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Fort Amherst – 4th March 2016 – Steve

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

Fort Amherst ghost hunt 4th March 2016
Chatham, Kent.


This marks 10 years of me going to Fort Amherst for ghost hunts, I have no idea how many times I’ve visited, one day I’ll work it out but needless to say that every time I visit something different or interesting happens on a paranormal level.

My first session in the Upper Gun floor the guests experienced lots of movement; arms being lifted, swaying, pushing and being pulled backwards. One guest also felt being prodded in his back as well as feeling cold spots. This was all attributed to a young male spirit called Jez or Jeremia. He was 15 or 16 years old and from 1660s and was a Soldier.

In the Sally Port I saw a dark mass, like a shadow behind two of the guests although there was a female spirit in the room as she was waiting for us to leave.

The second group once again experienced lots of arm movement, pushing and swaying. Although this time there was a more Nordic feel about it. The arm movements were that of a Nordic greeting.

Once again cold and warm spots were felt by the guests.

There was also a female spirit from 1700s but she did not give her name and continued to watch us.

The third group didn’t experience much at all, although they didn’t ask for anything to happen or seem to engage with the activity.

All in all, an excellent ghost hunt with the majority of the guests getting some paranormal occurrence or evidence of the paranormal in their sessions.

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Fort Borstal – 13th November 2015 – Steve

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 13th November 2015
Rochester, Kent


This event was a little different since there were a small amount of guests we did not spilt the group and instead everybody participated in every activity.

The first activity was a Human Pendulum, followed by a Table tilting and Ouija board session and finally my session; a séance

We were joined by a well-built chap who did not give his name. He was able to push and twist people as well as lift and move their arms on command. Some people were pushed and pulled to the floor and against the walls.

Videos from our events at Fort Borstal can be watched at

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Fort Borstal – 30th October 2015 – Steve

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 30th October 2015
Rochester, Kent


The séance sessions we were joined by a spirit called Antony (Tony) who was a Marine, aged in his early 30s and wore glasses for reading.

Tony was able to poke people and make some people including me get very hot during the séance. He was also able to move people, mostly by their arms, but also pushing and pulling the guests backwards. Many people experienced arm movement then a very heavy force would be applied to their shoulders which forced each person down towards the floor.

A number of times guests would be pushed and pulled towards the corners of the room and sometimes from opposite corners. This resulting in many people being tangled and twisted, sometime in painful or unusual positions that we could not figure out how to untangle ourselves. This was a very strange experience which wasn’t filmed on this particular night.

Odd smells were smelt by various people including myself, these smells were; pepper, sweet tobacco and other strange and unusual smells.

During a total darkness experiment people felt a spirit amongst us, some could see the outline of a person whilst others heard a young female voice, unfortunately whilst we heard the voice we couldn’t understand what was said.

This was an enjoyable ghost hunt with everyone experiencing paranormal activity.

Videos from our events at Fort Borstal can be watched at

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Theatre Royal ghost hunt – 23rd May 2015

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

Theatre Royal ghost hunt 23rd May 2015
Margate, Kent

As a team we always look forward to our events at the Theatre Royal, as we can only visit a couple of times a year due to the venue being used until late at night. However whilst we don’t meet the same spirits we do usually have a good night and have plenty of things to write about.

As always all the guests were split into three smaller groups and each group headed off with a different team member. My area for the night was underneath the stage, which I have used on previous ghost hunts.

The first spirit that I encountered looked like a very serious gentleman about six foot in height and of a slim build aged in his mid to late 50s, notably sporting a well-groomed yet thin beard, wearing a grey three piece evening suit and top hat. This gentleman did not tell me his name but during the course of the evening he told me that he was a doctor who had a summer residence in Margate. This gent was from the 1900’s approximately.

All groups of guests were moved by this spirit sometimes he would be able to push and pull everyone in the group, other times it would only be a few chosen people. The first group everyone was moved and touched within the group when asked to be moved by the spirit and many times people were pushed or pulled to the floor or towards the direction of the theatre. The second and third groups the level of movement was less than the first group but it still affected everyone in the group. Many guests were pulled by their arms to the floor whilst others were lifted towards the ceiling.

