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Deal Castle

Wednesday, December 7th, 2022

Deal Castle

History of Deal Castle
Deal Castle is an artillery fort constructed by Henry VIII in Deal, Kent, between 1539 and 1540. It protected against invasion from France. The Castle comprises of a keep with six inner and outer bastions, the moated stone castle and had sixty-six firing positions for artillery.

During the Second English Civil War of 1648–49, Deal was seized by pro-Royalist insurgents and was only retaken by Parliamentary forces after several months of fighting.

Although it remained armed, Deal Castle was adapted by Sir John Norris and Lord Carrington during the 18th and 19th centuries to form a more suitable private house for the castle’s captain, which was an honorary position.

In 1904, the War Office concluded that the castle no longer had any value either as a defensive site or as a barracks and it was opened to the public when the captain was not in residence. Early in the Second World War, the captain’s quarters were destroyed by German bombing and the castle became a Battery Operating Post (one of the first-floor rooms in the keep became the Battery Office) for an artillery battery placed along the shoreline. The castle was not brought back into use as a residence and was restored by the government during the 1950s to form a tourist attraction.

Ghosts of Deal Castle
From our visits we have discovered that there are many areas of this castle which can be called haunted! Some of the rooms on the first floor have been amazing with Ouija board and Table tilting activity. The lower levels have proved interesting with various activities especially using our tech equipment and séances. On this floor people have become disorientated and “lost” because the tunnel is circular, and every bastion looks the same.

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Ouija board

Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

Ouija Board

This is the marmite of the industry. So many people will instantly say “No, not doing one of those” or “My Grandma/Mum told me never to use one” or “I’ll watch”
Most of the time there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. TV and Hollywood have made these boards out to be a dangerous device. Many people ask, “Are they dangerous?” Our answer is “Is a gun dangerous?” and the answer to that question is “Depends who’s holding it”. Like any tool for any job an untrained person using the tool could possibly hurt themselves and others unknowingly or by accident.

No matter what tool is being used to contact the spirit world, there are dangers and politeness and respect go along way. Using a Ouija board is no different than using a KII meter. It is just another tool we use to contact the spirit world. So long as a Ouija board is used in the proper way and the questions asked are sensible then there is every likelihood the answers will be useful and to the point. We have had some amazing evidence given from a Ouija board, information that we could verify and lookup. This is the point of using a Ouija board, because you have the ability given patience to get a full answer from the spirits. There is no need to guess the answer, you just have to wait for the spirit to answer the question.

Due to the nature of the device and using either a glass or a planchette to get the answer (letter or number) there is always the possibility to misinterpret the answer because either the glass is over two letters or number of the planchette is not pointing directly at the letter/number. However with practise these imperfections can be overcome and the answer to the question can “feel” right or wrong.

Sometimes we have connections to spirits that are very well educated and you know that they will be able to impart their knowledge by using a Ouija board as this gives the best form of quality of evidence. The answer to questions is immediate and with our technology (mobile phones) it is possible to look up information and verify claims quickly. This is quite rare but it does happen from time to time and we have had answers to what seemed to be impossible questions answered via a Ouija board.

Ouija boards come in all sizes and shapes and we have a number of different boards and a Ouija table. There is no best or perfect board, however we do like the board designed by Lisa Parker Nemesis Now. These have a grippy surface to the board and the planchette so that it makes it difficult for someone to push the planchette. They are reasonably priced at about £15-20 including postage and are 38cm square in design. There are several places that you can buy Ouija boards including from Amazon or eBay.

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Fort Borstal – 12th November 2016 – Kym

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 12th November 2016
Rochester, Kent

Very atmospheric tonight with low mist on this dark night, making the fort look just that little bit more spooky.  We started with our first groups with Sean doing Kit in the Counterscarp Gallery, and myself doing Ouija and Glass Work in the Cartridge Store.  In Sean’s sessions they noticed a blue halo around the Edi Meter, and white flashes in the corner of a room, and the pendulums were very active with guests enjoying how fast they were rotating, and changing direction when requesting.  In my first sessions with glass work and ouija we spoke to a female aged over 50 in the 1940′ or 1960’s, did not like men, had possibly been raped and had a child.  She had not passed over as she still visits her daughter and grand-children.  She lived in Rochester when alive.  Her name was Ellie (short for Eleanor) and had committed suicide here at the fort.  We were feeling like we were being touched, and hearing unexplained noises.  We did finish with a glass work session near the entrance, and the spirit with us said he was Sergeant Andrews.  His energy was incredibly strong and said he would join us later.

