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Photo review

Tuesday, December 15th, 2020

Photo Evidence Review – Part Three

Quite often we only notice something unusual in our photos after the event, when we are at home reviewing the footage or possible evidence from the event. This is a shame as more often than not we wished we had known at the event, because we could have asked more meaningful questions to spirit or taken more photos in a certain area.

The Lowndes Arms
The first photo was taken in the upper floors of The Lowndes Arms, a pub just outside Milton Keynes.

The landlady had asked us to investigate as there were quite a few “strange” things going on. From objects being moved, to doors being slammed and the sound of furniture being moved, especially late at night, but no furniture was found out of place.
This first photo is half out of focus, this was a series of several photos, all taken at the same time but this was the only one that was 50% out of focus, literally across the middle vertically. We could understand if it were horizontally out of focus, as that could have been the difference in temperature (hot air rises, for instance) but for one half of a room to be hot or cold to cause this, is highly unlikely if not impossible.


Fort Horsted, Chatham
The next photo is a curious one and one in which we didn’t fully understand until the event had nearly finished and the phenomena wasn’t occurring as frequently as when we first heard the guests talking about it. Taken by a guest during the ghost hunt at Fort Horsted in Chatham, in an area known as room 10, which was a cartridge store, with a cartridge lift to the guns on the roof of the fort. The face was seen in one of the lighting openings.

The ‘face’ was seen by the guests at the time, without the use of a camera. However we thought that the face was only seen in a camera and had ruled it out of being anything paranormal as it sounded like pareidolia. What didn’t realise is that people were seeing the face themselves, which then makes pareidolia an unlikely explanation. The photo shows a “Scream” like face or mask.
We visited this fort on numerous dates for five years and this was the only occasion that this phenomena was seen. However we don’t have an explanation or a firm decision on whether this was a spirit related incident or a mass pareidolia trick of the mind type of experience.


The Walpole Bay Hotel, Margate
The next photo could be a non-eventful photo, it could have been deliberate, or it could be something paranormal we don’t know. One thing for sure is that it is an odd photo.

The photo was taken at a charity ghost hunt arranged by The Children’s Trust at The Walpole Bay Hotel in Margate, which is steeped in history and has been visited by the rich and famous over the years. Today however the hotel doesn’t have any sparkle, just a run down hotel, with lots of junk or memorabilia depending on your view point.
On the mirror is a scrawled number 2 and a circle, which is reflected on to the wall in the camera flash (as an S in a circle). This wasn’t seen at the time of the photo and a group spent a session in this room with many photos taken by the guests and no-one saw this. When looking at the mirror you couldn’t see anything drawn on the surface, it was only this photo that showed a number and circle.
As we said this could have been drawn on by a member of staff (to what end we don’t know) and wiped off so nothing visible had been left. But how was it drawn on the mirror? What could leave no residue?
After the event and whilst reviewing the photos, we had thought that this could have been lipstick on the mirror, but we tested that and it wasn’t (as lipstick smears on a mirror, especially when wiped off).
Therefore we don’t know what this could have been, or whether it was intentional or not nor what could have been drawn on the mirror to leave no residue. It is just one of those odd occurrences.

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Fort Horsted – 17th October 2015 (Kym)

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 17th October 2015
Chatham, Kent.


Area: Room 35
Equipment: Dowsing Rods, Pendulums
Group A – We started with a séance circle, and invited spirit to join us.  Many could feel the energy change around them when the spirits stepped close.  The guest to my right (Peter), his left arm started moving up, but very gently, and almost immediately went straight back down.  Guests were seeing lights flashing on the wall and people.  We moved around to see if others could see the same, and they were.  We were also seeing shadows around us too.  Sean (filming) was watching his torch on a shelf, and it kept disappearing from view.  He showed us all through the camera which we saw too.  Some were being pushed and pulled, and feeling cold spots around us too.  With not much more movement we tried the pendulums and rods.  We had a male spirit with us, he worked here and was military.  He said there were other spirits here with us.  With another team member saying that they had tried chair tipping in this room successfully before, we had a go.  Initially we divided the guests on two chairs.  I stood with one group touching a chair and immediately started feeling very dizzy.  I swapped with Dave (guest) and he felt the same.  But Peter & Leanne didn’t feel it when standing there.  The other chair was moving so we all switched to that one.  With all lightly touching the chair, it started moving.  Slowly it started lifting up.  It tried to spin around but fell down.  Tried again, but just lifted up.  Some tried pushing the chair back down and could feel resistance.

