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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 31-5-2014

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 31st May 2014
Colchester, Essex

This was our third visit to the Red Lion Hotel in 2014 and with different team members attending I was personally hoping for a different ghost hunt. My sessions however were much the same but to be honest I wasn’t expecting a change.

The cellar itself doesn’t change however the spirit that we have encountered here all seem to be from a particular period in history, this I find odd and unusual because there should be no reason for this.

The first group to the cellar we met a male spirit called George who was from the 1920s, very well dressed gentleman about 5’9” and aged in his 30s. Asking George to touch and move guests resulted in some very quick and unusual movements felt by the guests. Many of the guests were pushed in a circular motion or rocked gently from side to side. Some people were pushed down towards the floor and two guests found that their limbs didn’t work as expected, with one guest unable to move her knees and the other being made to lift one of her feet. This proved very funny with the people who weren’t being affected!

During the séance we all heard a number of noises that sounded unusual or unexplainable, considering I have held about twenty ghost hunts at the Red Lion Hotel, I know what most of the “normal” sounds are and what causes them. This sound however was different, it sounded very similar to someone opening a can of carbonated drink within the same room as us or discharging an old fashioned soda bottle. The soda bottle was more likely because the cellar had a few old bottles which were being sent for recycling, these old soda bottles had been in the cellar for many years, one of the members of staff said that they were in the cellar when they started working at the hotel, 16 years ago, was the spirit letting us know he was there by manipulating these?

The second group to the cellar we were joined by Michael a spirit who was 71 years old and someone that I have seen on several occasions, he is a very jovial character and likes to “play” but only with the right people. Unfortunately this group wasn’t the right group of people for this activity and whilst some people felt their arms being moved, others didn’t.

The third group to the cellar were the right people for Michael to play with and we were joined by Annabel who was wearing a Georgian style dress. Annabel was in her 20s. Plus George the spirit the first group met also joined us. Between the three spirits, although it was mostly Michael and George the guests were pushed, and pulled backwards, swayed and rocked as well as their arms being lifted and moved, mostly on command and several times the sensation and the feeling of being pulled down to the floor by our arms and hands.

This was another excellent ghost hunt with the majority of the guests having some form of paranormal encounter which they thoroughly enjoyed but couldn’t necessarily explain.

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Marwell Hall ghost hunt – 29-3-2014

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Marwell Hall ghost hunt 29th March 2014
Winchester, Hampshire

It is to not often that we see Flamingos, Hippos, Rhinoceros’, Leopards and other wild animals on our ghost hunts, but Marwell Hall is inside a wildlife park and this was a first for us. When asking for spirit to make a noise we were not used to hearing Tigers or Hippos calling out to each other!

The Hall itself used to be a house for the landowner and there are many stories about ghostly activities. The staff who now work in the building often report strange goings on especially after a ghost hunt.

Our ghost hunt was the first one of 2014 and whilst we didn’t know what to expect, when it is dark the place takes on a whole different atmosphere. The only stipulation by the Park Management is that no-one is allowed to go outside on their own, just in case an animal escapes!

I chose a room on the first floor because when I visited in the day time I liked this room, I didn’t know why at the time. Now I like the room even more!

The first group to this room we formed a séance circle near to the door and I asked for spirit to join us. We were first joined by a gardener chap who was called Thomas dressed in a tweed suit, aged in his early 50s and he told me he passed in 1927 with what we would call alcohol poisoning.

During the séance there was some gentle arm movement but nothing that I would call exciting as it was very minor.

As I was explaining what the guests needed to do to help the spirit move them a female spirit joined us, she was called Victoria, aged 22 and was dressed in a Edwardian gown. She was very shy but nevertheless she stood by the window until one or two of the guests noticed her.

The only odd thing to happen in this session was a square bottomed torch that was placed on the table fell or was moved off the table. When it hit the floor this made most people jump as it was not a small torch. A little later on I happen to notice that the tablecloth was on the floor. This was odd because no-one could pull it off the table because we were holding hands, it wasn’t long enough for someone to tread on and it didn’t fall off the table when the torched moved and no-one was close enough to touch the table.

The second group to this room we still had both spirits; Thomas and Victoria who were very capable of moving people and as soon as we formed a séance they moved the majority of peoples arms and progressed quickly to touching people’s shoulders, faces and hair. Others were swayed and pushed forwards as well as pulled backwards.

People either side of me and me were pulled to the floor my our hands and quite often when asking to be let back up, the spirit would only allow us to partially stand up, this became extremely painful before pulling us back down again. Twice my hands were moved away from me as if the spirit wanted to push me face down on the floor, however they were thankfully unsuccessful.

