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Fort Amherst – 4th March 2016 – Steve

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

Fort Amherst ghost hunt 4th March 2016
Chatham, Kent.


This marks 10 years of me going to Fort Amherst for ghost hunts, I have no idea how many times I’ve visited, one day I’ll work it out but needless to say that every time I visit something different or interesting happens on a paranormal level.

My first session in the Upper Gun floor the guests experienced lots of movement; arms being lifted, swaying, pushing and being pulled backwards. One guest also felt being prodded in his back as well as feeling cold spots. This was all attributed to a young male spirit called Jez or Jeremia. He was 15 or 16 years old and from 1660s and was a Soldier.

In the Sally Port I saw a dark mass, like a shadow behind two of the guests although there was a female spirit in the room as she was waiting for us to leave.

The second group once again experienced lots of arm movement, pushing and swaying. Although this time there was a more Nordic feel about it. The arm movements were that of a Nordic greeting.

Once again cold and warm spots were felt by the guests.

There was also a female spirit from 1700s but she did not give her name and continued to watch us.

The third group didn’t experience much at all, although they didn’t ask for anything to happen or seem to engage with the activity.

All in all, an excellent ghost hunt with the majority of the guests getting some paranormal occurrence or evidence of the paranormal in their sessions.

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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 18th April 2015

Friday, May 15th, 2015

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 18th April 2015
Colchester, Essex

This was our second investigation in Colchester of the week as we had been at The Town Hall the night before and were hoping that the spirits would make themselves known in the Hotel.

We split everyone into 4 groups and each group headed off to a different area with different team members. I chose the cellar as always because some things happen here which do not happen anywhere else in the hotel.

There was only really one spirit in the cellar, his name was Michael and he was a Dray man (he delivered ale and beer from the local brewery). He fell to his death at The Red Lion hotel (although it wasn’t called that then) in 1833 by falling down the keg drop and breaking his neck.

This wasn’t the only spirit that made an appearance although Michael was the most prominent or the strongest energy. There were also other male spirits who lurked in the background and a couple of female spirits who made themselves known to different people.

All but the last group to the cellar there was lots of arm movement on command, with the arms of people being lifted when they thought nothing was going to happen to them, people being pushed and swayed on their feet much to their surprise and amazement. Some of the guests saw what they thought were people lurking in the shadows, or people watching them.

Plus every so often one of the grates of the keg drop is loose so when people on the high street walked on it, it made a very loud bang. This didn’t help with people’s nerves, especially when they were standing closer to it!

There were also many strange noises and whispers heard by some people but not everyone, although those that heard the sounds could not always say in which direction the sound came from.

In the second group there was a male guest who said that he felt petrified, he didn’t know why but he was afraid of something, this was apparently very uncharacteristic of him as he usually wasn’t scared of anything. After the session had ended he went outside and when he came back in he felt fine.

The last group didn’t want to be moved and every time someone walked on the grate several people screamed and jumped. However another male guest in this group during the course of the séance started acting in an aggressive manner and when I looked at him he didn’t look himself and looked very angry and had the face of someone who wanted to fight. He also reported that he felt very cold and at one point unable to stand properly. I felt that had the conditions have been right he (the guest) would have gone into a trance to allow the spirit to talk, however I also felt that it wasn’t safe to do so. After I placed this guest in the centre of the circle he regained his normal look and stance and told me what he felt, although he didn’t know why he felt so aggressive.

We have held numerous ghost hunts at the Red Lion Hotel and I have held many séances in the cellar, but never has a person felt aggressive for no reason or been affected by spirit in this way, let alone two people in different groups behaving in similar ways.

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt that many people had paranormal encounters and experiences that they weren’t expecting.

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Rye Castle ghost hunt – 27th August 2014

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Rye Castle ghost hunt 23rd August 2014
Rye, East Sussex

After splitting the guests into two groups, I headed upstairs to the first floor of the Keep, the other headed into the Women’s Tower.

After starting a séance we were joined by a spirit called Paul, who I described as being a local rogue, aged in his late 30s and of a large build, shaven head and a scar on his left cheek.