Group B – Started with the séance circle, and Colin (guest) to my right was getting pushed, pulled and twisted.  Cold spots were being felt by some around the circle.  We were also hearing noises/footsteps near us too.  With no more movement we did some dowsing and all had quite a lot of communication with spirit.  We were talking to a male spirit connected to the fort.  We tried some chair tipping but had no movement, so decided to go down the whistling tunnel nearby.  However just on entering we heard a whistle between us, thinking initially it was one of us whistling ourselves, but with clarification from everyone that they had not done it, we were quite happy to have heard it.

Group C – Starting with the séance circle many were being gently rocked to and fro.  Then some guests started having their arms moved up and down.  Asking them to ask spirit in their head to move their arms where they chose, they were amazed when spirit responded to their request every time.  Myself and guest to my left were both feeling a heavy weight on our shoulders, and started to be pushed down.  Others were being pushed down too.  Also a lot of laughter was expressed around the circle.  Some felt like they were being touched, and felt cold spots too.  We then tried some communication with spirit using the rods & pendulums, and spoke to male and female spirits.  We then went to the whistling tunnel, and again heard a whistle between us whilst entering.
In the free session I joined some guests in a new area, a long tunnel above Area 10.  Then I joined Kerry & guests in room 35 where they had been experiencing some fantastic Ouija & table tipping.  We then finished the night with some Ouija in area 10.
A fantastic night – fabulous guests – and an awesome venue!

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 6th June 2015

Friday, July 3rd, 2015

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 6th June 2015
Chatham, Kent

Given that we have investigated Fort Horsted a great number of times over the last four years, I have never held a séance in the hanging room. Strange really because the Hanging room is known for its paranormal activity and why it is called the hanging room.

Having just two groups but three team member sessions meant that each team member had one session off and could join another session or investigate on their own.

Both groups in the Hanging room felt the spirit called Damien who was aged in his early 20s, quite a happy person who was a soldier from the Second World War.

In the first group Craig felt angry for no obvious reason although he said that it made him feel that he wanted to hurt someone. Steve also became affected and felt sick and unwell. Other guests felt the spirit lift their arms and push them gentle forwards and backwards.

The second group had lots of movement in this room, with Damien exercising his spiritual muscles so to speak, with people being pushed against the walls and being dragged by their arms to the floor. There was also lots of arm movement and gesturing of cutting someone’s throat, although the reason for this wasn’t explained by the spirit. Half the group were twisted and pushed together leaving the other half puzzled as to why they hadn’t been moved.

There are many reasons why some people don’t get touched or moved but by far is resisting the spiritual movement, not being relaxed and not encouraging the spirit to do something. Standing in silence is not encouraging to the spirit.

All in all another good ghost hunt with lots of paranormal activity

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 28-3-2015 (Kym)

Sunday, April 5th, 2015

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 28th March 2015
Chatham, Kent

Area: Hanging Room
Equipment: Ouija, Table Tipping, Writing Planchette, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums

Group C – We started with 4 guests on table tipping, and the other 4 on Ouija.  The guests on the table had worked with spirit before so immediately starting getting movement.  They asked spirit to move the table showing yes & no, and were able to identify the spirit with them.  It was a male spirit called Ned, aged 34, had been strangled at the fort, and was Saxon.  On the Ouija we didn’t get any movement, so we started using the dowsing rods & pendulums and was able to ask spirit some questions.  We then swapped the guests over.  The table did start moving slightly, but we also heard taps underneath the table.  We then switched to the writing planchette, and stating that we only had 8 minutes left, the writing planchette started moving and drew and number 8.  As we were feeling the table moving we said if this spirit was a male, surely they cannot move both, but to our surprise the planchette and table both started moving.  And again we were hearing taps underneath the table.  The other group were using the rods and were getting lots of movement.

