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Warmley Clock Tower

Thursday, October 28th, 2021

Event Showcase: Warmley Clock Tower

History of Warmley Clock Tower
The Clock Tower, built in 1743, was part of the former pin factory making pins from brass wire. It was equipped with a clock tower to show workers the time for work purposes.

Ghost Hunting
Visitors to the building may see full bodied apparitions, hear the sound of children walking and talking as well as screams and dark shadows moving. The upper floor is an active space with some of the strangest activity seen here.

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Rye Castle ghost hunt – 22nd August 2015

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Rye Castle ghost hunt 22nd August 2015
Rye, East Sussex

Each visit to Rye Castle has involved a different experience for us and our guests, tonight was no different.

Since there were few guests we didn’t split them up and therefore held three sessions, the first a tech and gadget session in the keep, followed by a table tilting and glass movement session and finally a séance session back in the keep.

The first session saw the guests get lots of communication on our various gadgets plus there we lots of unusual smells smelt by the guests at different times.

The table tilting session was most unusual since the table was moved from inside the Woman’s Tower out onto the gravel of the old exercise yard not once but twice!

The séance session we were joined by a spirit called Carmichael aged 52 and he stated he was a Jailer. The room seemed to be very busy with various spirit, but they were not interested in us and various people picked up on this strange phenomena. During the séance however many people were moved, including arm movement but also some people were pushed and swayed.

All in all this was a very interesting ghost hunt with activity which hasn’t been experienced before, namely the table tilting, which we hope to repeat on another ghost hunt at the Castle.

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Timeball Tower Museum ghost hunt – 23-6-2012

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Timeball Tower Museum ghost hunt – 23rd June 2012

Due to the size of this venue I conducted the welcome briefing outside the Tower before anyone entered the building and told everyone of the experiences that the custodians of the building have witnessed for themselves as well as what happened on our first visit to this venue back in January 2012.

This is one of the rare venues that we have a very limited amount of people that we can bring into the Museum and therefore we generally allowed everyone to wander from room to room to conduct their own investigations throughout the night, watched over by the Ghost Hunt Events team. We also conducted several experiments on different levels of the building and guests were free to watch or join in with these vigils and experiments.

Every room we had investigative kit that guests could use as well as a Ouija table set up in the “Clock Room”. Given that this is a museum about time, there were many clocks throughout the building which ticked and tocked, some very loudly that the guests commented that it sounded similar to a dog barking.

The investigation started with people complaining of kidney and back pains as well as a team member having acquired a headache and had to leave the building to recover. Various EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiments took place over the entire evening and many EVPs were recorded by our team as well as some guests who had their own equipment. Many of these are still being analysed as we can hear words being spoken by spirit but cannot fathom the exact words.

During a vigil in the “Television” room two guests repeatedly reported feeling cold spots throughout their body and feeling disorientated and nauseous.

Various knocks and tapping were heard both in rooms and on the staircase, these were not in response to the clocks ticking as we used some relatively new equipment so that we could see the noise. This equipment detects sounds and then displays a light or lights to indicate the loudness of the sound. The noises which were heard in the Television room were reported to be metallic and in the absence of a heating system no obvious source could be found.

KII activity was reported in the uppermost room which on a previous visit we experienced the same phenomena. Our KII meters were picking up very high levels of EMF in the middles of the windows. Normally we can attribute high reading with power cables, but there aren’t any across these windows and thus this is still very much unexplained.

During a very active Ouija session where a male energy who would not give his name, but had visited us just to communicate with us gave us some remarkable answers to our questions including some very personal answer to the people present which simply amazed them. At one point we asked what was the collective age of everyone in the room and the spirit immediately answered with 323, it then took us several minutes to add up all of our collective ages since none of us present are good with maths. The correct answer was 332, but at the time we noted that spirit were correct because we could not be sure that we identified the initial numbers correctly. We then asked immediately what was the time to the spirit and the answer came back as 11:37, once again it took us a moment or two to see the time as we were operating in virtual darkness and no-one was wearing a watch. The spirit was spot on though. Everyone who was present were suitably amazed.

Towards the end of the evening we conducted a dual Spirit box experiment, two spirit boxes were run at the same speed (in reverse) to see if we heard a response on one did we hear it on the other. What was strange is that the two spirit boxes (which were identical) did not stay the same frequency apart during the experiment, with one box running behind the other and then catching up and finally overtaking the other. Whether this is normal or not we don’t know but it reminded me of the metronome synchronisation experiment, which is a known interference stabilisation method, once used in Cathode Ray Tubes (Old style televisions) to keep the picture in place.