There was also a young spirit of a soldier who did not interact with us.

During the séance the guests had their arms moved and were gently pushed and pulled. A couple of occasions the people either side of me were pulled to the floor.

Towards the end of the session I noticed an older female spirit had entered the room and at this point Ted (the Museum Guide) had to leave the room as he said he felt odd.

The second group experienced some more arm movement; lots more than the first group although there was no pushing or being pulled to the floor.

During the séance we all heard some odd noises and saw strange lights within the room that upon investigation we could not find any explanation for these oddities.

After this we all headed into the garden (the old exercise yard) to do an experiment with a Spirit Box (a device that scans the FM radio frequencies in reverse at 100ms). Many of our questions we all heard an intelligent answer.

Some of the guests after this session held Glass and Table tilting sessions, other ventured on their own throughout the Keep to try their hand at ghost hunting and to take photos.

This was once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt with all the guests experiencing paranormal activity in some form.

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 21-6-2014

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 21st June 2014
Rochester, Kent

This was a combined ghost hunt and paranormal investigation night and we had set up six of our cameras so that the whole of the Officer’s Mess could be monitored from one room, the object of the night was for one group of guests to investigate the Officer Mess rooms whilst another group watch them and see if any paranormal activity occurred.

Whilst two groups were investigating the Officers Mess the other two groups of guests would be engaged in ghost hunt sessions, with one group table tilting and trying communication in the Caponier and another group in the Counterscarp galleries engrossed with séances.

I joined the first group in the Counterscarp Galleries where Jo was starting the séance as the second camera operator, there were two spirits, one a familiar male spirit who is called Captain Daniel Bedford and another prisoner spirit called Munro who I have never seen before. Both spirit energies were able to lift the arms of the guests and pull them backwards and forwards and even pull them to the floor by pushing their knees and pulling their arms down.

The second session I joined Kerry in the Caponier who was trying to get the spirit to communicate via Ouija board and glass movements or table tilting. Kerry’s first session the spirit were reluctant to move anything however the Ouija board started promisingly but didn’t last long. I then suggested that the two tables were placed in the corridor with half the guests on each table and I would try to start one table and Kerry on the other. Eventually a spirit was able to move the tables, which started with Kerry’s table first and whilst they were being spun around our table started to rock and wobble. It took a while but eventually the spirit managed to lift the table. Many times though this seemed to only want to move in one direction; towards the floor. After some encouragement from the guests the spirit did start to obey the instructions and eventually we had two tables being moved and twisted and turned in the corridor to the Caponier.

For the two final sessions I held my normal séances in the Counterscarp Gallery.

The first group we were joined by Captain Daniel Bedford again and he was able to lift all of the guests arms on command and once he moved all the guests he quickly moved on to pushing people, which I had requested. Many of the guests found this fascinating because they could feel that I was not manipulating their hands as I was barely touching them yet they were being pulled backwards or forwards and their arms were being stretched and pulled in all directions.

Jason (GHE Camera) then suggested that the spirit pull us to the floor, the guests liked the idea of this and asked as well and within a few minutes several people could feel pressure on their shoulders, backs and knees and then one by one we were all being pushed to the floor. This started as a gentle manoeuvre but once the spirit had pushed everyone down he continued to move people on the floor or used other people’s arms to push them further to the floor. This continued until everyone had been pushed to the floor and against the walls.

The final group to the Counterscarp gallery we had some gentle arm movement but nothing of the calibre of the previous group because none of the guests asked to be moved in any way. The only exception was the guest standing to my right who was pulled and pushed until his back was against the wall, but he was the only person who was moved in this way.

After these controlled sessions the guests were allowed to explore the areas of the fort that they enjoyed during our controlled sessions.

I joined the majority of the guests who were in the Caponier participating in a human pendulum experiment.

All in all this was a very enjoyable ghost hunt and paranormal investigation where the majority of the guests had some form of paranormal encounter or something happen to them that defied logic and gravity or was just unexplainable.