Carl (GHE team) was filming this session and he was sitting in a chair by the window, he placed a park radio (walkie talkie) on the table in front of him. Both his hands were holding the camera, yet the radio fell on to the floor. To me this seemed odd because both the radio and the torch from the first session could not roll off the table, no-one touched the table, nor bumped into it and yet both items fell onto the floor. This time though the table cloth stayed on the table.

There was also periodically a young boy spirit who I could sense running around, he only came into the room once and he was about 6 or 7 years old, wearing a grey school uniform and a school cap.

Lots of strange noises were heard throughout our session, some of the noises sounded like someone walking down a corridor, however the room we were in, was a mezzanine level and no corridor outside the room. The only corridor was six steps up and no-one was on that floor. There were other noises which sounded similar to the door banging at the bottom of the stairs, but every time Carl went to check no-one was seen walking about so we don’t know if it was the door or not. (We’ll have to wait to our return visit in October 2014 to find out)

The third group to the room Thomas was still present and made himself know as soon as I started the séance. He quickly pushed and pulled people, lifted their arms and twisted people by their arms. This time there wasn’t much dragging to the floor by our arms, although it did happen once or twice. Thomas was more interested in pushing people and pulling them backwards, sometimes across the room.

At one point he pushed two guests backwards onto the table so that they were laying on the table, neither of whom found this much fun because from the rest of our perspectives it looked painful and both need help to stand back upright.

There may have been noises whilst we were holding the séance but we didn’t hear any because of the amount of movement we were experiencing.

After these controlled sessions the guests were allowed to go into any of the rooms that we had used plus a couple of other rooms that we didn’t use to hold their own ghost hunt. During this free session our guests can use our ghost hunting equipment.

I joined a group in one of the downstairs rooms and there was a military spirit present although I’m not entirely sure which Army regiment as he never actually told me, just pointed to his shoulder badge. I haven’t been able to find this badge so I don’t know what he did, although he was a Sergeant Major.

Whilst I was in the room some very unusual noises were heard and we have no idea what could have caused them as one of the noises sounded like someone tapping on the window, yet this venue has window shutters which we closed before the event started.

When talking to the Events Co-ordinator about what I experienced in the room that I held séances, mainly the objects “falling” off the table, she told me that this happens frequently in this room and especially happens when the staff are in the building on their own, yet no-one has seen it happen it just occurs.

We as a team cannot wait to return in October 2014 to see if the same things happen again and maybe next time we’ll record some EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voices).

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 22-3-2014

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 22nd March 2014
Chatham, Kent

This event was our first public event of the year at Fort Horsted, the week before we held a special invitation only event for our frequent customers, but since this was a public event many of the guests probably didn’t know what to expect. Fortunately we have done many ghost hunts at this Fort to know where the best areas to get ghostly activity or for the guests to experience the activity.

We usually hold three one hour sessions so that all guests can experience different parts of the fort with different team members doing different activities. So I chose the furthest area away from all the other groups; a room which is right at the edge of the fort.

We were joined quite quickly by a spirit called Philip, he was a Doctor from the 1880s and 37 years old.

When asking Philip to move us as we were standing in a séance circle James (guest) who was next to me could feel Philip’s energy and the fact that James was swaying or rather being pulled backwards, to fight this sensation James was pulling himself back upright. James found this a little unnerving to start with but like all things the more he got used to the sensation the easier it became for Philip to move him.

Whilst James was being pulled back lots of guests experienced their arms being moved and unfortunately for the people either side of me, my hands were often dragged to floor and on one occasion the letters P and O were drawn in the dust on the floor.

I asked Philip what the O stood for but didn’t get a response.

As the guests all got used to the sensation Philip was able to move more and more people until everyone had been moved in some way. A few times we all heard the sound of a children’s toy, it sounded like a toy train and immediately after this we all heard a stone being kicked or thrown. Since there are a lot of stones on the floor in the corridor we could not be sure it was thrown at us and because of the acoustics we couldn’t be sure of the direction. But since we were all holding hands it could not have been any of us.

At the end of this session I held an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. There were several responses to people’s questions but not all could be clearly heard, the two clearest ones though can be heard at:- http://youtu.be/d3n7GyJYi7w

The second group to this same area, Philip was still present and in fact he stayed with me in the room all night. Once again arm movement was felt by the majority of the guests relatively quickly as well as some pushing and people being pulled back. This group however were not as nervous as the first group and Philip was able to push people and twist them into some very unusual and sometimes painful positions.

For some reason Philip wanted to touch people’s shoes with whichever hands he was able to move, which meant that some people ended up getting all the dirty dust on their shoes.

During the séance two guests became incapacitated and had to be removed from the séance. Gary (guest) in particular just felt drained and he described the feeling similar to feeling faint.

The third group were very nervous compared to the first two groups, this is usually because my sessions are held in virtual darkness and people feel more vulnerable when they can’t see the walls of the room, let alone where the doorway is.

