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Fort Amherst – 20th May 2016 – Steve

Friday, July 8th, 2016

Fort Amherst ghost hunt 20th May 2016
Chatham, Kent


Fort Amherst is one of our favourite venues as there is never a dull moment during the event. It is also one of the spookiest as long tunnels and underground rooms often are.

During the séance sessions that I held we were joined by a spirit called Christopher who was aged in his late 30s and an Army Sergeant from the Second World War era.

Whilst Christopher was able to push and manipulate people we also heard a lot of strange noises, doors banging and footsteps. This was all very odd as there wasn’t a slight breeze outside let alone a strong wind to slam a door.

During the final séance session many of the group, including me had numb or tingling toes. What this meant or what it was supposed to mean is unknown, maybe we’ll find out on a return visit to Fort Amherst later this year.

This was another excellent ghost hunt at the Fort with lots of paranormal activity felt and experienced by the guests.

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Old Beneficiary School – 20th February 2016 – Steve

Friday, February 26th, 2016

Old Beneficiary School ghost hunt 20th February 2016
Portsmouth, Hampshire


This is an unusual building as we often have activity but not in relation to the building or its past use. This particular evening was no different. I was in the main theatre, the upstairs room for all my sessions.

The first group were joined by a Man who was reluctant to say anything, he wore a schoolboy type cap and was aged roughly in his early 30s. He seemed to be dressed in clothing associated with a summer party and he gave me the impression that he had something to do with importing fine spices into the country. There was also a woman called Grace who said that she washed the floors when this building was a school in 1890s. When we were near the back of the room there was a spirit here called Daniel who was a recent spirit, someone who had passed away recently, although he gave the year as 2006 and he took his own life in sad circumstances. He said he lived locally.

During the séance we experienced lots of movement, including arm movement, footfalls, noises and squeaks that could not be explained.

The second group once again experienced some movement in the séance, although not as much as the first group. Although we did experience some of the strange noises and footfalls like the first group.

The third group didn’t experience any movement at all, nor did we hear any odd noises.

We look forward to returning later in the year

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Charlton House ghost hunt – 10th October 2015

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

Charlton House ghost hunt 10th October 2015

We have investigated Charlton House on a number of occasions and it is safe to say that we know that it is haunted and have many reoccurring incidents in various rooms of the house.

However every time we go there I try to investigate a different area or room and move the team around so that they can experience the different spirit energies.

This time around I chose the Library for my séance sessions and several spirits came to join us. We were joined in the first session by an Army Captain from the First World War, he didn’t give me his name but he was aged in his mid-30s. There was also a Priest present who was from a much later time period but he was not a happy fellow, but we really never discovered why he was so unhappy.

Various noises were heard within the room as well as people feeling their arms tingle and move, some people also felt cold spots that came and went but not consistent with a draft.

The second session we were joined by Dave a soldier also from the First World War, Dave was able to manipulate people much more than in the first session, with people being twisted and their legs moved, sometimes against their wishes.

Strange an odd noises were heard throughout this session some of the noises sounded like people walking on the upper mezzanine floor.

The third session we were once again joined by the Priest who was aged in his late-60s, this time around he was able to push and sway people by moving their arms. We were also joined by another soldier called Lincoln who was only able to make people feel tingly and slightly dizzy.

All in all this was a very enjoyable ghost hunt and we look forward to our last visit of 2015 at Charlton House on 20th November

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Explosion Museum ghost hunt – 24th July 2015

Friday, July 31st, 2015

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 24th July 2015
Gosport, Hampshire

This was the third time that we had investigated the Explosion Museum. The original plan was to use rooms and buildings that would be dark because it was summer. However as it turned out there was no problem with light because 24th July it rained constantly all day and it was a dark and miserable day.

Sometimes we have several members of the team present, but being July some were on holiday so I decided that Kym, Louise and I would hold two different activities in different parts of the site so that the guests could experience different aspects of ghost hunting. The first two sessions, one with each group would be a séance session, followed by a tech and gadget session both sessions would be held in different buildings.

After splitting the guests into two groups I headed off to a building known as C Mag.

We were joined by a spirit called Colin who had a Dorset accent, aged in his mid 20s and was someone who worked in this building unloading explosives. He had a colleague but this person who was aged in his late 30s was only called by a derogatory name; Stupid.

Both séances Colin and his accomplice touched, pushed, twisted and swayed people as part of the séance, many times our arms were lifted as high as we could reach and then pulled downwards so that we touched the floor.

