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Tide Mill

Wednesday, December 7th, 2022

Tide Mill

History of the Tide Mill
Woodbridge Tide Mill in Suffolk was one of the first tide mills in the country and was unquestionably the last one working – operating for well over 800 years.

The earliest record of a tide mill on this site by the River Deben is in 1170.

In 1793 the present mill was built on the site of earlier ones. By the 1950s it had become the last working tide mill in the country, but in 1957 finally closed. It was saved in 1968, restored and opened to the public in 1973.

Ghosts of the Tide Mill
William, a mill worker, died one night by suffocation after falling into one of the flour vats.

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The Keep

Monday, December 5th, 2022

The Keep

History of The Keep
The Keep Military Museum in Dorchester. Dorset was completed in 1879, it was designed to resemble a Norman Castle, and is built of Portland stone which gives it a white appearance.

The Keep was originally the gatehouse for the Depot Barracks of the Dorsetshire Regiment as well as the County Armoury.
The Depot Barracks were the administrative centre for the Dorsetshire Regiment and its centre for recruitment and training. The Depot carried out this function between 1879 and 1958 with only one break. This was during World War Two when the barracks was used by the 701st Ordnance Light Maintenance Company and the 1st Quartermaster Company of the American Armed Forces.

Ghosts of The Keep
Staff and Visitors to the building often feel nervous on the top floor and often feel that they are being followed or watched!

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Sandford Mill – 5th March 2016 – Kym

Friday, March 18th, 2016

Sandford Mill ghost hunt 5th March 2016
Chelmsford, Essex


Area: Museum
Ouija & Table Tipping

With my first group we had the spirit of Fred on the Ouija.  He was 27 years old, had died here, but didn’t work here.  He had committed suicide by drinking bleach, due to what he saw whilst fighting for the Essex Regiment in World War Two.  He had passed in 1949, and had three brothers.  The second spirit that came through was a man from England in 1578.  He was killed in October aged 56.  He gave us the following info: OTKPYCMRUZQ saying it was a radio frequency.  He said he was a house worker.

With my next group we had a female spirit called Tiffany, age 44 from 1423.  Is married and has 2 children and lives here.  Asked if she has lived before, she has had 5 lives, and will not re-incarnate anymore.  She passed away in childbirth, and the previous spirit called Fred was her brother.  She confirmed Fred was with the other group helping another male spirit move the table.  Asked if she had a message for us, she spelt UTAN4, asked if she was thanking the four people on the Ouija table, she said yes.

On the table tipping they were communicating with a male spirit, who was married with children.  Was happy to be here.  Had worked here, and there were more than one spirit here.  He had died here, was murdered, head trauma, a friend had killed him.

With my third group the spirit on the Ouija spelt their name as MAM.  Asked if she was royalty she said yes.  She was 37 years old from 1919.  King George was on the throne, she had 4 children, and was related to King George. She said she was his sister.  I did check these records, and although King George did have sisters, all passed in their 60’s and not in 1919.

With all three groups the table tipping was incredible, with all guests being amazed by what the spirits were able to do, lifting, rocking, spinning and walking the table around the room.  With many guests experiencing this for the first time.  It was a really fun night, and a venue I cannot wait to return.

Paranormal Investigator
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Sandford Mill – 5th March 2016 – Steve

Friday, March 18th, 2016

Sandford Mill ghost hunt 5th March 2016
Chelmsford, Essex


After visiting this museum last year, we were keen to visit again to see if the activity that was experienced could occur again. We were not disappointed!

This time I chose the barn for all my séance sessions as it contained some more museum exhibits and the energy felt good.

There was a male spirit called Patrick in the barn with us. He was 34 years old and from the English Civil War era, he passed from being shot in the head.

The first group experienced lots of arm movement and pushing and pulling backwards, as did the second group, although we were also joined by another male spirit called Brian who lived near to the museum in mid 1750s. He told me that he had murdered children by drowning them in the river. The third group also felt the arm movement and gentle swaying of the first group but it was not as energetic.

