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Barrier Alarm

Barrier Alarm or Sensor

When something moves in front of the sensor it lights up. These are the quiet versions and only light up when something passes through the barrier. Other similar devices make a loud noise or alarm when something breaks the barrier. We prefer this version as a simple light comes on, rather than an alarm (which will need to be turned off) as the light will dim and go out when no more movement is detected.

Ideally these would be used as part of a locked off area (with a camera recording) as it would be obvious to see if anything set the barrier light off. Sometimes the smallest of movements can set these off so they need to be used in an area where no-one will walk past or in the beam of the alarm.

These are quite difficult to get hold of nowadays and we haven’t seen any for sale for some time. That said they pop up on eBay from time to time. The barrier alarms that make a noise are generally available on eBay and Amazon and we would expect them to cost about £20 for two. PIR light sensors you can get easily as they are now used for cupboard or wardrobe lighting, it is even possible to get USB charging ones, cost is from £6 per unit.

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