Many guests felt uncomfortable in the room and there were odd noises heard and cold spots felt. The cold spots weren’t in the same place on each session and those who reported the coldness sometimes were the only person who could feel it. On more than one occasion people saw something that they described as a person or a shadow moving behind people. On one of the occasions a guest and I saw something that looked like a person wearing a hooded jacket, turn and walk away from the group. If the workers in this room wore felt suits which is likely during its early days then this could be an explanation of what we saw.

The following two sessions were tech and gadget sessions held in a building known as 309 which is a store room and maintenance room for all the large guns, missiles and implements of war that don’t fit in the main museum. Adjoining this building are the two former cottages.

After explaining how the gadget work and handing out kit to everyone I let people roam around the building. I had also set up a laser grid. I had hoped to use a spirit box, as it was still raining I thought it might be better to listen to that noise, but unfortunately the two spirits boxes that we brought to Gosport neither of them worked, both had the same problem which was a battery leakage. This is strange as our kit is used weekly and it was fine 6 days ago.

Nevertheless guests had lots of activity in both groups with our KII meters and Ghost Meter Pro’s (EMF meters) and had unusual spikes in the cottages. The REM Mel meter also went off a couple of times although we heard it no-one was near it on either occasion to witness what triggered it.

Many times we heard footsteps and strange bangs within the building, every time I asked the guests where they thought the noise came from, everyone pointed in different directions.

All in all this was another great ghost hunt at the Explosion Museum and we look forward to returning later in the year.

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Charlton House ghost hunt – 4th July 2015

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

Charlton House ghost hunt 4th July 2015
Greenwich, London

Since we have been to this venue before I decided to move the team around and for different activities to take place in different rooms.

This time around I used the Library for my séance sessions.

I joined Wayne & Paula for their first session in rooms that used to be bedrooms. I pointed out at various times the spirit who I could see, the first one was a stocky chap who was called Antony who was a Rose gardener and he wore a green shirt or top and light brown trousers. Wayne could sense someone in the doorway but did not know who it was.

Also when three people left the room with Paula I noticed that there were two nurses, both dressed in World War One uniforms chatting in the corridor, neither seemed to be interested in what we were doing.

The first group to the Library we started a séance on the lower level and we were joined almost immediately by a strict looking Edwardian gentleman who turned out to be a banker. He was wearing a smart three piece pin stripe suit and a top hat. Whilst he didn’t give me his name he looked to be in his late 50s. As I said at the time, he looked like the bankers from the film Mary Poppins.

The was also an old couple, walking hand in hand down the side of the room holding a small bunch of flowers, both looked to be in their 70s and the man called his wife Agatha. They looked to be on their way to church or to place flowers at a grave side. They did not interact with us.

During the séance we all heard a number of clicks and bangs within the room, one of the guests suggested that this might have been materials of the building cooling down after a hot day, although this sound was not heard by the following group. We also heard footfalls on the upper level but the sounds were not heard by everyone in the same direction.

There were a few arm movements during the first séance and some swinging of arms, this was a soldier from the First World War who was responsible for these movements although he tired quickly and the group did not encourage him to do anything.

After everyone had explored the upper level we held another séance this time sitting down and although no movement was felt by anyone it did increase the energy in the room as we heard a lot more odd noises and towards the end of the session we all clearly heard a noise that sounded like a cane being tapped on the wooden floor twice.

The second group to the Library we started a séance more or less in the same spot as the first and quite quickly people around the circle started to feel pressure on their arms and hands, but more noticeably on their backs and legs. Some people were swaying uncontrollably, others being forced towards the floor.

It seemed that those in a certain spot felt the activity greater than the rest of the guests and some of those who were being moved also felt cold spots and a general coldness (this was on a hot day where the air temperature was 26-28 degrees Celsius in the day and 17 degrees at night).

During the séance we all heard noises that sounded like footfalls on the upper level, these were in different areas to the first group and these noises sounded more complete, like proper footsteps rather than the sound of just one, like something had been dropped.

Several people had their arms moved by spirit too and swayed as there were children spirit about, although I did not see these, but other people in the group could sense them.

A few times the circle of people moved clockwise so that everyone could feel the spot where it was colder and where movement seemed to occur.

This was another excellent ghost hunt with lots of paranormal activity experienced by everyone.

We look forward to returning later in the year.

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Chelmsford Museum ghost hunt – 27th June 2015

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Chelmsford Museum ghost hunt 27th June 2015
Chelmsford, Essex

This was our first ghost hunt at this museum, although I had visited earlier in the year to see if it was suitable and spirit energies present. I had envisaged that I would work in a particular area come the ghost hunt but as it turned out I didn’t use the area I thought I would.