Group A – With this group the table started tipping immediately, and it was still Ned with us.  As only slight movement on the Ouija, everyone went on the table.  After a lot of movement, the table went quiet for a short while, but as soon as I suggested we try the writing planchette, the table started moving again.  They table ‘walked’ from one end of the room the other.  We then asked spirit to take the table to where he was standing, and the table walked to the top of the stairs, where I and Tim (guest) were standing.  We asked spirit some more questions, lifting the table towards myself and Tim for yes, away for no.  Ned was from Hungary, in the 1200’s, had three sons – Thomas, Sid and Rob.  The guests were asking spirit to give this information to them in their heads, and some guests were getting the same information.  The table would lift yes/ no to confirm this.  He also had a wife called Laura who had died in childbirth.  Two guests had pain in their lower back, and spirit confirmed he had affected them.  When asked to take the pain away, their backs stopped hurting.  We finished the session with spirit moving the table rapidly around the room, spinning in many random movements, to the point with just three guests touching the table with their ‘pinkies’.

Group B – Again we had Ned with us again, moving the table immediately for the guests.  Lots of spinning, tipping and rocking.  On the Ouija we had some movement, a male spirit aged 23 with he initials EJU.  He said there were 6 spirits in the room with us.  We did try the writing planchette and this time had a lot of drawing.  Asking spirit to draw his first initial a letter N was drawn.  Asking spirit to write the number of people touching the planchette (there were five) the number 5 was drawn.  After the session had finished, one guest said he had felt a tug on his trousers when I started with the circle.  With all of us holding hands he felt surprised to have felt this.
In the free session I joined two girls with a KII & Ghost Pro in the tunnel in area 10.  We did hear footsteps walking towards us, and felt tingles on us too.  Then we joined some more guests in room 10 table tipping.  The spirit that was with us was a French male that had been in this area earlier.  He was able to answer some questions by lifting the table to show yes & no.  He had passed over between 50 – 100 years ago, of natural causes aged over 50.  He had fought in WW2.  He was not connected to the fort, but his wife had worked here.  He was unhappy because his wife had an affair, and had a child with this man.  Although being unhappy he still felt happy to be here with us, and was able to move the table a lot.  We asked if he could make a noise that we could here, and we heard a whistle in the room.  We asked again and there was a whistle heard in the corridor.  We asked again as some guests were still unsure if they had heard it, and everyone heard a whistle again next to us.  Three female guests wanted to visit the new area above us, whilst the rest of us returned to base.  When these guests returned they said as they had been leaving the tunnel in the new area they heard a very loud female scream in the tunnel.  They stopped and started to return to the tunnel, but on hearing the scream again, decided not to go any further.

Would definitely like to check out that area when we return.

Paranormal Investigator
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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 28-3-2015

Sunday, April 5th, 2015

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 28th March 2015
Chatham, Kent

Fort Horsted holds a special interest for us as a team as this was one of the first indoor locations that we investigated plus it was also the venue that we joined the US Ghost Adventures crew and filmed with them in 2012.

As usual I picked a room that was furthest away from the base room for all my sessions. All the group sessions in this room we were joined by a spirit called Andrew, he was a Second World War spirit who was tasked to load the shells onto the cartridge and shell lifts.

The first session there was also a female spirit who I have seen before in this room, her name was Annie and she was a nurse, however all the movement was caused by Andrew. He was able to lift and move the majority of people’s arms, twist them but when anyone asked him to move their arms he obliged. He was also able to rock, sway and move people, pulling them down by their arms to the floor, although for once no-one ended up on the floor. (I usually ask for this, but didn’t on this occasion). He also manipulated some people backwards, pushing them beyond the centre of gravity, a bit like moves from “The Matrix” film!