This was another excellent ghost hunt with the majority of the guests experiencing some form of paranormal activity throughout of sessions. We look forward to returning later in 2016.

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Ragged School Museum – 24th October 2015 (Louise)

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

Ragged School Museum ghost hunt 24th October 2015


Area: Top Floor
Equipment: Ouija/Table tipping

Session 1 – Group B
I started the session by asking the group what activity they would like to participate in first. Many of the group didn’t want to take part in the Ouija so I stared them on the table tipping first. Initially the table only started by gently rocking slowly from side to side. I kept encouraging spirit to try harder and move the table in another way for us. Eventually the table began to tip up on to its side, and with the guests also encouraging spirit the table spun round for us. At this point Miraj (guest) asked spirit if they could possibly walk the table into the other room, it promptly did so and took the table to an old school desk and kept rocking the table up against the desk.
It was decided then that we ask spirit through the table some questions. Saying to spirit to tip the table to right for a yes answer and left for a no answer, we asked whether the old school desk had played a significant part in their life. The table however just kept banging against the table.
Meanwhile Andy and Lewis (guests) had started on the Ouija. Movement was initially very slow to start, but at this point we all sensed the spirits of children around us. I and another guest joined the table and a spirit of a young boy came through stating that he was 6 years old. Still encouraging this spirit to communicate we sadly didn’t get anymore movement from the glass. Just as the session was about to finish, Andy’s that was sitting on the table turned itself on and the door with some force came open by itself scaring us all at the point.

Session 2 – Group C
Before the start of this session, I had taken a small plastic teddy bear up to the room to use as a trigger object because all guests in group B had sensed small children. I pointed out to the group the trigger object, and we asked spirit to see if they could move the teddy during our session.

As there were only five people in this group, it was decided that they all wanted to start the session on the table tipping. I pointed out the group the trigger object, and we asked spirit to see if they could move the teddy during our session. To the groups amazement the table started to move straight away. Encouragement from the whole group at this stage asking spirit to move the table in some way, it went up on to one left and held this position. We all kept encouraging spirit to move the table again or in some other way, and it was at this point Stacey (guest) broke down and started to cry uncontrollably saying she felt so emotional. After a while the table suddenly went up on to one leg and rotated clockwise, then tipped on to the other leg and rotated anti-clockwise.
The table then did the same thing as happened in the first session. It began walking towards the door and out into the other room and straight to the same old school desk and promptly stopped. Asking spirit again if this desk had meant something to them Naomi (guest) opened the desk and written in capital letters on the inside of the lid of the desk was the word yes. Well I guess this answered our question, and also from the first session. At this point Richard (guest) started to feel sick with pains in his side. I suggested he leave the table as he said he also started to feel really aggressive.

We all then moved on to the Ouija. Asking spirit to communicate with us through the glass, it stared spinning in big circle on the table just to build up the energy. A spirit came forward and told us she was a young girl by the name of Sarah.

The glass stopped at this point and to our amazement the table began to tip instead. This was a much bigger table and we could believe this was happening. Autumn (guest) said she heard footsteps moving amongst the desks. We called out to spirit to make the noise again, and this time we all heard it, like children running around the desks. Stacey (guest) then pointed out to us that the bear had moved. It had been turned to face the other way. Nobody in the group could have done this as we all stayed together during the session.

Session 3 – Group A
We started this session again on the table tipping. Initially the table didn’t move. However, with some encouragement from the group the table began to move gently and then stopped. At this point all the guests started to sway back and forth some experiencing pins and needles sensations in their arms. I asked spirit politely to take this feeling away and if possible to move the table in some way. The table again started to gently rock from side to side and then suddenly it tipped up on to one leg and start to spin around in a clockwise direction. To the guests surprise the table then began carrying out erratic movements that none of the guests could keep up with.
We the moved on to the Ouija with some guests watching as they didn’t want to participate and said they were more than happy to watch. We were joined by the spirit of a young girl named Sarah who I would assume was the same spirit as in the second session. She went on to tell us that she was seven years old and that she was scared of the man that was in the room with us. One of the guests asked if this spirit was a teacher to which she replied yes and that he used to treat her badly during school always telling her off.