When asking the spirit for the colour of the sky, Yellow and Red were heard by everyone present as well as the word rainbow and Saturday. However not all responses were heard on both devices and this is an experiment which we will conduct in the future possibly with three or more spirit boxes.

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt in which all guests enjoyed themselves and quite a lot of evidence was recorded (and is still being analysed). Generally this was a good ghost hunt for audible noises and inexplicable occurrences as well as two exceptional Ouija board sessions.

Joining me were;
Sean McMillan – Paranormal Investigator,
Kym McMillan – Paranormal Investigator,
Carl Hutchinson – Paranormal Investigator &
Marc Weston – Paranormal Investigator

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Ghost Hunt Events

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Timeball Tower Museum, Deal ghost hunt – 27-1-2012

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

The Timeball Tower Museum Private Ghost Hunt 27th January 2012

The Timeball Tower which is in Deal, Kent is a little gem of a building. Tucked away in this part of Kent, no-one would know how important this building once was. For those who don’t know, the Timeball was dropped at 1.00pm everyday so that maritime people would know the time. The signal for this came from Greenwich via the telegraph system.

The Timeball Tower then is all about time and the measurement of it, which for our purposes means that it is not a quiet building as there are clocks on every floor, some gently ticking, while others loudly clanking away. However this did not stop us enjoying the evening as this was a private event, the majority of the people knew about the Timeball Tower.

We started on the top floor and like many venues that have not had paranormal investigations held in them before, it took a while for the spirit energies to realise what was happening and to interact with us. Our EMF meters showed a small building up of energy surrounding the mechanism of the timeball and after about twenty minutes we were getting strong pulses and our dialogue equipment was also picking up spirit energies.

From the dialogue meters we established there was a female energy called Annabelle who was aged in her early 20s, smartly dressed and used to work in the building in 1908. She seemed a shy girl but after a while she began to “talk” and it transpired that she was either pushed or fell from the roof of the building. What she was doing on the roof remains a mystery.

A second energy was also communicating via the dialogue meter, his name was Gordon and he was a well-built man, about 5’10” in height. Aged in his mid-50s and dressed in Navy uniform and wore a navy coloured peaked flat cap. He gave me the impression that he was from 1870s.

Throughout this session we could all hear various noises on the floor below, but there were no clocks on that floor that were that noisy. A guest volunteered to go down to the floor below, but as soon as they left us those loud noises ceased.

After a short break we resumed the investigation on the top floor and I set up the laser grid to see if the energies that were present could manifest themselves somehow. Although nothing noteable happened at first some guests could see lights and orbs within this grid, according to the guests the lights were white and red in colour, whereas the laser light was green.

During my whistle experiment a whistle was heard a few people but unfortunately not recorded on our audio recorders, although it may have been recorded via our video cameras, but the footage is still being analysed for anomalies.

Once again, whilst we were all on this floor many loud noises were heard on the floor below but as soon as someone went down to listen to them, the noises stopped.

The majority of the group made their way down to the second floor, as it was relatively cold on the top floor (there was no heating in this building) but I and another guest stayed behind to do some EVP experiments. From the recordings there were two EVPs recorded.

After the EVP recording session, I joined the rest of the group on the second floor and we attempted some scrying using the screen of a TV, all those who took part saw their features change as many different energies participated. Some of the guests found this to be a frightening experience!

Our final session we decided to hold a Ouija board session, which meant carrying a table from the ground floor to the top (only when we finished, did we notice the legs were detachable!)

The first energy who presented themselves on the Ouija board didn’t actually want to communicate with us, nor could they spell, so after about 20 minutes and very little activity a “proper” energy started to move the planchette. This spirit was called Andrew Dafny, aged 35 and from 1648 and was a Burmese citizen who belonged to some religious order, but one he would not divulge. I asked whether he came here specifically to communicate with us, as his actions on the board we precise and he knew to return to the centre of the board after answering a question. He said Yes. This raised lots of questions from the guests, all of which were answered by Andrew.

This was a great venue; all the guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves since this was the first time that they had attended a paranormal night. Considering the ticking of the clocks the EVPs are some of the clearest we have recorded.

I would like to thank the Trustees of the Timeball Tower Museum for allowing us to conduct ghost hunts at The Timeball Tower Museum.

This venue is available for private ghost hunts, see for more details.

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