To start the event we held a tech and equipment session in one of the larger upstairs rooms, this was also one of the cooler rooms as it was June and quite warm outside. We also gave out traditional ghost hunting equipment; dowsing rods and pendulums alongside more modern equipment like KII EMF readers and Ghost Meter Pro’s which are essentially communication devices.

The first group session I used what used to be a drawing room in the old Oaklands House and we were joined by two spirit energies, one a small boy about 7 or 8 years old who was called Scott, the other a Doctor from the early 1900’s called Timothy or Tim. Various people in the group were moved by Tim, however he didn’t touch two people for some reason, but everyone else had either their hands lifted and moved or they were rocked or pushed, sometimes quite quickly to the floor.

The second group session I started in the same room and after some minor spirit activity where some people in the group had their arms moved or felt spirit touch them I moved to another room to see if the spirits would do anything different. The room I chose several people felt unsteady on their feet and although I wasn’t being affected directly, every time I moved closer to those who were, I felt sick and dizzy. Two guests in particular felt themselves being forced towards the floor and once on the floor they were unable to get up. They both reported that they felt pinned down.

The third group session I started in the main hall, which incidentally is where I thought I would hold my sessions. The spirit that was around us and affecting everyone was a First World War Sergeant who didn’t really tell me his name, just what I assume was a nickname “Tinney”. He was about 6 foot in height, of slim build and had a typical moustache for the time period. He had been shot in the neck but survived. Asking the spirit to move people resulted in many people being pushed, swayed, twisted and moved all around the room and onto the floor. Many occasions the whole group except one person ended up on the floor, sometimes pushed against the walls, sometimes against people, sometimes on their own (relative to the rest of the group). This was a fun session for both the spirit and guests.

This was an enjoyable ghost hunt and a location that we look forward to returning in November 2015

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Marwell Hall ghost hunt – 25th October 2014

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

Marwell Hall ghost hunt 25th October 2014
Winchester, Hampshire

This was the second time that we had held an event at Marwell Hall and we were hoping for great paranormal experiences that greeted our guests on the first event. However no-one could have expected or anticipated what happened.

All of my sessions were held in a small room upstairs, this room felt odd when I walked into it when I first visited the Hall in the summer of 2013, the feeling hasn’t subsided.

The first group we were joined by Thomas, a butler & footman from 1903. Thomas wore a purple suit and was aged in his early 40s. We were also joined by Bridget aged 19 who was very shy.

The group experienced lots of physical movement from the spirits which resulting in their hands being moved and people being pushed in their backs.

We then moved to sit around the table and whilst sitting here we heard many footsteps outside the door, which was strange because no-one else was on this floor and if they were standing outside the door on the small landing we would have been able to see their shadow under the door.

Our taps on the table often resulted in repeat noises in the room, none of which were on or near to the table we were all sitting around, but the noises came from the walls or the window shutters instead.

The second group had much the same type of physical movement to start with in the séance, although this time the spirit (the same spirit as the first group) was able to move more people and more forcefully. Several people were pulled by their arms to the floor, or pulled back off their feet and swayed to and fro.

Suddenly we were all shocked to hear an almighty bang and a metal swinging sound. Having no idea what this noise could be, I immediately asked Jason (GHE team, who was filming this session) and he replied that it was the window shutter that had moved. This was exceptionally unusual because for this metal bar to swing (it keeps the window shutters shut) it has to be lifted up before it can swing freely. Watch the video at

After this nerve racking séance session we decided to sit around the table and try some more table rapping. Much to my delight there were some more repeat sounds of our raps and more footfalls outside of the door.

The third group had much the same pushing and pulling in the séance, although this time just about everyone was affected. When we sat down around the table more noises were heard but they were not as loud as the previous two sessions, which was unfortunate.

After the controlled sessions we allowed the guests to investigate on their own in any of the rooms that we had used so far or return to a room with our ghost hunting equipment and experiment. Many guests had strange and unusual paranormal encounters during this free time.

We look forward to returning to Marwell Hall in 2015.

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Toys Hill and Weardale Manor – 14th November 2014

Friday, February 20th, 2015

Toys Hill and Weardale Manor ghost hunt 14th November 2014
Toys Hill, nr Westerham, Kent

I don’t often write reports for our outdoor events as normally these are conducted between much larger events, where we have lots to write about. However this event was on par with an indoor event in terms of activity.
We started at the Manor site, lots of communication on our electronic equipment, a brother and sister aged about 7-8 years old running around.