Free session
During the free session Stacey and Naomi asked me if I would join them back on the Ouija board to see if they could get back in touch with Sarah. The glass began to move around the table but unfortunately we were unable to communicate with spirit. However during this period we heard what sounded like a child giggling and footsteps again. When we went to investigate the bear I had previously used as a trigger object had moved to the other side of the room on a different table. I know that no-one had been in that room since the last session and before leaving I checked the bear and it had remained in the same place as I had left it.

This was a very good venue to investigate and all the guests enjoyed the sessions. I hope in the future we do revisit the Ragged School Museum as I think it has a lot more secrets to be uncovered.

Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Chelmsford Museum ghost hunt – 27th June 2015

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Chelmsford Museum ghost hunt 27th June 2015
Chelmsford, Essex

This was our first ghost hunt at this museum, although I had visited earlier in the year to see if it was suitable and spirit energies present. I had envisaged that I would work in a particular area come the ghost hunt but as it turned out I didn’t use the area I thought I would.

To start the event we held a tech and equipment session in one of the larger upstairs rooms, this was also one of the cooler rooms as it was June and quite warm outside. We also gave out traditional ghost hunting equipment; dowsing rods and pendulums alongside more modern equipment like KII EMF readers and Ghost Meter Pro’s which are essentially communication devices.

The first group session I used what used to be a drawing room in the old Oaklands House and we were joined by two spirit energies, one a small boy about 7 or 8 years old who was called Scott, the other a Doctor from the early 1900’s called Timothy or Tim. Various people in the group were moved by Tim, however he didn’t touch two people for some reason, but everyone else had either their hands lifted and moved or they were rocked or pushed, sometimes quite quickly to the floor.

The second group session I started in the same room and after some minor spirit activity where some people in the group had their arms moved or felt spirit touch them I moved to another room to see if the spirits would do anything different. The room I chose several people felt unsteady on their feet and although I wasn’t being affected directly, every time I moved closer to those who were, I felt sick and dizzy. Two guests in particular felt themselves being forced towards the floor and once on the floor they were unable to get up. They both reported that they felt pinned down.

The third group session I started in the main hall, which incidentally is where I thought I would hold my sessions. The spirit that was around us and affecting everyone was a First World War Sergeant who didn’t really tell me his name, just what I assume was a nickname “Tinney”. He was about 6 foot in height, of slim build and had a typical moustache for the time period. He had been shot in the neck but survived. Asking the spirit to move people resulted in many people being pushed, swayed, twisted and moved all around the room and onto the floor. Many occasions the whole group except one person ended up on the floor, sometimes pushed against the walls, sometimes against people, sometimes on their own (relative to the rest of the group). This was a fun session for both the spirit and guests.

This was an enjoyable ghost hunt and a location that we look forward to returning in November 2015

Psychic Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Old Police Cells Museum ghost hunt – 01-02-2014

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

The Old Police Cells Museum 1st February 2014
Brighton, East Sussex

On the previous two occasions that we have visited the Old Police Cells the activity has been really great but sporadic with some people getting lots more activity than others and different rooms having different sensations.

However this evening that changed for the better, lots of activity was experienced by the guests in all areas, albeit some of the activity was exceptional.

I had chosen the sub-sub-basement for two reasons, firstly this was the most interesting area to me as it is quite a big space and there are quite a few “active” areas and secondly it was also the coolest area, the temperature down here was a pleasant 15 degrees Celsius. Upstairs it was closer to 25.

On previous occasions there have been two areas where guests have stood on their own and unusual things have happened to them, nothing sinister but also unexpected. I held all my sessions in this area.

