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360 Parascope

360 Parascope

This is a customed built paranormal device, built by Paranologies for the paranormal field. It is a Triboelectric field meter. It is designed to pick up static energy/electricity through 360 degrees on the horizontal and when it does so, the closest part lights up and as the static energy moves so does the lights. In its simplest form it picks up static electricity or energy as it is believed that spirit energies are made up of static electricity/energy.

Trying to create static electricity is generally quite difficult unless you are wearing clothing which generates static electricity or walking on carpets that do. So when this device lights up it is rarely because of something we have done. It’s likely that the energy is related to spirit activity rather than human intervention or another device.

This is the reason why we like it, as static electricity is hard to generate and we can be sure of our surroundings that this is not the reason for it lighting up. Most of the venues we use are venues with natural materials (stone, bricks, wood etc) that don’t create static.

You can only buy this device from Paranologies based in the USA and a new one costs from approximately £120

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