One guests saw a mist rising not too far from where we were standing, it looked similar to smoke, but none of the group smoked. There was some mist in the distance, but it was a still night with virtually no wind.
I could sense Arthur, a Butler near to me, but he didn’t interfere or interact with the group, just watched.

After we moved from the Manor site into the woods, I set up the laser grid and one or two anomalies were seen. Some of the guests felt very uncomfortable, although there was no obvious reason for it apart from being a very still windless night. There was also more communication via the electronic gadgets.

I also turned on my Spirit Box (a device that scans the FM radio bands in reverse at 100ms). I started to ask simple questions like how many men in the group? The answer we heard on the Spirit box was three, which was correct. I then proceeded to ask more questions, each one in turn was answered correctly, even the place name; Toys Hill and November, plus names of the guests.

From this I decided to hold a séance to see if the guests could feel the physical presence of the spirits. It started with some light arm movement and people being pulled backwards. When I asked for a noise we all heard two footfalls from somewhere behind me (we were still all holding hands in the séance), this scared some people, then without any warning we all heard a very loud tree/branch cracking, to say this was unsettling would be an understatement!

Just about everyone was feeling a little jumpy, but I went off to investigate the branch/tree noise as I know the woods very well, but after walking a reasonable distance to where I thought the noise had emanated from, I saw nothing out of the ordinary, no trees or branches on the ground. So I returned to the group, who were all now scared out of their wits.

We left the woods by a different and quicker route than the way we entered, but saw and heard nothing. Back at the manor site, some people continued with the electronic communication but most wanted to leave, so we finished earlier than expected.

The Spirit Box session was one of the best I have ever had at this location, especially as just about everyone had their names spoken, the day, the month and the location and how many of us were present. It was truly brilliant. The noise in the woods was for me equally brilliant as I have never such a sound in this wood before. To top it off this was the last event at this location in 2014, hopefully when we return in 2015 we’ll have something else to report.

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 14-6-2014

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 14th June 2014
Chatham, Kent

Fort Horsted is one of our “special places” as we have held numerous ghost hunts here over the past three years, we have had many paranormal anomalies happen to use and our guests and every time we hold a ghost hunt here something memorable happens to some of the guests. This particular ghost hunt was no different although the most interesting thing happened in the last 20 minutes of our event.

Our event here on this particular date had less people than we are accustomed to, probably because it was England’s first World Cup football match. Nevertheless there were three groups.

The first group headed towards one of my favourite areas of the fort, this was a former magazine room at the far end of the fort and is the furthest away from all the other groups.

Here we met Thomas, aged in his early 60s and from the late 1960s era. Thomas seemed to be dressed as a handyman would have in that period of time. Thomas was a stocky built man with mostly a bald head.

I asked that Thomas move us in some way and this resulted in some of the guests arms being lifted and generally moved on their command. We also often heard footfalls and the sounds of people approaching us but as normal (we often hear these types of noises here) no-one arrived or entered the room.

The second group to this room had a much more productive session, with lots of arm movements, sometimes these were interlocked with each other or pulled to the floor. Thomas was still present and responsible for the movements.

We were also joined by a nurse called Alice who also assisted in moving people in various ways.

The third group also felt their arm moved, although this was not as exceptional as the second group although when we moved up to a room on the ramparts some very unusual and odd noises were heard. These noises sounded like someone walking across carpet, which is really strange because there is no carpet in the fort and there never would have been any.

In the free session is where the majority of the odd and unusual noises were heard as I had just taken a group down to the Counterscarp gallery and as soon as I got back to our base room, two guests asked if they could go to the same place. This is a physical place to get to as there are 90 steps to get there and 90 to get back!

Nevertheless I took these two guests down to see the Counterscarp Gallery as it is really interesting and the most secluded part of the fort. As we were walking between the right and left galleries we all heard strange breathing sounds and when I tapped on the railings we heard a clear response. If that wasn’t enough, we heard a mumbled conversation, women talking and a low or deep man’s voice. None of these noises could be explained because we were the only people in this part of the fort and not only that but we were also the last three people within the fort as all other guests had either left or were waiting with the rest of my team in the base room which is near the entrance to the fort.

All in all this was another successful ghost hunt that had an air of mystery about the place with activity happening just as we were supposed to be leaving and something else for us to investigate on our next visit.

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Marwell Hall ghost hunt – 29-3-2014

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Marwell Hall ghost hunt 29th March 2014
Winchester, Hampshire

It is to not often that we see Flamingos, Hippos, Rhinoceros’, Leopards and other wild animals on our ghost hunts, but Marwell Hall is inside a wildlife park and this was a first for us. When asking for spirit to make a noise we were not used to hearing Tigers or Hippos calling out to each other!