However Philip still attempted to move people and as the group became more comfortable with their surroundings and what I was trying to achieve (which is to ask the spirit to move people) more people’s arm were being lifted and when a few guests least expected it they were pulled backwards. Two guests though had laughing fits for no reason. This is something which we have encountered before at the Fort although not in this area, but neither of the guests knew why they were laughing and according to their friends this was so out of character for them.

The rest of the time we allow the guests to hold their own ghost hunt or to experience other areas of the Fort under our supervision but not holding set activities.

I joined a group in the Counterscarp Galleries (which is an area that is usually out of bounds) and some guests asked that I do a séance circle. We were joined by a spirit that I had met the previous week called Captain Bell (he pushed people to the floor) and two other spirits who I have seen before although not for a while, they were both prisoners who probably were employed whilst serving their sentence to build the place.

All of these spirits combined their energies to move everyone’s arms although some more than others, which very quickly progressed into people being twisted up and a strange lunging sensation towards people, not always their faces but usually. One guest was “picked on” by the spirit and he was forced to the floor until his head touched the floor. I attributed this to Captain Bell as that is what he did to two people the week before.

This was once again an enjoyable ghost hunt with many guests getting some form of paranormal activity which they could not explain or an experience that they enjoyed.

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Old Police Cells Museum ghost hunt – 01-02-2014

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

The Old Police Cells Museum 1st February 2014
Brighton, East Sussex

On the previous two occasions that we have visited the Old Police Cells the activity has been really great but sporadic with some people getting lots more activity than others and different rooms having different sensations.

However this evening that changed for the better, lots of activity was experienced by the guests in all areas, albeit some of the activity was exceptional.

I had chosen the sub-sub-basement for two reasons, firstly this was the most interesting area to me as it is quite a big space and there are quite a few “active” areas and secondly it was also the coolest area, the temperature down here was a pleasant 15 degrees Celsius. Upstairs it was closer to 25.

On previous occasions there have been two areas where guests have stood on their own and unusual things have happened to them, nothing sinister but also unexpected. I held all my sessions in this area.

The spirit that we present here remained throughout the whole evening with every group, one was a male spirit energy called Tommy in his late-30s who was about 5’10” in height. He also wore a “warehouse” style brown three-quarter length jacket and seemed to be from the early 1900s. He never actually told me the year but I assumed this based on the way he spoke and acted.

The second was a very well dressed man with a large stature, he never told me his name, as he seemed disinterested in telling me. He was about 6’ in height and of a portly build, and he had a full length bushy beard. Wearing a smart three piece black suit, he had the air of authority about him and at first I thought he was a councillor however it later transpired he was a council solicitor who wrote law reports and documents for the council. The area in which we were standing was where all the law report books were stored, some dating back to the early 1800s.

The first group to this area we started a séance circle and almost immediately after I asked for Tommy to move us in some way, Mark (guest) was pushed backwards against the shelving and he stated that he could not lift himself back upright. At around the same time both of my hands started to lift (which is nothing unusual, as spirit usually start with me) Jeanette (guest) however was not expecting this as she was holding my right hand. Kerry (GHE team) who was on my left wasn’t surprised and very quickly Tommy was able to move our arms into more uncomfortable positions!

As Tommy became more confident and more adept at moving us he progressed the activity around the circle with other guests having their hands moved or being gently swayed or rocked, some people were pushed backwards into more of the book shelves.

Whilst all this was happening several of us heard some odd noises, these ranged from footfall sounds to the sound of various things being clicked or dropped and one particularly loud noise which everyone heard, sounded like a pebble being rolled across the floor.

Several times the two people either side of me were dragged (by our arms) to the floor and my hands being dragged across the floor, fortunately there was (this time) a piece of paper on the floor which protected my knuckles from scraping across the floor.

Carl (GHE Team & Camera) was supposed to be filming this session but due to a problem with the camera it just didn’t want to work, so Carl was standing at the end of the shelving looked back towards us. Many time he heard the sound of something around him and every time this was due to the well-dressed solicitor spirit. On one occasion Carl felt a prod in the back of neck. This is something which has happened to other guests who have stood in this spot on previous investigations.

After we finished the séance I asked everyone to stand in between the book shelves as on previous occasions people have felt physical sensations. It is always much better in my opinion when people are not part of a séance circle to be touched or moved as the guests generally cannot find any logical reason for this.

Those guests who stood with their backs near to the wall facing out all felt the same sensation. This was the sensation of being pulled back which can be quite unnerving when standing in total darkness!

Whilst the guests were taking turns to stand in these areas noises kept being heard from the only entrance to this room. It was unfortunate that this wasn’t recorded but this is relatively normal, when good activity happens it is rare to have it filmed.