The spirit that we present here remained throughout the whole evening with every group, one was a male spirit energy called Tommy in his late-30s who was about 5’10” in height. He also wore a “warehouse” style brown three-quarter length jacket and seemed to be from the early 1900s. He never actually told me the year but I assumed this based on the way he spoke and acted.

The second was a very well dressed man with a large stature, he never told me his name, as he seemed disinterested in telling me. He was about 6’ in height and of a portly build, and he had a full length bushy beard. Wearing a smart three piece black suit, he had the air of authority about him and at first I thought he was a councillor however it later transpired he was a council solicitor who wrote law reports and documents for the council. The area in which we were standing was where all the law report books were stored, some dating back to the early 1800s.

The first group to this area we started a séance circle and almost immediately after I asked for Tommy to move us in some way, Mark (guest) was pushed backwards against the shelving and he stated that he could not lift himself back upright. At around the same time both of my hands started to lift (which is nothing unusual, as spirit usually start with me) Jeanette (guest) however was not expecting this as she was holding my right hand. Kerry (GHE team) who was on my left wasn’t surprised and very quickly Tommy was able to move our arms into more uncomfortable positions!

As Tommy became more confident and more adept at moving us he progressed the activity around the circle with other guests having their hands moved or being gently swayed or rocked, some people were pushed backwards into more of the book shelves.

Whilst all this was happening several of us heard some odd noises, these ranged from footfall sounds to the sound of various things being clicked or dropped and one particularly loud noise which everyone heard, sounded like a pebble being rolled across the floor.

Several times the two people either side of me were dragged (by our arms) to the floor and my hands being dragged across the floor, fortunately there was (this time) a piece of paper on the floor which protected my knuckles from scraping across the floor.

Carl (GHE Team & Camera) was supposed to be filming this session but due to a problem with the camera it just didn’t want to work, so Carl was standing at the end of the shelving looked back towards us. Many time he heard the sound of something around him and every time this was due to the well-dressed solicitor spirit. On one occasion Carl felt a prod in the back of neck. This is something which has happened to other guests who have stood in this spot on previous investigations.

After we finished the séance I asked everyone to stand in between the book shelves as on previous occasions people have felt physical sensations. It is always much better in my opinion when people are not part of a séance circle to be touched or moved as the guests generally cannot find any logical reason for this.

Those guests who stood with their backs near to the wall facing out all felt the same sensation. This was the sensation of being pulled back which can be quite unnerving when standing in total darkness!

Whilst the guests were taking turns to stand in these areas noises kept being heard from the only entrance to this room. It was unfortunate that this wasn’t recorded but this is relatively normal, when good activity happens it is rare to have it filmed.

The second group to this area, we started the séance circle in much the same area, Tommy once again joined us very quickly as did the Solicitor spirit, although he stood closer this time. The two people standing either side of me (both called Emma) felt their arms being gently lifted which surprised them both a little as neither was expecting this to happen so quickly. This very quickly progressed around certain people in the circle and then Tommy started to rock, sway and push people which they were not expecting because all of sudden people would feel their balance go and then would fall into the person standing next to them.

Once again some of the guests were pushed backwards into the book shelves and Emma (the one on my right) was dragged by our arms to the floor again, however this time the sheet of paper wasn’t underneath my hand and my knuckles were dragged across the floor. This wasn’t painful to start with but became painful!

Tommy quickly tired of trying to move some people, however the Solicitor chap stepped in and started to move my arm in a purposeful method (Emma, on the right). I asked the guests to then use our arms as a pointer to ask simple yes and no questions. So a yes was pointing at one person, a no another person.

Several questions were asked by the guests and this is when it transpired that this spirit was a Solicitor, he also didn’t like his job as he found it boring. We also found out that he was a local man who in his day lived in the countryside (now this is part of Brighton) and that he was married and had two boys. Apparently he lived a happy life, but just didn’t enjoy his job.

