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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 28-3-2015

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 28th March 2015
Chatham, Kent

Fort Horsted holds a special interest for us as a team as this was one of the first indoor locations that we investigated plus it was also the venue that we joined the US Ghost Adventures crew and filmed with them in 2012.

As usual I picked a room that was furthest away from the base room for all my sessions. All the group sessions in this room we were joined by a spirit called Andrew, he was a Second World War spirit who was tasked to load the shells onto the cartridge and shell lifts.

The first session there was also a female spirit who I have seen before in this room, her name was Annie and she was a nurse, however all the movement was caused by Andrew. He was able to lift and move the majority of people’s arms, twist them but when anyone asked him to move their arms he obliged. He was also able to rock, sway and move people, pulling them down by their arms to the floor, although for once no-one ended up on the floor. (I usually ask for this, but didn’t on this occasion). He also manipulated some people backwards, pushing them beyond the centre of gravity, a bit like moves from “The Matrix” film!

The second group to this room also had their hands lifted but the activity was less than the first group because half the group failed to get involved, we always say in the opening talk if you want stuff to happen you have to get involved, if you stand in silence then nothing will happen and that is exactly what happened with half of the group. Although one guest felt something brush past him, he likened it to a person tugging on his jeans, similar to how a child might.

The third group to this room, probably had some of the most interesting movement out of all the groups. Nearly everyone had their hands lifted and moved, sometimes on command, sometimes not! People were pushed backwards and swayed, rocked and pushed. Several times my hands were pulled to the floor and then “wiped” on the shirt of another guest, much to our amusement. Other times they were lifted as high as the guest could stretch.

After visiting the whistling tunnel where not much happened with any group we went into a room upstairs which is the reverse of the Hanging room, this is a room where the cartridges and shells would have been lifted into and then carried to the guns on the top of the fort. I have visited this room in the past but never for any length of time, but it is weird in here, so I took each group here on our way back to the base room.

We were standing around the room and listening to the wind outside, a spirit called Cecil joined us and he seemed to have a deformed left leg, it looked like a birth defect rather than an injury, he was also a Second World War soldier and he made everyone feel light headed and unsteady on their feet as many people were swaying and rocking. Jason (GHE camera) had to move away from the stairs as it felt he was being pushed towards them.

The second group to this room, myself and another guest felt like our feet were stuck to the floor a bit like the feeling if they were set in concrete. Cecil was in this room although I’m not sure he was responsible for this feeling. Once again some people were swaying although this time no-one felt any sensations of dizziness apart from Jason (GHE camera), who seemed to “Zone out” and when I shook him (as it looked like he was asleep standing up) he seemed disorientated and confused and said that he felt he wasn’t in the room. Later in the evening this happened to another guest who visited this room. I asked several times for Cecil or any other spirit to make a noise, several times we heard knocks in response to what I asked, sometimes the knocks were heard before I finished talking. We will try to confirm these incident from the video that we recorded.

The third group in this room had some odd experiences, one lady couldn’t climb the steps so Jason (GHE camera) stayed with her at the bottom of the staircase. We could hear them talking at times. Once again people generally felt strange in the room and when I asked for noises to be made in the room we didn’t hear anything, then we all heard the sound of someone with heels on walk away, at first we thought it could be the lady with Jason, until someone pointed out that she wasn’t wearing heels or shoes that could make that noise, then we heard chatter. When we left the room and met up with them both, neither of them were wearing shoes that could have made the noise we heard. Unfortunately we will have nothing to back up this claim as Jason had the camera (which was off) and was downstairs at the time and the both of them heard nothing. The chatter also wasn’t them as they had already left to head back to the base room.

After we had held three controlled sessions we left the guests to go off on their own under guidance from us to do their own style ghost hunt or to investigate rooms on their own. During this time we allow the guests to borrow our ghost hunting equipment. We checked up on various groups of people throughout the night, although this was made more difficult because of the time change from GMT to BST!

Many guests went into the room we used for various session and some felt the same sensations that other did. Especially the “Zoning out” sensation and the feet stuck to the floor sensations in the mirror to the hanging room.

All in all this was an excellent ghost hunt with some great guests who thoroughly enjoyed their paranormal experiences at Fort Horsted. We’ll look forward to seeing them again at other venues.

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