The second group to this area, we started the séance circle in much the same area, Tommy once again joined us very quickly as did the Solicitor spirit, although he stood closer this time. The two people standing either side of me (both called Emma) felt their arms being gently lifted which surprised them both a little as neither was expecting this to happen so quickly. This very quickly progressed around certain people in the circle and then Tommy started to rock, sway and push people which they were not expecting because all of sudden people would feel their balance go and then would fall into the person standing next to them.

Once again some of the guests were pushed backwards into the book shelves and Emma (the one on my right) was dragged by our arms to the floor again, however this time the sheet of paper wasn’t underneath my hand and my knuckles were dragged across the floor. This wasn’t painful to start with but became painful!

Tommy quickly tired of trying to move some people, however the Solicitor chap stepped in and started to move my arm in a purposeful method (Emma, on the right). I asked the guests to then use our arms as a pointer to ask simple yes and no questions. So a yes was pointing at one person, a no another person.

Several questions were asked by the guests and this is when it transpired that this spirit was a Solicitor, he also didn’t like his job as he found it boring. We also found out that he was a local man who in his day lived in the countryside (now this is part of Brighton) and that he was married and had two boys. Apparently he lived a happy life, but just didn’t enjoy his job.

After quickly looking through the wash room area so that the guests could read some of the macabre stories about the Museum and the murders and criminals who were imprisoned here we finished the session.

The third group, who have attended numerous ghost hunts with us and are collectively called “The Boo Club” I didn’t need to explain what we were about to do. However several people who will remain anonymous were very jumpy looking down to the entrance of the room, they kept saying that it “freaked them out” and none of them really wanted to stand with their backs to the doorway. Both spirits were still present and very quickly started to move and lift our arms, some of the positions were more painful than others and the spirit were able to move the majority of people. Rusty (guest & new member of the Boo Club) stood next to me because he wanted to experience the movements, the rest of the guests had no problem with this as they knew what was going to happen!

Very quickly the whole group were being manipulated and arms twisted and entangled with each other and people forced to move into extremely painful positions, at one point two guests (who usually stand together, Mark & Darren) who this time stood far away from each other each ended up on the floor, both of them were pushed down wards by their heads and both at one point but at different times had their heads touching the floor. Several times various people were pushed into others and at one point most of us were on the floor on top of someone else, this proved to be a lot of amusement for Carl (who was now successfully filming) and the two spirit energies.

In a rare moment when were we all standing upright, after being pulled one by one around the circle, we all heard a loud crash of paperwork, everyone in the room was suddenly very awake and alert and Carl was swearing. This was because a box file of paperwork which was on the top shelf above Carl suddenly fell or jumped from its position on the shelf and landed on the opposite side on the gangway (so really not a fall, as things don’t fall in arcs, unless pushed). Even though it happened in front of Carl it wasn’t recorded because the box file fell above the camera’s view point. Which is a great shame, but you can definitely hear the sound and the resulting swearing on the video!

After we finished getting up from the floor for the fifth or sixth time, I suggested that people stand at the end of the gangways to see if something would happen to them, like the first group. The majority of people who stood in a particular spot all got pushed or pulled, some quite violently, which did unnerve them.

After briefly spending time in the washroom part of this area, as there was a spirit in the wash rooms who didn’t like us and impolitely asked us to leave. He was a Policeman from the 1970s who seemed to have the belief that he was a Policeman “do as I say” not “what I do” personality.

After our controlled sessions finished all guests were allowed then to venture throughout the building and hold their own ghost hunt or participate in activities they enjoyed during our controlled sessions and as always we let them use our ghost hunting equipment.

This was a very enjoyable ghost hunt with the majority of the guests having some form of physical paranormal activity happen to them.

Short videos from this ghost hunt will be available on our YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/GhostHuntEvents

http://youtu.be/ENBLyT8J6qA – table tilting/spinning

A full edited event video on our TV website http://www.ghosthuntevents.tv/event-videos.php shortly.

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Theatre Royal ghost hunt – 18-1-2014

Friday, January 31st, 2014

Theatre Royal ghost hunt 18th January 2014
Margate, Kent

This was the second visit to the Theatre Royal for us, last year we thoroughly enjoyed the venue but didn’t investigate the place to its full extent, this year we corrected that and everyone who attended the event had a great paranormal night, with many unexplained phenomena taking place.

Even before the guests had arrived Carl, Jason and myself had a strange experience in the Green Room (Backstage). Jason was showing us yet another new torch and just as he was about to put it back in his bag he heard a voice say “Hold on to that”, he thought I said it, which I didn’t, I thought Carl had said it, which he didn’t and Carl heard the voice but didn’t know who said it. This we all found very strange!

For the duration of our controlled sessions, which there were three, I had the backstage area, both on the stage and below the stage, although the understage area was the most interesting, back stage had a creepy feel about it one reason for this may be because the stage floor isn’t level which is off putting when standing in virtual darkness.