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 27-09-2013

Monday, November 11th, 2013

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 27th September 2013
Rochester, Kent

We have visited Fort Borstal enough times now to know what to expect or which spirits may visit us especially because I have seen the same spirit energies time after time. However we cannot predict what will happen because that is the nature of what we do. I am also surprised what the spirit energies are capable of, especially to certain people. This was one of those nights where the spirit energies were predictable, but what they did to the guests wasn’t. It was different to say the least!

As usual I chose the double counterscarp gallery as my area for the night, I choose this area because the level of spiritual activity is much higher within this area, I attribute this to the men that spent many hours toiling here, either building the place or when stationed here.

The first group of guests into the space I made my way to the end room, this seems to be more active than any other room, and unsurprisingly it is also the smallest room.

We were joined by Captain Daniel Bedford, a spirit that I have often encountered here. I asked as I usually do for the spirit to lift the arms of the guests, which Captain Daniel set about achieving. Those that didn’t feel their arms being lifted felt the alternative, pushing and swaying.

Once Captain Daniel mastered the art of lifting people’s arms and pushing the forwards and backwards and generally rocking them he then proceeded to drag people to the floor by their arms, this is not surprising as this happens very frequently by this spirit in this room. However what I wasn’t expecting is what happened after this. People were being dragged against their will out of the room, fighting the movement didn’t work as there seemed to be two choices, either fall on the floor or be pulled out of the room. Those on the floor had no choice but to move where the rest of the guests were moving.

I brought this séance circle to a quicker close than I would normally because the movements were very forceful and apart from the guests there was no other team member of mine present and hence no light in the room. The reason for this forceful movement wasn’t immediately apparent, it was only when I faced the other room that I could see another male spirit, someone who I had not seen here before and he didn’t look very happy.

The guests then wandered throughout the counterscarp galleries with some of our ghost hunting equipment as this was safer than staying in the room with an unhappy spirit.

Strange noises were heard throughout our time in the counterscarp galleries, although there was no obvious explanation for any of them.

The second group to the counterscarp galleries were very apprehensive walking through the tunnels and I led them to the same room that we had recently been forced out of. For two reasons, one to see if it would happen again and two, to find out which spirit was responsible.

Immediately Captain Daniel made himself known to me as did another familiar male spirit; Biffa or Bernard to his mum. Biffa was a prisoner who was forced to work on the fort and I have the distinct impression that this part of the fort was built by him.

I started a séance circle and once again asked for the spirit to move people’s arms. This eventually affected everyone in the room although it took a lot longer for the spirit to achieve this. After the spirits had lifted the majority of people’s arm they both then started to push people and once again push or pull them down to the floor by their arms. It didn’t seem to matter what anyone said either in their heads or out loud the spirits ignored everyone’s wish and pulled then down towards the floor. Those who were not dragged down onto the floor were being manipulated in other ways and were being moved, twisted and swayed much to the guests’ amazement. Some people were pushed and twisted so that they were facing the wrong way in the group. They were looking out whilst everyone else was looking in. This proved to be very amusing, both for the guest and the spirits who obviously enjoyed manipulating people in this way.

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it the sensation that the first group felt of being dragged out of the room against their will didn’t happen to the second group, instead we were all pushed, twisted and generally moved in gentle but purposeful ways.

After our controlled sessions guests were allowed to roam freely around the Fort with our ghost hunting equipment, I joined various groups of people in all areas of the fort and helped them to ascertain what spirit was with them and I was able to tell them details about the spirit.

Once again an enjoyable ghost hunt where everyone had some form of a paranormal encounter, some of the paranormal experiences were memorable, but probably for the wrong reasons, like being dragged against your will, but that is the nature of what we do, it is unpredictable.

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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 10-8-2013

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

The Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 10th August 2013
Colchester, Essex

We come to the Red Lion Hotel every few months because the amount of activity the guests encounter throughout the ghost hunt is usually very high, this particular evening the activity surpassed everything that we have done at The Red Lion Hotel before, especially in the cellar sessions which enabled the majority of the guests to feel what it was like to be moved and touched by spirit.

The first group to the cellar we were joined by a familiar male spirit energy, his name is Michael and he is a very playful and fun energy and he is able to make the guests feel his energy in all manner of different ways. Michael is a spirit who I have seen at various visits to the Red Lion Hotel. He showed himself as being in his mid-20s wearing a three piece with a white bow tie and wearing a top hat and adorned with a silver pocket watch.

