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Fort Amherst – 20th May 2016 – Kym

Fort Amherst ghost hunt 20th May 2016
Chatham, Kent


Area: Upper Gun Floor

Ouija & Table Tipping, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums & Human Pendulum
We started with half the group on Ouija, and the other half on Table Tipping.  We had slight movement on both.  We then tried the Human Pendulum and had the spirit of a male soldier step forward.  He had passed in his 20’s from a head injury.  His wife was also with us.  One of the guests had his name as Archibald.  He had murdered someone, for stealing his money.  He was happily married, who then stepped forward, her name was Elizabeth.  We did try the table tipping again and had a lot of rocking but no more.  We then used the dowsing rods & pendulums, and guests enjoyed exploring and communicating with the spirits.

With my second group again we started with table tipping and had some rocking, one more than another with a lot of spins, rocking and walking across the room to where the spirit was standing, after hearing noises from that area.  We then all tried the very large table and was able to get a lot of movement, rocking rapidly, tipping up and holding to one side when asked.  Two guests at one end of the table both had blowing in their ears at the same time.  Jenny (guest) kept feeling like someone was pulling on her trousers.  We tried the Ouija and had the spirit of Edgar, from 1943 aged 23.  He was pushed down the stairs here in this room and died of a head injury.  The man that pushed him was having an affair with his wife.  People have experienced being pushed on these stairs.  Was this the reason why?  His wife Charlotte who was a nurse, had tried to make him better.  Others were using the rods & pendulums to communicate with the spirits, a male spirit confirmed he was the one that had moved the large table.

With my last group we had a little movement on the Ouija & table tipping, but not enough to communicate.  Tried the large table and had some gently rocking.  Used the rods & pendulums for a short while, but everyone wanted to try the human pendulum.  We had a spirit come through that had known Mark (guest).  He was able to communicate with him.
In the free session I joined Mark and his family in the Salle Port, we started with table tipping and had some slight movement.  We then switched to glass work, and with a yes & no established communicated with the spirit with us.  We were hearing noises around us, and did hear and feel a breath.
A great night at Fort Amherst again!

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