The first group to the understage we were joined by a male spirit energy called David Askwith who was aged about 25 years old and was from the 1840s era and well dressed in a black three piece suit with a top hat. David was a strange character because whilst he had moments of being a proper gentleman he also had moments of being what we would call simple.

After asking for all our hands to be moved eventually David accomplished this feat, he also took a liking to certain people within the group and those guests received much more activity than anyone else. Shirley was one of these people and David used various guests’ hands to rub her face and tie our arms up, especially with Emma (guest). On various occasions Shirley and I were dragged by our arms towards the floor but didn’t touch the floor that often, just held us in an uncomfortable position. When asking for us to be moved in some other way the majority of the guests were swayed and pushed, some of the guests were swayed in a circular motion whilst other were just swayed forwards and backwards, much to our amusement for those of us who weren’t swayed.

The second group to the understage experienced much greater arm movement which happened before I had even asked for it. David had got the hand of moving us and very quickly this descended into and unusual game of twister! Many of the guests were being manipulated to touch other faces and stomachs and once again David had his favourites, these people were moved in ways which they neither expected nor could resist against and according to Carl (GHE Camera) it looked very odd on camera! The event video will be published before 15th February 2014. Various times half of the guests were dragged by their arms to the floor whilst the other half were lifted by their arms towards the ceiling. This strange game we all found very amusing as no-one could predict which group of people were about to be moved nor how it would affect those who were already being moved.

The third group to the understage area didn’t experience any real movements at all, just some light arm movement between a couple of guests and the same guests feeling a gentle sway. This was generally because when asking the guests to encourage spirit to move them or talk, no-one responded, very few people said anything at all which resulted in nothing much happening to them. I always tell all guests at the start of the ghost hunt that the more they talk and engage with each other the more is likely to happen, standing in virtual silence I can guarantee nothing much will occur, which is exactly what happened with this group.

After we finished our controlled sessions all guests were allowed to wander freely around the venue to hold their own ghost hunt with many guests participating in Ouija board sessions and more table tilting experiments. Some guests just quietly sat in various parts of the building to see if they could experience something paranormal on their own or to watch others participating in an activity. Many guests really enjoyed the ghost hunt and had paranormal activity happen to them that they could not explain or activity that defied logic and physics.

We also really enjoyed the Theatre Royal ghost hunt and are hoping to return to the venue again.

There will be an edited event video published of this event and there are some clips of the table tilting/spinning at:-

The Ghost Hunt Events team consisted of:-
Kym McMillan, Sue Kyle, Jo Titcombe – Paranormal Investigators
Carl Hutchinson & Jason Kyle – Paranormal Investigators and Camera
Steve Moyle – Psychic Medium

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St Augustine’s Priory ghost hunt – 22-11-2013

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

St Augustine’s Priory ghost hunt 22nd November 2013
Bilsington, Kent

This was one ghost hunt which I have been looking forward to for some time, because I held a ghost hunt here many years ago and knew of the potential so I was very keen to explore this venue further. We were not disappointed.

I decided to hold all my sessions in the coldest part of the building, the tower. These two rooms also had many “extras” namely deceased animals of some kind which always puts people’s mind at rest!

After forming a séance circle in one of the more interesting rooms I asked the spirit to step forward and we were immediately joined by Maxwell (Max) an RAF Officer from the Second World War who was stationed at St Augustine’s during the war years. Max was a square build, aged in his late 40s or early 50s, about 5’11” in height, short brown curly hair, and he wore a moustache and talked exactly how you would expect an officer in the RAF to sound.

After asking Max to move people in any way he could, he started moving my arms which quickly progressed to moving other people’s arms including Jeff (guest) who rarely feels any movement at our ghost hunts, much to Jeff’s surprise. Various people had their arms moved, chests and stomachs prodded and arms stroked. I then asked if he could push people, which started quickly as well and he was able to push and pull guests and sway them as well as lift their arms above their heads, so much so that some people were standing on their tip toes to reach. We were also pulled downwards by our hands to the floor but this was mostly the people either side of me.

Whilst all this was going on I was aware of another spirit who was standing in the doorway, he was about 17 or 18 years old and from a much earlier period of time but he didn’t really tell me much about himself, just kept laughing at all the strange positions we were pulled into.

After we finished this séance we went upstairs, this is the loft room which has roof beams which are about 5’ from the floor so the majority of people had to duck to walk between them. Standing here many people felt that they were being pushed and swayed. We were not holding hands which each other, just standing alone in the dark, this made the sensation even more scary because there was nothing anyone could see, it was pitch black darkness. The spirit that was responsible for this was called Brian, he was a gardener of the house during the 1950s, who had a long black well trimmed beard and he delighted in himself that he could push and sway people.

