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Oliver Cromwell’s House – 2nd April 2016 – Steve

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

Oliver Cromwell’s House 2nd April 2016
Ely, Cambridgeshire


Having visited this haunted house before we were looking forward to another visit to see if similar activity occurred.

All of my séance sessions were held in the study and the bedroom.

We were joined firstly by a spirit called Antony who was in his 40s and from 1850s era. In most sessions Antony was able to move and manipulate people and pull them to the floor as well as move the bedclothes. Those who saw the bedclothes move were genuinely surprised, although it only happened in the first session. Other sessions people were just pushed and moved and had their arms lifted. Although in the third session people were pushed towards the door.

In the study we met a spirit called Thomas who at one time lived in the house, around 1890 and a more modern spirit from 1986 who passed away just outside the house as he was involved in a motorcycle crash.

Some of the guests who sat in the chair in one corner of the room felt uneasy, whilst others who stood in another corner became more uneasy with time. Many people in all groups felt dizzy or had headaches throughout these sessions which was unexplainable.

This was an excellent ghost hunt with many people in the free session experimenting with scrying in an upstairs room and getting some amazing personal evidence.

We look forward to returning in 2017.

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Landguard Fort – 19th December 2015 – Steve

Friday, February 26th, 2016

Landguard Fort ghost hunt 19th December 2015
Felixstowe, Suffolk


This was our last ghost hunt of the year and we were hopeful that it was going to be a good event, we were not disappointed.

I chose one of the magazine rooms for my séances. These room often have spirit who want to be noticed or what to let people know that they are present.

The first group had loads of paranormal activity with people’s arm being moved on command and sometimes at the will of the spirits. People were also forced and pushed to the floor and unable to get up.

The spirit responsible for this was a Second World War Army soldier called Toby approximately 24 years old. There were also two Ladies present from the same era who were Radio Operators, although the ladies were in the Navy.

The second group to the same area also have lots of paranormal activity with people being moved quickly and being shoved across the room as well as lots of arm movements.

Some of the guests including myself at times felt dizzy and disorientated but this was not caused by any movement.

This was an excellent ghost hunt and we look forward to returning in 2016. All the guests had some form a paranormal activity experience in either of the sessions that we held.

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Chelmsford Museum ghost hunt – 27th June 2015

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Chelmsford Museum ghost hunt 27th June 2015
Chelmsford, Essex

This was our first ghost hunt at this museum, although I had visited earlier in the year to see if it was suitable and spirit energies present. I had envisaged that I would work in a particular area come the ghost hunt but as it turned out I didn’t use the area I thought I would.

To start the event we held a tech and equipment session in one of the larger upstairs rooms, this was also one of the cooler rooms as it was June and quite warm outside. We also gave out traditional ghost hunting equipment; dowsing rods and pendulums alongside more modern equipment like KII EMF readers and Ghost Meter Pro’s which are essentially communication devices.

The first group session I used what used to be a drawing room in the old Oaklands House and we were joined by two spirit energies, one a small boy about 7 or 8 years old who was called Scott, the other a Doctor from the early 1900’s called Timothy or Tim. Various people in the group were moved by Tim, however he didn’t touch two people for some reason, but everyone else had either their hands lifted and moved or they were rocked or pushed, sometimes quite quickly to the floor.

The second group session I started in the same room and after some minor spirit activity where some people in the group had their arms moved or felt spirit touch them I moved to another room to see if the spirits would do anything different. The room I chose several people felt unsteady on their feet and although I wasn’t being affected directly, every time I moved closer to those who were, I felt sick and dizzy. Two guests in particular felt themselves being forced towards the floor and once on the floor they were unable to get up. They both reported that they felt pinned down.

The third group session I started in the main hall, which incidentally is where I thought I would hold my sessions. The spirit that was around us and affecting everyone was a First World War Sergeant who didn’t really tell me his name, just what I assume was a nickname “Tinney”. He was about 6 foot in height, of slim build and had a typical moustache for the time period. He had been shot in the neck but survived. Asking the spirit to move people resulted in many people being pushed, swayed, twisted and moved all around the room and onto the floor. Many occasions the whole group except one person ended up on the floor, sometimes pushed against the walls, sometimes against people, sometimes on their own (relative to the rest of the group). This was a fun session for both the spirit and guests.