There was also a female spirit who I first heard the shuffle of a dress, or more of a “swish” of a dress in the first session. This lady had some affinity with guests who were sisters or those guests who were related to each other, as we had several guests in each group who were related activity centred around them. Some of this activity became unwelcome and our séances had to be stopped to avoid the spirit from inflicting their anguish on the guests.

Many guests also smelt different aromas not associated with the building and some described it as “old perfume” or similar to a sweet tobacco. Since I didn’t smell it I cannot describe the smell.

After our three controlled sessions we allowed the guests to venture off on their own with our ghost hunting equipment to hold their own style ghost hunt or to experience parts of the theatre that the public never see or visit. Many guests reported strange sensations and feelings although a few had some unusual photographs.

This was another enjoyable ghost hunt with lots of paranormal activity felt and sensed by the guests and we look forward to returning to the Theatre Royal in August 2015.

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Charlton House ghost hunt – 3-5-2014

Saturday, June 7th, 2014

Charlton House ghost hunt 3rd May 2014
Greenwich, London

This was our first ghost hunt at this location and we were unsure what to expect, although from my initial visit some rooms had more promise than others. However we know from experience that at night things and rooms can seem a lot different. I picked one of the largest rooms and also the room which I chose when I visited in the day time.

Whilst I was walking the rest of the team around with the caretaker who was unlocking the doors as we walked, we walked into the very room that I had chosen for all my sessions and then on the way out of the room a waste paper bin was in the middle of the corridor, none of us remember it being there when we started as we didn’t walk around it.

The first group to the long gallery room, (which was fully wood panelled) we started a séance and were joined by a Second World War Captain called Christopher. He told me that he was sent to this house during the war years to recuperate.

Christopher was able when asked to lift the arms of some of the guests and one particular guest was pulled backwards at various intervals which really surprised her, because it wasn’t as gentle as some of the movements, this seem to have more force which to stop herself falling over she had to take a step back.

There was also a female spirit present although she didn’t tell me her name but when this spirit was near to people they could smell on odd fragrance. It was similar to a strong bleach smell, although it wasn’t bleach.

The second group to the long gallery room had much more movement, mainly because they actively asked for things to happen to them, whereas the first group didn’t.

When we started the séance there were three male spirits in the room with us; a Doctor, a Major (Second World War Army) and another solider. All three were able to move and touch people and lift our arms on command. Many people were pushed, swayed and pulled backwards and two guests (Dan and Nadine) reported feeling odd sensations in their knees. These sensations were like numbness although all those affected knew their knees were not numb but could not describe the sensation. Stuart (guest) was gently rocked back and forth, not dissimilar to being on a boat. Dan (guest) was also pushed and pulled backwards and another guest (Nikki) was squashed between Stuart and Nadine as they were being moved.

At one stage during the session we all heard a dragging noise, similar to a wooden box being dragged over a wooden floor, but everyone heard this sound coming from different directions, however this may have been due to the acoustics of the room as the wood panelled walls made all sounds echo.

During the séance half of the group felt cold spots, which was odd because the whole building was very warm, the heating had obviously been set quite high as the ambient temperature in most rooms was 25 degrees Celsius.

When we moved into the adjacent room many of us heard footsteps in the room that we had just left as well as other noises which sounded like small items being dropped on to the floor. When Nadine and I were looked into the long gallery room to listen for noises I saw a female spirit, aged in her early 50s and similar to a teacher from the 1960s looking back at us. She didn’t say anything just stared at me.

The third group to the gallery room, we were joined by a female nurse spirit, her name was Anne-Marie and when I asked for her to move the guests arms everyone felt something eventually, but this nurse took a liking to Pam, Belinda, Courtney and Jenny (guests) and moved them more than the others. When I asked Anne-Marie to push or wobble the guests many people felt unstable and some were pushed forwards or pulled backwards especially Pam and Courtney and others felt light touches on their arms or shoulders.

During the séance we all heard another odd noise, it sounded similar to laboured breathing and a whistle was clearly heard by everyone. Once again several people felt cold spots which moved from beside different people. When we moved into the other room we had several responses to taps and knocks made by me as I had requested the spirit copy or repeat the knocks, the lighter I tapped the more likely the response.

