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Red Lion Hotel – 1st October 2016 – Kym

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 1st October 2016
Colchester, Essex

Area: Cellar
Equipment: Table Tipping, Dowsing Rods & Pendulums
With all my groups, we started by using the dowsing rods & pendulums, and everyone could communicate with spirit, and some were feeling the presence of spirit too.  We would often ask spirit to point the rods to where they were standing, and we could back that up by feeling their presence.  One time we would move around the area, still sensing the spirit behind us and the rods would continue to move with us.  With the Table Tipping we were all getting some movement, with my first and last group we did ask spirit to copy our taps and whistles, and both times we had a response back.  One guest also felt a cold touch to his face from where we heard the whistle.  In my last group, we asked spirit to rotate all the pendulums clockwise if he wanted to join us for table tipping, and to our surprise they all did.  Whilst table tipping in that last session we asked spirit to walk the table to where he was standing, of which it did, and in that area the guests could feel coldness there.  With such a strong response on the table, using yes & no movements, we could communicate with the spirit.  At one point Janet (guest) asked a question that the spirit did not like (did you murder someone?) and the table walked rapidly to her taking her very much by surprise!  We continued to communicate with this spirit into the free session, and with Mike’s (guest) knowledge on the history of Colchester, we established this spirit was a Parliamentarian Soldier who fought in the 1648 Colchester Siege.  He felt responsible for the murder of his troops he sent to fight.  At this point, everyone felt an immense sadness.  We asked if he had passed to the other side, he answered no.  We asked if he needed help to pass over, and the table rocked to yes and no.  At this point we asked the spirit to go to the light, do not be frightened, and you will not be judged.  And immediately we all felt his presence go.  Thank you to Group A for sharing that experience with me – very special.

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