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Fort Borstal – 12th November 2016 – Kym

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 12th November 2016
Rochester, Kent

Very atmospheric tonight with low mist on this dark night, making the fort look just that little bit more spooky.  We started with our first groups with Sean doing Kit in the Counterscarp Gallery, and myself doing Ouija and Glass Work in the Cartridge Store.  In Sean’s sessions they noticed a blue halo around the Edi Meter, and white flashes in the corner of a room, and the pendulums were very active with guests enjoying how fast they were rotating, and changing direction when requesting.  In my first sessions with glass work and ouija we spoke to a female aged over 50 in the 1940′ or 1960’s, did not like men, had possibly been raped and had a child.  She had not passed over as she still visits her daughter and grand-children.  She lived in Rochester when alive.  Her name was Ellie (short for Eleanor) and had committed suicide here at the fort.  We were feeling like we were being touched, and hearing unexplained noises.  We did finish with a glass work session near the entrance, and the spirit with us said he was Sergeant Andrews.  His energy was incredibly strong and said he would join us later.

With our next sessions Sean was doing Table Tipping in the Caponier, and I was in the Officers Mess doing a Séance Circle and Human Pendulum.  In Sean’s sessions the Table Tipping was incredible with the table tipping, spinning and walking around the room.  They did have an odd smell of fruit, saw a mist and heard a scurry on the floor – no animals located!  They did also tap on the table and heard taps back twice.  With myself we had some movement in the séance circle’s, and felt coldness and tingles on our hands when being moved,  but had more results from the pendulums.  We had Sergeant Andrews with us again, he had been killed in battle on the Somme by a German soldier, and did not have a grave.  He was not married and had no children.  He liked both men and women.  We also had the spirit of a woman who had worked at the fort as a chef.  She had been hurt by Sgt Andrews, and had hung herself.  We asked if she had a message for us – yes – “Be aware of men!”

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