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Newhaven Fort – 18th March 2017 – Steve

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Newhaven Fort ghost hunt 18th March 2017
Newhaven, East Sussex

Newhaven Fort is a new venue for us in 2017, and after a site visit back in January I was really looking forward to the event itself.

I started both my sessions in the Laboratory, in both sessions we were joined by spirit, the strongest spirit was a chap called Stanley, a Second World War soldier aged in his mid-40s who could lift peoples’ hands and arms, push people and pull people backward off their feet.

The second session the spirits were less forthcoming but nevertheless they were still able to move us.
After both sessions, I asked everyone to think of a question to ask spirit and recorded their questions and a gap after each question for spirit to respond in the hope of recording a spirit voice (a.k.a. EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomena). At the time of writing, the audio files are still being analysed.

After the second session, I asked questions via a spirit box in the hope of hearing a spirit voice but unfortunately none were forthcoming.

The East Bastion and Caponier were strange places to be and many guests wandered (quite quickly!) through them, on several occasions footsteps and other noises we heard behind the person exploring and whilst this area is known for ghostly whistles, none were heard.

We are looking forward to our return to this fort in October 2017.

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Fort Horsted – 17th October 2015 (Kym)

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 17th October 2015
Chatham, Kent.


Area: Room 35
Equipment: Dowsing Rods, Pendulums
Group A – We started with a séance circle, and invited spirit to join us.  Many could feel the energy change around them when the spirits stepped close.  The guest to my right (Peter), his left arm started moving up, but very gently, and almost immediately went straight back down.  Guests were seeing lights flashing on the wall and people.  We moved around to see if others could see the same, and they were.  We were also seeing shadows around us too.  Sean (filming) was watching his torch on a shelf, and it kept disappearing from view.  He showed us all through the camera which we saw too.  Some were being pushed and pulled, and feeling cold spots around us too.  With not much more movement we tried the pendulums and rods.  We had a male spirit with us, he worked here and was military.  He said there were other spirits here with us.  With another team member saying that they had tried chair tipping in this room successfully before, we had a go.  Initially we divided the guests on two chairs.  I stood with one group touching a chair and immediately started feeling very dizzy.  I swapped with Dave (guest) and he felt the same.  But Peter & Leanne didn’t feel it when standing there.  The other chair was moving so we all switched to that one.  With all lightly touching the chair, it started moving.  Slowly it started lifting up.  It tried to spin around but fell down.  Tried again, but just lifted up.  Some tried pushing the chair back down and could feel resistance.

Group B – Started with the séance circle, and Colin (guest) to my right was getting pushed, pulled and twisted.  Cold spots were being felt by some around the circle.  We were also hearing noises/footsteps near us too.  With no more movement we did some dowsing and all had quite a lot of communication with spirit.  We were talking to a male spirit connected to the fort.  We tried some chair tipping but had no movement, so decided to go down the whistling tunnel nearby.  However just on entering we heard a whistle between us, thinking initially it was one of us whistling ourselves, but with clarification from everyone that they had not done it, we were quite happy to have heard it.

Group C – Starting with the séance circle many were being gently rocked to and fro.  Then some guests started having their arms moved up and down.  Asking them to ask spirit in their head to move their arms where they chose, they were amazed when spirit responded to their request every time.  Myself and guest to my left were both feeling a heavy weight on our shoulders, and started to be pushed down.  Others were being pushed down too.  Also a lot of laughter was expressed around the circle.  Some felt like they were being touched, and felt cold spots too.  We then tried some communication with spirit using the rods & pendulums, and spoke to male and female spirits.  We then went to the whistling tunnel, and again heard a whistle between us whilst entering.
In the free session I joined some guests in a new area, a long tunnel above Area 10.  Then I joined Kerry & guests in room 35 where they had been experiencing some fantastic Ouija & table tipping.  We then finished the night with some Ouija in area 10.
A fantastic night – fabulous guests – and an awesome venue!

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Explosion Museum ghost hunt – 9th May 2015

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 9th May 2015
Gosport, Hampshire

This was our second visit to the museum and considering the time of year we had planned to use different buildings as it is light later in the evening. However some of the team who came in February wanted to use the same rooms and buildings.

I chose a building called C-Mag (Magazine).

This is one of the older parts of the museum and this magazine felt interesting. A magazines room is where gunpowder or ammunition would have been kept.

Both sessions we were joined by a male spirit called Chester who was a Navy man aged in his early 30s and quite a stern type of person from Second World War era. Chester wasn’t a talkative spirit although he did oblige when asked by the guests.

