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Marwell Hall ghost hunt – 29-3-2014

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Marwell Hall ghost hunt 29th March 2014
Winchester, Hampshire

It is to not often that we see Flamingos, Hippos, Rhinoceros’, Leopards and other wild animals on our ghost hunts, but Marwell Hall is inside a wildlife park and this was a first for us. When asking for spirit to make a noise we were not used to hearing Tigers or Hippos calling out to each other!

The Hall itself used to be a house for the landowner and there are many stories about ghostly activities. The staff who now work in the building often report strange goings on especially after a ghost hunt.

Our ghost hunt was the first one of 2014 and whilst we didn’t know what to expect, when it is dark the place takes on a whole different atmosphere. The only stipulation by the Park Management is that no-one is allowed to go outside on their own, just in case an animal escapes!

I chose a room on the first floor because when I visited in the day time I liked this room, I didn’t know why at the time. Now I like the room even more!

The first group to this room we formed a séance circle near to the door and I asked for spirit to join us. We were first joined by a gardener chap who was called Thomas dressed in a tweed suit, aged in his early 50s and he told me he passed in 1927 with what we would call alcohol poisoning.

During the séance there was some gentle arm movement but nothing that I would call exciting as it was very minor.

As I was explaining what the guests needed to do to help the spirit move them a female spirit joined us, she was called Victoria, aged 22 and was dressed in a Edwardian gown. She was very shy but nevertheless she stood by the window until one or two of the guests noticed her.

The only odd thing to happen in this session was a square bottomed torch that was placed on the table fell or was moved off the table. When it hit the floor this made most people jump as it was not a small torch. A little later on I happen to notice that the tablecloth was on the floor. This was odd because no-one could pull it off the table because we were holding hands, it wasn’t long enough for someone to tread on and it didn’t fall off the table when the torched moved and no-one was close enough to touch the table.

The second group to this room we still had both spirits; Thomas and Victoria who were very capable of moving people and as soon as we formed a séance they moved the majority of peoples arms and progressed quickly to touching people’s shoulders, faces and hair. Others were swayed and pushed forwards as well as pulled backwards.

People either side of me and me were pulled to the floor my our hands and quite often when asking to be let back up, the spirit would only allow us to partially stand up, this became extremely painful before pulling us back down again. Twice my hands were moved away from me as if the spirit wanted to push me face down on the floor, however they were thankfully unsuccessful.

Carl (GHE team) was filming this session and he was sitting in a chair by the window, he placed a park radio (walkie talkie) on the table in front of him. Both his hands were holding the camera, yet the radio fell on to the floor. To me this seemed odd because both the radio and the torch from the first session could not roll off the table, no-one touched the table, nor bumped into it and yet both items fell onto the floor. This time though the table cloth stayed on the table.

There was also periodically a young boy spirit who I could sense running around, he only came into the room once and he was about 6 or 7 years old, wearing a grey school uniform and a school cap.

Lots of strange noises were heard throughout our session, some of the noises sounded like someone walking down a corridor, however the room we were in, was a mezzanine level and no corridor outside the room. The only corridor was six steps up and no-one was on that floor. There were other noises which sounded similar to the door banging at the bottom of the stairs, but every time Carl went to check no-one was seen walking about so we don’t know if it was the door or not. (We’ll have to wait to our return visit in October 2014 to find out)

The third group to the room Thomas was still present and made himself know as soon as I started the séance. He quickly pushed and pulled people, lifted their arms and twisted people by their arms. This time there wasn’t much dragging to the floor by our arms, although it did happen once or twice. Thomas was more interested in pushing people and pulling them backwards, sometimes across the room.

At one point he pushed two guests backwards onto the table so that they were laying on the table, neither of whom found this much fun because from the rest of our perspectives it looked painful and both need help to stand back upright.

There may have been noises whilst we were holding the séance but we didn’t hear any because of the amount of movement we were experiencing.

After these controlled sessions the guests were allowed to go into any of the rooms that we had used plus a couple of other rooms that we didn’t use to hold their own ghost hunt. During this free session our guests can use our ghost hunting equipment.

I joined a group in one of the downstairs rooms and there was a military spirit present although I’m not entirely sure which Army regiment as he never actually told me, just pointed to his shoulder badge. I haven’t been able to find this badge so I don’t know what he did, although he was a Sergeant Major.

Whilst I was in the room some very unusual noises were heard and we have no idea what could have caused them as one of the noises sounded like someone tapping on the window, yet this venue has window shutters which we closed before the event started.

When talking to the Events Co-ordinator about what I experienced in the room that I held séances, mainly the objects “falling” off the table, she told me that this happens frequently in this room and especially happens when the staff are in the building on their own, yet no-one has seen it happen it just occurs.

We as a team cannot wait to return in October 2014 to see if the same things happen again and maybe next time we’ll record some EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voices).

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