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Photo review

Tuesday, December 15th, 2020

Photo Evidence Review – Part Three

Quite often we only notice something unusual in our photos after the event, when we are at home reviewing the footage or possible evidence from the event. This is a shame as more often than not we wished we had known at the event, because we could have asked more meaningful questions to spirit or taken more photos in a certain area.

The Lowndes Arms
The first photo was taken in the upper floors of The Lowndes Arms, a pub just outside Milton Keynes.

The landlady had asked us to investigate as there were quite a few “strange” things going on. From objects being moved, to doors being slammed and the sound of furniture being moved, especially late at night, but no furniture was found out of place.
This first photo is half out of focus, this was a series of several photos, all taken at the same time but this was the only one that was 50% out of focus, literally across the middle vertically. We could understand if it were horizontally out of focus, as that could have been the difference in temperature (hot air rises, for instance) but for one half of a room to be hot or cold to cause this, is highly unlikely if not impossible.


Fort Horsted, Chatham
The next photo is a curious one and one in which we didn’t fully understand until the event had nearly finished and the phenomena wasn’t occurring as frequently as when we first heard the guests talking about it. Taken by a guest during the ghost hunt at Fort Horsted in Chatham, in an area known as room 10, which was a cartridge store, with a cartridge lift to the guns on the roof of the fort. The face was seen in one of the lighting openings.

The ‘face’ was seen by the guests at the time, without the use of a camera. However we thought that the face was only seen in a camera and had ruled it out of being anything paranormal as it sounded like pareidolia. What didn’t realise is that people were seeing the face themselves, which then makes pareidolia an unlikely explanation. The photo shows a “Scream” like face or mask.
We visited this fort on numerous dates for five years and this was the only occasion that this phenomena was seen. However we don’t have an explanation or a firm decision on whether this was a spirit related incident or a mass pareidolia trick of the mind type of experience.


The Walpole Bay Hotel, Margate
The next photo could be a non-eventful photo, it could have been deliberate, or it could be something paranormal we don’t know. One thing for sure is that it is an odd photo.

The photo was taken at a charity ghost hunt arranged by The Children’s Trust at The Walpole Bay Hotel in Margate, which is steeped in history and has been visited by the rich and famous over the years. Today however the hotel doesn’t have any sparkle, just a run down hotel, with lots of junk or memorabilia depending on your view point.
On the mirror is a scrawled number 2 and a circle, which is reflected on to the wall in the camera flash (as an S in a circle). This wasn’t seen at the time of the photo and a group spent a session in this room with many photos taken by the guests and no-one saw this. When looking at the mirror you couldn’t see anything drawn on the surface, it was only this photo that showed a number and circle.
As we said this could have been drawn on by a member of staff (to what end we don’t know) and wiped off so nothing visible had been left. But how was it drawn on the mirror? What could leave no residue?
After the event and whilst reviewing the photos, we had thought that this could have been lipstick on the mirror, but we tested that and it wasn’t (as lipstick smears on a mirror, especially when wiped off).
Therefore we don’t know what this could have been, or whether it was intentional or not nor what could have been drawn on the mirror to leave no residue. It is just one of those odd occurrences.

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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 12-4-2014 (Kym)

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 12th April 2014
Colchester, Essex

Area: Rooms 9 & 10
Equipment: KII’s, Ghost Pro’s, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Glass Work

Group D – I started with explaining how to use the rods & pendulums and immediately we had lots of movement.  We then asked spirit to show movement for yes & no answers, and guests were then able to find out what spirits they had with them, one of them being a male.  Those people sitting on the bed felt the bed move, which has happened many times before in room 10.  They were also looking at the light showing through under the door from the hallway, and could see a shadow which appeared to be moving.  We were also hearing taps & creaks in a different places in the room.  We tried fingers on the glass to see if spirit wanted to communicate this way, and after a couple of short movements, the spirit did answer by moving the glass to yes to being a male, but then no more.  Then Ellen felt a touch on her face, looking to see if her friend’s hair had touched her, she was too far way but she had felt her hair being touched.  At the same time I saw a flash of white light on the bed behind them.  In this room there is a short corridor to room 9, and the guests took it in turns to stand here with both doors shut.  They had similar experiences; touches, with noises and creaks in that area, and what sounded like movement in room 9 – no-one was in there.  Also two guests had seen light coming from under the door, but then it disappeared and everything went very dark.  Annette (guest) who was sitting on the bed could feel herself being pushed back.

Group A – Started with rods & pendulums which moved immediately, guests then established their yes & no movements, and were able to ask spirit questions.  We tried the glass work – but only slight movement.  I then asked if anyone wanted to spend some time in the closed corridor, and the first two females after what seemed like less than a minute came rushing back out.  They had both seen a face in front up them – they described it as being a face lit up under moonlight.  The glass started moving around the table more, and answered yes to being male and a judge.  Asking if he had been the face in the corridor, he answered yes.  He then was unwilling to answer any more questions and just kept randomly moving the glass.  However when he wanted to answer a question he would take the glass to one person in particular, and would then reply to his questions.  We then realised our session had over-run by 10 mins and the glass returned to the centre of the table as if to say ‘goodbye’.