After a short break the second group of people joined me in the tower, once again I started the séance in the first two rooms and Max joined us again. He never actually left. This time the movements were much gentler and slower as the people present were too busy talking about other things and not encouraging him to do anything to them. However I was still being moved and the two people either side of me were being manipulated and dragged downwards to the floor. Max seemed obsessed with some of the footwear that the guests were wearing and used my hands to touch and stroke each person’s shoe. During one part of the session I and the people beside me had our hands pulled across the circle and when a guest asked not to be touched I thought I heard a voice say “Sorry”, but no-one else heard this sound and no-one said that they said anything. However because this session wasn’t recorded on video I cannot check to see if this was made by anyone in the room or whether it was a spirit voice.

From here we moved up to attic room and similar sensations were felt by these guests that the first group encountered. However one guest felt very emotional and could sense a female energy, I too saw the female spirit but could not hear what she was saying. This particular guest was crying because of what the female energy was saying and doing. The female energy was crying and saddened by some children. She kept repeating the phrase “what about the children, the poor children”. What this referred to is a mystery but hopefully this information will come to light in the coming weeks. (We have researchers who are looking for more historical information about the Priory, especially from the war years because this information will be freely available shortly).

The third group to the tower rooms have been on several of our ghost hunts and call themselves “The Boo Club” and are very open to spirit which made Max happy as he was very quickly able to move people and our arms and push people against other people and drag others across the room. This was the only session of mine which was recorded on video and Carl (GHE team) who was recording the video had to constantly move because every time he had a good view of what was going on people were being moved and twisted so that Carl didn’t have a good view. The shorter members of the group were lifted by their arms and then suddenly Max decided that he could twist people into very uncomfortable positions. We were moved, twisted, swayed and rocked into extremely painful positions and people who were on the opposite side of the circle to me were somehow now beside me. When Max had finished moving us which took about 5 minutes. It then took us another 10 minutes to figure out how we could untangle ourselves without letting our hands go. Max found this absolutely hilarious as we could not figure out how some people had ended up where they stood and how our hands had become so entwined.

After all this exercise we went upstairs to the loft room and after seeing some of the Second World War graffiti and some of the more modern 1970s graffiti we stood in complete darkness without holding hands. However the same male spirit was present but didn’t move or sway people like he did with the other groups, but many people felt the floor vibrate.

I then decided to tap lightly on one of the beams and asked for Brian to repeat the sound, instantly we heard a similar knocking sound although everyone heard it, we all thought it came from different directions. Tapping several other times, the whole sound (i.e. 3 taps) were not heard, but we did hear a single tap in each response. It seemed the quieter I was able to tap on the beam the more likely Brian was able to copy or repeat the sound. Every time I tapped we all heard a response. As the session was proceeding the responses were getting better, but not louder which was a shame.

Hopefully there will be a next time at this venue that we can explore this further.

During the free time session I joined a group downstairs in part of the cellar/kitchen on a Ouija board. Although I don’t know who the spirit was, he was a recent passing as he uttered the word Zebedee whilst we were using a new addition to our kit, the Spring Ouija board.

I also joined some guests upstairs in the same room as all the pushing had taken place and they were holding a séance, they also had a spirit box (a device that scans the FM radio frequencies in reverse at 100ms) running in the background. During their séance there were many voices including lots of laughing and people’s names (of their group) being called out.

I was able to stand behind the group and ask for the spirit (who wasn’t Max, but all I know is that this spirit smoked a pipe as I could smell it) to push and manipulate people just by pointing at a person behind their backs or by pointing to the person above their heads. This worked extremely well and became very amusing for me because I was able to ask the spirit for something in my head so that no-one knew what was being asked for and a few minutes later the guests that I asked for this activity to happen to occurred.

I also asked for the spirit to do something to everyone at the same time and I also didn’t say this out loud and some people started to move how I had asked and then the spirit made everyone move. I asked for all their hands to be lifted and joined in the centre of the circle and then when everyone was touching hands about shoulder height I asked for the rest of the manoeuvre which occurred very quickly much to the surprise of the guests. Their hands were all lifted above their heads. This is what I call the “Three Musketeers salute” and the guests sarcastically thanked me for this! From my perspective this was very funny as it is not often that I can get the spirit in the room to do what I ask when I am not part of the séance group. However this time this all worked perfectly.

No EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voices) were recorded throughout the night as it was either too windy or there were periods of rain which made at a lot of noise on the walls and roof. This would have drowned out any noise of a spirit talking.

This was a very enjoyable ghost hunt with a venue that has lots of potential and one which we will hopefully be able to return to in 2014. Many of the guests had a very entertaining and some weird and strange paranormal activity happen to them.

