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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 23-11-2013 (Kym)

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 23rd November 2013

Area: 10

Equipment: KII’s, Ghost Pro’s, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Writing Planchette

We started by turning on the ghost pro’s & KII.  Immediately the ghost pro lit up.  We established the spirit was a male soldier.  The guests started using the pendulums & rods, and were surprised by the movement, feeling sure they weren’t doing it.  They would swing, vibrate, rotate and move on request.  We then tried the writing planchette, and whilst asking for spirit to move the pen, Victoria (guest) got pushed to her right.  Then to her surprise her legs got pushed away underneath her, causing her to nearly fall down.  And whilst this was happening the planchette started lifting up one side.  I stepped away from the table and the planchette continued lifting up, and then I felt someone touch my bum which made me jump and look behind me.  With our session nearly up, we said goodbye to the spirit, and with that he wrote the letter “b” on the paper.  We took this as “bye”.

With the second session we all started by using the ghost pro, pendulums & rods.  With a spare set of rods I used them too.  Once establishing my yes/no we communicated with the spirit; a male soldier, same spirit as on the earlier session, and also the same spirit that I had encountered in the hanging room on a previous ghost hunt at the fort.  His name was Rob, was married, his wife was in the room with us, had no children, passed at the fort age 33 in 1867.  We asked where he was standing and the rods pointed to behind me.  We then tried the writing planchette, encouraging spirit to move it for the next few minutes.  We then heard a noise in the corner of the room, Emma (guest) felt a touch on her back and then the planchette started moving.  Louise (guest) had an animal suddenly in her head, asking her not to tell us we asked spirit to draw the animal.  The pen started moving all over the paper.  We asked spirit to lift the planchette up when he had finished drawing – it did so we looked at the picture, which resembled a rabbit – Louise had bugs bunny!  Then the planchette started lifting up again and the spirit seemed to want to play.  It continued to draw randomly.  With our session coming to an end we asked for a noise as a sign, and we heard a footstep in the corridor.

With my third group again we started with the rods & pendulums, and Sean had joined me to film this time.  The guests were able to ask spirit to move the pendulums and rods in many different ways, to which it responded.  We then tried the writing planchette and had some slight movement, then just has it started moving up & down the camera battery died with 40 minutes left.  The planchette didn’t move anymore, but we were hearing noises around us, and guests were feeling touches.

My fourth group started by using the rods & pendulums and were surprised by the movement, to their request.  We were hearing noises around us, and some guests were feeling touches.  Footsteps were heard all around us in the room.  We tried to get some movement on the writing planchette, and it did move slightly, and lifted up once at the end.  Throughout all our hands were icy cold.

With an hour left for the guests to enjoy the free session, Jo & I joined some guests in the hanging room.  The spirit that stepped forward was Thomas who had been with Jo in this room throughout the evening.  He was able to move the spring Ouija in many different ways, often to the guest’s request.  We stayed here filming until the end – great night!

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 1-11-2013 (Jo)

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 1st November 2013

On this event I spent the evening in room 36 and The Whistling Tunnel, using various different electronic devices, taking four groups separately. In all sessions we began with a short 5 minute circle to build energy in the room.

Group 1: Although we had some information given to us via the ghost pro ( a device in which yes/no question may be asked, and spirit can flash the light accordingly to answer, e.g. one flash for yes, two for no), this was by far a more audible session. As a group we all heard footsteps coming towards us and a strange dragging noise in the tunnel leading to the room, which could not be explained however hard we tried! There were also some strange dark shadows in the door way, which most of the group witnessed.

Group 2: This session was very similar to the previous one, much the same information on the ghost pro, a male spirit who had worked at the Fort during WW2, a very private man, not wanting to say to much about himself. Also the spirit of what seemed to be a lady cleaning, we all heard something that sounded like a woman humming a tune during this time.

As well as the ghost pro, we also used a device called Ovilus 3, which allows spirit to use their energy to create a word. Strangely enough spirit told us Dirty (relevant to the lady cleaning possibly?) Spirit also used the word Soldiers, on more than one occasion. After a while we moved from 36 around to the whistling tunnel, where the entire group again witnessed shadows and heard footsteps coming towards us. We also saw many flashing lights at either end of the tunnel.

Group 3: This was the quietest session of the night, although some flashes on the ghost pro and slight k2 activity, there was not really much to report.

Group 4: I had a group of young lads in my last session of the night, and I have to be honest, I thought the worst, that maybe they were a bunch of jokers. How wrong was I! They spotted a stack of plastic chairs in the room and wanted to sit down, so I suggested we sat around in a circle quietly and see what happens. Once we had made ourselves “comfortable” we began to ask out. I had a Mel meter (an all in one temperature Gauge, EMF and rem pod) on the side, about 6ft away form everybody. I asked spirit to walk toward the Mel meter and set the rem pod (lights up and alarms when the energy field is interrupted) off. This happened immediately, and then when asked for again a few minutes later, the same happened. Since I have owned this piece of equipment, it is the first time it had happened, so I was impressed!