Firstly we started with some gentle arm movement which was concentrated on the two people either side of me, one of the guests commented that she felt a strange tingling sensation in her hand as it moved. From this Michael progressed to moving people’s arms in more forceful and sometimes uncomfortable positions and started to pull people by their arms around the circle so that the guests were rocked and swayed. I then noticed another male spirit energy sitting at the far end of the tunnel on a little chair or stool. He was an old man, well- educated and spoke well, aged about 70 and spent most of the time laughing and giggling.

Some of the guests were now being pulled to the floor by their arms and being pushed into other people. Some guests thought they could here odd noises from the end of the tunnel, although on my side of the séance circle we didn’t hear anything because we were occupied with the strange movement forced on us by Michael.

Whilst most of us were relatively happy being pushed and pulled around by Michael, suddenly one side of the circle was pushed into those who weren’t feeling anything and our arms were being used to stroke faces and chins, then one girl was pushed or pulled to the floor backwards, much to her amazement and our surprise.

As most of us were on the floor I turned around to the guest behind me to ask what she said, to which she replied she didn’t say anything, but thought I had. I then asked what she had heard and others in the group also said that they all heard the same voice, which is what I heard and it was simple voice saying “Yeah”.

As the séance drew to a close, one person who was still on the floor was unable to get up, she said that it felt like someone was pushing her down and keeping her down. It took a while but eventually the person was able to stand without aid.

At the end of this session I held an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. The audible results of this can be found later in this report.

The second group to the cellar had probably the weirdest experience in the cellar for we were joined by Michael and the old man spirit energies who started to move people in much the same way as the first group. Although it didn’t take long before Michael was able to move all the guests and lift their arms, sometime on command but mostly into weird and uncomfortable positions.

Several guests reported feeling a sharp pain in their necks, similar to someone pushing their finger at the back of the neck.

It also didn’t take long for everyone to be moved in some way or had their faces stroked by the two people standing next to them.

Suddenly without any warning one of the guests burst into uncontrollable laughter and although she could hear herself and us, she had no idea when questioned why she was laughing or what caused her to laugh in the first place. Then as quickly as she started laughing she stopped and instead started crying and still she had no idea why.

I asked that Michael do the same thing to everyone at the same time and gave him visual clues as to what I wanted to happen, but I didn’t tell any of the guests. Slowly but surely everyone’s arms were raised to about shoulder height, some took a little longer than others but eventually everyone had their hands at shoulder height. I then asked for Michael to finish the manoeuvre and to my delight everyone’s hands were raised above their heads as this is exactly what I had asked.

More or less as soon as this movement was felt, the lady who was laughing and crying started to laugh again, only this time the laughs were proper belly laughs, similar to the laughing policeman song. Once again she had no idea why although when questioned further she said that one of the people’s face in the group made her laugh. What I found funny is that the person she was talking about is Sue (GHE team) and every time Sue looked at the guest she laughed even more.

Eventually the lady stopped laughing as the spirit energy was pulling all hands into the circle & swirling everyone’s hands around in an anti-clockwise circle until many of our hands became untwined with each other.

At the end of this session I also held another EVP experiment.

An edited version of the laughing / crying part of this session can be seen at

The third group to the cellar had probably the least amount of movement, but that’s not to say they didn’t get moved. They did but it was much more controlled and less painful.

Michael was still present but the old man had left. Once again Michael moved various people’s arms mostly on command and what the guests asked for but quickly moved everyone’s hand that he could and put them wherever seemed to be the most embarrassing for all concerned. Many pairs of hand were placed behind the back of other people.

Some guests (as usual on this night) were pulled to the floor by their hands whilst other guests were stroking the faces and chins of other people.

The only thing that was different on this session is that the majority of people were pulled to the floor very quickly and once on the floor the movement just continued which was unlike the previous sessions where the movement stopped when on the floor. This time those of us on the floor still had our hands and arms moved. Even we the majority of guests were not on the floor there was a lot of swaying and pushing felt by the guests.