Watch the edited event video at http://www.ghosthuntevents.tv/event-videos.php#clip=930189

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 27-09-2013

Monday, November 11th, 2013

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 27th September 2013
Rochester, Kent

We have visited Fort Borstal enough times now to know what to expect or which spirits may visit us especially because I have seen the same spirit energies time after time. However we cannot predict what will happen because that is the nature of what we do. I am also surprised what the spirit energies are capable of, especially to certain people. This was one of those nights where the spirit energies were predictable, but what they did to the guests wasn’t. It was different to say the least!

As usual I chose the double counterscarp gallery as my area for the night, I choose this area because the level of spiritual activity is much higher within this area, I attribute this to the men that spent many hours toiling here, either building the place or when stationed here.

The first group of guests into the space I made my way to the end room, this seems to be more active than any other room, and unsurprisingly it is also the smallest room.

We were joined by Captain Daniel Bedford, a spirit that I have often encountered here. I asked as I usually do for the spirit to lift the arms of the guests, which Captain Daniel set about achieving. Those that didn’t feel their arms being lifted felt the alternative, pushing and swaying.

Once Captain Daniel mastered the art of lifting people’s arms and pushing the forwards and backwards and generally rocking them he then proceeded to drag people to the floor by their arms, this is not surprising as this happens very frequently by this spirit in this room. However what I wasn’t expecting is what happened after this. People were being dragged against their will out of the room, fighting the movement didn’t work as there seemed to be two choices, either fall on the floor or be pulled out of the room. Those on the floor had no choice but to move where the rest of the guests were moving.

I brought this séance circle to a quicker close than I would normally because the movements were very forceful and apart from the guests there was no other team member of mine present and hence no light in the room. The reason for this forceful movement wasn’t immediately apparent, it was only when I faced the other room that I could see another male spirit, someone who I had not seen here before and he didn’t look very happy.

The guests then wandered throughout the counterscarp galleries with some of our ghost hunting equipment as this was safer than staying in the room with an unhappy spirit.

Strange noises were heard throughout our time in the counterscarp galleries, although there was no obvious explanation for any of them.

The second group to the counterscarp galleries were very apprehensive walking through the tunnels and I led them to the same room that we had recently been forced out of. For two reasons, one to see if it would happen again and two, to find out which spirit was responsible.

Immediately Captain Daniel made himself known to me as did another familiar male spirit; Biffa or Bernard to his mum. Biffa was a prisoner who was forced to work on the fort and I have the distinct impression that this part of the fort was built by him.

I started a séance circle and once again asked for the spirit to move people’s arms. This eventually affected everyone in the room although it took a lot longer for the spirit to achieve this. After the spirits had lifted the majority of people’s arm they both then started to push people and once again push or pull them down to the floor by their arms. It didn’t seem to matter what anyone said either in their heads or out loud the spirits ignored everyone’s wish and pulled then down towards the floor. Those who were not dragged down onto the floor were being manipulated in other ways and were being moved, twisted and swayed much to the guests’ amazement. Some people were pushed and twisted so that they were facing the wrong way in the group. They were looking out whilst everyone else was looking in. This proved to be very amusing, both for the guest and the spirits who obviously enjoyed manipulating people in this way.

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it the sensation that the first group felt of being dragged out of the room against their will didn’t happen to the second group, instead we were all pushed, twisted and generally moved in gentle but purposeful ways.

After our controlled sessions guests were allowed to roam freely around the Fort with our ghost hunting equipment, I joined various groups of people in all areas of the fort and helped them to ascertain what spirit was with them and I was able to tell them details about the spirit.

Once again an enjoyable ghost hunt where everyone had some form of a paranormal encounter, some of the paranormal experiences were memorable, but probably for the wrong reasons, like being dragged against your will, but that is the nature of what we do, it is unpredictable.

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 6-7-2013

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 6th July 2013
Rochester, Kent

Fort Borstal is always an interesting ghost hunt for us as something that has never happened before usually happens to the guests however no one could have predicted what happened on this particular evening. As a team with a combined experience of over 100 years none of us have ever seen or witnessed anything that even comes close to what one particular guest experienced in the Caponier, however that will be covered in the second report by the paranormal investigators. However that doesn’t mean nothing of interest happened to the people with me on the contrary I too had a very unusual experience in the Counterscarp galleries…

The first group to the Counterscarp galleries we formed a séance circle in one of my favourite parts, it is actually the furthest room, not particularly big but usually the séance held here have a common theme, which I am very aware of and hence why I bring people to this area every time.