After the controlled sessions we always allow the guests to go to any room of their choice and hold their own vigils, sometimes the team will join them, whilst other times the team will just oversee what guests are doing. I joined a group in a room that we didn’t use during our controlled sessions and met a young girl of about 8 years old who was bossy and a male spirit called Henry who didn’t like me at all, although I have no idea why because he never said. Two other team members were sitting on the floor on the opposite side of the room and both felt cold spots move around them. No other sensations or noises were heard whilst in this room although the room felt strange and odd but we have no idea why.

This was an excellent ghost hunt and we hope to return to this venue in 2015. Many of the guests had some paranormal activity that they could not logically explain or things happened to them that defied physics.

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Marwell Hall ghost hunt – 29-3-2014

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Marwell Hall ghost hunt 29th March 2014
Winchester, Hampshire

It is to not often that we see Flamingos, Hippos, Rhinoceros’, Leopards and other wild animals on our ghost hunts, but Marwell Hall is inside a wildlife park and this was a first for us. When asking for spirit to make a noise we were not used to hearing Tigers or Hippos calling out to each other!

The Hall itself used to be a house for the landowner and there are many stories about ghostly activities. The staff who now work in the building often report strange goings on especially after a ghost hunt.

Our ghost hunt was the first one of 2014 and whilst we didn’t know what to expect, when it is dark the place takes on a whole different atmosphere. The only stipulation by the Park Management is that no-one is allowed to go outside on their own, just in case an animal escapes!

I chose a room on the first floor because when I visited in the day time I liked this room, I didn’t know why at the time. Now I like the room even more!

The first group to this room we formed a séance circle near to the door and I asked for spirit to join us. We were first joined by a gardener chap who was called Thomas dressed in a tweed suit, aged in his early 50s and he told me he passed in 1927 with what we would call alcohol poisoning.

During the séance there was some gentle arm movement but nothing that I would call exciting as it was very minor.

As I was explaining what the guests needed to do to help the spirit move them a female spirit joined us, she was called Victoria, aged 22 and was dressed in a Edwardian gown. She was very shy but nevertheless she stood by the window until one or two of the guests noticed her.

The only odd thing to happen in this session was a square bottomed torch that was placed on the table fell or was moved off the table. When it hit the floor this made most people jump as it was not a small torch. A little later on I happen to notice that the tablecloth was on the floor. This was odd because no-one could pull it off the table because we were holding hands, it wasn’t long enough for someone to tread on and it didn’t fall off the table when the torched moved and no-one was close enough to touch the table.

The second group to this room we still had both spirits; Thomas and Victoria who were very capable of moving people and as soon as we formed a séance they moved the majority of peoples arms and progressed quickly to touching people’s shoulders, faces and hair. Others were swayed and pushed forwards as well as pulled backwards.

People either side of me and me were pulled to the floor my our hands and quite often when asking to be let back up, the spirit would only allow us to partially stand up, this became extremely painful before pulling us back down again. Twice my hands were moved away from me as if the spirit wanted to push me face down on the floor, however they were thankfully unsuccessful.

Carl (GHE team) was filming this session and he was sitting in a chair by the window, he placed a park radio (walkie talkie) on the table in front of him. Both his hands were holding the camera, yet the radio fell on to the floor. To me this seemed odd because both the radio and the torch from the first session could not roll off the table, no-one touched the table, nor bumped into it and yet both items fell onto the floor. This time though the table cloth stayed on the table.

There was also periodically a young boy spirit who I could sense running around, he only came into the room once and he was about 6 or 7 years old, wearing a grey school uniform and a school cap.

Lots of strange noises were heard throughout our session, some of the noises sounded like someone walking down a corridor, however the room we were in, was a mezzanine level and no corridor outside the room. The only corridor was six steps up and no-one was on that floor. There were other noises which sounded similar to the door banging at the bottom of the stairs, but every time Carl went to check no-one was seen walking about so we don’t know if it was the door or not. (We’ll have to wait to our return visit in October 2014 to find out)

The third group to the room Thomas was still present and made himself know as soon as I started the séance. He quickly pushed and pulled people, lifted their arms and twisted people by their arms. This time there wasn’t much dragging to the floor by our arms, although it did happen once or twice. Thomas was more interested in pushing people and pulling them backwards, sometimes across the room.