Group B – Again started with rods & pendulums, and one person in particular, Hannah, had lots of movement with her pendulum.  She was able to establish – sometimes with the pendulum answering yes or no, other times with thoughts in her head, the spirit was a boy age 7, called Percy.  He was the oldest of four, had a brother called Jack, and two sisters called Penny & Molly.  He lived in a house here before the hotel was built with his mother & father.  There was a garden with flowers, and he liked climbing trees, but had fallen out before.  His dad built houses, they had servants, and he didn’t like vegetables, but had birthday cake.  We asked for him to jump on the bed, but he said no, saying he had something wrong with his leg.  We asked how he passed, and he said he was poorly/sick, he had a bad head, and had died of a brain tumour.  During this session two guests stood in the corridor, and were very alarmed when they heard footsteps in room 9 and the door handle turn.  I suggested they go in that room, and whilst on the bed they saw the curtain move (no windows open and the radiator underneath was turned off) and they heard more noises around the room.

Group C – Starting with rods & pendulums we had lots of movement.  After establishing their yes & no’s, they asked if the spirit was Alice – yes.  Whilst talking to Alice two male guests went to stand in the corridor, but came out extremely shaken saying “have any of you been walking around in room 9”.  None of us had moved, and as it was now the free session I suggested they stay and experience the two rooms a little more.

A fab night as always at the Red Lion, until next time….

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 18-5-2013

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 18th May 2013
Chatham, Kent

Fort Horsted is one of our favourite locations, not least because we have investigated here numerous times and had some truly amazing results; it is always entertaining and amazing for one reason or another. This time was no different, although equally strange as no-one could have expected what turned out to be a first for us.

Everyone was split into two groups, which was somewhat larger than normal because one of our GHE team could not attend. However since we know the Fort extremely well this did not deter me & Carl from taking the guests to the most active areas. We also chose two areas that we the furthest from each other so that no noise from either group would affect the other.

The area that I chose is an area which we often hear and feel much the same sort of stuff time after time. We were joined by Annie a female nurse aged in her 20s from The First World War who was stationed at the Fort and a 1960s male spirit who was about 50 years old and quite grumpy.

I started with a séance, as this is the best way for the guests to get a physical experience. Arm movement started to occur quite quickly and usually on command, the guests could ask which way their arms should move in their heads and the spirit would comply. I also had several KII (EMF) meters in the room which also showed spiritual activity. Many whistles, bangs and mumbling voices were heard throughout the séance, which is actually quite normal in this area. One guest felt a touch on their head. When I suggested that guests hold out their hands in a particular area of the room so that Annie could touch them, those guests that participated could feel strange tingling sensations and that their hands were being squeezed and touched and in some cases people felt that their fingers were being pulled apart.

The second group to this area were also treated to the same spirit energies and once again lots of arm movement on command was felt by the guests, as well as lots of more physical movements some of which looked painful, especially as guests were moved in ways which they wouldn’t either choose to move or wouldn’t move as they know it would be painful.

We also moved to an upper room during this session and came across a spirit called Simon who was about 20 years old and smartly dressed. In this room we heard some odd sounds, which I likened to hearing a conversation that we couldn’t hear the words, just the sound of a conversation.

We advised the guests that after the controlled sessions they could venture off on their own, but many didn’t want to so essentially we carried on with controlled sessions and I joined a group doing a Ouija board experiment. The spirit energy was Welsh called something unpronounceable although was happy to be called Caddy. Caddy had difficulty in spelling although he was able to answer some simple Yes or No questions, but the majority of his responses just kept going to the letters G and O “GO”

I took a lot of guests, probably the majority to the Counterscarp Galleries, however very little happened because there were too many people making lots of noise, however one guest did hear her name being called out, which she thought was her friends, but they were with me and neither of them called out.

The stand out moment of the night didn’t happen with me, but happened with Carl in one of the magazine rooms, as the guests were randomly taking pictures, one of them thought that their picture contained a face, so then everyone in that group took a picture and many of them, not all, had photographed a face on the wall. Carl was keen to rule out Pareidolia so looked at the wall and rubbed any loose dust from the wall. Nothing could be seen when he stood in front of the wall, but when he stood back and some more photos were taken, the face could easily be seen and photographed. Below is the picture taken by the guest and we have circled the area to look at.

Face at Fort Horsted

Photo from ghost hunt taken by Hannah Bune

I too investigated this phenomenon and have several photographs and I don’t really have a credible explanation for this, as we have hundreds of photos and videos from this Fort and of this room and we have never seen anything like this. If indeed it is a pareidolia effect then surely we would be able to all see it all the time. Which was not the case on the night.

Several EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiments were undertaken throughout the night, but unfortunately nothing audible, or clearly audible could be heard in the recordings. In all of the possible EVP’s, we can hear the start of a response, but the background noise or noise made by a guest talking or shuffling ruins the possible EVP. Which is a shame as we have had many great EVP’s recorded at Fort Horsted.

All in all this was a great ghost hunt, with lots of physical and unexplainable paranormal activity felt by the guests throughout the night.

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