After quickly looking through the wash room area so that the guests could read some of the macabre stories about the Museum and the murders and criminals who were imprisoned here we finished the session.

The third group, who have attended numerous ghost hunts with us and are collectively called “The Boo Club” I didn’t need to explain what we were about to do. However several people who will remain anonymous were very jumpy looking down to the entrance of the room, they kept saying that it “freaked them out” and none of them really wanted to stand with their backs to the doorway. Both spirits were still present and very quickly started to move and lift our arms, some of the positions were more painful than others and the spirit were able to move the majority of people. Rusty (guest & new member of the Boo Club) stood next to me because he wanted to experience the movements, the rest of the guests had no problem with this as they knew what was going to happen!

Very quickly the whole group were being manipulated and arms twisted and entangled with each other and people forced to move into extremely painful positions, at one point two guests (who usually stand together, Mark & Darren) who this time stood far away from each other each ended up on the floor, both of them were pushed down wards by their heads and both at one point but at different times had their heads touching the floor. Several times various people were pushed into others and at one point most of us were on the floor on top of someone else, this proved to be a lot of amusement for Carl (who was now successfully filming) and the two spirit energies.

In a rare moment when were we all standing upright, after being pulled one by one around the circle, we all heard a loud crash of paperwork, everyone in the room was suddenly very awake and alert and Carl was swearing. This was because a box file of paperwork which was on the top shelf above Carl suddenly fell or jumped from its position on the shelf and landed on the opposite side on the gangway (so really not a fall, as things don’t fall in arcs, unless pushed). Even though it happened in front of Carl it wasn’t recorded because the box file fell above the camera’s view point. Which is a great shame, but you can definitely hear the sound and the resulting swearing on the video!

After we finished getting up from the floor for the fifth or sixth time, I suggested that people stand at the end of the gangways to see if something would happen to them, like the first group. The majority of people who stood in a particular spot all got pushed or pulled, some quite violently, which did unnerve them.

After briefly spending time in the washroom part of this area, as there was a spirit in the wash rooms who didn’t like us and impolitely asked us to leave. He was a Policeman from the 1970s who seemed to have the belief that he was a Policeman “do as I say” not “what I do” personality.

After our controlled sessions finished all guests were allowed then to venture throughout the building and hold their own ghost hunt or participate in activities they enjoyed during our controlled sessions and as always we let them use our ghost hunting equipment.

This was a very enjoyable ghost hunt with the majority of the guests having some form of physical paranormal activity happen to them.

Short videos from this ghost hunt will be available on our YouTube channel – table tilting/spinning

A full edited event video on our TV website shortly.

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The Old Police Cells Museum ghost hunt – 3-8-2013

Friday, September 6th, 2013

The Old Police Cells Museum ghost hunt 3rd August 2013
Brighton, East Sussex

When choosing the date for this ghost hunt we didn’t check to see what was on in Brighton to see if it would impact us in any way. However as it turned out this was Brighton Pride weekend, which had we known beforehand we probably wouldn’t have booked it because of the likelihood of a lot of loud noise and music playing all night because The Old Police cells museum is situated at the Town Hall which is in the middle of Brighton, however it turned out that it didn’t make any difference as little of the noise could be heard in the basement of the Town Hall and the traffic wasn’t a problem either, in fact it was harder to get out of Brighton than to get in.

This event was also a little strange because normally our Locations team visit every venue before the event so that areas can be allocated to team members, but because the preceding two months were very hectic for our Locations team, no visit was made and thus the investigation team were going in blind not knowing the building nor where the interesting areas were. However being professionals we quickly toured the building on arrival and separated the areas for the investigation.

Carl (GHE team) chose the Female cells and I chose the Male cells to start our investigation.

Whilst I was unlocking all the cells I noticed that certain cells had very uneasy and oppressive feelings and it had nothing to do with the mannequins placed in the cells, some were quite unusual!