At one point he pushed two guests backwards onto the table so that they were laying on the table, neither of whom found this much fun because from the rest of our perspectives it looked painful and both need help to stand back upright.

There may have been noises whilst we were holding the séance but we didn’t hear any because of the amount of movement we were experiencing.

After these controlled sessions the guests were allowed to go into any of the rooms that we had used plus a couple of other rooms that we didn’t use to hold their own ghost hunt. During this free session our guests can use our ghost hunting equipment.

I joined a group in one of the downstairs rooms and there was a military spirit present although I’m not entirely sure which Army regiment as he never actually told me, just pointed to his shoulder badge. I haven’t been able to find this badge so I don’t know what he did, although he was a Sergeant Major.

Whilst I was in the room some very unusual noises were heard and we have no idea what could have caused them as one of the noises sounded like someone tapping on the window, yet this venue has window shutters which we closed before the event started.

When talking to the Events Co-ordinator about what I experienced in the room that I held séances, mainly the objects “falling” off the table, she told me that this happens frequently in this room and especially happens when the staff are in the building on their own, yet no-one has seen it happen it just occurs.

We as a team cannot wait to return in October 2014 to see if the same things happen again and maybe next time we’ll record some EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voices).

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 8-3-2014

Friday, March 21st, 2014

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 8th March 2014
Rochester, Kent

The majority of the team enjoy Fort Borstal as we always get some good activity, this evening was no different and some of the séance sessions in the counterscarp galleries were very memorable to some of the guests. This area is one of the best areas for the feeling of being touched or moved in some way.

The first group to the counterscarp galleries I started asking for some gentle arm movement from the spirit energy who stepped into the room, an old prisoner of the fort who had lots of energy and Captain Daniel Bedford who usually gets some guests on the floor. The prisoner spirit started by moving my arms and the two people either side of me. Most of these movements were gentle touching of faces and some of the men’s chests. This quickly moved onto touching people shoulders and one particular guests fur jacket although he was intrigued by a female guests’ jacket which had the appearance of someone in authority.

Several times the people who were standing beside me were pulled by their arms down to the floor or made to bend over as there was a heavy weight on our arms. Several times my hands touched the floor and then it was wiped clean on some other guest’s jacket!

When asking for the spirit to sway or push people only one of two people could feel his presence and they felt a gentle or slight pull back or push forward.

The second group to the counterscarp gallery the movements started almost as soon as I asked for spirit to move us, with the two people either side of me. This started as gentle arm movement, which quickly descended into various people’s arms being twisted and entangled with some guests being forced to twist and turn to face the opposite direction. Several guests also had their faces touched by spirit via other people’s hands, this some people found unnerving. One particular guest asked to be pushed into the centre of the circle and although it didn’t happen instantly, eventually this guest found herself standing in the middle of the circle with her hands entwined with other guests that didn’t know what the spirit were intending to do. The spirits that were responsible were two prisoners, Biffa & Justin and these spirits I have met before. They are particular with making sure the guests want to be moved and if the guests didn’t ask to be moved they weren’t moved.

At various times the majority of the group were pulled by their arms and hands onto the floor and even when the guests were able to stand up, many of them felt that they were being pulled back into the wall or rocked gentled, sometimes forward and backwards but also in circles. This is a common experience from these two particular spirits, this seems to be their thing and it usually happens first to a female member of the group and then once the spirit knows that people don’t resist then they do it all the more. This can make some of the guests feel unwell as we conduct all of this in virtual darkness. People find it a little disconcerting to be rocked and swayed when they cannot see what it causing the movement and no matter how much they try not to move the spirits are always able to move people in one direction or another.

The third group to the counterscarp galleries was a larger group than the rest of the groups although this seem to have no effect on what the spirit could do, we were joined quite quickly by a spirit who I usually encounter in this area, a First World War soldier; Captain Daniel Bedford. This spirit also has a particular thing he likes to do, which he didn’t achieve with the first group. This always ends up with many of the guests being dragged to the floor by their arms and after initially asking for him to lift people’s arms, which he completed just to prove that it was possible he then moved onto moving people in the way he wanted to. This involved the two people either side of me first (Kat & Neil) and then the people standing next to them until the majority of the guests were being moved. Arms were being lifted towards the ceiling, whilst others were being pulled to the floor. This proved to be quite painful for some and involved just about everyone being touched in some way. At various times many of us were twisted and entangled by our arms, sometimes whist we were on the floor.

