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Rye Castle ghost hunt – 22nd August 2015

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Rye Castle ghost hunt 22nd August 2015
Rye, East Sussex

Each visit to Rye Castle has involved a different experience for us and our guests, tonight was no different.

Since there were few guests we didn’t split them up and therefore held three sessions, the first a tech and gadget session in the keep, followed by a table tilting and glass movement session and finally a séance session back in the keep.

The first session saw the guests get lots of communication on our various gadgets plus there we lots of unusual smells smelt by the guests at different times.

The table tilting session was most unusual since the table was moved from inside the Woman’s Tower out onto the gravel of the old exercise yard not once but twice!

The séance session we were joined by a spirit called Carmichael aged 52 and he stated he was a Jailer. The room seemed to be very busy with various spirit, but they were not interested in us and various people picked up on this strange phenomena. During the séance however many people were moved, including arm movement but also some people were pushed and swayed.

All in all this was a very interesting ghost hunt with activity which hasn’t been experienced before, namely the table tilting, which we hope to repeat on another ghost hunt at the Castle.

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