The Hall itself used to be a house for the landowner and there are many stories about ghostly activities. The staff who now work in the building often report strange goings on especially after a ghost hunt.

Our ghost hunt was the first one of 2014 and whilst we didn’t know what to expect, when it is dark the place takes on a whole different atmosphere. The only stipulation by the Park Management is that no-one is allowed to go outside on their own, just in case an animal escapes!

I chose a room on the first floor because when I visited in the day time I liked this room, I didn’t know why at the time. Now I like the room even more!

The first group to this room we formed a séance circle near to the door and I asked for spirit to join us. We were first joined by a gardener chap who was called Thomas dressed in a tweed suit, aged in his early 50s and he told me he passed in 1927 with what we would call alcohol poisoning.

During the séance there was some gentle arm movement but nothing that I would call exciting as it was very minor.

As I was explaining what the guests needed to do to help the spirit move them a female spirit joined us, she was called Victoria, aged 22 and was dressed in a Edwardian gown. She was very shy but nevertheless she stood by the window until one or two of the guests noticed her.

The only odd thing to happen in this session was a square bottomed torch that was placed on the table fell or was moved off the table. When it hit the floor this made most people jump as it was not a small torch. A little later on I happen to notice that the tablecloth was on the floor. This was odd because no-one could pull it off the table because we were holding hands, it wasn’t long enough for someone to tread on and it didn’t fall off the table when the torched moved and no-one was close enough to touch the table.

The second group to this room we still had both spirits; Thomas and Victoria who were very capable of moving people and as soon as we formed a séance they moved the majority of peoples arms and progressed quickly to touching people’s shoulders, faces and hair. Others were swayed and pushed forwards as well as pulled backwards.

People either side of me and me were pulled to the floor my our hands and quite often when asking to be let back up, the spirit would only allow us to partially stand up, this became extremely painful before pulling us back down again. Twice my hands were moved away from me as if the spirit wanted to push me face down on the floor, however they were thankfully unsuccessful.

Carl (GHE team) was filming this session and he was sitting in a chair by the window, he placed a park radio (walkie talkie) on the table in front of him. Both his hands were holding the camera, yet the radio fell on to the floor. To me this seemed odd because both the radio and the torch from the first session could not roll off the table, no-one touched the table, nor bumped into it and yet both items fell onto the floor. This time though the table cloth stayed on the table.

There was also periodically a young boy spirit who I could sense running around, he only came into the room once and he was about 6 or 7 years old, wearing a grey school uniform and a school cap.

Lots of strange noises were heard throughout our session, some of the noises sounded like someone walking down a corridor, however the room we were in, was a mezzanine level and no corridor outside the room. The only corridor was six steps up and no-one was on that floor. There were other noises which sounded similar to the door banging at the bottom of the stairs, but every time Carl went to check no-one was seen walking about so we don’t know if it was the door or not. (We’ll have to wait to our return visit in October 2014 to find out)

The third group to the room Thomas was still present and made himself know as soon as I started the séance. He quickly pushed and pulled people, lifted their arms and twisted people by their arms. This time there wasn’t much dragging to the floor by our arms, although it did happen once or twice. Thomas was more interested in pushing people and pulling them backwards, sometimes across the room.

At one point he pushed two guests backwards onto the table so that they were laying on the table, neither of whom found this much fun because from the rest of our perspectives it looked painful and both need help to stand back upright.

There may have been noises whilst we were holding the séance but we didn’t hear any because of the amount of movement we were experiencing.

After these controlled sessions the guests were allowed to go into any of the rooms that we had used plus a couple of other rooms that we didn’t use to hold their own ghost hunt. During this free session our guests can use our ghost hunting equipment.

I joined a group in one of the downstairs rooms and there was a military spirit present although I’m not entirely sure which Army regiment as he never actually told me, just pointed to his shoulder badge. I haven’t been able to find this badge so I don’t know what he did, although he was a Sergeant Major.

Whilst I was in the room some very unusual noises were heard and we have no idea what could have caused them as one of the noises sounded like someone tapping on the window, yet this venue has window shutters which we closed before the event started.

When talking to the Events Co-ordinator about what I experienced in the room that I held séances, mainly the objects “falling” off the table, she told me that this happens frequently in this room and especially happens when the staff are in the building on their own, yet no-one has seen it happen it just occurs.

We as a team cannot wait to return in October 2014 to see if the same things happen again and maybe next time we’ll record some EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voices).

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