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Red Lion Hotel – 27th January 2017 – Steve

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 27th January 2017
Colchester, Essex

It is a rare occasion when I feel threatened or intimidated by spirit, but this particular event in room 7 there was an unpleasant atmosphere. The group that I took in here for a séance started out as lacklustre in energy although the spirit was present he gave his name as Brian and that he passed away in the 1980s. He said he was a local man who often visited the Red Lion Hotel. He didn’t give any other information, but he looked to be in his early 50s. Brian could move some of the guest’s arms and push and pull people by their arms. He was able to pull most of the group to the floor in the second group.
Suddenly, the spirit showed us his true nature. I saw what I can only describe as a “dirty old man”, one of the guests looked in the same direction as I did and promptly screamed as she saw something sitting in the chair and it scared her.
As it turned out Brian was a nasty man who would bring you girls and boys back to his room at the hotel, he was never challenged or arrested for his crimes although he didn’t say how he passed away.
The atmosphere that was in this room scared me and most of the guests. No-one really wanted to spend any time in this room, many guests wanted to leave the room immediately but I wanted the spirit to react or say something on my voice recorder. (Nothing was heard from the spirit during the recording).
Whilst this was a fascinating experience for me, as I have been a professional ghost hunter for 13 years but this is probably only the second time in all those years where I too didn’t feel comfortable in a haunted bedroom.
The rest of the ghost hunt was a good night with the scrying being exciting for some of the guests as strange photos were taken in the room.
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