The second group to this room also had their hands lifted but the activity was less than the first group because half the group failed to get involved, we always say in the opening talk if you want stuff to happen you have to get involved, if you stand in silence then nothing will happen and that is exactly what happened with half of the group. Although one guest felt something brush past him, he likened it to a person tugging on his jeans, similar to how a child might.

The third group to this room, probably had some of the most interesting movement out of all the groups. Nearly everyone had their hands lifted and moved, sometimes on command, sometimes not! People were pushed backwards and swayed, rocked and pushed. Several times my hands were pulled to the floor and then “wiped” on the shirt of another guest, much to our amusement. Other times they were lifted as high as the guest could stretch.

After visiting the whistling tunnel where not much happened with any group we went into a room upstairs which is the reverse of the Hanging room, this is a room where the cartridges and shells would have been lifted into and then carried to the guns on the top of the fort. I have visited this room in the past but never for any length of time, but it is weird in here, so I took each group here on our way back to the base room.

We were standing around the room and listening to the wind outside, a spirit called Cecil joined us and he seemed to have a deformed left leg, it looked like a birth defect rather than an injury, he was also a Second World War soldier and he made everyone feel light headed and unsteady on their feet as many people were swaying and rocking. Jason (GHE camera) had to move away from the stairs as it felt he was being pushed towards them.

The second group to this room, myself and another guest felt like our feet were stuck to the floor a bit like the feeling if they were set in concrete. Cecil was in this room although I’m not sure he was responsible for this feeling. Once again some people were swaying although this time no-one felt any sensations of dizziness apart from Jason (GHE camera), who seemed to “Zone out” and when I shook him (as it looked like he was asleep standing up) he seemed disorientated and confused and said that he felt he wasn’t in the room. Later in the evening this happened to another guest who visited this room. I asked several times for Cecil or any other spirit to make a noise, several times we heard knocks in response to what I asked, sometimes the knocks were heard before I finished talking. We will try to confirm these incident from the video that we recorded.

The third group in this room had some odd experiences, one lady couldn’t climb the steps so Jason (GHE camera) stayed with her at the bottom of the staircase. We could hear them talking at times. Once again people generally felt strange in the room and when I asked for noises to be made in the room we didn’t hear anything, then we all heard the sound of someone with heels on walk away, at first we thought it could be the lady with Jason, until someone pointed out that she wasn’t wearing heels or shoes that could make that noise, then we heard chatter. When we left the room and met up with them both, neither of them were wearing shoes that could have made the noise we heard. Unfortunately we will have nothing to back up this claim as Jason had the camera (which was off) and was downstairs at the time and the both of them heard nothing. The chatter also wasn’t them as they had already left to head back to the base room.

After we had held three controlled sessions we left the guests to go off on their own under guidance from us to do their own style ghost hunt or to investigate rooms on their own. During this time we allow the guests to borrow our ghost hunting equipment. We checked up on various groups of people throughout the night, although this was made more difficult because of the time change from GMT to BST!

Many guests went into the room we used for various session and some felt the same sensations that other did. Especially the “Zoning out” sensation and the feet stuck to the floor sensations in the mirror to the hanging room.

All in all this was an excellent ghost hunt with some great guests who thoroughly enjoyed their paranormal experiences at Fort Horsted. We’ll look forward to seeing them again at other venues.