This was an enjoyable ghost hunt and a location that we look forward to returning in November 2015

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Red Lion Hotel – 18th April 2015 (Kym)

Friday, May 15th, 2015

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 18th April 2015
Colchester, Essex

Area: Room’s 6 & 7
Equipment: Scrying, Ouija, Table Tipping, Writing Planchette, Glass Work

Group C – We started with the scrying, and people were seeing the face change in the mirror to an older lady.  However, several of the women, including myself, started suddenly feeling very strange.  The room felt very hot and oppressive, we had headaches, and were feeling dizzy and tingly all over.  You could feel the energy around us.  What made us most surprised about this was when we entered the room it was quite cool as the window had been open.  I had closed the window when we entered.  But after about 5 minutes the energy suddenly changed and we all felt normal again.  Another guest then sat in front of the mirror, and we were seeing and feeling the same spirit energy again, and almost suddenly like before the feelings changed back to normal.  I then split the group with 3 guests in room 7 doing Ouija, and the remaining 4 in room 6 doing the writing planchette.  Both groups had movement immediately.  On the Ouija it was a female spirit, spelt the word PEG but then someone sensed the name Margaret.  Asking if that was the spirit’s name, glass went to yes.  She was age 78, but unsure of the year, possibly 1988 or 1891, although wouldn’t confirm which was correct.  Asked where she lived, she spelt the word LIVE, when asked if lived here, confirmed yes.  Asked if she would do some table tipping – answered yes.  I went to check on the other groups, and they had heard us mention the name Margaret:  they had the letter M drawn, and asked if the spirit’s name was Margaret, had confirmed yes.  So they had been communicating with a Margaret too.  Perhaps the same spirit was communicating with both groups.  With all guests possibly talking to the same spirit, I thought it would be good to bring everyone together and we tried table tipping.  The table lifted up one side at the start, then we were hearing lots of taps on the table, asking spirit to copy our taps, we would hear them repeated back.

Group D – Started with scrying in room 6 again, and first someone was seeing what looked like a 12 year old boy, and felt very sad, the person in the mirror looked like she was crying.  Some people were being touched.  Then the image changed to an older man with dark hair and moustache, the face would suddenly disappear, and some saw evil eyes.  One guest saw a shadow in the room by the doorway.  Then tried the Ouija in room 7 but only slight movement. With the table tipping we had gentle rocking and taps on the table.  With the writing planchette, had some movement, but one guest saw a shadow behind me walk past the wardrobe?  In room 7 they tried some glass work and it moved a lot.  The spirit was a lady who had worked here at the hotel.  The guests then heard a cough coming from the bathroom, and as guests Steve & Terri looked towards the bathroom (the light was on in the bathroom, and you were able to see the light shining through the door at the top & bottom), they saw a dark shadow pass across the bottom of the door.  The glass stopped for a short while then another spirit joined them.  This was a male, again had worked here, was married, had worked with me before on a ghost hunt here.  Asking for him to draw his initial with the glass, it looked like a C or an S.  The glass then started moving continuously in a circle, and I asked guests to ask in their head for spirit to stop the glass and change direction.  The glass responded to all the female guests immediately, but not the male guest.

Group A – With the scrying this time nothing was seen in the mirror, so we all went to room 7.  Tried the Ouija but no movement.  Tried the table tipping, some slight rocking, but annoyingly every time I turned my torch off the table moved quickly.  With all the guests knowing each other, they felt confident it wasn’t any of them doing it.  I wanted to split the group as with smaller groups things sometimes happen, so three guests tried the writing planchette in room 6, whilst the remaining three stayed in room 7.  We tried with fingers touching the glass & table, and as we felt the table rocking we removed the glass.  However, as I took the glass off the table, the table lifted once, with the table tipping towards Stephen, to his surprise touching him.  Then when I was in room 6 we all heard noise next door, on checking the guests had heard a tap on the bathroom door, and a loud bang in the room.  On checking what it was, it was the folded Ouija table leaning against the wall, it had banged hard against the wall.  No-one had been near it.  I then brought all the group together again, and we tried table tipping, and had some gentle rocking.

