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EDI Meter

Thursday, July 16th, 2020

EDI Meter

An EDI Meter combines several meters into one device. It has a thermometer, an EMF meter and a Geophone. There is nothing remarkable about this device, but it does cut down on the amount of kit (and batteries!) that need to be brought on an investigation. It saves have three separate devices to measure the three elements. An EDI is quite a large device, certainly not designed to be in the pocket but this is not the purpose of the device. It should be placed on a table or in a part of the room or space being investigated so that it can be seen periodically. It can be useful to know if the temperature has increased or decreased as well as a spike in EMF energy at the moment that someone in the room heard/saw/felt something or if other meters detect a change.

Like all EMF meters, they are prone to other devices like mobile phones, hearing aid loops and electricity and will pick up these signals with ease. The built in Geophone is very useful as this converts noise into a visual display, so if this lights up when placed in a quiet area or in a locked off room then this would be an excellent device to see the noise if it was inaudible at the time.

We like the EDI because of the compact nature of the device, the build quality is excellent as well as the rugged look and it combines several meters in one device. The new model has a pressure sensor, a humidity sensor and a data logger which for paranormal investigations make this useful to download the data.

This is a purpose-built device for the paranormal and is only available from the US, Ghost Stop is an authorised seller and the cost is $200

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Landguard Fort – 30th January 2016 – Louise

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Landguard Fort ghost hunt 30th January 2016
Felixstowe, Suffolk


Equipment: Tech and Gadgets

Started the sessions in an area with 3 adjoining rooms, in the first room a male and female energy came through on the ghost pro. The male went on to tell us that he was in his 30’s and worked at the fort as soldier. The female energy told us that she worked as a nurse looking after the soldiers when wounded. All of a sudden a cold sensation was felt on the face f one of the guests and he felt very light headed. As this occurred, the door that joined the two rooms slammed very loudly. We then moved into the second room where Sean (team) had set up the laser grid to face the door that slammed. All the guests said the witnessed the lights going out at the bottom of the door as if someone was standing in front of it.

The second session was amazing as we all gathered in the bigger room because as soon as we entered the room we could here the EDI machine (EMF, Thermometer and Geophone) going off. Also all the K2’s were going off in sequence throughout the whole session and the temperature dropped significantly. Asking spirit to slam the door again as it did in the first session, it did so and at the exact same time a guest got pushed forcefully from behind. Two guests the stood against the wall so they could see if anyone in anyway were slamming the door. As they stood against the wall both felt like they were being pulled into the wall, with one guest literally pinned against the wall unable to move.

In the third session there was very little activity, so it was decided that we all move to the communication room. Setting up the equipment all the K2’s went off in sequence but only going up to amber. Gareth (guest) decided with some other members of the group to go into one of the smaller rooms leading off from the gun room. The K2 immediately lit up to red and remained on red. It was then decided that they try and get one of the heavy information plaques to start to tip. Immediately upon asking spirit to join us and move the table it started to rock back and forth really forcefully slowly moving round the room in a circle. All the way through the session the K2 that I was holding, spirit constantly lit up taking the lights right up to red and holding them there.

Louise and Sean
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