Psychic Medium
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Fort Horsted – 11th October 2014 (Kerry)

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Fort Horsted 11th October 2014 –  The Hanging Room
Chatham, Kent

1st Session

We had a group of eight guests so we split the group in half, four on each Ouija table. On my table it took a while for the glass to move but when it did, a female spirit came through who spelled out her name was Lowan. She then proceeded to spell out the word Mam and when asked if she was a mum, the glass moved to yes. We managed to find out that she was searching for her two-year-old daughter also in spirit but couldn’t find her. She kept moving the glass from the word No to each letter of the alphabet in turn in a fast and aggressive manner, but we couldn’t establish why she was doing this. She kept doing this repeatedly and was unresponsive to our questions. When asked if she was angry, she responded with Yes. We got the impression she didn’t like men as the only man at the table was Jake and she seemed aggressive when he asked any questions. We asked her if she wanted him to leave, to which she responded yes, so he came off the table. Then someone asked if she was happy now and she responded yes, and from that point on she was more cooperative and responsive to questions.
2nd Session

Once again we had eight guests so they were split into two groups, four on the Ouija and four on the table with the writing planchette. My group started on the Ouija and straight away before I had even asked if anyone was there, the glass started moving. We had a very strong female energy who spelled out her name was Nancy. She wouldn’t tell us her age but said that her husband worked at the Fort and she had five children. When asked a question she would start to spell the words and when someone in the group tried to guess what she was spelling before she had finished and got it wrong, she would forcefully push the glass to No, then proceed to spell out the word again from the beginning. We then asked her if she was able to draw a shape if we thought of one in our heads, and she responded yes. So a couple of the guests had a turn at doing this and Nancy drew the correct shape each time.
We then swapped over to the writing planchette and it started moving very fast as soon as we placed our fingers on it. The spirit started drawing the triangle shape which we had previously asked to be drawn on the Ouija. We then established that this was again the spirit of Nancy. She kept continuously moving the planchette very fast in a triangular shape. Then it would stop and she proceeded to lift the planchette up on its side. We then asked if she could lift it up on the other side to which she responded.
Kym’s group on the Ouija had a spirit by the name of Amber Quin, aged 27, who worked at the Fort and claimed to know Paul. She said she was born in 1945 and died in 1973. When asked if she had a message for Paul, she spelled out Hello.
3rd Session

Again we had eight guests and split into two groups. There was no activity at all during this session on the Ouija or writing planchette. However we did get some knocks and bangs in the room as well as coming from down the stairs. We started calling out asking spirit to copy our knocks to which we got responses on a number of occasions. Carl, who was filming, captured a dark shadow moving across from the room to the doorway.
Kerry Gasiami
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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 14-6-2014

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 14th June 2014
Chatham, Kent

Fort Horsted is one of our “special places” as we have held numerous ghost hunts here over the past three years, we have had many paranormal anomalies happen to use and our guests and every time we hold a ghost hunt here something memorable happens to some of the guests. This particular ghost hunt was no different although the most interesting thing happened in the last 20 minutes of our event.

Our event here on this particular date had less people than we are accustomed to, probably because it was England’s first World Cup football match. Nevertheless there were three groups.

The first group headed towards one of my favourite areas of the fort, this was a former magazine room at the far end of the fort and is the furthest away from all the other groups.

Here we met Thomas, aged in his early 60s and from the late 1960s era. Thomas seemed to be dressed as a handyman would have in that period of time. Thomas was a stocky built man with mostly a bald head.

I asked that Thomas move us in some way and this resulted in some of the guests arms being lifted and generally moved on their command. We also often heard footfalls and the sounds of people approaching us but as normal (we often hear these types of noises here) no-one arrived or entered the room.

The second group to this room had a much more productive session, with lots of arm movements, sometimes these were interlocked with each other or pulled to the floor. Thomas was still present and responsible for the movements.

We were also joined by a nurse called Alice who also assisted in moving people in various ways.

The third group also felt their arm moved, although this was not as exceptional as the second group although when we moved up to a room on the ramparts some very unusual and odd noises were heard. These noises sounded like someone walking across carpet, which is really strange because there is no carpet in the fort and there never would have been any.

In the free session is where the majority of the odd and unusual noises were heard as I had just taken a group down to the Counterscarp gallery and as soon as I got back to our base room, two guests asked if they could go to the same place. This is a physical place to get to as there are 90 steps to get there and 90 to get back!

