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EMF Pump

EMF Pump

An EMF Pump is designed to produce an Electromagnetic Field surrounding the pump. The idea is to create electromagnetic energy so that spirit energies can use this to communicate in some way. It is suggested that several EMF pumps should be placed in a room and switched on 15 minutes before using the room to conduct a paranormal experiment. Obviously, these pumps must be turned off before using KII meters or other meters that pick-up EMF energy.

These EMF pumps can also interfere with mobile phone signals, although not 3G, 4G and 5G data signals. To be honest, we don’t often use EMF pumps unless we are holding a private investigation where time is not an issue.

There are some cheap EMF pumps available, but a good quality pump can produce enough Electromagnetic energy with a range that spreads out to about 3m (9′) from the device. You can easily check the range by using an EMF meter, like a KII.

Very recently we also found another item that produced a massive amount of EMF in a room; a plasma ball. This ball produces an EMF that spread about 6m (20′) from the device.

These EMF pumps are easily available on eBay and probably Amazon also available on a UK site called Infraready
We would expect to pay anything from £35 to £50 per item.

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