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Theatre Royal ghost hunt – 18-1-2014

Theatre Royal ghost hunt 18th January 2014
Margate, Kent

This was the second visit to the Theatre Royal for us, last year we thoroughly enjoyed the venue but didn’t investigate the place to its full extent, this year we corrected that and everyone who attended the event had a great paranormal night, with many unexplained phenomena taking place.

Even before the guests had arrived Carl, Jason and myself had a strange experience in the Green Room (Backstage). Jason was showing us yet another new torch and just as he was about to put it back in his bag he heard a voice say “Hold on to that”, he thought I said it, which I didn’t, I thought Carl had said it, which he didn’t and Carl heard the voice but didn’t know who said it. This we all found very strange!

For the duration of our controlled sessions, which there were three, I had the backstage area, both on the stage and below the stage, although the understage area was the most interesting, back stage had a creepy feel about it one reason for this may be because the stage floor isn’t level which is off putting when standing in virtual darkness.

The first group to the understage we were joined by a male spirit energy called David Askwith who was aged about 25 years old and was from the 1840s era and well dressed in a black three piece suit with a top hat. David was a strange character because whilst he had moments of being a proper gentleman he also had moments of being what we would call simple.

After asking for all our hands to be moved eventually David accomplished this feat, he also took a liking to certain people within the group and those guests received much more activity than anyone else. Shirley was one of these people and David used various guests’ hands to rub her face and tie our arms up, especially with Emma (guest). On various occasions Shirley and I were dragged by our arms towards the floor but didn’t touch the floor that often, just held us in an uncomfortable position. When asking for us to be moved in some other way the majority of the guests were swayed and pushed, some of the guests were swayed in a circular motion whilst other were just swayed forwards and backwards, much to our amusement for those of us who weren’t swayed.

The second group to the understage experienced much greater arm movement which happened before I had even asked for it. David had got the hand of moving us and very quickly this descended into and unusual game of twister! Many of the guests were being manipulated to touch other faces and stomachs and once again David had his favourites, these people were moved in ways which they neither expected nor could resist against and according to Carl (GHE Camera) it looked very odd on camera! The event video will be published before 15th February 2014. Various times half of the guests were dragged by their arms to the floor whilst the other half were lifted by their arms towards the ceiling. This strange game we all found very amusing as no-one could predict which group of people were about to be moved nor how it would affect those who were already being moved.

The third group to the understage area didn’t experience any real movements at all, just some light arm movement between a couple of guests and the same guests feeling a gentle sway. This was generally because when asking the guests to encourage spirit to move them or talk, no-one responded, very few people said anything at all which resulted in nothing much happening to them. I always tell all guests at the start of the ghost hunt that the more they talk and engage with each other the more is likely to happen, standing in virtual silence I can guarantee nothing much will occur, which is exactly what happened with this group.

After we finished our controlled sessions all guests were allowed to wander freely around the venue to hold their own ghost hunt with many guests participating in Ouija board sessions and more table tilting experiments. Some guests just quietly sat in various parts of the building to see if they could experience something paranormal on their own or to watch others participating in an activity. Many guests really enjoyed the ghost hunt and had paranormal activity happen to them that they could not explain or activity that defied logic and physics.

We also really enjoyed the Theatre Royal ghost hunt and are hoping to return to the venue again.

There will be an edited event video published of this event and there are some clips of the table tilting/spinning at:-

The Ghost Hunt Events team consisted of:-
Kym McMillan, Sue Kyle, Jo Titcombe – Paranormal Investigators
Carl Hutchinson & Jason Kyle – Paranormal Investigators and Camera
Steve Moyle – Psychic Medium

Psychic Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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