As I reached the last cell I noticed that a spirit energy called Gerald was standing at the other end of the corridor, he was a jailer and carried a bunch of keys which was similar to the keys that I was holding. Gerald was aged in his early 50s, quite a portly chap who uttered the words “be careful” as he swung his jailer keys. What he was talking about remains unknown.

Whilst the majority of the guests were standing at the same end of the corridor as me apart from one person who was in a cell we all heard a metal clanking sound which we all assumed was Bob (guest) as he was in the cell, however when we asked Bob what the noise was he said that he had not heard the sound let alone made it. On inspecting the cell where Bob was nothing in this cell could have been responsible for the noise that we heard.

After spending some time in each of the cells, the general consensus was that two cells everyone felt uncomfortable when inside on their own but when another person joined them the feeling dissipated.

After leaving an audio recorder in one of the cells, one in which many of us believed the door would rattle of its own accord we moved down the hall to the washroom area. On analysis of this audio file nothing interesting or unexplained was recorded and certainly no EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voices).

Whilst in the toilet end of this area strange feelings were felt by many people, mostly that of a threatening feeling but once again this was only felt when a small amount of people were in the room, as more people entered the feelings disappeared. This room wasn’t a small room and had nothing to do with being claustrophobic as the ceiling was about 12 feet high.

Some guests stayed in this area whilst other joined me in what I shall call the library as it was full of old books, some dating from the 1800s.

Andy (guest) saw a white light on his shirt and dismissed this as he thought it was from a smoke alarm, however later when the rest of the group joined us this happened again although no-one could find a source of the light.

There was a strange spirit in this area, his name was Silus who was aged in his 80s and told me he passed in 1908. However Silus seemed more than just a random spirit, he seemed very knowledgeable and was able to answer some truly difficult questions posed by the guests and he was able to show me an incident that happened to one of the guests many years ago that started this persons quest to find out more about ghosts/spirits. The guest confirmed to me that what I described was in fact what had happened to him.

Whilst Andy was standing in a particular area he felt a sharp pain in his neck, to me it looked like Silus had “stabbed” Andy with a screwdriver or a sharp implement shaped like a screwdriver. Silus also made Emily (guest) feel dizzy and she reported that her arms felt odd.

As another guest entered the room we all heard a cough, the guest didn’t hear a cough nor had he coughed himself, later when the same guest excited the room he too heard a couch coming from in front of him but there was no one in that room as we were all in the library. We didn’t hear that cough either.

The second group we started in the Male cells as before and I was keen to know if these guests felt the same about certain cells as the first group, which after much deliberation from the guests they all agreed one cell felt the same as what the first group felt. Although they didn’t feel that there was a second unpleasant cell.

Some of the guests wanted to dress up as police officers and had an amusing time doing so. As we were about to leave this area to go to the washroom area one guest thought she saw a person or the shadow of a person at the end of the cell block behind the gate. This is the same area that I first saw Gerald from the first group.

In the library area some of the guests happened to be standing where Andy from the first group stood and one by one everyone that stood in this area felt a touch on their head or the their neck even though they were expecting it we continued to talk about other things as to take their minds off the incident and then to their surprise when the guests were least expecting something they all felt a touch. Silus (the spirit from the first group) was responsible.

When asking for spirit to make a sound Karen (guest) heard a “Whoo” sound, which could have come from outside but the first group also heard exactly the same sound in exactly the same place but there was a good hour’s difference in time.

Back in the main washroom I held a séance and we were joined by a spirit energy called Simon, he was able to push and sway some people and move their arms on command. Some of the guests including me felt very warm during this séance, other on the other side of the circle opposite me felt very cold.

During the free time (where guests may hold their own ghost hunt or vigil with our equipment) a lot of us were in the washroom area and Carl (GHE Team) had the name Harry repeating in his head over and over. The spirit that was with us might have been called Harry, but I don’t know because he wouldn’t talk to me. This spirit was about 19 or 20 years old, quite skinny with blonde hair and freckles. Whilst I was describing him to the guests some saw a strange light, as did I but none of us could decide what we had actually seen, although the light came from the place where this spirit stood. This spirit didn’t do anything of a physical nature to any guest so we all moved off to different areas of the building.

