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Mel meter

MEL Meter

A MEL Meter measures Electromagnetic fields down to 30Hz (which is lower than a KII) and displays this as a unit of milliGauss (mg). It is also capable of measuring the ambient temperature. This is basically the scientific version of the KII meter giving a digital unit of measurement which is far more accurate than a KII meter.

Like any EMF meter other electronic signals from mobile phones, mains electricity and microwave ovens can interfere with the usage of the device. Whilst a basic MEL meter is very useful for technical paranormal investigations and to record the base line or ambient energy fields the more advanced meters with built in lasers, REM functions and other functions make this meter a very versatile piece of kit which is very portable and is a must have for serious paranormal investigators. It also has a backlight on the screen, a flip out stand and a tripod screw mount on the rear of the device.

This meter was created by Gary Galka (the inventor of the Spirit Box SB7) purposely for Paranormal Research. It is called a MEL meter after his daughter (called Melissa) who died due to a car accident. The numbers 8704 are a tribute to her (born in 1987, died in 2004). The early meters were encased in a cream case, newer models are now in a black case as that is seen as more favourable with ghost hunting rather than being a tool for engineers. Both versions are identical.

We would expect to pay about £100-120 for a basic model, the more expensive MEL meters with REM pod functions are about £160 and are available on eBay, Amazon and ghost hunting stores in the UK (like Infraready) and the US (like Ghost Stop)

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