Group B – With my last group we started with scrying, and were seeing a male spirit, with a rounder fuller face.  Facial hair and smaller eyes.  We tried the Ouija but had no movement.  With the table tipping, the table lifted once then slight rocking.  We tried the writing planchette but had no movement.  However with the glass work we had a male spirit come through.  He was not connected to the Red Lion or Colchester, but had just stopped by to see what we were doing.
Again a fun night at the Red Lion, with fantastic guests, all willing to try things, and with an open mind.

Paranormal Investigator
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Old Police Cells Museum ghost hunt (Sue) -1-2-2014

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

The Old Police Cells 1st February 2014

This was my first visit to police cells so I was really looking forward to this investigation. I was based upstairs in The Council Chambers. When I first arrived I went in alone to set up the room and sort out any equipment I would be using. I kept having the feeling I was being watched and found myself looking behind me. The Chambers is a huge very impressive room with an adjuring room to the side that although a lot smaller and not as grand gave me an uncomfortable feeling.

My first group was the famous Boo Club. On entering the room we heard a noise and discovered the dowsing rods that were placed on a chair had suddenly appeared on the floor, there is no reason this should have happened and we did ask spirit to push them on the floor again but this never happened. Firstly we tried the Ouija board and some glass work but unfortunately we had very little movement on the glass. As these guests have been on many events I wanted to try and see what they could sense and feel. We spread out and stood or sat in different areas of the room. We began calling out and I asked spirit to make the guests feel how they had once felt when they was in this room. We did get some great results with several people feeling the same thing at the same time. Jason (Team) and Rusty (Guest) both said they had a metal taste in their mouth. This indicates they had got the taste of blood. Later on two guests both said they felt they had bitten through their tongue. Audrey (Guest) was drawn to a particular chair and when she was sat here she said she felt very emotional and upset but also that she had the feeling that she just didn’t care, almost as if whatever was going to happen would happen and she had no control over the outcome. She was also feeling cold spots down her right side. Audrey was picking up on how the person had felt when they once sat there. Some on the guests and me were feeling sick, light headed and dizzy especially when they were stood by the window.  Most people generally felt agitated and uncomfortable with a knotted feeling in their stomach. Darren and Mark (Guests) decided to sit in the area of the accused. They both felt very upset and emotional when sat here so much so that Mark said he felt like he wanted to cry. As the boys had had such strong feelings in the accused area three of the female guests sat in the same area. However they felt completely comfortable here so it was only affecting the men. Darren (Guest) chose to sit in the Judge’s chair. Myself and a few of the others guests stood close to him. We could feel cold breezes sweep across our hands and different parts of our bodies. There was no draught causing this. Darren said it felt a lot colder above his head than it did at waist height and when we used the digital thermometer there was a 6 degrees difference. Which is quite odd that it felt 6 degrees colder above his head than by his waist, normally heat rises so this did have us all intrigued.   The whole time the vigil was taking place we had almost constant activity with the Ghost Box Pros lighting up and flashing once for yes or twice for no to our questions. We heard a groaning noise coming from the adjuring room next door. But the most impressive noise we heard was the sound of a chair being scrapped across the floor. Jo (Guest) tried to see if any of the chairs had moved and tried to replicate this noise by dragging a chair but it was carpeted floors in this room and we could not recreate this noise and we could not find any chair that had been moved. Spirit gave Jo (Guest) the name of Michael, liked to be called Mickey aged 55yrs who had been sent to prison, although he would not tell her exactly what he had done just something bad.

Second Vigil – Group A

In my second vigil I was joined by my fellow team members Sean & Kerry.  We started off in the Chambers / Court Room but I was drawn to the adjuring room next door.  We began an Ouija board session and almost immediately the glass began to move around the table but could not spell out anything that made sense. Establishing the male spirit could not spell we got the spirit to move towards my torch for Yes of towards the triangle that was placed on the other side of the board on the table for No. We all took it in turns to ask the spirit questions and he seemed to respond better when the two male guests asked the questions. The Male spirit didn’t really want to answer any of our questions but was very happy drawing shapes circles, square, straight line etc. with the glass. He had once worked here. The energy on the glass changed and became very gentle. I instantly see a little girl aged 6 with brown bobbed hair, chin length with a fringe. She was wearing a brown shirt, white blouse type top and something was tied around her waist. She had no shoes on and her feet and legs looked dirty and grubby. Our spirit child was called Elizabeth and she liked moving the glass. Sean (Team) went off to get a ball that lights up. We threw the ball and asked Elizabeth if she would be able to move the ball for us but unfortunately she didn’t move the ball (This would take a lot of energy for a small child to do this) but she said she could see the ball. She had always lived her. Whilst we were in this room we did hear several noises.