At the end of this session I conducted another EVP experiment.

The audible results all the groups EVP experiments can be heard below

There is also an edited video of all the cellar sessions which can be seen at

This was a brilliant paranormal investigation and one in which everyone was able to feel the effects of spiritual energy manipulate them in some way.

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Toys Hill and Weardale Manor ghost hunt – 14-6-2013

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Toys Hill and Weardale Manor ghost hunt 14th June 2013
Toys Hill, Kent

This night was one of the few times that it wasn’t windy or cold at Toys Hill and it was actually a very pleasant evening to be ghost hunting.

Gathered around the site of the old house I handed out various electronic gadgets so that the guests could communicate with the spirits, almost immediately after I had handed them out and explained what each does and after all guests turned off their phones, all the KII (EMF) meters lit up showing that spirit energies were amongst us. It took a while for the communication devices to get a contact, but once they did the activity built and the level of activity intensified. One particular guest felt a touch on her shoulder, which when she told the rest of the group, many of the other guests also said they felt something similar, but dismissed it at the time.

As I was wondering around checking up on the guests who had wandered in all directions, I came across a spirit boy about 10 years old called William, who was attempting to interact with the ghost hunters, but was having difficulty. His mother Catherine had numerous time communicated with the guests but she was encouraging her son to do the same. Many guests also felt tugs on their clothing, which was attributed to William as he tried to get people’s attention.

Whilst I was stood overlooking the terraces talking to another group of guests I could see another male spirit called Geoffrey, he looked like a butler and he was about 40 years old, quite broad shouldered and spoke very well. A guest was standing more or less next to him and she was busy taking photographs and when she turned in the direction that the spirit energy was stood she had many strange photographs, as did the people standing next to me who were also taking photos. The photos looking like they had wisps of mist in them, but given where we were standing (on a hill) mist was very unlikely as it looked like a very clear evening.

As we headed into the woods to conduct a séance, I noticed a male spirit energy followed us from a crossroad, his name was Thomas and he was an engineer who lived in the local vicinity. Once we formed a circle and after I explained the dos and don’ts I asked Thomas to move peoples arms, which he did almost immediately which some guests found unnerving. I then asked for him to push and pull people and this too also spooked the guests especially as some people were being pushed into others, usually quite randomly and with such force that the guests were not able to restrict their movements and just fell into other people, this was very amusing to watch. As the session continued Thomas was able to move more people and move them that they had to step forwards and back to stop themselves falling over. During this session some footfall sounds were heard behind us, which was deeper into the woods and no torch lights were seen and I find it difficult to believe that someone would be walking without a torch in those woods since there are lots of roots from the trees covering the ground and it is very easy to trip over.

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt and one in which many of the guests had their own paranormal experience.

Spiritualist Medium
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Toys Hill and Weardale Manor ghost hunt – 17-5-2013

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Toys Hill and Weardale Manor ghost hunt 17th May 2013
Toys Hill, Kent

Toys Hill and Weardale Manor is one of our locations where the level of activity that is experienced by the guests is always surprising, not least because the location doesn’t seem scary or likely to produce much spiritual activity, but actually is one of the more active outdoor locations.

This ghost hunt I always start in the same place, the site of the old manor house, as the level of paranormal activity felt by the guests is usually something memorable, but it takes time and patience for the guests to experience something.

As usual after asking everyone to turn their phones off the level of activity seen on our electronic equipment surged, this is relatively normal, as mobile phones interfere not only with our equipment but also the level of spiritual activity.

Guests wandered around the perimeter of the manor house, many had spiritual contact on our various equipment. One guest felt a touch on her head and at one point we were all standing on one of the terraces a guest asked that someone we touched or moved. Although I could not see the spirit energy present, I knew which person they were going to move and stood back one step and pointed to the person that was going to be moved, half of the guests could see who I pointed to. Almost immediately the guest that I pointed to felt a touch on her lower back.

Doing this time the spikes seen on our KII (EMF) Meters was outstanding.