We were joined by a familiar spirit energy to this area; Captain Daniel Bedford who is a strict man however he also likes to make guests aware of his presence and he started by moving various peoples arms, sometimes on command other times of his own free will. He was also able to physically push some people. Using some people arms and hands he was able to rub the chins of some of the male guests, this is a common occurrence. He also tapped one particular guest three times on his head, very similar to the phrase “is anybody home”. Daniel was also able to slow punch two of the guests under the chin, as if to tell them to stand up straight. I and another guest were also pulled down so that our hands were touching the floor and our hands were dragged on the floor. Many guests heard the sound of “chatter” as well as breathing and whispering sounds, this is anomalous because the dry moat ground level outside the counterscarp galleries is about 15 feet below where we were stood inside and there are no animals wild or domestic in the moat. Several guests also saw something pass the windows since it was still light outside and other guests saw lights at the other end of the tunnel, no explanation could be established for either occurrence.

At the end of this séance I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. Unfortunately there was quite a lot of noise from the guests shuffling which when the files were analysed by our experts drowned out any spirit response because the echo in these tunnels is a lot longer than in a normal room. However the only good EVP can be heard at:-


The second group to the Counterscarp galleries I formed a séance circle in exactly the same room, hopeful that the same spirit energy would be present for the guests to experience his energy. Unfortunately he wasn’t but there was another male spirit called Bernard or Biffa to his friends present. He was from a time when the Fort was being built, about 1880, as he was a prisoner. Once I asked Biffa to move the guests in some way, lots of people arms were simultaneously moved and everyone felt a physical force push them down towards the floor. One particular guest (Chris) was pushed down with such a reasonable force that he couldn’t get up and whilst he thought it was safer to stay on the floor the spirit had other ideas. Biffa then managed to push and pull us all across the floor until Chris was pushed against a wall. I have no idea how we managed to be moved in this way and I have never seen a spirit manage to do this to people before. Once we were all against the wall Biffa then decided to twist people and bend them into what looked like impossible positions, yet we all managed to stay linked and the séance ended with us rubbing Chris’ chin which looked like a thinking man’s pose.

Just as we were about to end the séance everyone heard the sound of a whistle request that I had made earlier, they were two very distinct repeats of a whistle that I asked spirit to repeat about 20 minutes earlier.

The third group to the Counterscarps were not eager for more spiritual movement as they were the group that had the amazing activity in the Caponier, however during the séance in exactly the same room both Biffa and Captain Daniel were present and they continued moving people’s arms and pushing them. Once again we all heard the now familiar “chatter” and whisper sounds, although we still have no idea where these noises could have come from. Some odd noises were also heard coming from the moat, one of these sounded like a man groaning or cursing, however having walked the whole of the dry moat (in daylight) I know that this is very unlikely that anyone would have been in the moat as it is more or less impossible to get out especially at night where the hazards cannot be seen.

Using a spirit box (a device that scans the FM radio band in reverse at 100ms) we heard the words “Ann” “Hi” and eventually “Go”. None of the questions asked had any intelligible answer.

Moving to the other end of the Counterscarp gallery there were two Second World War soldiers present, one was Welsh and the other from Lincolnshire, neither did very much to affect the guests although Jason felt a poke in his stomach.

This was an exceptionally active ghost hunt with all guests getting some truly exciting paranormal evidence that they could not explain but nevertheless enjoyed.

The video of what happened that amazed us can be seen at http://youtu.be/b6FYM23wgJM although the report from this group is published under the Paranormal Investigators section.

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 4-5-2013

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 4th May 2013
Rochester, Kent

We are finding that every time we investigate Fort Borstal, the activity that is experienced by the guests is getting greater and more frequent and certain rooms have certain experiences which are consistent.

This ghost hunt was one of those nights. I, as usual, had the Counterscarp Galleries as my zone for the night, as this is the most physically demanding with 200+ steps to descend and ascend.

However the walk is definitely worth it, as these counterscarp galleries are rather active and being that this area is underground it is always rather dark!

All three groups witnessed the same spirits and activity

The spirits that were present were; Captain Daniel Bedford, a soldier. Tony, a rather mean looking prisoner from when the Fort was built and his accomplice “Biffa” or Bernard, both these prisoners were in their early 30s and both were of a muscular build.

The activity of all groups in a seance usually started with some gentle arm movement and then pushing and pulling people in all manner of directions, usually in a surprising way that the guest had no idea what would be experienced next, sometimes I had an inkling what would happen to a particular person, but I too was surprised by what most of the guests experienced. This ranged from the gentle arm movement, to people be swayed and rocked, to people being pulling to the floor by their arms and in some cases dragged across the floor, those that ending up on the floor had difficulty and in some cases it was impossible to get up off the floor. Many guests reported that it felt like someone was sitting on them. There were also lots of instances of people being pushed against the walls; this was unusual because it looked very much like an execution.

Although not all the activity was extreme physical behaviour many times throughout the night, with different groups, several people arms and hands were pulled to the floor and “draw” a smiley face in the dust. Which many guests felt this was an odd thing to do.

This was an exceptionally active night, with every guest getting some form of physical paranormal activity that amazed them.

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