Chester was able to move the majority of people’s arms and push and pull people. Some of the movements were very gentle when moving the ladies whilst other times very forceful but this only affected the men. The arm movement was on command and the pushing and pulling back only happened to a few people, usually when they least expected it!

On several occasions a few people would be pulled to the floor by their hands and arms, this was also unexpected but not forceful, it was just like a heavy weight being applied to the shoulders, which in turn made each person slowly kneel down.

In the first session at various times we called out for spirit to repeat sounds that we were making, on one or two occasions we heard a whistle back, or a knock. All of these sounded like they came from an adjacent building although this was strange because there is no adjacent building!

In the second session although we asked several times nothing unusual was heard.

This was another excellent ghost hunt with all the guests having some form of paranormal experiences in one of their sessions.

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 22-3-2014 (Kym)

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 22nd March 2014
Chatham, Kent

Area: 10 Equipment: KII’s, Ghost Pro’s, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Writing Planchette

Group B  – Kerry (team) joined me on my first session and we started with explaining to guests how to use the pendulums and dowsing rods.  Almost immediately we had movement on all, and the guests were able to establish their yes & no’s, which they enjoyed immensely asking questions to spirit.  I then suggested we split the group so three girls joined Kerry on the writing planchette whilst I took the remaining five guests into the opposite room.  We continued using the pendulums, but also used the ghost pro.  We then re-joined the others as they were experiencing a lot of movement with the writing, and some other guests joined in.  As all the writing received seemed to be random, we turned the paper over and asked spirit to write the initial of one of the persons present.  Immediately we had the letter J – and Julie (guest) was very surprised.  We then asked for another initial of a guest, and to Calum’s surprise a C was drawn.  We then joined everyone else in the tunnel, and some guests could smell burning, and another guest felt a touch on her back.

Group C – I was joined by Carl (team) on my second session who was filming for us.  After handing out the rods & pendulums we received movement with them.  Then we tried the writing planchette again.  Although we had movement, not as much as before, it was just random squiggles.  Whilst standing around the table one guest felt a touch on her back.  I took three guests into the opposite room with ghost pro, explained how to use it, and once they had contact with spirit they went to explore the tunnel.  Carl started feeling unwell so he left the area.  The remaining three guests returned and tried the planchette, whilst the others went to explore the tunnel.  One of the guests could feel the energy behind her and had the name Victor in her head, and asking spirit if that was his name we started to get movement on the writing planchette.  With no more movement I placed a ghost pro on the table, and one of the guests was sure she saw it move.  I said it was possible as I recalled an incident in that room many months before when I had placed a camera on the table and we all had seen it move.  The five guests then returned from the tunnel and said that two of them had been touched on the back of knee within 4 minutes of each.

Group A – With my last group, all four ladies were showing an enormous fear of the spiders in that area.  We entered very slowly, pointing out where not to stand, and everyone felt comfortable to enter one of the rooms.  I handed out the rods & pendulums and all received some movement.  One guest in particular who had used the rods before was able to ask spirit yes & no questions from the start.  We had a male soldier with us, and when asking if he would join us on the table with the writing planchette, he answered yes.  Whilst asking spirit to move the planchette we could hear the table creaking underneath.  With fingers on the planchette and a hand on table, we could feel gently rocking on both.  We then all took a break and one of the guests asked spirit to copy her whistle, and we all heard what sounded like a female whistle back.  As two of the guests had left the area because of her fear of the spiders, we had to check it wasn’t them, but they were standing outside and hadn’t even heard us whistle out, and had definitely not made a sound themselves.  We did ask spirit to repeat the noise but nothing.  All six of us then walked up the tunnel, and some noises and taps were heard.

I then joined Steve, Kerry & guests in area 26, and we did a séance circle.  I was holding hands with Louise (guest) to my left.  She had been reluctant to join in as before she had felt sick whilst in the circle, but I persuaded her to join in.  I started feeling a heavy weight on my left shoulder, and Steve said we had the spirit of Justin behind us.  He was very large and had been a prisoner.  I asked Justin to move the weight onto Louise’s shoulder as I didn’t want her to think I was pulling her down, and to her surprise, and my relief, the heavy weight moved to her right shoulder.  We were then pushed down to the floor, and Louise thanked spirit and asked to be moved back up.  I then suggested she ask spirit to move to her left shoulder which it did.  She then asked for spirit to move to her son Calum’s shoulder which it did.  Louise continued to ask Justin to move us in various ways, which he was very happy to oblige.  Meanwhile the remainder of people in the circle were being moved by two other spirits, and we all ended up being moved in various, and sometimes funny positions.

