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Ouija board

Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

Ouija Board

This is the marmite of the industry. So many people will instantly say “No, not doing one of those” or “My Grandma/Mum told me never to use one” or “I’ll watch”
Most of the time there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. TV and Hollywood have made these boards out to be a dangerous device. Many people ask, “Are they dangerous?” Our answer is “Is a gun dangerous?” and the answer to that question is “Depends who’s holding it”. Like any tool for any job an untrained person using the tool could possibly hurt themselves and others unknowingly or by accident.

No matter what tool is being used to contact the spirit world, there are dangers and politeness and respect go along way. Using a Ouija board is no different than using a KII meter. It is just another tool we use to contact the spirit world. So long as a Ouija board is used in the proper way and the questions asked are sensible then there is every likelihood the answers will be useful and to the point. We have had some amazing evidence given from a Ouija board, information that we could verify and lookup. This is the point of using a Ouija board, because you have the ability given patience to get a full answer from the spirits. There is no need to guess the answer, you just have to wait for the spirit to answer the question.

Due to the nature of the device and using either a glass or a planchette to get the answer (letter or number) there is always the possibility to misinterpret the answer because either the glass is over two letters or number of the planchette is not pointing directly at the letter/number. However with practise these imperfections can be overcome and the answer to the question can “feel” right or wrong.

Sometimes we have connections to spirits that are very well educated and you know that they will be able to impart their knowledge by using a Ouija board as this gives the best form of quality of evidence. The answer to questions is immediate and with our technology (mobile phones) it is possible to look up information and verify claims quickly. This is quite rare but it does happen from time to time and we have had answers to what seemed to be impossible questions answered via a Ouija board.

Ouija boards come in all sizes and shapes and we have a number of different boards and a Ouija table. There is no best or perfect board, however we do like the board designed by Lisa Parker Nemesis Now. These have a grippy surface to the board and the planchette so that it makes it difficult for someone to push the planchette. They are reasonably priced at about £15-20 including postage and are 38cm square in design. There are several places that you can buy Ouija boards including from Amazon or eBay.

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