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Boo Buddy

Thursday, July 2nd, 2020

Boo Buddy (Interactive Bear)

This is a purpose-built device for the paranormal field. It asks questions to trigger the spirit to respond for EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) related questions. It also can detect changes in EMF (Electromagnetic Field), temperature, vibration and motion and responds with a verbal question or statement (just like a real person would!)

The whole point of this bear would be to put this with a camera in a locked-off area or room and let the bear interact with the spirit. If you knew the area was locked-off and no-one would enter the room any voices recorded by the camera (apart from the bear) could be potential EVP’s.

The paws light up for vibration or motion along with speaking a phrase related to the environmental change. E.g. It got warm in here. As well as the belly of the bear lighting up green. (in response to  EMF energy)

We like this bear because it always asks questions, however this is off putting to guests or even scary at times!

We also get quite a lot of responses in the right environment (i.e. where you would expect children to be)

This can only be bought from Ghost Stop in the USA although you may find one on an auction site. The 2020 price is $360 but when we bought ours, we had to pay a shipping charge of about £40 and when it arrived a customs charge of £36. This is definitely not a toy!

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Ghost Meter Pro

Tuesday, June 30th, 2020

Ghost Meter Pro

This is a device that can be used to communicate with spirits. The Ghost Meter Pro measures the Electromagnetic energy in a similar way to a KII meter. The difference with this device is that it has four different modes, these modes enable communication as the lights are used for simple yes/no answers to questions. We tell people to use a simple one flash for yes, two for no. After a while of seeing the types of flash and how to interpret the flashing lights, users like the device.

As with the KII meter this device can be affected by electricity, mobile phones and wifi signals and the same precautions are required for successful use.

Like the KII the Ghost Meter Pro can be a very effective way to communicate with spirits and it is also very easy to determine whether the energy is a spirit energy or whether the device is picking up a man-made electromagnetic energy source. It is obvious when you see how the lights flash, as wifi, mobile phones, hearing aid loops and electricity all interfere with this device in waves, after a few minutes the user can see the repetitive flashes that man-made frequencies make.

We like this device and it is probably the most popular device that our guests want to investigate with because it is an easy instrument to use and once the user has got used to the types of questions that they can ask, the responses can be rewarding.

The Ghost Meter Pro is now not that easy to get hold of, however there are still sellers on eBay and Amazon selling them. The original ones came from the USA and you can still buy them from there. We would now expect to pay between £45 and £65 per item (depending on if it is new).

Be warned however there is a simpler Ghost Meter which does not have the four modes (which are needed for the communication mode) and is just like a KII as it is an EMF meter and not a very good one either.

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EMF Pump

Thursday, June 18th, 2020

EMF Pump

An EMF Pump is designed to produce an Electromagnetic Field surrounding the pump. The idea is to create electromagnetic energy so that spirit energies can use this to communicate in some way. It is suggested that several EMF pumps should be placed in a room and switched on 15 minutes before using the room to conduct a paranormal experiment. Obviously, these pumps must be turned off before using KII meters or other meters that pick-up EMF energy.

These EMF pumps can also interfere with mobile phone signals, although not 3G, 4G and 5G data signals. To be honest, we don’t often use EMF pumps unless we are holding a private investigation where time is not an issue.

There are some cheap EMF pumps available, but a good quality pump can produce enough Electromagnetic energy with a range that spreads out to about 3m (9′) from the device. You can easily check the range by using an EMF meter, like a KII.

Very recently we also found another item that produced a massive amount of EMF in a room; a plasma ball. This ball produces an EMF that spread about 6m (20′) from the device.

These EMF pumps are easily available on eBay and probably Amazon also available on a UK site called Infraready
We would expect to pay anything from £35 to £50 per item.

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Mel meter

Thursday, June 18th, 2020

MEL Meter

A MEL Meter measures Electromagnetic fields down to 30Hz (which is lower than a KII) and displays this as a unit of milliGauss (mg). It is also capable of measuring the ambient temperature. This is basically the scientific version of the KII meter giving a digital unit of measurement which is far more accurate than a KII meter.

Like any EMF meter other electronic signals from mobile phones, mains electricity and microwave ovens can interfere with the usage of the device. Whilst a basic MEL meter is very useful for technical paranormal investigations and to record the base line or ambient energy fields the more advanced meters with built in lasers, REM functions and other functions make this meter a very versatile piece of kit which is very portable and is a must have for serious paranormal investigators. It also has a backlight on the screen, a flip out stand and a tripod screw mount on the rear of the device.