With our next sessions Sean was doing Table Tipping in the Caponier, and I was in the Officers Mess doing a Séance Circle and Human Pendulum.  In Sean’s sessions the Table Tipping was incredible with the table tipping, spinning and walking around the room.  They did have an odd smell of fruit, saw a mist and heard a scurry on the floor – no animals located!  They did also tap on the table and heard taps back twice.  With myself we had some movement in the séance circle’s, and felt coldness and tingles on our hands when being moved,  but had more results from the pendulums.  We had Sergeant Andrews with us again, he had been killed in battle on the Somme by a German soldier, and did not have a grave.  He was not married and had no children.  He liked both men and women.  We also had the spirit of a woman who had worked at the fort as a chef.  She had been hurt by Sgt Andrews, and had hung herself.  We asked if she had a message for us – yes – “Be aware of men!”

Kym & Sean
Paranormal Investigators
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Colchester Town Hall – 5th November 2016 – Kym

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Colchester Town Hall ghost hunt 5th November 2016
Colchester, Essex

The town hall in Colchester is a fantastic venue, many areas to explore from the basement to council chambers and offices, to the flat on the top floor, with a lot of interaction from spirit.

I was on the top floor doing a séance circle and human pendulum, and we started of with the circle and having some gentle movement for some, a bit more energetic for others.  When we did the pendulum we were able to communicate with spirit, and found out that initially we were talking to a male spirit, then we had a 13 year old girl who was his daughter.  Her name was Sarah, and she and her mother were witches.  She was brought to Colchester to be burned at the stake, and her father was the one that started the fire.  Some people in the circle were feeling heat, others were feeling coldness.  We had asked spirit to make a noise in the room, and just as we were finishing there was a very loud bang on a table leaning up against a wall, which made many jump!

With my second group we had a little movement in the séance circle, but then switched to the pendulum.  The spirit that was with us had come with the group from the previous table tipping session.  Gareth (team) had been with that group too and had joined us.  The spirit was Charlie age 56/57 and had worked as a prison guard at the town hall.  One guest wanted to know how he passed, so I asked everyone to clear their minds, and I asked Charlie to give the last feeling/pain he had before he passed.  One guest felt a pain in their chest, and yes Charlie had passed with a heart attack.  Charlie had passed in 1923, and had fought in France in WW1.  He was married with three children, but had a fallen in love with an English nurse whilst at war.  She had died there and Charlie was heart broken.  He did come home to his family, and did tell his wife of his sadness.  The next spirit that joined us was someone from our kit session at the start of the evening.  We had the following information come through on the Ovilus: Jim Murphy shoot, and the spirit that was with us was Jim Murphy.  He had shot someone, then he had been shot in the head.  He had passed age 28.  We felt this energy was very strong so switched back to a seance circle, and asked the spirit of Jim to move us.  Initially we had some very gentle arm movement, then noticing some were being pushed/pulled down to the floor, I asked spirit to push everyone down, and yes we were all pushed down to the floor!  When I asked spirit to move us all back and step away as our session had finished, we all returned to our original positions.

A fantastic night, with all the guests interacting with the spirits brilliantly, and therefore all having some lovely personal experiences.

Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Landguard Fort – 22nd October 2016 – Kym

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Landguard Fort ghost hunt 22nd October 2016
Felixstowe, Suffolk

Landguard Fort is a fantastically large fort and all the team love coming here, for the sheer size of the place and still so many areas to explore.

During the séance sessions we had some great activity with spirit moving many of the guests in all different directions, from the surprise of guests when their arms moved up and not being able to move them from those positions, to being pushed down on to the floor with much laughter from all those wondering why they were in that position and unable to move.  The spirit(s) seemed extremely playful and full of energy.  During these sessions we were hearing noises throughout the tunnels that we couldn’t identify, whistles heard when asking spirit to copy us, coldness and tingles were being felt when spirit was near us, and at one point we had a beautiful bat flying above our heads.  In one session we also did a human pendulum and had a lovely spirit of Doris with us.

In the kit sessions we were using Ghost Pro’s, KII’s, SB7, Dowsing Rods & Pendulums.  The guests enjoyed using the different types of equipment, and was able to communicate with the spirits present.  In one session a noise was heard that sounded like a chair being scraped across the floor, but no-one was near that chair.

In the ouija and table tipping sessions there was a lot of activity and spirits coming forward to communicate.  At the end of the night we finished with an extremely active table tipping session in an upstairs room, with the table tipping and spinning on request.

