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Landguard Fort – 22nd October 2016 – Kym

Landguard Fort ghost hunt 22nd October 2016
Felixstowe, Suffolk

Landguard Fort is a fantastically large fort and all the team love coming here, for the sheer size of the place and still so many areas to explore.

During the séance sessions we had some great activity with spirit moving many of the guests in all different directions, from the surprise of guests when their arms moved up and not being able to move them from those positions, to being pushed down on to the floor with much laughter from all those wondering why they were in that position and unable to move.  The spirit(s) seemed extremely playful and full of energy.  During these sessions we were hearing noises throughout the tunnels that we couldn’t identify, whistles heard when asking spirit to copy us, coldness and tingles were being felt when spirit was near us, and at one point we had a beautiful bat flying above our heads.  In one session we also did a human pendulum and had a lovely spirit of Doris with us.

In the kit sessions we were using Ghost Pro’s, KII’s, SB7, Dowsing Rods & Pendulums.  The guests enjoyed using the different types of equipment, and was able to communicate with the spirits present.  In one session a noise was heard that sounded like a chair being scraped across the floor, but no-one was near that chair.

In the ouija and table tipping sessions there was a lot of activity and spirits coming forward to communicate.  At the end of the night we finished with an extremely active table tipping session in an upstairs room, with the table tipping and spinning on request.

Great night!
Kym, Sean & Gareth
Paranormal Investigators
Ghost Hunt Events

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