This meter was created by Gary Galka (the inventor of the Spirit Box SB7) purposely for Paranormal Research. It is called a MEL meter after his daughter (called Melissa) who died due to a car accident. The numbers 8704 are a tribute to her (born in 1987, died in 2004). The early meters were encased in a cream case, newer models are now in a black case as that is seen as more favourable with ghost hunting rather than being a tool for engineers. Both versions are identical.

We would expect to pay about £100-120 for a basic model, the more expensive MEL meters with REM pod functions are about £160 and are available on eBay, Amazon and ghost hunting stores in the UK (like Infraready) and the US (like Ghost Stop)

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KII Meter

Thursday, June 11th, 2020

KII Meter

The KII EMF Meter is considered the “bread and butter” of paranormal equipment. It is the item that many start with before the go on to purchase more expensive kit.

The KII EMF meter is a fast sampling Electromagnetic field (EMF) meter that covers frequencies from 50-20,000 Hz at an accuracy of 5% at 50-60 Hz. This makes the KII EMF meter a great instrument for Paranormal Research.

The five lights give an indication as to how far away from you the EMF energy is.

The KII also picks up mobile phone signals, hearing aid loops, wifi signals and electricity from main electricity boxes. You have to really close to the electricity source for it to light up.

We like the KII because it’s a quick an easy way to determine if it is spirit energy or something man-made like wifi or electricity. It is also a great tool when you are outside, because the likelihood of finding wifi or electricity outdoors in a wood for example is unlikely (assuming of course that your mobile phone is switched off). It is also quite rare for a KII to light all 5 lights and when it does (and you have ruled out the phone/wifi/electricity) it is really rewarding and can be used as a basic communication tool.

Generally these days (2020) the KII is overlooked as everyone in the paranormal field has used one and it is an improvement over Gauss meters. Gauss meters measure the same thing but use noise instead of lights. You can also get KII Meters with a sound function although this is mostly annoying in a paranormal investigation environment.

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Explosion Museum – 14th May 2016 – Steve

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 14th May 2016
Gosport, Hampshire


As a team we love visiting this venue, because we have so much space and buildings for us and our guests to investigate, because we have not used all the buildings for all the activities that we undertake yet.

Being that the group was a small group (which is normal in the summer months) we didn’t split the group and instead each team member held their session with everyone present.

The first session was my séance session, which I chose to hold in a building that I have used before; C Mag, an old magazine room (for storing explosives).

A male spirit by the name of Roger joined us, he was aged in his late 30s or early 40s and an older gent aged in his late 50s who was a Navy Officer and in uniform.

Both these spirits were able to push people and manipulate us with a little force, one guest spent most of the session being pushed forwards or pulled backwards. At one point just about everyone had been pushed to the floor.

The second session was a joint table tilting and Ouija board session. Both activities took a while before anything useful was encountered and the table tilting eventually got going after a lot of encouragement. There is an excerpt of this at

On the Ouija board we eventually had some contact with a slave or a person who was forced to work and a young boy called Timothy who was 15 or 16 years old and also working at Priddy’s Hard. (now the site of the Explosion Museum)

The third session we let the guests loose with our gadgets in the old Admin building, this is a popular building for this activity as the building is big enough to allow the guests to roam from room to room and they may encounter different spirits in different parts of the building.

The fourth session was a Human Pendulum session in the Grand Magazine where guests were able to ask spirit questions and feel the spirit move them.

After this session all guests were able to explore the buildings and carry out their own ghost hunt. During this time guests could borrow our ghost hunting equipment.

This was another excellent ghost hunt with some good personal paranormal evidence encountered by the guests in various parts of the site using a whole manner of different activities. We look forward to our return in August.

Watch the event videos at

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True Crime Museum – 4th June 2016 – Steve

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

True Crime Museum ghost hunt 4th June 2016
Hastings, East Sussex


The True Crime Museum is an odd place, hence why we hold ghost hunts here, but our first event in February didn’t reveal anything unusual or menacing. This time though, is a different story.

This was in many ways, one of the strangest ghost hunts that I have ever undertaken. There were only a few guests, which may explain why it happened but the team were all affected by spirit at one point or another. Some of us were only affected once in a minor way, whilst others were affected all night.

We started the ghost hunt with a séance in the aptly named “Death Chamber”, the idea behind this was to build the energy that would last throughout the rest of the evening.

It all started well, with two brother spirits who joined us, starting to move guests by their hands and arms and as happened on our previous visit in February, the spirits tried to pull people backwards over the railings. The two male energies were Royal Mail post men from the year 1900, only one gave his name as David Webb.

Sue (team) was picking up on a smell of horses and was telling us about what she was sensing, when she announced that she wasn’t feeling right. So I made my way over to remove her from the circle. After she came out she explained that she became dizzy and didn’t feel right. Emma (guest) during this time also had dropped her head and was unresponsive to us calling her name. As Sue and myself made our way to Emma, she collapsed on the floor. I decided that closing the séance circle was the safest thing to do.