Kat was pushed down until she was kneeling on the floor, yet each hand was being pulled away from her. Then she asked whether the spirit wanted he on the floor face first, she asked that her left hand be raised if this was true and immediately her left hand was raised, then dropped and pulled away from her until she had no choice but to obey the spirits wishes.

After asking for the spirit to push and sway people many people were swayed and pushed into a wall, Neil found himself being pulled backwards towards a wall to the point where he had no option but to sit on the floor with his back against the wall and once he was down then the spirit were able to pull the people either side of him down (Me and Harry) and then subsequently the people next to us.

At various times those who were being moved were twisted and squashed up together so that all the dust that each of us had collected on our clothing was now being “transferred” to those who were less dirty.

All of this twisted and entangling went on for a long time and every time that I asked for the spirit to put us back to where we started with all our hands by our sides, so that we could finish the séance part, it just didn’t happen, this just made the spirit want to continue moving us. After the third time of asking I told the guests to let go and thus break the séance circle. I don’t like to do this as I know that it has taken a lot of energy for the spirits to move us but had we not let go this twisting and pushed and being pulled to the floor would have gone on for a longer time.

After the three controlled sessions, all the guests were then allowed to go to various parts of the fort with some of our ghost hunting equipment to hold their own ghost hunt. Many guests used this opportunity to try some table tilting, Ouija boards and semi-solo vigils to record EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice experiments) and Spirit Box sessions (a device that scans the FM radio band at 100ms in reverse) to hear a spirit voice. Some of these sessions that the guests undertook on their own were very successful, although those that heard responses asking them to leave the room or area did so.

This was an excellent ghost hunt which was very enjoyable to those guests who were moved or manipulated in ways that they never thought possible and many were surprised what could be achieved, especially the more physical nature of the movements.

There will be an event video (edited into a shorter video) of some of the group sessions.

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 15-2-2014

Saturday, March 8th, 2014

Fort Borstal Paranormal Investigation and ghost hunt 15th February 2014
Rochester, Kent

This event was always going to be different as it is the first time we have attempted a paranormal investigation. This involves setting up one area with our CCTV monitoring equipment. We had intended to set up two areas but the staff attending this determined how much we set up. In the end I decided that we would do both a ghost hunt and a paranormal investigation, this was a brave plan because it meant that there would be four groups, however two groups at a time would be involved in the paranormal investigation whilst the other two groups would be participating in a ghost hunt.

As always I chose the counterscarp galleries for my sessions, which meant walking up and down 200 steps each session.

The first group Jo (GHE second Medium) joined me and she picked up on a relatively recent spirit by the name of David, both Jo and I could sense him and I described him as being either late 20s or early 30s, fair hair, fair skin wearing modern clothing including jeans and we both had the impression that he was from the 1980s.

Asking David to move the guests started well with the majority of people feeling gentle arm movement, although very quickly Dianne (Guest) to my left felt a downward pressure on her shoulders and she was forced onto the floor, sometimes her head was also pushed onto the floor, which Diane found very amusing. The rest of the guests were pushed, pulled and generally manipulated by their arms and Jo kept asking for the spirit to knock off my hat. Many times I saw out of the corner of my eye hands looming towards me and I was able to duck out of the way.

There was also another male spirit called Justin present. I have seen this spirit before and he was just laughing at us and the strange positions that David was able to push us into.

The second group we ventured into the same room hoping that these guests would also be able to feel David energy, but instead there was just Justin (the laughing spirit). Once again after asking out for everyone to be pushed or moved in some way I saw a familiar spirit energy; Capt Daniel Bedford who frequents this part of the fort and he quickly started to lift the arms of the guests and when I asked for people to be pushed he very quickly moved people into his “trademark” position. This position is pushing people against a wall, to get people against a wall he drags one person and because we are all holding hands as part of the séance we all have to move. When we are closer to the walls it is then easier for Capt Daniel to pull people backwards against a wall. This happened three times in three different directions with Jo, Justin & Lee (guests) being pushed against a wall.