From here were moved into the woods to hold a séance, as the woods seem to be where the spirit energies can move and manipulate people. A spirit energy in his mid-50s joined us, he was a farmer who produced cider. The séance started with lots of arm movement, which not only surprised the guests but also exciting and frightened them at the same time. This then progressed after I asked to pushing and pulling people forwards and backwards and generally whoever I asked the spirit to move, they moved.

Many guests felt physical movement either swaying or twisting and those standing nearest to me or opposite felt themselves being pulled downwards, eventually everyone was moved in some way. I asked many times for the spirit to do the same thing to everyone and eventually we all were moved into the “Musketeer’s All for one sign”. The séance ended with an odd movement felt by everyone, which was an anticlockwise twist which everyone moved at the same time.

As we were about to leave the woods I turned on my Spirit Box (a device that scan backwards through the FM radio frequencies at 100ms). Some basic Yes and No answers were heard to questions and then a guest asked how many men were present in our group and a very clear “One” was heard, which was correct.

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt and one in which all the guests felt some form of physical paranormal activity.

Spiritualist Medium
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The Priest House ghost hunt – 11-5-2013

Friday, June 28th, 2013

The Priest House ghost hunt 11th May 2013
West Hoathly, West Sussex

This investigation was different than many of our others, as the size of the venue is not large enough to split guests into groups, so we started with what we normally do at the end of the night and that is to let guests wander freely around the building using our equipment to communicate with the spirit energies.

There were two reasons for this, one, was to find active areas within the building and two, was to allow the guests to ask their questions about ghost hunting and as the evening progressed into darkness everyone would know their way around the building. As this is a 15th Century building, the floors, staircase and ceilings all have uniqueness about them!

Many guests found that the upper rooms were high in spirit energies and lots of communication took place using various equipment, many guests who brought their own EVP recorders also had responses to their questions.

As I was wandering around the building checking on various groups of guests I too noticed spirit energies and described who I met along the way.

In the bedroom I came across a young girl of about 8 years old, who was holding a rather beaten up teddy bear, when I asked her about the bear, she asked why I called it a “Teddy” bear. This may be because the phrase “Teddy” bear was invented by a US toy company in 1902 after the US President Theodore Roosevelt. The guest that was in this room at that time had recorded several anomalies on her recorder. Also in the same room was another female spirit energy aged in her 20s but acted very maturely as if she was in her 60s, when asking for her name, she refused to tell me. Both girls were dressed in clothing that I would associate with the mid-1800s.

In the corridor upstairs I came across a portly gentleman about 5’8” wearing a three piece black pin stripe suit, shiny black shoes with a top buckle and wearing a top hat his name was Harold. He also sported a trimmed grey beard and hat mostly black and grey hair. He walked around the room a lot, pacing but didn’t actually want to communicate with us.

Downstairs I decided it was time to do a séance to invite the spirit energies to do something and to let their presence to be felt by the guests. I had no idea what we would encounter in the séance, but I wasn’t expecting what happened, no-one could have done.

The spirit energy that came forward was called Toby Turner, aged in his mid-20s and of muscular build, he gave me the year of 1910. Toby was quickly able to move some people into odd positions and after some relatively mild and gentle arm movement, Toby increased the activity to include pulling people backwards, but just the top half of a person, so it became rather painful and literally back breaking. Toby also used the furniture in the room to assist his movements with us, using the table that we were standing in front of. He pulled our arms down to the table and then used the table as a pivot to pull us further down. However when Toby realised that the table was in the way he used this. There were many items on the table for display purposes, all tied together with fishing wire. Toby manipulated our arms to push the brass plates on the table, usually in a circular motion to twist and slide these items around the table. There were two groups of people who were doing this, myself and Mark’s (guest) hands and

Jo (GHE team) and Karen’s (guest) hands. We were standing opposite each other. Our hands were moving all the items on the table, because they were all tied together, once one started to move the rest of the items followed, which made a lot of noise and Toby was determined to push these items off the table, but those guests that were in front of the table were able to stop them falling off. This was strange because normally spirit energies do not interact with objects in this way.

The séance ended with Jo and Karen’s hand lunging or punching into Jeff (guest) and Justin (guest), the last punch into Justin’s stomach was actually quite forceful, so I stopped the séance.