Great night!
Kym, Sean & Gareth
Paranormal Investigators
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Red Lion Hotel – 1st October 2016 – Kym

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 1st October 2016
Colchester, Essex

Area: Cellar
Equipment: Table Tipping, Dowsing Rods & Pendulums
With all my groups, we started by using the dowsing rods & pendulums, and everyone could communicate with spirit, and some were feeling the presence of spirit too.  We would often ask spirit to point the rods to where they were standing, and we could back that up by feeling their presence.  One time we would move around the area, still sensing the spirit behind us and the rods would continue to move with us.  With the Table Tipping we were all getting some movement, with my first and last group we did ask spirit to copy our taps and whistles, and both times we had a response back.  One guest also felt a cold touch to his face from where we heard the whistle.  In my last group, we asked spirit to rotate all the pendulums clockwise if he wanted to join us for table tipping, and to our surprise they all did.  Whilst table tipping in that last session we asked spirit to walk the table to where he was standing, of which it did, and in that area the guests could feel coldness there.  With such a strong response on the table, using yes & no movements, we could communicate with the spirit.  At one point Janet (guest) asked a question that the spirit did not like (did you murder someone?) and the table walked rapidly to her taking her very much by surprise!  We continued to communicate with this spirit into the free session, and with Mike’s (guest) knowledge on the history of Colchester, we established this spirit was a Parliamentarian Soldier who fought in the 1648 Colchester Siege.  He felt responsible for the murder of his troops he sent to fight.  At this point, everyone felt an immense sadness.  We asked if he had passed to the other side, he answered no.  We asked if he needed help to pass over, and the table rocked to yes and no.  At this point we asked the spirit to go to the light, do not be frightened, and you will not be judged.  And immediately we all felt his presence go.  Thank you to Group A for sharing that experience with me – very special.

Paranormal Investigator
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Sandford Mill – 17th September 2016 – Kym

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Sandford Mill ghost hunt 17th September 2016
Chelmsford, Essex

Area: Barn
Ouija & Table Tipping
With our first group we had gently rocking with the table in the main area and the classroom, but not much more.  We could feel the energies of the spirit(s) around us.  With the Ouija we had the spirit of Gert with us.  She was 12 years old and took a dislike to our camera person Jason.  She said he reminded her of her gov (governer).  Jason thought he felt someone touch his bum, when he asked if it was her she spelt “YUK”.  When Jason asked if she died of a heart attack she spelt “STUPID”.  She then spelt “JASON” and moved the glass to goodbye, telling him to go as she stayed with us.  We asked what year she was from and had “45”.  Wasn’t sure what century though.
With the second group we had very little information on the Ouija: Stuart 1935 & Christine 1956.  With the Table Tipping there was some movement in the classroom, but when we moved to the main room there was a lot more movement.  The table was being moved by a female, however there was the presence of a male spirit in the room who she didn’t like.  She was a working girl and he was her boss.  We were feeling his presence by coldness, tingles and also headaches. We felt they were from the 1800’s.  The table moved a lot, but would stop when we felt him move closer.  However with a lot of encouragement from those on the table we was able to experience some brilliant table moving.
With our last group we had the spirit of Desmond from 1945.  He said he was a code breaker and a spy, and had a connection with Bletchley Park, and possibly the buildings here.  The table was moving a lot also, with many spins and walking around the hall.  The more we encouraged spirit, the move movement we had.
In my free session I joined Gareth on his Tech Session in the Water Filtration Building.  After handing out equipment, explaining how things worked, everyone went of to explore this very large building.  We did come across one spirit called James Wright “Jimmy”. He was age 40 – 50 yrs, and had worked here.  He had fallen over some railings into a tank.  Gareth was feeling a sudden pain in his lower back, when we asked sprit to take the pain away it immediately went.  Jimmy confirmed this was his pain when he fell.  He also said he had died 6.5 hours later and was buried in the grounds.  Gareth had had the word compound on the Ovilus earlier, and Jimmy confirmed that was where he was secretly buried.  But amazingly for me I saw a ball of mist move down towards us then move back away.  Then a few minutes later saw it again.  We asked Jimmy if that was him and he said yes.  We could also feel his energy around us too.  On the Ovilus I had the word “cough”, and a little while later we all heard a cough but it was none of us.
A brilliant night at Sandford Mill – cannot wait to return.

Kym & Kerry
Paranormal Investigators
Ghost Hunt Events

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Old Forde House – 9th July 2016 – Kym

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Old Forde House ghost hunt 9th July 2016
Newton Abbot, Devon

Equipment: Ouija, Glass Work & Table Tipping

Group B – We started with one group on the Ouija, and another group with Glass Work.  The group with the Ouija had a girl aged 4 from possibly 1967 or 1867.  She couldn’t spell, and gave her initials as P T.  We asked if she could see how many of us were there, and she answered 7 which was correct.  With the glass work the group had an older female lady that visited here.  She lived in Newton Abbott within the last 100 years.  She came here for a celebration that she disapproved of.