Nevertheless I took these two guests down to see the Counterscarp Gallery as it is really interesting and the most secluded part of the fort. As we were walking between the right and left galleries we all heard strange breathing sounds and when I tapped on the railings we heard a clear response. If that wasn’t enough, we heard a mumbled conversation, women talking and a low or deep man’s voice. None of these noises could be explained because we were the only people in this part of the fort and not only that but we were also the last three people within the fort as all other guests had either left or were waiting with the rest of my team in the base room which is near the entrance to the fort.

All in all this was another successful ghost hunt that had an air of mystery about the place with activity happening just as we were supposed to be leaving and something else for us to investigate on our next visit.

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 22-3-2014 (Kym)

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 22nd March 2014
Chatham, Kent

Area: 10 Equipment: KII’s, Ghost Pro’s, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Writing Planchette

Group B  – Kerry (team) joined me on my first session and we started with explaining to guests how to use the pendulums and dowsing rods.  Almost immediately we had movement on all, and the guests were able to establish their yes & no’s, which they enjoyed immensely asking questions to spirit.  I then suggested we split the group so three girls joined Kerry on the writing planchette whilst I took the remaining five guests into the opposite room.  We continued using the pendulums, but also used the ghost pro.  We then re-joined the others as they were experiencing a lot of movement with the writing, and some other guests joined in.  As all the writing received seemed to be random, we turned the paper over and asked spirit to write the initial of one of the persons present.  Immediately we had the letter J – and Julie (guest) was very surprised.  We then asked for another initial of a guest, and to Calum’s surprise a C was drawn.  We then joined everyone else in the tunnel, and some guests could smell burning, and another guest felt a touch on her back.

Group C – I was joined by Carl (team) on my second session who was filming for us.  After handing out the rods & pendulums we received movement with them.  Then we tried the writing planchette again.  Although we had movement, not as much as before, it was just random squiggles.  Whilst standing around the table one guest felt a touch on her back.  I took three guests into the opposite room with ghost pro, explained how to use it, and once they had contact with spirit they went to explore the tunnel.  Carl started feeling unwell so he left the area.  The remaining three guests returned and tried the planchette, whilst the others went to explore the tunnel.  One of the guests could feel the energy behind her and had the name Victor in her head, and asking spirit if that was his name we started to get movement on the writing planchette.  With no more movement I placed a ghost pro on the table, and one of the guests was sure she saw it move.  I said it was possible as I recalled an incident in that room many months before when I had placed a camera on the table and we all had seen it move.  The five guests then returned from the tunnel and said that two of them had been touched on the back of knee within 4 minutes of each.

Group A – With my last group, all four ladies were showing an enormous fear of the spiders in that area.  We entered very slowly, pointing out where not to stand, and everyone felt comfortable to enter one of the rooms.  I handed out the rods & pendulums and all received some movement.  One guest in particular who had used the rods before was able to ask spirit yes & no questions from the start.  We had a male soldier with us, and when asking if he would join us on the table with the writing planchette, he answered yes.  Whilst asking spirit to move the planchette we could hear the table creaking underneath.  With fingers on the planchette and a hand on table, we could feel gently rocking on both.  We then all took a break and one of the guests asked spirit to copy her whistle, and we all heard what sounded like a female whistle back.  As two of the guests had left the area because of her fear of the spiders, we had to check it wasn’t them, but they were standing outside and hadn’t even heard us whistle out, and had definitely not made a sound themselves.  We did ask spirit to repeat the noise but nothing.  All six of us then walked up the tunnel, and some noises and taps were heard.

