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Fort Horsted – 21-9-2013 (Kym Paranormal Investigator report)

FORT HORSTED GHOST HUNT  21st September 2013

I love returning to Fort Horsted, this place holds many memories for me, and for tonight I’m in the ‘Hanging Room’ which is always very active.  My first group were ladies celebrating a hen party.  I started by explaining all the kit: KII, Ghost Meter Pro, dowsing rods and temperature guage. The ghost pro lit up immediately and everyone enjoyed having conversations with the spirits present.  The initial temperature was 13.7, and when everyone started noticing cold spots we checked and the temperature had dropped to 13 degrees.  Several guests were feeling the spirits around them, and some were swaying when standing in a particular area.  We all tried to get some movement on the ouija board but nothing, however as we all turned to look at something the planchette moved once.  We tried some table tipping but again nothing, however we kept hearing a strange noise, and realised it was as if someone was rubbing up against our coats, and one of the guests felt this movement.  For the last 15 minutes we went downstairs to the ‘dead end’ corridor as its been reported stones are thrown or noises heard.  We were all standing in the dark, some guests were seeing lights on the wall, others were being swayed and pushed.  Also a guest felt her hair being touched, and just as we were leaving we all heard a loud bang behind us.

With my next group we immediately had the ghost pro’s lighting up, and again the guests were able to communicate with the spirits.  Four guests tried to get some movement with the ouija board and table tipping but only got one tap on the table.  Three other guests tried table tipping with myself and we started feeling vibrations, and creaking under the table.   We were feeling cold spots in the room again but the temperature remained at 13.7 degrees.  We did get quite alot of activity on the KII’s this time.  Again we went downstairs into the corridor, and some guests were being swayed and pushed.  Jason (team) whilst filming believed he saw the pipe on the wall moving, and as we turned our torches on checked that no-one was able to move the pipe.  Hopefully we caught something.

My third group were guests that had been before so I stood back and filmed whilst they took control.  They all tried to get some movement on the table and were extremely impressed when the table started lifting up.  This happened several times with tapping on the table too.  The KII lit up many times too.

Last hour – free session – and many of the guests wanted to go to casement 26, so myself and team members Jason & Sue took the guests. Sue & I took guests at opposite ends and I started with a seance circle.  Jason came down and filmed us.  We had alot of KII activity.  Some guests were swaying.  Paul the manager was with us and had moved behind some of the guests.  Without realising he started to move the barrier into the back room, but the noise was so loud we all jumped!! Starting to breathe again Paul asked if we wanted to move into the back room, taking care not to touch the walls with the grafitti on, which we did, whilst remaining in the circle.  Asking spirit to step forward and let us know they are with us quickly, as our time here would be short, immediately arms started moving with almost everyone.  Mostly the girls arms were going forward, however the men’s arms were being moved uncomfortably backwards. Then the men were being pulled to the ground where they landed in a heap.  Us ladies found this hilarious.  With our time up we asked spirit to move everyone back to where we started, which thankfully they obliged.

A great end to a fantastic night!!

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