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EDI Meter

EDI Meter

An EDI Meter combines several meters into one device. It has a thermometer, an EMF meter and a Geophone. There is nothing remarkable about this device, but it does cut down on the amount of kit (and batteries!) that need to be brought on an investigation. It saves have three separate devices to measure the three elements. An EDI is quite a large device, certainly not designed to be in the pocket but this is not the purpose of the device. It should be placed on a table or in a part of the room or space being investigated so that it can be seen periodically. It can be useful to know if the temperature has increased or decreased as well as a spike in EMF energy at the moment that someone in the room heard/saw/felt something or if other meters detect a change.

Like all EMF meters, they are prone to other devices like mobile phones, hearing aid loops and electricity and will pick up these signals with ease. The built in Geophone is very useful as this converts noise into a visual display, so if this lights up when placed in a quiet area or in a locked off room then this would be an excellent device to see the noise if it was inaudible at the time.

We like the EDI because of the compact nature of the device, the build quality is excellent as well as the rugged look and it combines several meters in one device. The new model has a pressure sensor, a humidity sensor and a data logger which for paranormal investigations make this useful to download the data.

This is a purpose-built device for the paranormal and is only available from the US, Ghost Stop is an authorised seller and the cost is $200

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