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Rye Castle ghost hunt – 30th May 2015

Rye Castle ghost hunt 30th May 2015
Rye, East Sussex

I often wonder why we don’t come across more criminal spirits at this venue, however I now believe that this is because what we call criminal today is not as bad as it were 200, 300 or even 600 years ago. This Castle has seen many people over the years and that stealing a loaf of bread is looked down upon in today’s society, but 300 years ago it could have meant spending several days in a cell where fights and disease might have killed a person.

The first group in the Keep the séance started with lots of arm movements, which quickly evolved into twisting and dragging people towards the cells and sometimes the movement would drag a person to the floor, but generally the movement was always towards one particular cell. Once in this cell Amber felt arms around her neck which freaked her out.

However once we came out of the cell the atmosphere for the room had changed, before it was this maleficent sensation, now it was a calm feeling. So I asked each guest in turn to stand by the front window to see what happens. Each guest reported that they felt pushed or pulled (depending on which way they were facing) into the wall. Why this should happen we have no idea, but it happens most of the time to the majority of people.

The second group had a more placid time although there were different spirit around; Gordon a gentleman and Percy, a guard I think I have come across before here. Both who tried to manipulate the guests which did result in some arm movement but nothing like the distinctive movements of the first group.

Once again this was an interesting ghost hunt and we look forward to returning later in the year

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