I then joined Steve, Kerry & guests in area 26, and we did a séance circle.  I was holding hands with Louise (guest) to my left.  She had been reluctant to join in as before she had felt sick whilst in the circle, but I persuaded her to join in.  I started feeling a heavy weight on my left shoulder, and Steve said we had the spirit of Justin behind us.  He was very large and had been a prisoner.  I asked Justin to move the weight onto Louise’s shoulder as I didn’t want her to think I was pulling her down, and to her surprise, and my relief, the heavy weight moved to her right shoulder.  We were then pushed down to the floor, and Louise thanked spirit and asked to be moved back up.  I then suggested she ask spirit to move to her left shoulder which it did.  She then asked for spirit to move to her son Calum’s shoulder which it did.  Louise continued to ask Justin to move us in various ways, which he was very happy to oblige.  Meanwhile the remainder of people in the circle were being moved by two other spirits, and we all ended up being moved in various, and sometimes funny positions.

A great end to a memorable night!

Paranormal Investigator
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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 22-3-2014

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 22nd March 2014
Chatham, Kent

This event was our first public event of the year at Fort Horsted, the week before we held a special invitation only event for our frequent customers, but since this was a public event many of the guests probably didn’t know what to expect. Fortunately we have done many ghost hunts at this Fort to know where the best areas to get ghostly activity or for the guests to experience the activity.

We usually hold three one hour sessions so that all guests can experience different parts of the fort with different team members doing different activities. So I chose the furthest area away from all the other groups; a room which is right at the edge of the fort.

We were joined quite quickly by a spirit called Philip, he was a Doctor from the 1880s and 37 years old.

When asking Philip to move us as we were standing in a séance circle James (guest) who was next to me could feel Philip’s energy and the fact that James was swaying or rather being pulled backwards, to fight this sensation James was pulling himself back upright. James found this a little unnerving to start with but like all things the more he got used to the sensation the easier it became for Philip to move him.

Whilst James was being pulled back lots of guests experienced their arms being moved and unfortunately for the people either side of me, my hands were often dragged to floor and on one occasion the letters P and O were drawn in the dust on the floor.

I asked Philip what the O stood for but didn’t get a response.

As the guests all got used to the sensation Philip was able to move more and more people until everyone had been moved in some way. A few times we all heard the sound of a children’s toy, it sounded like a toy train and immediately after this we all heard a stone being kicked or thrown. Since there are a lot of stones on the floor in the corridor we could not be sure it was thrown at us and because of the acoustics we couldn’t be sure of the direction. But since we were all holding hands it could not have been any of us.

At the end of this session I held an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. There were several responses to people’s questions but not all could be clearly heard, the two clearest ones though can be heard at:-

The second group to this same area, Philip was still present and in fact he stayed with me in the room all night. Once again arm movement was felt by the majority of the guests relatively quickly as well as some pushing and people being pulled back. This group however were not as nervous as the first group and Philip was able to push people and twist them into some very unusual and sometimes painful positions.

For some reason Philip wanted to touch people’s shoes with whichever hands he was able to move, which meant that some people ended up getting all the dirty dust on their shoes.

During the séance two guests became incapacitated and had to be removed from the séance. Gary (guest) in particular just felt drained and he described the feeling similar to feeling faint.

The third group were very nervous compared to the first two groups, this is usually because my sessions are held in virtual darkness and people feel more vulnerable when they can’t see the walls of the room, let alone where the doorway is.

However Philip still attempted to move people and as the group became more comfortable with their surroundings and what I was trying to achieve (which is to ask the spirit to move people) more people’s arm were being lifted and when a few guests least expected it they were pulled backwards. Two guests though had laughing fits for no reason. This is something which we have encountered before at the Fort although not in this area, but neither of the guests knew why they were laughing and according to their friends this was so out of character for them.

The rest of the time we allow the guests to hold their own ghost hunt or to experience other areas of the Fort under our supervision but not holding set activities.

I joined a group in the Counterscarp Galleries (which is an area that is usually out of bounds) and some guests asked that I do a séance circle. We were joined by a spirit that I had met the previous week called Captain Bell (he pushed people to the floor) and two other spirits who I have seen before although not for a while, they were both prisoners who probably were employed whilst serving their sentence to build the place.

