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Colchester Town Hall – 5th November 2016 – Kym

Colchester Town Hall ghost hunt 5th November 2016
Colchester, Essex

The town hall in Colchester is a fantastic venue, many areas to explore from the basement to council chambers and offices, to the flat on the top floor, with a lot of interaction from spirit.

I was on the top floor doing a séance circle and human pendulum, and we started of with the circle and having some gentle movement for some, a bit more energetic for others.  When we did the pendulum we were able to communicate with spirit, and found out that initially we were talking to a male spirit, then we had a 13 year old girl who was his daughter.  Her name was Sarah, and she and her mother were witches.  She was brought to Colchester to be burned at the stake, and her father was the one that started the fire.  Some people in the circle were feeling heat, others were feeling coldness.  We had asked spirit to make a noise in the room, and just as we were finishing there was a very loud bang on a table leaning up against a wall, which made many jump!

With my second group we had a little movement in the séance circle, but then switched to the pendulum.  The spirit that was with us had come with the group from the previous table tipping session.  Gareth (team) had been with that group too and had joined us.  The spirit was Charlie age 56/57 and had worked as a prison guard at the town hall.  One guest wanted to know how he passed, so I asked everyone to clear their minds, and I asked Charlie to give the last feeling/pain he had before he passed.  One guest felt a pain in their chest, and yes Charlie had passed with a heart attack.  Charlie had passed in 1923, and had fought in France in WW1.  He was married with three children, but had a fallen in love with an English nurse whilst at war.  She had died there and Charlie was heart broken.  He did come home to his family, and did tell his wife of his sadness.  The next spirit that joined us was someone from our kit session at the start of the evening.  We had the following information come through on the Ovilus: Jim Murphy shoot, and the spirit that was with us was Jim Murphy.  He had shot someone, then he had been shot in the head.  He had passed age 28.  We felt this energy was very strong so switched back to a seance circle, and asked the spirit of Jim to move us.  Initially we had some very gentle arm movement, then noticing some were being pushed/pulled down to the floor, I asked spirit to push everyone down, and yes we were all pushed down to the floor!  When I asked spirit to move us all back and step away as our session had finished, we all returned to our original positions.

A fantastic night, with all the guests interacting with the spirits brilliantly, and therefore all having some lovely personal experiences.

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