Group C – With this group we had not received much from the Ouija and Glass Work, so we all joined together to do Table Tipping.  Many could feel the energies around us with tingles, static engery, coldness.  The table was gently rocking, and guests were being swayed with it, to the point that they started feeling sick.  The table then started moving more, lifting up twice to one side.  The second time we were all touching with just fingertips, then with us all taking our fingers off slowly, leaving just one person touching whilst the table was tipped up to one side.  As the last person took his finger off, the table held there for 2 -3 seconds before very slowly dropping back down to the floor.  I had not experienced that before and was very surprised.  We tried re-balancing the table back in the same position, and each time it fell back down to the floor very quickly.  Very odd.

Group A – With my last group we started with the Table Tipping, and immediately it started moving.  After lots of twists, turns and rotating slowly, we then established a yes & no.  The spirit was someone the group had spoken to earlier.  They went through the names and worked out it was the spirit of Alice.  We asked a few questions, one being how had she passed; an illness, TB, and she was a servant here.  We then moved to the Ouija and continued speaking to Alice:  she was 21, born in 1813, and passed in 1834, and her surname was Turner.

A lovely new venue – and one I look forward to returning to next year!

Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Amherst – 20th May 2016 – Kym

Friday, July 8th, 2016

Fort Amherst ghost hunt 20th May 2016
Chatham, Kent


Area: Upper Gun Floor

Ouija & Table Tipping, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums & Human Pendulum
We started with half the group on Ouija, and the other half on Table Tipping.  We had slight movement on both.  We then tried the Human Pendulum and had the spirit of a male soldier step forward.  He had passed in his 20’s from a head injury.  His wife was also with us.  One of the guests had his name as Archibald.  He had murdered someone, for stealing his money.  He was happily married, who then stepped forward, her name was Elizabeth.  We did try the table tipping again and had a lot of rocking but no more.  We then used the dowsing rods & pendulums, and guests enjoyed exploring and communicating with the spirits.

With my second group again we started with table tipping and had some rocking, one more than another with a lot of spins, rocking and walking across the room to where the spirit was standing, after hearing noises from that area.  We then all tried the very large table and was able to get a lot of movement, rocking rapidly, tipping up and holding to one side when asked.  Two guests at one end of the table both had blowing in their ears at the same time.  Jenny (guest) kept feeling like someone was pulling on her trousers.  We tried the Ouija and had the spirit of Edgar, from 1943 aged 23.  He was pushed down the stairs here in this room and died of a head injury.  The man that pushed him was having an affair with his wife.  People have experienced being pushed on these stairs.  Was this the reason why?  His wife Charlotte who was a nurse, had tried to make him better.  Others were using the rods & pendulums to communicate with the spirits, a male spirit confirmed he was the one that had moved the large table.

With my last group we had a little movement on the Ouija & table tipping, but not enough to communicate.  Tried the large table and had some gently rocking.  Used the rods & pendulums for a short while, but everyone wanted to try the human pendulum.  We had a spirit come through that had known Mark (guest).  He was able to communicate with him.
In the free session I joined Mark and his family in the Salle Port, we started with table tipping and had some slight movement.  We then switched to glass work, and with a yes & no established communicated with the spirit with us.  We were hearing noises around us, and did hear and feel a breath.
A great night at Fort Amherst again!

Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Explosion Museum – 14th May 2016 – Steve

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 14th May 2016
Gosport, Hampshire


As a team we love visiting this venue, because we have so much space and buildings for us and our guests to investigate, because we have not used all the buildings for all the activities that we undertake yet.

Being that the group was a small group (which is normal in the summer months) we didn’t split the group and instead each team member held their session with everyone present.

The first session was my séance session, which I chose to hold in a building that I have used before; C Mag, an old magazine room (for storing explosives).

A male spirit by the name of Roger joined us, he was aged in his late 30s or early 40s and an older gent aged in his late 50s who was a Navy Officer and in uniform.

Both these spirits were able to push people and manipulate us with a little force, one guest spent most of the session being pushed forwards or pulled backwards. At one point just about everyone had been pushed to the floor.

The second session was a joint table tilting and Ouija board session. Both activities took a while before anything useful was encountered and the table tilting eventually got going after a lot of encouragement. There is an excerpt of this at

On the Ouija board we eventually had some contact with a slave or a person who was forced to work and a young boy called Timothy who was 15 or 16 years old and also working at Priddy’s Hard. (now the site of the Explosion Museum)

The third session we let the guests loose with our gadgets in the old Admin building, this is a popular building for this activity as the building is big enough to allow the guests to roam from room to room and they may encounter different spirits in different parts of the building.

The fourth session was a Human Pendulum session in the Grand Magazine where guests were able to ask spirit questions and feel the spirit move them.

After this session all guests were able to explore the buildings and carry out their own ghost hunt. During this time guests could borrow our ghost hunting equipment.

This was another excellent ghost hunt with some good personal paranormal evidence encountered by the guests in various parts of the site using a whole manner of different activities. We look forward to our return in August.

Watch the event videos at

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