When we weren’t being pushed against the walls there was lots of arm movement with just about everyone being moved in some way, usually the guests found themselves swaying or rocking uncontrollably.

Towards the end of the session we all heard a strange “Woo Hoo” noise this sounded like a child’s call of excitement.

The third group to this area didn’t have as much movements as the previous two groups however there was still some gentle arm movement and some gentle swaying to a few guests, one guest was moved by her feet in a ballet style movement but generally the spirit movements were weaker, although the group of guests didn’t encourage the spirit to move them and obviously if you don’t ask to be moved then you won’t be moved. Spirit need to have your consent.

The fourth group only had some light arm movement, no pushing or swaying of any kind but this group didn’t really want to be moved or touched and the spirit therefore didn’t move them.

All in all this was a great ghost hunt and paranormal investigation and the audio and video recording from the paranormal investigation side are still being analysed and anything interesting will be published as soon as the analysis is complete.

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Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt – 7-2-2014

Sunday, February 9th, 2014

Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt 7th February 2014
Pluckley, Kent

Pluckley Screaming woods is one of our most popular ghost hunts which is attested by the amount of time in advance people have to book, which at the time of writing is 4 months ahead of the event. Everyone came dressed for the weather, which as usual was rain, although the rain didn’t arrive in the woods until we were at least half way through the night.

After walking to the centre of the woods I handed out our usual ghost hunting equipment, which consisted of KII meters (with are proximity metres [to spirit]) and our Ghost Pro’s which are communicators through a series of flashing.

It took a while, but eventually spirit started to come forward, first a male spirit who had leather patches on his trousers, which I thought may have been a woodman, as it turned out he wasn’t. He was a pig farmer who kept pigs within the woods. Although he never actually gave me his name he was aged in his late 30s and came from the mid-1800s. He was quite happy to answer questions that John (guest) asked via our communication equipment. We were also joined by a female spirit who was aged in her late 20s, possibly early 30s and she also didn’t give me her name. She seemed shy and reluctant to answer questions. The KII meters never lit up at all, much to our disappointment.

The two spirits seem to be opposite each other and communicated with the people who were closest to them, so the pig farmer communicated with John and the female spirit communicated with Cheryl & Kerry (guests). David & Charlotte (guests) didn’t have a communication device but both kept seeing odd shadows and lights within the woods. Kerry and I also kept hearing mumbling and talking, which was like a conversation being carried on the wind, but at that time it wasn’t windy in fact quite still and I couldn’t work out or hear what the conversation was about although it seemed relentless.

Several people started to take photos and Kerry & Cheryl had strange anomalous photos with unusual light anomalies which I have never seen before here or in fact anywhere else.

Pluckley Woods light anomaly

Copyright Kerry Davidson 2014

John kept seeing a shadow walk between two trees and every time he saw something come towards us his communication device lit up. He asked (not out loud) whether the spirit kept pigs and then felt something brush past him, I too felt something on my foot and looked down but saw nothing.

I decided that the best way for the guests to feel the spirit energies and experience their energy first hand was to hold a séance. Neither of the spirits that we were communicating with earlier seemed to want to do anything but just as I was wondering whether anything at all would happen a very well dressed spirit called Alfred turned up, he looked like he could have been a mayor or a councillor because he was wearing a very smart suit, he was about 5’8” in height and aged in his late 50s and had a “handlebar” moustache. Alfred was able to move our arms and started with Charlotte and me, which progressed around the left hand side of the circle, leaving just Kerry. As I reassured her to relax and loosen her grip with me our hands started to slowly rise. I then asked Kerry to ask Alfred to move her hands in a particular direction, which Alfred slowly accomplished. Several times my arms were pulled downwards and both guests on either side of me could feel the weight and pressure, although I insisted that I did not want to touch the ground since it was very wet and muddy. Alfred moved my arms to within a whisker of the ground just to prove a point!

At various times whilst we were being moved, I and some of the guests heard footfalls and whispers plus the strange relentless talking, which wasn’t getting louder or quieter, if it were carried on any wind then I would have expected that.

When I asked Alfred to gently push people he moved around the circle and one by one everyone fell backwards, very gently, but enough to know that they were not just losing their balance and David was picked more than anyone else. Cheryl however was not moved at all but Alfred did try a few times but it didn’t work.