Third Vigil –Group B

My last vigil was very similar to the first. We started off in the court room. I sat guests in the same places as I had with my first group and some of their experiences were very similar. The male guest stood by the window felt sick. A lot of the guests felt very uncomfortable, uneasy and just generally wanted to leave this room. When a guest was sat in the same chair as Audrey had sat, she also felt cold spots down her side and also felt someone was stood behind her. The Ghost Box pros were lighting up and responding well to our questions. We moved to the adjuring room next door and had a little activity on the glass but not as much as my second group had experienced. But it was all women on the glass and previously it had responded better when the men asked questions. (I later learned that women would not have been allowed into this room it would have only been men) We heard a lot of noises and one brave guest went off and stood on her own to see if she could figure where the noises were coming from. After a few minutes she came back saying how strange it was as she could hear the noise but couldn’t figure what was making the noise. The session came to a end and one of the guests said to me she was glad she was leaving as this whole area just made her feel so uneasy and anxious she also kept rubbing her stomach.

An interesting evening with many guests having very strong feelings. Most people did not want to stay in these rooms and wanted to just get out. Some good photographs were also taken with strange mists appearing in the photos. I look forward to returning to the police cells in the future as this place has left me intrigued and wanting to find out more.

Special thanks to all the guests. Till next time.

Sue Kyle
Paranormal Investigator
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Toys Hill and Weardale Manor ghost hunt – 26-4-2013

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Toys Hill and Weardale Manor ghost hunt 26th April 2013
Toys Hill, Kent

Toys Hill and Weardale Manor is a strange place, during the day it a favourite location for walkers as the place is very serene and wonderful views over East Sussex towards Reigate. At night the atmosphere changes and although not in a scary way, but the location seems to have a more watchful feeling. Many guests often feel that they are being watched especially when we are standing around in the area that used to be the Manor house.

This night was no different. Whilst standing in parts of the current landscape, which would have been indoors in the past many people felt uneasy, although our KII (EMF) Meters lit up as the spirit walked amongst us. Our communication devices also allowed the guests to talk to the spirit energies.

Richard (guest) felt strange tingling sensations in his neck, not around his neck, but he said that it felt as if something was manipulating his neck muscles, which he also said felt quite nice, as it was similar to a massage.

After a period of time, we moved away from the remains of the Manor house, as the spirit energy contact was getting less and more sporadic and walked into the woods.

We were joined by a spirit energy called Thomas who was 67 years old, mostly bald and of a thin build, 5’11” in height who was an engineer in life and wearing a blue and white striped shirt, and the sleeves were rolled up. Although he didn’t tell me the era that he was from, by his mannerisms and how he spoke I would have said that he was from the 20th Century.

I started to hold a séance circle, as in the past this has been very fruitful. Once again various people within the group started to feel their arms tingle. Richard also informed us that it felt as if something solid was holding his bicep, like a cane or a walking stick.

Emma (guest) had her arms moved by Thomas and she also felt dizzy and sick at times, this seemed to occur when her arms were moving.

Since Thomas didn’t seem to have enough energy to move some people, I moved around the circle to assist with the energy requirements. When I was standing beside Katie (guest) her arm with me moved suddenly that it surprised her, she was also questioning the movement, so I asked her boyfriend to ask which way her and my arms should move in his head. There is then no way that either Katie or myself are going to know what he asked in his head. Katie was then really surprised when our arms moved and in the direction that was asked for, twice!

After the séance some guests left as they had moaned since the start that it was cold, I asked them why they were not wearing the correct attire for the conditions (a warm coat for instance), given that we were standing on a hill at midnight in April, to which they answered that they didn’t think it would be this cold. It was about 7 degrees Celsius and with a keen northerly wind and completely clear skies.

Those that remained, the spirit energy Thomas had not finished and as we stood there he was able to gently push and sway people, we were not holding hands at the time and the guests found this very strange and exhilarating at the same time.

At the end of this session I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena A.K.A. ghost voice) experiment. There were answers after all the questions, but unfortunately the majority of these were too quiet to hear properly or when amplified the recording was distorted.

The only one that is audible is my question and that can be heard at:-

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