This was a very enjoyable ghost hunt and one in which many of the guests had some form of paranormal activity happen to them, mostly physical that defied any rational or obvious explanation. This location we will be happy to return to as hopefully more activity will present itself as some of the areas that were available to us I didn’t visit and will look forward to that on our next visit.

See photos from the investigation at

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Timeball Tower Museum ghost hunt – 23-6-2012

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Timeball Tower Museum ghost hunt – 23rd June 2012

Due to the size of this venue I conducted the welcome briefing outside the Tower before anyone entered the building and told everyone of the experiences that the custodians of the building have witnessed for themselves as well as what happened on our first visit to this venue back in January 2012.

This is one of the rare venues that we have a very limited amount of people that we can bring into the Museum and therefore we generally allowed everyone to wander from room to room to conduct their own investigations throughout the night, watched over by the Ghost Hunt Events team. We also conducted several experiments on different levels of the building and guests were free to watch or join in with these vigils and experiments.

Every room we had investigative kit that guests could use as well as a Ouija table set up in the “Clock Room”. Given that this is a museum about time, there were many clocks throughout the building which ticked and tocked, some very loudly that the guests commented that it sounded similar to a dog barking.

The investigation started with people complaining of kidney and back pains as well as a team member having acquired a headache and had to leave the building to recover. Various EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiments took place over the entire evening and many EVPs were recorded by our team as well as some guests who had their own equipment. Many of these are still being analysed as we can hear words being spoken by spirit but cannot fathom the exact words.

During a vigil in the “Television” room two guests repeatedly reported feeling cold spots throughout their body and feeling disorientated and nauseous.

Various knocks and tapping were heard both in rooms and on the staircase, these were not in response to the clocks ticking as we used some relatively new equipment so that we could see the noise. This equipment detects sounds and then displays a light or lights to indicate the loudness of the sound. The noises which were heard in the Television room were reported to be metallic and in the absence of a heating system no obvious source could be found.

KII activity was reported in the uppermost room which on a previous visit we experienced the same phenomena. Our KII meters were picking up very high levels of EMF in the middles of the windows. Normally we can attribute high reading with power cables, but there aren’t any across these windows and thus this is still very much unexplained.

During a very active Ouija session where a male energy who would not give his name, but had visited us just to communicate with us gave us some remarkable answers to our questions including some very personal answer to the people present which simply amazed them. At one point we asked what was the collective age of everyone in the room and the spirit immediately answered with 323, it then took us several minutes to add up all of our collective ages since none of us present are good with maths. The correct answer was 332, but at the time we noted that spirit were correct because we could not be sure that we identified the initial numbers correctly. We then asked immediately what was the time to the spirit and the answer came back as 11:37, once again it took us a moment or two to see the time as we were operating in virtual darkness and no-one was wearing a watch. The spirit was spot on though. Everyone who was present were suitably amazed.

Towards the end of the evening we conducted a dual Spirit box experiment, two spirit boxes were run at the same speed (in reverse) to see if we heard a response on one did we hear it on the other. What was strange is that the two spirit boxes (which were identical) did not stay the same frequency apart during the experiment, with one box running behind the other and then catching up and finally overtaking the other. Whether this is normal or not we don’t know but it reminded me of the metronome synchronisation experiment, which is a known interference stabilisation method, once used in Cathode Ray Tubes (Old style televisions) to keep the picture in place.

When asking the spirit for the colour of the sky, Yellow and Red were heard by everyone present as well as the word rainbow and Saturday. However not all responses were heard on both devices and this is an experiment which we will conduct in the future possibly with three or more spirit boxes.

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt in which all guests enjoyed themselves and quite a lot of evidence was recorded (and is still being analysed). Generally this was a good ghost hunt for audible noises and inexplicable occurrences as well as two exceptional Ouija board sessions.

