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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 28-3-2015 (Kym)

Sunday, April 5th, 2015

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 28th March 2015
Chatham, Kent

Area: Hanging Room
Equipment: Ouija, Table Tipping, Writing Planchette, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums

Group C – We started with 4 guests on table tipping, and the other 4 on Ouija.  The guests on the table had worked with spirit before so immediately starting getting movement.  They asked spirit to move the table showing yes & no, and were able to identify the spirit with them.  It was a male spirit called Ned, aged 34, had been strangled at the fort, and was Saxon.  On the Ouija we didn’t get any movement, so we started using the dowsing rods & pendulums and was able to ask spirit some questions.  We then swapped the guests over.  The table did start moving slightly, but we also heard taps underneath the table.  We then switched to the writing planchette, and stating that we only had 8 minutes left, the writing planchette started moving and drew and number 8.  As we were feeling the table moving we said if this spirit was a male, surely they cannot move both, but to our surprise the planchette and table both started moving.  And again we were hearing taps underneath the table.  The other group were using the rods and were getting lots of movement.

Group A – With this group the table started tipping immediately, and it was still Ned with us.  As only slight movement on the Ouija, everyone went on the table.  After a lot of movement, the table went quiet for a short while, but as soon as I suggested we try the writing planchette, the table started moving again.  They table ‘walked’ from one end of the room the other.  We then asked spirit to take the table to where he was standing, and the table walked to the top of the stairs, where I and Tim (guest) were standing.  We asked spirit some more questions, lifting the table towards myself and Tim for yes, away for no.  Ned was from Hungary, in the 1200’s, had three sons – Thomas, Sid and Rob.  The guests were asking spirit to give this information to them in their heads, and some guests were getting the same information.  The table would lift yes/ no to confirm this.  He also had a wife called Laura who had died in childbirth.  Two guests had pain in their lower back, and spirit confirmed he had affected them.  When asked to take the pain away, their backs stopped hurting.  We finished the session with spirit moving the table rapidly around the room, spinning in many random movements, to the point with just three guests touching the table with their ‘pinkies’.

Group B – Again we had Ned with us again, moving the table immediately for the guests.  Lots of spinning, tipping and rocking.  On the Ouija we had some movement, a male spirit aged 23 with he initials EJU.  He said there were 6 spirits in the room with us.  We did try the writing planchette and this time had a lot of drawing.  Asking spirit to draw his first initial a letter N was drawn.  Asking spirit to write the number of people touching the planchette (there were five) the number 5 was drawn.  After the session had finished, one guest said he had felt a tug on his trousers when I started with the circle.  With all of us holding hands he felt surprised to have felt this.
In the free session I joined two girls with a KII & Ghost Pro in the tunnel in area 10.  We did hear footsteps walking towards us, and felt tingles on us too.  Then we joined some more guests in room 10 table tipping.  The spirit that was with us was a French male that had been in this area earlier.  He was able to answer some questions by lifting the table to show yes & no.  He had passed over between 50 – 100 years ago, of natural causes aged over 50.  He had fought in WW2.  He was not connected to the fort, but his wife had worked here.  He was unhappy because his wife had an affair, and had a child with this man.  Although being unhappy he still felt happy to be here with us, and was able to move the table a lot.  We asked if he could make a noise that we could here, and we heard a whistle in the room.  We asked again and there was a whistle heard in the corridor.  We asked again as some guests were still unsure if they had heard it, and everyone heard a whistle again next to us.  Three female guests wanted to visit the new area above us, whilst the rest of us returned to base.  When these guests returned they said as they had been leaving the tunnel in the new area they heard a very loud female scream in the tunnel.  They stopped and started to return to the tunnel, but on hearing the scream again, decided not to go any further.

Would definitely like to check out that area when we return.

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 1-11-2013 (Kym)

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 1st November 2013

Area: Area 10

Equipment: KII’s, Ghost Pro’s, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Ouija Table, Writing Planchette, Table Tipping

Tonight we split the guests into four small groups, with 4 x 45 minute controlled sessions, thus giving the guests an opportunity to explore the fort for one hour at the end.

With my first group we started with a short séance circle to build the energies for the night.  A guest to my left started feeling cold on one side of her face, she asked if that was spirit to move to the other side, the coldness moved to the back of her neck.  Another guest opposite felt a coldness on him.  We tried the Ouija table but no movement.  We were hearing noises in the corridor so we went to investigate, however whilst I was standing in the room filming the guests in the corridor I heard a stone hit on the ground to my left.  When looking there was a stone on the floor…  We then all tried using the dowsing rods and pendulums, and received lots of movement to our request.

