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Red Lion Hotel – 27th January 2017 – Kym

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 27th January 2017
Colchester, Essex

Area: Tudor Room
Equipment: Dowsing Rods & Pendulums, Glass Work and Human Pendulum
With my first group we started with the rods & pendulums, and all were able to communicate with various male & female spirits.  We then switched to the human pendulum and some of the spirits continued to talk with us, the first being a male who had worked here.  He had died within the last 100 years aged over 70.  He was married with children.  Louise (guest) suddenly had back pain and wanted to go into the circle next to find out why.  The spirit confirmed this was his pain when he passed.  He had fallen and hurt his back and died, it was an accident.  I felt someone touch my back, spirit confirmed that was him.  We asked spirit to tell us his name, and immediately Louise said “John” in a male voice.  When we asked her after, she had no recollection of saying that.  Louise had also seen visions; the spirit had been outside this window on a ladder cleaning when he fell.  We then tried glasswork, initially we had John for a while.  Then we had a spirit that said they knew Caroline (guest).  Asking all the obvious questions drew a blank, then Caroline remembered seeing a solid white shadow earlier in this room.  Spirit confirmed that was them, however did not give us any more information.  Then the glass started moving a lot stronger, and it felt familiar to me – this was “Alice”.  She did not wish to communicate any further, just seem to revel in moving the glass with a lot of energy around the table.  Moving the glass how we asked, and even surprising us by rotating the glass all around the edge of the round table very fast.

With my second group, we again had communication with the spirits by using the rods & pendulums, then the human pendulum.  First, we had the male spirit of Peter who had died of TB.  Then we had the spirit of Philip Robert who was in the military.  He had been very young when he joined the arm and had lied about his age.  He had fought in WW1 at the Somme.  He had returned mentally scarred from war but had recovered.  After the war, he had worked in an office in the South.  He had passed in the (1940s) forties age around 30.  Stuart (guest) suddenly had a pain in his back.  I asked spirit to make that pain stronger which it did.  Then once we had acknowledged it, we asked spirit to take the pain away, and to Stuart’s surprise it immediately went.
Again a fantastic night at the Red Lion.

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