around the circle started to feel pressure on their arms and hands, but more noticeably on their backs and legs. Some people were swaying uncontrollably, others being forced towards the floor.

It seemed that those in a certain spot felt the activity greater than the rest of the guests and some of those who were being moved also felt cold spots and a general coldness (this was on a hot day where the air temperature was 26-28 degrees Celsius in the day and 17 degrees at night).

During the séance we all heard noises that sounded like footfalls on the upper level, these were in different areas to the first group and these noises sounded more complete, like proper footsteps rather than the sound of just one, like something had been dropped.

Several people had their arms moved by spirit too and swayed as there were children spirit about, although I did not see these, but other people in the group could sense them.

A few times the circle of people moved clockwise so that everyone could feel the spot where it was colder and where movement seemed to occur.

This was another excellent ghost hunt with lots of paranormal activity experienced by everyone.

We look forward to returning later in the year.

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Explosion Museum – 9th May 2015 (Kerry)

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 9th May 2015
Gosport, Hampshire

Ouija / Table tilting

Session 1 – Group A

We started our session with some table tilting. Initially it took a lot of effort to get any movement on the table, then there was a gentle rocking motion for some time until eventually the table tipped up on one side and held this position. I kept encouraging spirit to move the table again or in another way, but the table just stayed in this position. After a while, the table suddenly did a half spin and stopped. When we asked spirit to do this again, it did so this time with a full spin.
We heard a tap on the window, and asked spirit if it was them who made this sound and to do it again, but unfortunately it didn’t happen again.
During the Ouija session we had a spirit join us by the name of Amanda. She was 47 years old and died in 1928. She told us she wasn’t connected to the building in any way, and there were 5 spirits in the room with us, although she didn’t know any of them. She went on to tell us that she had a husband called Kevin but they had no children. Both her and her husband died from TB, he caught it from her and he was the first to die. We then sensed Amanda had left us and there was a new spirit moving the glass. We established that it was another female and when asked if there was someone round the table they wish to talk to, the glass moved to Louise (team), who was standing to my left. We asked spirit to spell their name and the glass spelt Winnifred. Louise sensed this lady to be her Nan and decided to leave the table at this point. Someone else asked the spirit’s age and the glass went to 7, then 1. When asked to confirm if she was 71 years old, the glass moved to yes. Just before our session was due to finish, another female spirit came through by the name of Ethel who died in the area in the 1940’s.

Session 2 – Group B

We had some very good table movement in this session, with the table rocking slowly to start with and gradually building up until it was rocking very rapidly from side to side. It seemed the more noise the group of guests made, the stronger the table would move. The table continued to rock in this way, and after a lot of encouragement it started spinning around, to the amazement of the guests.
We had three spirits come through during the Ouija session. A lady by the name of Nancy who was 41 years old, and died in a fire in 1618. Then a male spirit called Pez who fought in the Second World War. He said he was born in 1928 and had two children. Also a man came through who was connected to one of the guests, and we soon found out it was her dad. The guests kept asking questions and all the responses seemed to be relevant in some way to this lady and her family. I asked her to take her finger off the glass and ask a question no one else would know the answer to. So she did and asked for the initial of her mum’s middle name, to which the glass moved to the correct letter on the table. No one else touching the glass at the time would have known the answer to this.
During this Ouija session we all kept hearing what sounded like footsteps on the stairs. It only seemed to happen when we were all making noise. I asked the guests to be quiet for a few minutes while I called out to see if spirit would make the noise again, but unfortunately we didn’t hear it again. One of the guests also said she felt a sharp tug on her handbag which was around her shoulder.

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Explosion Museum – 7th February 2015 (Wayne)

Friday, April 24th, 2015

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 7th February
Gosport, Hampshire

Missile Room and Cottages with Carl

Session 1
First of all we gave the guests a walk around as it was such a large area to show them where they could go and to give a brief summary of the location that we would be investigating.
A couple decided to go through to the cottages leading off from the main missile room while the rest of the guests spread out nicely throughout the area. Carl had placed REM Pods around the room, one of which he had placed on an old coffin carrier at the back of the room with an interactive bear. We also had a laser grid setup in the middle of the area. Guests were given ghost pros and K2 meters to communicate with spirit.
One of the guests in particular had amazing activity through her ghost pro, she established that a little girl named Carly aged 5 was with her and seemed to be following her as she moved around the area and the reason she had so much interaction with the guest (Stevie) was because she looked like her mum, most of this activity happened in the second part of the room but away from the coffin carrier where the REM Pod and bear had been placed. The next moment we were all called by Carl to go to the bear which was on the coffin carrier as it was alarming constantly and lit up like a Christmas tree as was the REM Pod.
Carly would then only communicate when Stevie asked a question or if Stevie asked her to cuddle the bear.
There was also another female spirit present in that area, a lady between 20-30 who could apparently see us which was established using the ghost pros.
As there were 2 spirits present we decided to use the SB7 which Carly came through on. She answered Stevie 4 times but we were unable to make out what she said but we could tell that the voice was that of a little girl with tone to her voice although some of us heard her say what we thought was her name “Carly” but couldn’t all be sure.

At the end of the session I spoke to the couple who were in the cottages for most of the time, they also found some unexplained goings on.
They had taken a K2 meter with them and started to call out and noticed that every time they mentioned the word “Explosion” the K2 went into the red so they decided to take photos on their phone whilst saying “Explosion” they had 2 pictures that were completely normal but the other 2 when they actually said “Explosion” had what looked like dust and shrapnel flying in to the room exactly as if an “Explosion” had happened outside and was blowing in to the room.

Session 2
Again we had a walk around with the guests. This time husband and wife guests managed to make contact with 2 spirits almost straight away using ghost pros.
They were both child spirits, a brother and sister that lived in the cottages but were playing in the missile room, running around and giggling. We then decided to bring the interactive bear and vibe pod over into the area where the guests said the children are playing and hiding.
The vibe pod and bear both lit up at times when it was claimed by the guests that the little girl was walking towards the bear, this was then also confirmed by the SB7 as a little girls voice came through saying “Happy” and “Teddy”.

We then lead the guests through to the cottages where again the word “Explosion” was used and triggered something as the K2 meter went into the red and almost immediately afterwards I (Wayne) had to leave the area feeling quite sick as did one of the guests.

Session 3
This last session became very quiet in the way of any activity. We had some movement on the K2s and also heard some footsteps which we all followed but Carl was at the front of the queue and saw with his own eyes a large shadow figure running through the missile room. We all went to investigate to see if anyone was in there mucking about but found no one.
We also tried for a time in the cottages with a laser grid but the only activity was with a guest that was using his own pendulum.

Wayne, Paula & Carl
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