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Landguard Fort ghost hunt – 13th June 2015

Landguard Fort ghost hunt 13th June 2015
Felixstowe, Suffolk

Due to a smaller group of guests we kept everyone in one group and the team took turns to host different sessions. We started with a human pendulum sessions in the guardhouse and shower/boiler room. The session was split between two rooms because Sue (GHE team) wanted to use both rooms.

Spirit stepped forward in both areas and guests were able to communicate and get answers to their questions.

The second session was a tech and gadget session in the communications rooms. These rooms have in the past been very active. Once again our equipment lit up with spirit activity but this time the spirit needed to be ordered to do something. Considering the room; a communications room and plotting room where ship movements could be plotted it really isn’t surprising that the spirit needed to be told what to do, as this would have happened in life. There was a female spirit called Natalie present, she was aged in her late 20s and a Royal Navy clerk and gave the year that she would have been at the Fort as 1959.

Certain rooms were more active than others and the smaller radio rooms seemed to reveal the most results with one room in particular that guests found to be more active.

The third session was another double activity session with half the group using a Ouija board, the other half table tilting. It was a bit of a let down to start with as very little happened to either group when they were both in the same room. However we split up and moved a few rooms away from each other and I joined the table tilting group. There was a male spirit called Colin who was present and able to move the table although this was not massive amounts of movements, this was gentler. However as a team we have had table walked into and out of rooms, down staircases and around the narrow walkways of the fort, we can’t expect to have that sort of activity every time as different spirit are able to do different things. But we always hope that the spirit can move the table to start with, that in itself is probably a massive feat for the spirit.

The fourth session was a séance session in one of the older magazines rooms. This room I have used many a time as the spirit that seem to frequent this area are able to move people. Lots of people felt spirit move their arms, this was after a while on command and the spirit who was called Damien, a young 20 year old modern spirit, although he didn’t tell me the year, his clothing was from the 1980s period. Once Damien got used to moved certain people he was able to twist people up and tangle their arms, wobble the guests forwards and mostly backwards when they least expected to be moved. Both Will and Ben (guests) who were either side of me, were both pushed many times and they both had their arms moved. Damien also dragged mine and Will’s hand down to the floor and every time let us stand up a bit and then push or pull our hands back down to the floor. This was all very strange and something which I haven’t experienced before at this fort. Usually the spirit either push people to the floor and then let them stand back up but to be let half way up and then pushed down feels very odd. There was another male spirit in the room with us, but I could not see him nor would he tell me his name, but he was responsible for moved people opposite me, as those guests were moved in a different way.

From this room we moved through the tunnels around to another magazine room underneath the seaward side gun rooms as there is one room that we sometimes have activity in. We asked spirit to make a noise or tap or knock and after a short while we heard some noises. These sounded like water dripping onto something (it was raining at the time) but we could not see any water on the ceiling or on the floor. However when asked to make the same noise again we all heard a definite tap, this happened just two more times before we had to finish the session.

The guests then had a 45 minute free time session where they went off on their own or with different team members to do their own style ghost hunt in rooms that we didn’t use during the ghost hunt. Many guests headed towards the Caponier or to the upper gun rooms.

All in all this was an excellent ghost hunt with all the guests having some paranormal experiences and our VIP guests thoroughly enjoyed the experience. You can watch the VIP reviews at

This is one of the GHE team’s favourite venues and we always look forward to returning to the venue.

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