A great end to a memorable night!

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 6-7-2013

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 6th July 2013
Rochester, Kent

Fort Borstal is always an interesting ghost hunt for us as something that has never happened before usually happens to the guests however no one could have predicted what happened on this particular evening. As a team with a combined experience of over 100 years none of us have ever seen or witnessed anything that even comes close to what one particular guest experienced in the Caponier, however that will be covered in the second report by the paranormal investigators. However that doesn’t mean nothing of interest happened to the people with me on the contrary I too had a very unusual experience in the Counterscarp galleries…

The first group to the Counterscarp galleries we formed a séance circle in one of my favourite parts, it is actually the furthest room, not particularly big but usually the séance held here have a common theme, which I am very aware of and hence why I bring people to this area every time.

We were joined by a familiar spirit energy to this area; Captain Daniel Bedford who is a strict man however he also likes to make guests aware of his presence and he started by moving various peoples arms, sometimes on command other times of his own free will. He was also able to physically push some people. Using some people arms and hands he was able to rub the chins of some of the male guests, this is a common occurrence. He also tapped one particular guest three times on his head, very similar to the phrase “is anybody home”. Daniel was also able to slow punch two of the guests under the chin, as if to tell them to stand up straight. I and another guest were also pulled down so that our hands were touching the floor and our hands were dragged on the floor. Many guests heard the sound of “chatter” as well as breathing and whispering sounds, this is anomalous because the dry moat ground level outside the counterscarp galleries is about 15 feet below where we were stood inside and there are no animals wild or domestic in the moat. Several guests also saw something pass the windows since it was still light outside and other guests saw lights at the other end of the tunnel, no explanation could be established for either occurrence.

At the end of this séance I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. Unfortunately there was quite a lot of noise from the guests shuffling which when the files were analysed by our experts drowned out any spirit response because the echo in these tunnels is a lot longer than in a normal room. However the only good EVP can be heard at:-

The second group to the Counterscarp galleries I formed a séance circle in exactly the same room, hopeful that the same spirit energy would be present for the guests to experience his energy. Unfortunately he wasn’t but there was another male spirit called Bernard or Biffa to his friends present. He was from a time when the Fort was being built, about 1880, as he was a prisoner. Once I asked Biffa to move the guests in some way, lots of people arms were simultaneously moved and everyone felt a physical force push them down towards the floor. One particular guest (Chris) was pushed down with such a reasonable force that he couldn’t get up and whilst he thought it was safer to stay on the floor the spirit had other ideas. Biffa then managed to push and pull us all across the floor until Chris was pushed against a wall. I have no idea how we managed to be moved in this way and I have never seen a spirit manage to do this to people before. Once we were all against the wall Biffa then decided to twist people and bend them into what looked like impossible positions, yet we all managed to stay linked and the séance ended with us rubbing Chris’ chin which looked like a thinking man’s pose.

Just as we were about to end the séance everyone heard the sound of a whistle request that I had made earlier, they were two very distinct repeats of a whistle that I asked spirit to repeat about 20 minutes earlier.

The third group to the Counterscarps were not eager for more spiritual movement as they were the group that had the amazing activity in the Caponier, however during the séance in exactly the same room both Biffa and Captain Daniel were present and they continued moving people’s arms and pushing them. Once again we all heard the now familiar “chatter” and whisper sounds, although we still have no idea where these noises could have come from. Some odd noises were also heard coming from the moat, one of these sounded like a man groaning or cursing, however having walked the whole of the dry moat (in daylight) I know that this is very unlikely that anyone would have been in the moat as it is more or less impossible to get out especially at night where the hazards cannot be seen.

Using a spirit box (a device that scans the FM radio band in reverse at 100ms) we heard the words “Ann” “Hi” and eventually “Go”. None of the questions asked had any intelligible answer.

Moving to the other end of the Counterscarp gallery there were two Second World War soldiers present, one was Welsh and the other from Lincolnshire, neither did very much to affect the guests although Jason felt a poke in his stomach.

This was an exceptionally active ghost hunt with all guests getting some truly exciting paranormal evidence that they could not explain but nevertheless enjoyed.

The video of what happened that amazed us can be seen at although the report from this group is published under the Paranormal Investigators section.