From here we moved on to another part of the woods where I switched on my spirit box (a device that scans the FM radio band in reverse at 100ms) and asked for any spirit to say our names. It took a long time but eventually a spirit came and said three of our names and when asking for how many people were present we all heard 10, but there wasn’t ten of us, just six. However we don’t know how many spirits were present as they didn’t answer that question. By this time the rain had started to fall, not terribly heavy but enough to know it was raining. We happened to be standing beside some trees that when the wind blew creaked and groaned like an old wooden door which added to the atmosphere! But every time that I asked for a noise this particular tree squeaked which became rather annoying.

Using the laser grid here as well didn’t produce anything interesting because the rain was interfering with the beam although communication continued and a few times the KII meter that David was holding lit up a lot, which surprised him, although the other KII held by Cheryl and Kerry didn’t.

Kerry and I could still hear this odd talking noise, although we both thought it was coming from different directions, I thought it was coming from deeper in the woods whereas Kerry thought it was coming from the edge of the woods, unfortunately none of the other people could hear this talking sound.

As we started to make our way out of the woods, past an area that people used to live in the woods as late as the early 1900s I could distinctly smell a wood fire, which given the amount of rain we have had recently was hard to believe especially on this particular night because of the level of the rainfall. No-one else could small a fire although John smelt what he described as an odd smell, but couldn’t describe what it smelt like.

Given the weather no EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) experiments were undertaken because the only noise that would have been heard was the rain, which was a shame because we have had some excellent EVPs from our Pluckley events.

Given the weather this was an excellent ghost hunt with lots of noises and physical paranormal activity felt by the guests and one in which all those present thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

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St Augustine’s Priory ghost hunt – 22-11-2013

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

St Augustine’s Priory ghost hunt 22nd November 2013
Bilsington, Kent

This was one ghost hunt which I have been looking forward to for some time, because I held a ghost hunt here many years ago and knew of the potential so I was very keen to explore this venue further. We were not disappointed.

I decided to hold all my sessions in the coldest part of the building, the tower. These two rooms also had many “extras” namely deceased animals of some kind which always puts people’s mind at rest!

After forming a séance circle in one of the more interesting rooms I asked the spirit to step forward and we were immediately joined by Maxwell (Max) an RAF Officer from the Second World War who was stationed at St Augustine’s during the war years. Max was a square build, aged in his late 40s or early 50s, about 5’11” in height, short brown curly hair, and he wore a moustache and talked exactly how you would expect an officer in the RAF to sound.

After asking Max to move people in any way he could, he started moving my arms which quickly progressed to moving other people’s arms including Jeff (guest) who rarely feels any movement at our ghost hunts, much to Jeff’s surprise. Various people had their arms moved, chests and stomachs prodded and arms stroked. I then asked if he could push people, which started quickly as well and he was able to push and pull guests and sway them as well as lift their arms above their heads, so much so that some people were standing on their tip toes to reach. We were also pulled downwards by our hands to the floor but this was mostly the people either side of me.

Whilst all this was going on I was aware of another spirit who was standing in the doorway, he was about 17 or 18 years old and from a much earlier period of time but he didn’t really tell me much about himself, just kept laughing at all the strange positions we were pulled into.

After we finished this séance we went upstairs, this is the loft room which has roof beams which are about 5’ from the floor so the majority of people had to duck to walk between them. Standing here many people felt that they were being pushed and swayed. We were not holding hands which each other, just standing alone in the dark, this made the sensation even more scary because there was nothing anyone could see, it was pitch black darkness. The spirit that was responsible for this was called Brian, he was a gardener of the house during the 1950s, who had a long black well trimmed beard and he delighted in himself that he could push and sway people.

After a short break the second group of people joined me in the tower, once again I started the séance in the first two rooms and Max joined us again. He never actually left. This time the movements were much gentler and slower as the people present were too busy talking about other things and not encouraging him to do anything to them. However I was still being moved and the two people either side of me were being manipulated and dragged downwards to the floor. Max seemed obsessed with some of the footwear that the guests were wearing and used my hands to touch and stroke each person’s shoe. During one part of the session I and the people beside me had our hands pulled across the circle and when a guest asked not to be touched I thought I heard a voice say “Sorry”, but no-one else heard this sound and no-one said that they said anything. However because this session wasn’t recorded on video I cannot check to see if this was made by anyone in the room or whether it was a spirit voice.