When then took a break so that those that were affected could recover.

After a tea break we continued with a table tilting session which was something sporadic, one minute the table was walking and moving, next it was stationary followed by some more movement. At one point this table was walking between the two rooms (the two rooms were linked by a small tunnel) which was interesting in itself.

After a short break we handed out equipment to the guests (and instructed them on how to use them) and let them wander around the museum, communicating and asking questions of the spirit.

I had just walked back into another room to collect another piece of kit, when Louise (team) came out of the “Death Chamber” and looked at me in an odd way, it was more of a surprised look. When I spoke to Louise and asked if she was alright it became clear that she wasn’t as her eyes were glazed over and she was unresponsive. It was necessary that Louise should exit the venue as the spirit that had more control over her than she did herself. It took three of us to remove her from the Museum and she was kicking and fighting with us that she didn’t want to leave, although gave no reason as to why.

After she was outside she couldn’t remember anything that had happened and only remembered going into the “Death Chamber” with a KII (EMF Meter).

As I walked back into the Museum on my own I could feel a malicious spirit energy present, although didn’t pay much attention to him as I was heading to see how the guests were getting on. At this time, I felt disorientated, dizzy and lost.  As I stood there I was aware of these feelings but unable to do much about it and then whatever had stopped me, had gone away and I was able to move again, although I had no idea what I was doing or going to do, so I returned to the base room.

Jason (team) also felt a sensation of being confused and disorientated once in the “Death Chamber” during the séance and at other times throughout the evening.

Guests continued to communicate with spirit and had a long conversation with a spirit using a Ouija board which revealed truths about what had happened on the night. Unfortunately, I wasn’t present so don’t know the full details. Louise during this time was still recovering as she felt weak.

Once we left the venue everyone felt OK, albeit tired.

Watch the edited highlights videos:- – Séance – Table Tilting

All in all, this was a very unusual ghost hunt with some strange activity felt by various people including guests and team.

We look forward to returning in July

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Landguard Fort – 30th January 2016 – Louise

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Landguard Fort ghost hunt 30th January 2016
Felixstowe, Suffolk


Equipment: Tech and Gadgets

Started the sessions in an area with 3 adjoining rooms, in the first room a male and female energy came through on the ghost pro. The male went on to tell us that he was in his 30’s and worked at the fort as soldier. The female energy told us that she worked as a nurse looking after the soldiers when wounded. All of a sudden a cold sensation was felt on the face f one of the guests and he felt very light headed. As this occurred, the door that joined the two rooms slammed very loudly. We then moved into the second room where Sean (team) had set up the laser grid to face the door that slammed. All the guests said the witnessed the lights going out at the bottom of the door as if someone was standing in front of it.

The second session was amazing as we all gathered in the bigger room because as soon as we entered the room we could here the EDI machine (EMF, Thermometer and Geophone) going off. Also all the K2’s were going off in sequence throughout the whole session and the temperature dropped significantly. Asking spirit to slam the door again as it did in the first session, it did so and at the exact same time a guest got pushed forcefully from behind. Two guests the stood against the wall so they could see if anyone in anyway were slamming the door. As they stood against the wall both felt like they were being pulled into the wall, with one guest literally pinned against the wall unable to move.

In the third session there was very little activity, so it was decided that we all move to the communication room. Setting up the equipment all the K2’s went off in sequence but only going up to amber. Gareth (guest) decided with some other members of the group to go into one of the smaller rooms leading off from the gun room. The K2 immediately lit up to red and remained on red. It was then decided that they try and get one of the heavy information plaques to start to tip. Immediately upon asking spirit to join us and move the table it started to rock back and forth really forcefully slowly moving round the room in a circle. All the way through the session the K2 that I was holding, spirit constantly lit up taking the lights right up to red and holding them there.

Louise and Sean
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Explosion Museum – 6th February 2016 – Kym

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 6th February 2016
Gosport, Hampshire



We started the evening by having a tour around the Explosion Museum with the VIP’s, being led into some interesting areas that are not seen by the general public.  I chose to work in a huge building that would have been used, and still was being used, for storage and boat building/renovation.  The weather was very wet and windy at the start of the evening, with the door being continuously blown open and closed, but the skies became clear and still later.

We started with half the group on the Ouija, and the remainder of the group on the table tipping, but with only slight movement on both all seven guests tried the table tipping together.  However, before this we were hearing whistles when asking out for them, and one guest felt his chair move whilst sitting in it.  The table started moving immediately, lifting up at the side, twisting and spinning randomly.  We were also experiencing a coldness moving around us, and some felt they were being touched.  We did hear what sounded like the glass being moved across the Ouija table, but on checking the glass had not moved, or if it had, it had been moved back.