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Wychling Woods ghost hunt – 8-9-2012

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Wychling Woods ghost hunt, Kent – 8th September 2012

This is usually a very quiet place, especially at night, however there was another ghost hunt group within the vicinity of the church, mostly making a lot of noise and holding Ouija board sessions within the grounds on the churchyard. This is something that we condone.

However we continued into the woods behind the church as we have had a lot of activity in past ghost hunts happen in this area.

Once settled into an area which made people feel on edge at previous ghost hunts we were joined by a female energy by the name of Catherine, aged in her early 20s and passed over in early 1900s.

Plus a male energy called Geoffrey Hardcourt who was 56 years old also from 1900s. He told me that he lived near the church and he looked like a farmer especially because he was wearing mustard coloured trousers, a checked shirt and was of a stocky build.

Whilst we were communicating with these spirits via our electronic equipment we heard the sound of footfalls, this was not the other group because the sound emanated right behind one of the guests (Becky) which made her move very quickly towards the rest of us!

We also heard whistles in response to our whistles and other various noises. We know that it was not the other group as they made so much noise when moving around the woods, we could hear them long before they became aware of us.

Becky also felt something touch her leg which made her jump. Whilst we were standing in a circle, but not holding hands, Geoffrey was able to push people or gently rock them from side to side. Some of the guests were able to smell pipe tobacco.

During a session when I was tapping very lightly on a tree we all heard some tapping sounds in response to these taps.

When Catherine stepped closer to the group I suggested that they hold out their hands to feel Catherine; all the guests felt the same sensation; pins and needles in their hands and a strange stiffness in some of their fingers.

Very briefly a child energy came forward, this child was about 7 or 8 years old and came and stood near to the guests as they were holding out their hands for Catherine to touch.

During all of this we had little or no KII (EMF) activity on our electronic equipment.

Having noticed that the other group had now gone home, because the area was now back to its usual silence we moved from behind the church to a curious part of the woods close to the church which is an archaeological dig site. I have seen this dig site grow from just a few metres long to many metres long and at one stage an ancient wall was uncovered. I have always wondered whether this was the remains of a house.

We were joined by a female energy called Elizabeth who was a Land Girl during the Second World War. There were sporadic yet high levels of KII (EMF) energy in this area as well as quite a lot of communication from our electronic devices.

Some of the guests photographed Orbs and other light anomalies in this area, this is quite common in this area along with strange mist photographs.

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt, in which all the guests had some personal physical activity and although the other group made a lot of noise they did not interfere with us nor their actions have any bearing on the evidence and sensations that we encountered throughout the evening.

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Toys Hill & Weardale Manor – 17-8-2012

Friday, August 24th, 2012

Toys Hill & Weardale Manor ghost hunt – 17th August 2012

We haven’t had a lot of luck with the weather at this venue in 2012. First time it was -10 degrees Celsius back in February, then in April it was just before a thunderstorm, June it was a thunderstorm so fourth time lucky and this was well worth waiting for.

We started in the remains of the manor, gave the guests lots of our kit to investigate with and let them roam around. Many guests reported seeing shadows and lights within the near distance trees. I generally stayed put and various groups of people reported different activity in all directions, but the one thing they all commented on was the fact that all felt watched.

A male energy by the name of Philip approached, he was a gardener when there was a house at this place, he tipped his hat to me and some of the guests felt his presence.

Steve (guest) felt a light touch on his back and the sound of a dog, panting during the phase when the spirit Philip was around.

Many guests also reported hearing voices, whispering and whistles in one particular place. Four guests (Andy, Wendy, Marie & Shelley) all heard these sounds as well as the sound of a children’s music box. I then went over to the part to have a look and was met by a Frenchman spirit called Alain. He was about 55 years old and dressed in a smart black suit which had a silver pocket watch attached. He gave me the impression he was from 1900s.

The guests that had some of our equipment all had high levels of activity displayed on the various meters.

From here we decided to move into the woods to hold a séance, as the last time this proved very successful but due to the heavy rain it was not as enjoyable as it could have been.

Once again after finding a suitable spot there were high levels of activity shown on our KII meters and on our ghost communicators.

Within a few minutes of us starting a séance a male energy aged in his early 30s approached us, his name was Roger and he was wearing a white shirt and grey trousers and it was impossible to associate him with a period of time, although he wasn’t wearing a tie or hat.

Roger was very capable of moving people in various ways and generally pushed and pulled most of the group, starting gently and then as his confidence grew the level of movement increased and some people, especially Phil and Lisa, were manoeuvred into some rather uncomfortable positions.

