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Old Forde House – 11th March 2017 – Steve

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Old Forde House ghost hunt 11th March 2017
Newton Abbot, Devon

When we are walking around the venue deciding on which team member is going to be in which room we all heard noises, voices and footsteps. This made Carol (the night custodian) very nervous, but to us this is reasonably normal and created the right kind of mood for the evening that awaited us.

The room that I chose for my sessions used to be a bedroom (upstairs at the end of the house) and on all three sessions spirit joined us.

The first session was a male spirit called Richard, who was in his early 30s. He was a footman for the house and said that he was here in 1855.
He could lift peoples’ arms and move people in just about any way anyone asked him to do. However most of the movements were pulling people by their arms or pushing them to the floor. This was very amusing for everyone.

The second session there was a female spirit called Miss Bossingham, she was dressed in an Edwardian dress and she carried a parasol. There was also a male spirit called Clive who was a golfer (dressed in golfing attire) from the 1920s and every so often another male spirit who was an Army Officer from the First World War just kept popping in.

With all these spirits there was no noticeable movement, the spirits just wanted to be noticed it seemed.

The third session we were joined by Richard (from the first session) and Miss Bossingham and Clive (from the second session). After a slow start, there was lots of arm movement, touching and pulling people to the floor.

This was a very enjoyable ghost hunt with lots of paranormal activity reported by the guests. We are looking forward to our return visit in September.

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Old Forde House – 9th July 2016 – Kym

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Old Forde House ghost hunt 9th July 2016
Newton Abbot, Devon

Equipment: Ouija, Glass Work & Table Tipping

Group B – We started with one group on the Ouija, and another group with Glass Work.  The group with the Ouija had a girl aged 4 from possibly 1967 or 1867.  She couldn’t spell, and gave her initials as P T.  We asked if she could see how many of us were there, and she answered 7 which was correct.  With the glass work the group had an older female lady that visited here.  She lived in Newton Abbott within the last 100 years.  She came here for a celebration that she disapproved of.

Group C – With this group we had not received much from the Ouija and Glass Work, so we all joined together to do Table Tipping.  Many could feel the energies around us with tingles, static engery, coldness.  The table was gently rocking, and guests were being swayed with it, to the point that they started feeling sick.  The table then started moving more, lifting up twice to one side.  The second time we were all touching with just fingertips, then with us all taking our fingers off slowly, leaving just one person touching whilst the table was tipped up to one side.  As the last person took his finger off, the table held there for 2 -3 seconds before very slowly dropping back down to the floor.  I had not experienced that before and was very surprised.  We tried re-balancing the table back in the same position, and each time it fell back down to the floor very quickly.  Very odd.

Group A – With my last group we started with the Table Tipping, and immediately it started moving.  After lots of twists, turns and rotating slowly, we then established a yes & no.  The spirit was someone the group had spoken to earlier.  They went through the names and worked out it was the spirit of Alice.  We asked a few questions, one being how had she passed; an illness, TB, and she was a servant here.  We then moved to the Ouija and continued speaking to Alice:  she was 21, born in 1813, and passed in 1834, and her surname was Turner.

A lovely new venue – and one I look forward to returning to next year!

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