With my second group we had a little movement on the Ouija, with the glass twisting, but no communication.  The group on the table had some slight movement, they tried the writing planchette, but the table tried moving again.  So I brought all the guests together and we all tried the table tipping.  We had some gentle rocking, and were hearing noises around us, a mumble or murmur in one area, one guest saw a shadow in a different area at the same time were heard a rustle/movement there too.  We all tried the Ouija, the glass moved to the numbers 4 and 5, was this his age?  The glass started moving to yes but then stopped.

With my last group we had a little movement on the Ouija but no communication.  We then all tried the table tipping and it did start rocking very gently.  I encouraged the guests to interact with the spirit, and the more they did this, the more the table moved.  We then tried the writing planchette, had no movement, but the table was moving again, so we switched back to that.  And again with the guests asking, especially Janet, the table moved and spun as they asked.

With the controlled sessions over, and an hour left of the night, I joined three guests, in the Admin Building.  We went to the shower/toilet area in the back left of the building and started with the Ouija board on the table we use for table tipping.  The planchette started moving immediately, and went to “Hello”.  We then asked for spirit to spell his first name and got “OFUK” – interesting!  The planchette went to “goodbye”, but we asked spirit to stay with us for some table tipping.  With our fingertips lightly on the table, the table started moving.  We managed to get the table to lift towards Mark for yes, and opposite for no, and was able to ask spirit some questions.  He was a male spirit from WW2 who had murdered someone here.  Mark suddenly felt a coldness behind him and heard a footstep next to him, which made him jump.  We had also heard a footstep earlier in a different place.  We then put the Ouija board back on the table without the planchette, and with us touching the board asked spirit to move it, to our surprise the Ouija board started moving on the table.  We then asked it to rotate, which it did.  With only a short time left, we went back to the table tipping, and again the table started lifting, spinning and started to walk out the room.  We did also have a spirit box on for some of the time and were hearing corresponding words to the answers on the board i.e. hello and yes.

A fabulous end to the night at a terrific venue!

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Fort Amherst – 29th January 2016 – Kym

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Fort Amherst ghost hunt 29th January 2016
Chatham, Kent


Area: Radio Room
Kit & Human Pendulum

I started the night by giving the VIP’s a personal tour around the tunnels, showing them how to use the Ghost Pro’s and KII’s.  We stopped for a short while on the Gun Floor, and immediately we were sensing spirit around us.  I started feeling a static energy around me, and a pressure on my head, as if I was wearing a very tight hat.  I was also being pulled back.  I asked spirit to do this to others, and Pat (guest) to my left started being pushed & pulled back too.  We were also asking spirit to copy our whistles, and were very surprised when we heard whistles back twice, especially Luke & Jay (guests) when they heard it right next to them.

With the event starting we headed back to the guest’s area, and commenced with the three controlled sessions.  I started with the first group by showing them all the equipment, and we explored the Radio Room.  No activity on the KII’s and Sprit Box, but a lot of interaction with the Ghost Pro’s.  We then did a human pendulum, and was able to communicate with a French male from the 1600’s, aged 40+ and not married.  He was not connected to this fort.  We then had a young female spirit who had a small child, was not married, and had died young.  Then we had a male prisoner from Fort Horsted.  He had killed someone, but said he deserved it.  He had killed another person, and the prisoner had seeked revenge.  The prisoner had escaped once but had been recaptured.

With my second group again just activity on the Ghost Pro’s.  With the human pendulum we first communicated with a female who had miscarried.  Her husband was in the Navy and connected with the fort.  The second spirit that came through was her husband, who confirmed he was in the navy in WW1.  He said his ship was bombed, but by the Russians.  The ship sank but he survived.  He worked as a deck hand cleaning the ship.  After his wife had lost their child, he had an affair and fathered two children.  He was born and lived in Kent.  I wanted to know the spirit’s name, so I asked all the guests to clear their mind and ask spirit to tell them his name.  Initially we had John, then Sam, but three of us all had George, including Jenny (guest) who was in the middle with me.  Spirit confirmed that was his name but moving Jenny to yes.

My last group was too small to do a human pendulum so we just concentrated on kit.  We had a lot of activity on the ghost pro’s, communicating with George again.  On the spirit box we kept hearing a female calling what sounded like “help”.
Throughout all the sessions, people did comment that they felt they were being touched.
At the end of the night I joined most of the guests on the Gun Floor for some amazing Table Tipping with a very large table.

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