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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 6th June 2015

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 6th June 2015
Chatham, Kent

Given that we have investigated Fort Horsted a great number of times over the last four years, I have never held a séance in the hanging room. Strange really because the Hanging room is known for its paranormal activity and why it is called the hanging room.

Having just two groups but three team member sessions meant that each team member had one session off and could join another session or investigate on their own.

Both groups in the Hanging room felt the spirit called Damien who was aged in his early 20s, quite a happy person who was a soldier from the Second World War.

In the first group Craig felt angry for no obvious reason although he said that it made him feel that he wanted to hurt someone. Steve also became affected and felt sick and unwell. Other guests felt the spirit lift their arms and push them gentle forwards and backwards.

The second group had lots of movement in this room, with Damien exercising his spiritual muscles so to speak, with people being pushed against the walls and being dragged by their arms to the floor. There was also lots of arm movement and gesturing of cutting someone’s throat, although the reason for this wasn’t explained by the spirit. Half the group were twisted and pushed together leaving the other half puzzled as to why they hadn’t been moved.

There are many reasons why some people don’t get touched or moved but by far is resisting the spiritual movement, not being relaxed and not encouraging the spirit to do something. Standing in silence is not encouraging to the spirit.

All in all another good ghost hunt with lots of paranormal activity

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