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P-SB7 Spirit Box

Spirit Box SB7

P-SB7 Spirit Box ITC Research Device if used as intended it can enable real-time communication with spirits.
The idea and the research suggests that the generated white noise in the gaps of the radio signals enables spirits to talk to us and answer meaningful questions. These are often called Ghost boxes or Frank’s boxes too.

Gary Galka designed this version of the spirit box based on his own research and the tragic death of his daughter who he wanted to talk to from the other side. The ITC stands for Instrumental Trans-communication.

It is the white noise that’s important not the radio waves. We use the device on the FM band scanning at 100ms in reverse because as it picks up radio stations it picks up little snippets of voice, if we were scanning forwards then these could be misinterpreted (For example if you asked “What day is it?” There’s a far chance that one radio station may say the day of the week), this is still true in reverse but there is no chance that you would hear “Sunday” because everything is backwards.

The older models were better because they didn’t receive as many radio signals as the newer versions of the device. However the newer devices have noise cancelling built in on the FM band.
The spirit box really needs an external speaker to hear the responses clearly, or for the person to wear headphones.

The is a really useful and portable piece of kit and over the years we have had some really good responses to questions. For best results you can use a faraday cage or wallet which stops the radio waves from getting to the spirit box, so there is no chance you can hear anything that is broadcast on the radio. The best ever was when a customer asked “what’s my postcode?” and he received a full and accurate answer to which he replied “What colour underwear am I wearing?” Again he had an immediate answer, but this time he had to excuse himself and go and check. The spirit was correct!

There is an SB-11 a so-called improvement, but in reality it didn’t work as well, it was very expensive and not very portable due to its size. Many paranormal investigators and ghost hunters don’t use the SB-11, the SB-7 is the preferred device.

When we bought ours, they cost about £45-55 from either Amazon or eBay although you could buy them direct from ghost shops in the US (you still can, look at and the current price is anywhere between £65 and £75. Sometimes it can be cheaper to buy the item from a US store and have it shipped to the UK as some UK sellers have over-inflated the price due to the device being used on many ghost hunting TV shows.

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