All of these spirits combined their energies to move everyone’s arms although some more than others, which very quickly progressed into people being twisted up and a strange lunging sensation towards people, not always their faces but usually. One guest was “picked on” by the spirit and he was forced to the floor until his head touched the floor. I attributed this to Captain Bell as that is what he did to two people the week before.

This was once again an enjoyable ghost hunt with many guests getting some form of paranormal activity which they could not explain or an experience that they enjoyed.

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 15-3-2014 (Kym)

Friday, March 21st, 2014

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 15th March 2014
Chatham, Kent

This was a very different investigation, whereby at the start of each session the guests choose where they wanted to go based on which team were doing in that area.

For my first session myself and Sue went to Area 10 doing Ouija boards.  We had two tables set up and four guests went on one, the other three went on the other.  The object of this session was to try and get spirit to do similar things on each table.  Of course that is when both glasses are moving.  Eventually this did happen but it was two different spirits who were unwilling to co-operate together.  Gavin (guest) started feeling very angry and had to leave the area.  He told us later that he could see an old man with a white beard who was very angry with what we were doing, Gavin felt like he wanted to pick up and throw the glass.

On the other table the spirit was very willing to communicate, telling us they were female, age 45, spelt her name as Miles, and was from Hungary in 1785.  She was not connected to the fort or the area, and had chosen to come because she wanted to, and we were here.  One of the guests asked if she was connected to anyone here, answered yes.  When asking to take the glass to that person it moved towards me who was filming.  I asked if I knew her in a previous life, answered yes.  I asked how many lives she had lived, answered 39.

Sue was in one of the side rooms with guests, and they all heard what sounded like a large dog barking, however we hadn’t heard it in the corridor.  At the end of the night a group of three guests came back from that area and reported they had heard a dog barking, surprisingly they wasn’t aware we had heard that earlier.

For my second session I was with Carl in the Hanging Room.  This was to be a lone session, whereby the guests had the opportunity to spend some time on their own if wanted.  We started with all six of us in the room together.  Three of the guests were using Hearing Enhancers.  I had a KII which lit up several times.  I saw a flash of white light on the stairs at the same time as all of us heard three footsteps in the room.  Two guests and Carl who were in this room before said that was what happened earlier.  We turned on the Spirit Box and Ovilus, and requested spirit give the same word on each device.  We had some words on the Ovilus but nothing relevant, however we did receive the following words on the Spirit Box; female “help”, female “Carl”, female “hello”, male “hello”.  Near the start of this session Gavin (guest) had a voice recorder positioned on a tripod at the top of the stairs, and very quickly the battery died.  When returning to base, to his surprise he had nearly a full battery again.

We then asked if the guests wanted some time in the room alone, so I took Emily and Gavin downstairs, whilst the girls stayed with Carl.  Gavin & Emily using the Ghost Pro had a male soldier with them.  Upstairs the girls and Carl were asking spirit to affect the new kit Carl had.  It was a Rempod positioned at the top of the stairs on a tripod.  It would light up when someone touched it or the tripod.  It reacted to vibration not sound or movement.  We could hear them very excited when the lights started going off.  With that 10 minutes had elapsed so we swapped the guests.  Again I was downstairs and we could hear the lights were still going off, so we finished the session with all of us in the room.  And still with much encouragement from all of us the lights continued to be activated.

With my third session I returned to the Hanging Room with Sue for a Ouija session.  We had eight guests, so four went on each table.  We had movement on both tables, but again couldn’t get spirit to do anything similar on each table.  However the spirits that came through on both tables were connected to people there, bringing great sadness and joy to those there.

For my fourth and final session I returned to Area 10 with Jeff & Julie (guests).  We had some movement with the glass, and with the spirit confirming on the ghost pro they wanted to do some table tipping, all we had was some creaking under the table, and very slight movement.

A fun night, with everyone having the opportunity to do something different – guests and team!

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