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Theatre Royal ghost hunt – 18-1-2014 (Kym)

Theatre Royal ghost hunt, Margate 18th January 2014

Area: Third floor of auditorium

Equipment: Writing Planchette, glass on table, table tipping, Ghost Pro, KII, Dowsing Rods & Pendulums

Was looking forward to this venue very much, had missed last years and had always wanted to do a ghost hunt in a theatre.  The amount of energies to have visited or worked here would be many, and for us tonight this proved correct, as each session Sue (GHE team) & I held, different spirits came through each time to talk to us.

With our first group we showed guests how to use the equipment, and let them choose what they wanted to try first.  Four guests who had been on ghost hunts before went to the top seats with equipment.  The remainder tried the rods & pendulums, with some trying some glass work.  The pendulums moved a little, the glass had some slight vibration.  The four at the top asked if anyone was in the room behind them as they could hear talking, but no-one was there.  Some of these guests were feeling coldness around them, with one person having a cold blow in her ear.  They had also had a lot of KII activity, and the ghost pro informed them they had a female spirit with them who was a cleaner at the theatre.  One male guest went to sit at the top on the opposite side, using the dowsing rods.  Shortly after he came down very pleased, he had been communicating with a female spirit using the rods, and had smelt perfume around him.  Sue, who had been communicating with a spirit using the ghost pro, asked spirit if they would like to try some table tipping.  With a positive response she & two guests tried this.  After several creaks from the table frame, the table started lifting very gently.  With a few lifts Sue asked spirit to answer some questions lifting the table one way for yes, and the opposite way for no.  We established the spirit was female, in her 40’s, from the 1960’s, betrayed by a lover, hurt emotionally, worked at the theatre, was married with children, but had an affair with a man.  This man was still alive and working at the theatre, and she was still looking for him.  She committed suicide by hanging herself, but not at the theatre.  She didn’t mean to die, it was a cry for help.  Sue & guest were feeling a coldness to their side, and the other guest on the table felt pins & needles all down her arm, which stopped at her wedding finger – was this connected to the female spirit.  Meanwhile other guests were continuing to use the pendulums, requesting spirit move to their request, which always surprised them, especially when the pendulum was swaying, looking like someone was tapping the chain.

With our second group, I started with the rods & pendulums and had lots of movement.  We then tried the writing planchette and had movement immediately.  Much was drawn but nothing eligible, so I removed the pen & paper, and used the planchette for spirit to move around the table, hopefully answering some questions.  We asked spirit many questions, move planchette to oldest person on the table, person with child, person(s) with pets, person with a motorbike, person who didn’t drive, person who lived nearest to this theatre – all with positive responses.  We asked spirit to draw a square – which it did, then could the spirit draw a large square all around the table, and to our surprise the planchette went off the table and moved around the edge.  We also asked spirit to lift the planchette a couple of times – which it did.  The guests then explored the top area and reported no talking in the room behind, but lots of KII activity, and pendulum moving.

Meanwhile Sue was with two female guests, using the glass on the table.  They had a male spirit age 56 years old, had a daughter aged seven who was run over & killed, he had never gotten over her death.  He had another daughter still living age 18 years old, and one of the guests reminded him of his daughter.  This gentleman was a Scaffolder & married.  He had passed within the last 10 years, and visited the theatre because it reminded him of happy times with his children.  The second spirit that joined them was also male, and had passed in the last 10 years.  He raced greyhounds at the dog track in Margate.  He was an actor at the theatre and had died of natural causes.  We asked him to draw his first initial with the glass – V.  We felt his name was Victor, and he confirmed this was correct.  We also asked him to draw his age – 83.  Then a female spirit came through, this was the same female from our first session who had been lifting the table.  She moved the table slightly, however one guest felt a similar sensation to an earlier guest, tingling down her hand to her wedding finger.  And cold spots were felt around them when the female spirit was present.

With the third group we started with the rods & pendulums, and they started moving.  Myself and two guests started using the writing planchette, it started moving almost immediately, with the letter v drawn twice – was this Victor, or one guest thought it could be a female spirit called Vera.  With nothing more being drawn we again removed the paper & pen, and used the planchette to communicate.  As it was moving without me I left the two guests using this to ask many questions.  Sue was using the glass on table, and the spirit of Victor had joined them again, he had drawn his initial V on the table, and seemed to want to just have fun by drawing lots of shapes at request.  The guests explored area with kit before ending the controlled sessions, and starting the free session.

Sue & I had enjoyed this ghost hunt immensely, feeling the many spirits that joined us wanted to tell their story, and give us all evidence of their existence.  A wonderful theatre – can’t wait to return.

Kym McMillan & Sue Kyle
Paranormal Investigators
Ghost Hunt Events



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