Joining me were;
Sean McMillan – Paranormal Investigator,
Kym McMillan – Paranormal Investigator,
Carl Hutchinson – Paranormal Investigator &
Marc Weston – Paranormal Investigator

Spiritualist Medium
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Timeball Tower Museum, Deal ghost hunt – 27-1-2012

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

The Timeball Tower Museum Private Ghost Hunt 27th January 2012

The Timeball Tower which is in Deal, Kent is a little gem of a building. Tucked away in this part of Kent, no-one would know how important this building once was. For those who don’t know, the Timeball was dropped at 1.00pm everyday so that maritime people would know the time. The signal for this came from Greenwich via the telegraph system.

The Timeball Tower then is all about time and the measurement of it, which for our purposes means that it is not a quiet building as there are clocks on every floor, some gently ticking, while others loudly clanking away. However this did not stop us enjoying the evening as this was a private event, the majority of the people knew about the Timeball Tower.

We started on the top floor and like many venues that have not had paranormal investigations held in them before, it took a while for the spirit energies to realise what was happening and to interact with us. Our EMF meters showed a small building up of energy surrounding the mechanism of the timeball and after about twenty minutes we were getting strong pulses and our dialogue equipment was also picking up spirit energies.

From the dialogue meters we established there was a female energy called Annabelle who was aged in her early 20s, smartly dressed and used to work in the building in 1908. She seemed a shy girl but after a while she began to “talk” and it transpired that she was either pushed or fell from the roof of the building. What she was doing on the roof remains a mystery.

A second energy was also communicating via the dialogue meter, his name was Gordon and he was a well-built man, about 5’10” in height. Aged in his mid-50s and dressed in Navy uniform and wore a navy coloured peaked flat cap. He gave me the impression that he was from 1870s.

Throughout this session we could all hear various noises on the floor below, but there were no clocks on that floor that were that noisy. A guest volunteered to go down to the floor below, but as soon as they left us those loud noises ceased.

After a short break we resumed the investigation on the top floor and I set up the laser grid to see if the energies that were present could manifest themselves somehow. Although nothing noteable happened at first some guests could see lights and orbs within this grid, according to the guests the lights were white and red in colour, whereas the laser light was green.

During my whistle experiment a whistle was heard a few people but unfortunately not recorded on our audio recorders, although it may have been recorded via our video cameras, but the footage is still being analysed for anomalies.

Once again, whilst we were all on this floor many loud noises were heard on the floor below but as soon as someone went down to listen to them, the noises stopped.

The majority of the group made their way down to the second floor, as it was relatively cold on the top floor (there was no heating in this building) but I and another guest stayed behind to do some EVP experiments. From the recordings there were two EVPs recorded.

After the EVP recording session, I joined the rest of the group on the second floor and we attempted some scrying using the screen of a TV, all those who took part saw their features change as many different energies participated. Some of the guests found this to be a frightening experience!

Our final session we decided to hold a Ouija board session, which meant carrying a table from the ground floor to the top (only when we finished, did we notice the legs were detachable!)

The first energy who presented themselves on the Ouija board didn’t actually want to communicate with us, nor could they spell, so after about 20 minutes and very little activity a “proper” energy started to move the planchette. This spirit was called Andrew Dafny, aged 35 and from 1648 and was a Burmese citizen who belonged to some religious order, but one he would not divulge. I asked whether he came here specifically to communicate with us, as his actions on the board we precise and he knew to return to the centre of the board after answering a question. He said Yes. This raised lots of questions from the guests, all of which were answered by Andrew.

This was a great venue; all the guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves since this was the first time that they had attended a paranormal night. Considering the ticking of the clocks the EVPs are some of the clearest we have recorded.

I would like to thank the Trustees of the Timeball Tower Museum for allowing us to conduct ghost hunts at The Timeball Tower Museum.

This venue is available for private ghost hunts, see for more details.

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