After putting all the items back to their original positions we went upstairs to try to communicate with the spirits.

Once in the bedroom a female spirit energy called Dorothy was present, she was in her 60s, a spinster, who was very religious and didn’t like our presence, however many guests could feel her presence, either by touches on the head, or some guests who were sitting on some furniture felt like they were being pushed off.

Tapping noises and responses to taps were heard along with a whistled response. Also in this room we used an Ovilus (a device that turns EMF energy into spoken words) and Dorothy was able to use this to say some words including the name of a guest “Justin” and “Priest” plus answers to some questioned asked by the guests.

This was an enjoyable ghost hunt and one in which the majority of the guests felt some physical paranormal activity, but it was also a strange event, the séance will be remembered by us and those guests involved for a long time.

Spiritualist Medium
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Toys Hill and Weardale Manor ghost hunt – 1-2-2013

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Toys Hill and Weardale Manor ghost hunt 1st February 2013
Toys Hill, Kent

This location often surprises us as the best activity has been seen/felt by small groups of people however sometimes (it has happened before) many people in the group have had a paranormal experience, this was one of those times.

We started on the site of the old manor house, this has in the past been very active and on this night it was one of the more active times that I can remember.

After handing out some KII metres and our electronic communication devices things started to happen. Spirit energies were detectable on the KII and various spirits started communicating. I had the feeling that we were joined by a Maid and a Groundsman of the former house.

Many guests saw lights in the nearby woodland very low to the ground and some saw shadows which seem to move as people walked towards the woodlands to take a closer look.

As a group of us were just talking about previous guests’ experiences I noticed a male energy who looked to be a head butler or someone of importance approach us. He was about 55 years old, quite tall at about 5’9” and very well dressed in a three piece suit. He also had a full well trimmed beard and gave me the date at 1914. This particular spirit who wanted to remain nameless provided the guests with lots of answers to their questions and when asked to touch or move people some guests reported feeling a light brushing sensation, as if someone had just walked passed them. Some guests also felt a warming sensation behind their knees. One guest was sure that she felt a physical touch on her back. Other guests reported the feeling of a dog had just brushed past them.

From here we moved into the woodland as there is a particular area which seems to be more active than the rest of the woods. After walking through an extremely muddy section I stopped by a familiar tree and told the guests that this is the area where we would very shortly be holding a séance. After explained what is likely to happen during the séance an older male spirit approximately 70 years old wandered near to us, he seemed grumpy and called me “a daft old bugger”. Just as I was telling this spirit where to go I noticed another much younger male spirit energy approach, this spirit I have seen here before.

His name was Edward and he is in his mid-20s and every time I seem him he is wearing a grey pinned stripped suit with a bowler hat. He seems to have something to do with finance or accountancy, although he never really answers that question.

Asking Edward to move the guests’ arms, he did so very willingly and soon the majority of people had their arms moved. I also asked Edward if he were able to push or sway people and within a matter of minutes many guests were being pushed or pulled backwards much to their surprise.

Once again some people felt a warming sensation on the back of their legs, especially around their knees, whether this coincided with me asking for Edward to push people I don’t know. At one point when asking for Edward to do the same thing to everyone, my side of the circle (about two people either side of me) were all pushed at the same time towards the centre of the circle and then rapidly pulled backwards. This was a very strange sensation. After this Edward decided that some people should be pushed more forcefully or pushed to the ground, however it was a bit muddy and none of us really wanted to touch the ground, it took all our strength to resist.

After this rather physical séance I decided to conclude this session, but asked all the guests to think of a question to ask Edward, the questions and his answers were recorded and out of the nine people present there were seven responses, however only five could be easily understood.

You can hear these at:-

During the séance many guests including me heard the sound of cough, like someone clearly their throat to get attention, although I didn’t see anyone nor heard any footfalls that could explain this sound, it remains anomalous.

As we were leaving the woodland there continued lots of KII EMF activity and lots of communication via electronic equipment.

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt and one that many guests enjoyed especially because of the physical nature of the séance and the excellent EVPs that were recorded.

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