From here we moved up to attic room and similar sensations were felt by these guests that the first group encountered. However one guest felt very emotional and could sense a female energy, I too saw the female spirit but could not hear what she was saying. This particular guest was crying because of what the female energy was saying and doing. The female energy was crying and saddened by some children. She kept repeating the phrase “what about the children, the poor children”. What this referred to is a mystery but hopefully this information will come to light in the coming weeks. (We have researchers who are looking for more historical information about the Priory, especially from the war years because this information will be freely available shortly).

The third group to the tower rooms have been on several of our ghost hunts and call themselves “The Boo Club” and are very open to spirit which made Max happy as he was very quickly able to move people and our arms and push people against other people and drag others across the room. This was the only session of mine which was recorded on video and Carl (GHE team) who was recording the video had to constantly move because every time he had a good view of what was going on people were being moved and twisted so that Carl didn’t have a good view. The shorter members of the group were lifted by their arms and then suddenly Max decided that he could twist people into very uncomfortable positions. We were moved, twisted, swayed and rocked into extremely painful positions and people who were on the opposite side of the circle to me were somehow now beside me. When Max had finished moving us which took about 5 minutes. It then took us another 10 minutes to figure out how we could untangle ourselves without letting our hands go. Max found this absolutely hilarious as we could not figure out how some people had ended up where they stood and how our hands had become so entwined.

After all this exercise we went upstairs to the loft room and after seeing some of the Second World War graffiti and some of the more modern 1970s graffiti we stood in complete darkness without holding hands. However the same male spirit was present but didn’t move or sway people like he did with the other groups, but many people felt the floor vibrate.

I then decided to tap lightly on one of the beams and asked for Brian to repeat the sound, instantly we heard a similar knocking sound although everyone heard it, we all thought it came from different directions. Tapping several other times, the whole sound (i.e. 3 taps) were not heard, but we did hear a single tap in each response. It seemed the quieter I was able to tap on the beam the more likely Brian was able to copy or repeat the sound. Every time I tapped we all heard a response. As the session was proceeding the responses were getting better, but not louder which was a shame.

Hopefully there will be a next time at this venue that we can explore this further.

During the free time session I joined a group downstairs in part of the cellar/kitchen on a Ouija board. Although I don’t know who the spirit was, he was a recent passing as he uttered the word Zebedee whilst we were using a new addition to our kit, the Spring Ouija board.

I also joined some guests upstairs in the same room as all the pushing had taken place and they were holding a séance, they also had a spirit box (a device that scans the FM radio frequencies in reverse at 100ms) running in the background. During their séance there were many voices including lots of laughing and people’s names (of their group) being called out.

I was able to stand behind the group and ask for the spirit (who wasn’t Max, but all I know is that this spirit smoked a pipe as I could smell it) to push and manipulate people just by pointing at a person behind their backs or by pointing to the person above their heads. This worked extremely well and became very amusing for me because I was able to ask the spirit for something in my head so that no-one knew what was being asked for and a few minutes later the guests that I asked for this activity to happen to occurred.

I also asked for the spirit to do something to everyone at the same time and I also didn’t say this out loud and some people started to move how I had asked and then the spirit made everyone move. I asked for all their hands to be lifted and joined in the centre of the circle and then when everyone was touching hands about shoulder height I asked for the rest of the manoeuvre which occurred very quickly much to the surprise of the guests. Their hands were all lifted above their heads. This is what I call the “Three Musketeers salute” and the guests sarcastically thanked me for this! From my perspective this was very funny as it is not often that I can get the spirit in the room to do what I ask when I am not part of the séance group. However this time this all worked perfectly.

No EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voices) were recorded throughout the night as it was either too windy or there were periods of rain which made at a lot of noise on the walls and roof. This would have drowned out any noise of a spirit talking.

This was a very enjoyable ghost hunt with a venue that has lots of potential and one which we will hopefully be able to return to in 2014. Many of the guests had a very entertaining and some weird and strange paranormal activity happen to them.

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