My second group started with the Ouija board and the glass moved a little.  We tried some table tipping, had some slight movement, and two guests cold feel a coldness between them.  When using the dowsing rods and pendulums the guests were amazed by the movement, especially when asking spirit to move in a particular way and it did.  One guest when asking spirit to vibrate her pendulum she felt her shoulders and arms vibrate – unusual.

With my third group we started with the Ouija table and had some slight movement from the glass across the table.  Whilst doing this the table rocked so we took this as a sign to try table tipping.  I stopped filming and laid the camera on the table, and joined the guests.  The table started rocking gently and we could see the camera rocking too.  Then when it stopped we asked spirit to move the camera only, and to our surprise the camera started rocking but the table stayed still.  We then moved to the opposite room and used the pendulums and dowsing rods.  All guests received lots of movement, all at request, with spirit stopping and changing direction when asked.

For the last controlled session we started with the Ouija table again.  With all fingers on the glass, we had no glass movement however the table rocked once.  We did try some table tipping but had no movement.  Again we moved into the room opposite and used the rods and pendulums, with lots of movement, responding to the guests request each time.

With the free session I joined a group of guests in the Hanging Room who wanted to try table tipping there.  The table started creaking a lot, and some movement was felt.  Other guests joined us and they tried the Ouija table, and the glass started moving very gently.  We had a KII on the table and asked spirit to move the glass to the KII.  It started very slowly, but as another group of guests joined us the glass moved straight to the KII very quickly, as if the extra guests arriving gave the spirit the energy it needed.

Again a great night at Fort Horsted, until next time…

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
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Fort Horsted – 21-9-2013 (Kym Paranormal Investigator report)

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

FORT HORSTED GHOST HUNT  21st September 2013

I love returning to Fort Horsted, this place holds many memories for me, and for tonight I’m in the ‘Hanging Room’ which is always very active.  My first group were ladies celebrating a hen party.  I started by explaining all the kit: KII, Ghost Meter Pro, dowsing rods and temperature guage. The ghost pro lit up immediately and everyone enjoyed having conversations with the spirits present.  The initial temperature was 13.7, and when everyone started noticing cold spots we checked and the temperature had dropped to 13 degrees.  Several guests were feeling the spirits around them, and some were swaying when standing in a particular area.  We all tried to get some movement on the ouija board but nothing, however as we all turned to look at something the planchette moved once.  We tried some table tipping but again nothing, however we kept hearing a strange noise, and realised it was as if someone was rubbing up against our coats, and one of the guests felt this movement.  For the last 15 minutes we went downstairs to the ‘dead end’ corridor as its been reported stones are thrown or noises heard.  We were all standing in the dark, some guests were seeing lights on the wall, others were being swayed and pushed.  Also a guest felt her hair being touched, and just as we were leaving we all heard a loud bang behind us.

With my next group we immediately had the ghost pro’s lighting up, and again the guests were able to communicate with the spirits.  Four guests tried to get some movement with the ouija board and table tipping but only got one tap on the table.  Three other guests tried table tipping with myself and we started feeling vibrations, and creaking under the table.   We were feeling cold spots in the room again but the temperature remained at 13.7 degrees.  We did get quite alot of activity on the KII’s this time.  Again we went downstairs into the corridor, and some guests were being swayed and pushed.  Jason (team) whilst filming believed he saw the pipe on the wall moving, and as we turned our torches on checked that no-one was able to move the pipe.  Hopefully we caught something.

My third group were guests that had been before so I stood back and filmed whilst they took control.  They all tried to get some movement on the table and were extremely impressed when the table started lifting up.  This happened several times with tapping on the table too.  The KII lit up many times too.

Last hour – free session – and many of the guests wanted to go to casement 26, so myself and team members Jason & Sue took the guests. Sue & I took guests at opposite ends and I started with a seance circle.  Jason came down and filmed us.  We had alot of KII activity.  Some guests were swaying.  Paul the manager was with us and had moved behind some of the guests.  Without realising he started to move the barrier into the back room, but the noise was so loud we all jumped!! Starting to breathe again Paul asked if we wanted to move into the back room, taking care not to touch the walls with the grafitti on, which we did, whilst remaining in the circle.  Asking spirit to step forward and let us know they are with us quickly, as our time here would be short, immediately arms started moving with almost everyone.  Mostly the girls arms were going forward, however the men’s arms were being moved uncomfortably backwards. Then the men were being pulled to the ground where they landed in a heap.  Us ladies found this hilarious.  With our time up we asked spirit to move everyone back to where we started, which thankfully they obliged.

A great end to a fantastic night!!

Paranormal Investigator
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