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Sandford Mill – 17th September 2016 – Kym

Sandford Mill ghost hunt 17th September 2016
Chelmsford, Essex

Area: Barn
Ouija & Table Tipping
With our first group we had gently rocking with the table in the main area and the classroom, but not much more.  We could feel the energies of the spirit(s) around us.  With the Ouija we had the spirit of Gert with us.  She was 12 years old and took a dislike to our camera person Jason.  She said he reminded her of her gov (governer).  Jason thought he felt someone touch his bum, when he asked if it was her she spelt “YUK”.  When Jason asked if she died of a heart attack she spelt “STUPID”.  She then spelt “JASON” and moved the glass to goodbye, telling him to go as she stayed with us.  We asked what year she was from and had “45”.  Wasn’t sure what century though.
With the second group we had very little information on the Ouija: Stuart 1935 & Christine 1956.  With the Table Tipping there was some movement in the classroom, but when we moved to the main room there was a lot more movement.  The table was being moved by a female, however there was the presence of a male spirit in the room who she didn’t like.  She was a working girl and he was her boss.  We were feeling his presence by coldness, tingles and also headaches. We felt they were from the 1800’s.  The table moved a lot, but would stop when we felt him move closer.  However with a lot of encouragement from those on the table we was able to experience some brilliant table moving.
With our last group we had the spirit of Desmond from 1945.  He said he was a code breaker and a spy, and had a connection with Bletchley Park, and possibly the buildings here.  The table was moving a lot also, with many spins and walking around the hall.  The more we encouraged spirit, the move movement we had.
In my free session I joined Gareth on his Tech Session in the Water Filtration Building.  After handing out equipment, explaining how things worked, everyone went of to explore this very large building.  We did come across one spirit called James Wright “Jimmy”. He was age 40 – 50 yrs, and had worked here.  He had fallen over some railings into a tank.  Gareth was feeling a sudden pain in his lower back, when we asked sprit to take the pain away it immediately went.  Jimmy confirmed this was his pain when he fell.  He also said he had died 6.5 hours later and was buried in the grounds.  Gareth had had the word compound on the Ovilus earlier, and Jimmy confirmed that was where he was secretly buried.  But amazingly for me I saw a ball of mist move down towards us then move back away.  Then a few minutes later saw it again.  We asked Jimmy if that was him and he said yes.  We could also feel his energy around us too.  On the Ovilus I had the word “cough”, and a little while later we all heard a cough but it was none of us.
A brilliant night at Sandford Mill – cannot wait to return.

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