Cold spots were also reported by the guests, mainly behind me as the temperature was a steady 20 degrees Celsius most of the night, these cold spots were felt behind four or five people and it felt like stepping into a freezer.

During the séance Andy felt a stick hit his legs and since Carl (GHE Team member) was outside the circle and at the time on the opposite side of Andy went to investigate although Carl could not see a stick anywhere near Andy. After the séance finished Andy found the stick about 14 inches in front of him.

After the séance finished, which I concluded after most people apart from two had either felt arm movement or had been pushed by Roger, some of the guests wandered deeper into the woods as they thought they heard voices and noises whilst the séance was taking place. The rest of the guests made their way out of the woods.

However those that stayed listening in the woods were soon returning because they heard footfalls in the woods and since no torch light was seen, this scared them.

We made our way back to the site of the manor house and conducted an EVP, although when we played the recording back very few anomalies were heard, however once we analysed them we discovered there were quite a few responses, although not all could be interpreted.

The best ones can be heard at:-

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt and a very productive one with many paranormal occurrences taking place.

After we had enjoyed a cup of coffee back at the car park and just before we were about to leave, Carl (team member) saw a “shadow” behind me and exclaimed that it looked too real to be a spirit and so the four of us who were there turned on all our torches to try to see what this was. To our amazement there was a young male (real person, wearing a blue shirt, black top and trousers and had glasses with curly black hair) standing very close to the hedge on the way out of the car park and even when I blinded this person with my torch he failed to move, but just looked down to the ground. All of us decided that this was a very good time to leave as he was probably drunk. As we were driving out of the car park we noticed this same person lying down on the grass beside the road which was really strange.

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 3-9-2011 – kym

Monday, September 12th, 2011

FORT HORSTED 3rd September 2011

Investigation 1 ~ Jo, Carl, Louise, Marc, Bradley & Carrie
We headed to an upstairs room on the right hand side of the fort, taking photos and using the EMF which lit up to show spirit present.  Temperature was 15 degrees, later rising to 17 degrees, but returning to 15 degrees when we left.  We then used the Ouija board to talk with spirit.  We had a little response; Female, age 44, from 1700’s.  She tried to spell her name but it wasn’t conclusive.  We asked if she could make a noise, to which she replied yes, but we couldn’t hear anything.  We then held a séance circle.  Immediately we had a spirit present, Marc identified her as a girl, age 7/8, called Emily.  She was very mischevious, having great fun moving several guests.  And not just arm movement, Jo & Louise were moved around the room, twisting and turning several times.  We then whistled and asked spirit to repeat, of which it did, several times.  We assumed this came from the male energy on the stairs.  Carl and Marc stepped out of the circle to listen out for the noises, Marc sensing the male energy frightened the little girl.  At that point the girl left, and the male energy came in the room.  As we looked over to Carl he was doubled over in pain.  He had been punched in the stomach, but no-one was near him.  We promptly put him in the circle to help him recover.  We then left the room, and as we got to the bottom of the stairs, we heard what sounded like a large wooden door slam to our right.  We went to investigate, but it was a dead end, and no door.  We did ask spirit to repeat our knocks, of which we heard taps on the wall.

Investigation 2 ~ Graham, Debbie, Carol, Ellen, Julie & Elisa
We returned to the same room, and with the EMF showing spirit present we tried the Ouija board, but had no movement.  We did a séance circle and immediately we were hearing noises, when asking spirit to respond when asked nothing, but when ignoring spirit, noises were heard.  We proceeded down the stairs, and again heard what sounded like a door closing.  On investigating more noises were heard.  We then went into a room and twice we heard what sounded like a female moaning.  We closed the wooden doors and asked spirit to knock/open them.  Debbie & Graham who were standing next to the door heard a tap, when asking for spirit to repeat louder no response.

Investigation 3 ~ Mia, Graham, Sarah, Helen, Simon & Helen

We proceeded to the furthest part in the fort, and started with a séance circle.  I felt a spirit present, and Mia & I were moved backward and forward several times.  I then had the name Robert in my head, and asked spirit, if this was his name, could he move my arm.  Mine & Mia’s arm promptly moved up.  I then asked Robert to move around the circle and affect the other guests, but unfortunately no response.
As this group wanted to use the Ouija Board we tried this back in the Meeting Room – no response.  We then tried in a different room (Lynn’s room) but again no response.

I would like to thank Paul and his team for a fantastic night and look forward to being invited back again.

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