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Sandford Mill – 25th February 2017 – Kym

Sandford Mill ghost hunt 25th February 2017
Chelmsford, Essex

Area: Museum/Marconi Buildings
Kit & Human Pendulum

With each group, I explained how to use the equipment ie. Ghost Pro’s, KII’s, Dowsing Rods and Pendulums.  Once understood we all explored the area’s and used our devices to communicate with spirit.  We were also using the Ovilus, Edi, Static Detector and Bear.  In our first group, we had positive interaction with all the equipment, with the temperature increasing when the bear said ” is it getting hot in here”, the lights on the bear going off detecting spirit presence, at the same time the Edi and Static Detector would light up.  Upstairs some guests had stood their big heavy torch on a table, and the torch fell over when no-one was near.  In our last group whilst using the kit we had the spirit of a girl age 6 called Sophie.  She was drawn to the teddy, and many times lit the teddy up, especially when we asked her to step near or touch it.

Whilst doing the human pendulum, in the first group we had the spirit of Michael Andrews with us, age 26 from 1856.  He was murdered, had been pushed in the river by a supposed friend, because of jealousy, and had drowned.  Sarah (guest) whilst in the middle had a bad head pain.  We asked Michael if he had hurt his head, and he said yes.  Michael had worked here in the corn mill.  He was not too tall, shorter than James (guest) and had blond hair.  We were hearing unexplained noises/bangs around us.  And Matt (guest) was feeling coldness around him a few times.

In the second group, we had the spirit of a boy called Thomas aged under 10.  His daddy had worked here in the water mill, and he had come to work with his dad.  When he had grown up he had done a different job, had got married and had children.  He showed himself to us as the age he was when connected to this building.  He was blond with blue eyes.
In the third group Michael returned to explain why his ‘friend’ had pushed him in the river.  Michael had been dating his sister, and his friend had not been happy about it.

A fantastic night with lots of interaction with the spirits, all of us experiencing something, the guests enjoying the connections they had made.  It was great to see the guests being able to pick up on the spirits, their feelings, their names, and how they may have looked.  For me when Thomas came through as a 10-year-old boy, but had not died then, and had grown to be an adult, that was a first for me.  I love being surprised.

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