Again we all heard footsteps in the tunnel, but this time, spirit did the amount of footsteps we asked for. During this time we had the Ovilus 3 on in the back ground. It said 6, followed immediately by 6 footsteps. Almost as if spirit was now telling us what he was going to do! Throughout the session, there were large temperature fluctuations, and whistles repeated when asked for. All in all, a very interesting hour!

Jo Titcombe
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 1-11-2013 (Kym)

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 1st November 2013

Area: Area 10

Equipment: KII’s, Ghost Pro’s, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Ouija Table, Writing Planchette, Table Tipping

Tonight we split the guests into four small groups, with 4 x 45 minute controlled sessions, thus giving the guests an opportunity to explore the fort for one hour at the end.

With my first group we started with a short séance circle to build the energies for the night.  A guest to my left started feeling cold on one side of her face, she asked if that was spirit to move to the other side, the coldness moved to the back of her neck.  Another guest opposite felt a coldness on him.  We tried the Ouija table but no movement.  We were hearing noises in the corridor so we went to investigate, however whilst I was standing in the room filming the guests in the corridor I heard a stone hit on the ground to my left.  When looking there was a stone on the floor…  We then all tried using the dowsing rods and pendulums, and received lots of movement to our request.

My second group started with the Ouija board and the glass moved a little.  We tried some table tipping, had some slight movement, and two guests cold feel a coldness between them.  When using the dowsing rods and pendulums the guests were amazed by the movement, especially when asking spirit to move in a particular way and it did.  One guest when asking spirit to vibrate her pendulum she felt her shoulders and arms vibrate – unusual.

With my third group we started with the Ouija table and had some slight movement from the glass across the table.  Whilst doing this the table rocked so we took this as a sign to try table tipping.  I stopped filming and laid the camera on the table, and joined the guests.  The table started rocking gently and we could see the camera rocking too.  Then when it stopped we asked spirit to move the camera only, and to our surprise the camera started rocking but the table stayed still.  We then moved to the opposite room and used the pendulums and dowsing rods.  All guests received lots of movement, all at request, with spirit stopping and changing direction when asked.

For the last controlled session we started with the Ouija table again.  With all fingers on the glass, we had no glass movement however the table rocked once.  We did try some table tipping but had no movement.  Again we moved into the room opposite and used the rods and pendulums, with lots of movement, responding to the guests request each time.

With the free session I joined a group of guests in the Hanging Room who wanted to try table tipping there.  The table started creaking a lot, and some movement was felt.  Other guests joined us and they tried the Ouija table, and the glass started moving very gently.  We had a KII on the table and asked spirit to move the glass to the KII.  It started very slowly, but as another group of guests joined us the glass moved straight to the KII very quickly, as if the extra guests arriving gave the spirit the energy it needed.

Again a great night at Fort Horsted, until next time…

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 19-10-2013 (Jo)

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Fort Horsted – 19th October 2013

Session 1: We began the session with a short 5 minute séance circle to build some energy. Spirit stepped forward and began to shove the men in the group using our arms. No physical activity happened to the women. Next we decided to try table tipping, and received a medium amount of movement, but during this there was knocking on the table when asked for. It seemed spirit found this easier than actually moving the table. Throughout the session, the KII meters were very active, we also heard moans and had consistent temperature drops.

Session 2: Again we began with a 5 minute circle to build the energy. Spirit was asked not to give physical activity during this time. This session was much more audible than the first, we received no movement on the table or with the glass, but continued to hear whistles on demand and footsteps below us in the tunnel and coming up the stairs. A few words were spoken on the Ovilus, but nothing that was relevant at the time.

Session 3: As usual, we started with a 5 minute circle, and some of the ladies in the group began to be moved quite violently, so we bought this to a close. We had very small rocking of the table, so decided to try the Ouija board. A female guest in the group had lost her son, Jake, and felt she was communicating with him via the board, so we continued this for the rest of the session.

Jo Titcombe
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 19-10-2013 (Sue)

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Fort Horsted Sat 19th October

1st Session – Group B

I was based in Room 10. Almost as soon as we had arrived the Ghost Pro devices were lighting up red to indicate that spirit was with us.  We all joined hands and begun a séance circle asking spirit to interact with us. A female guest said that her face had been touched and she had cold spots down one side. We began to ask questions and spirit was giving us their answers via the Ghost Pro flashing once for yes or twice for no. We established we had a gentleman, who had worked here. He is a real character. I asked the guests would they like to try the Ouija Board, which they all agreed they would like to try, so we moved into the room on the right. We put a glass in the centre of the Ouija board and asked the spirit gentleman if he could move the glass for us to indicate he would be willing to talk to us. The glass didn’t move at first so we all took in turns to say hello and introduce ourselves to him. Spirit was very reluctant to go to any letters on the board. So we asked Spirit to move the glass to the moon drawn on the board for yes, the star in the centre as a neutral position and away from the star for no. Once we established this he was quite happy to talk to us. He was under 30 yrs old, married with three children and was still looking for his wife, who he believes is still in this Fort. Something had happened to his throat as me and another female guest could feel pressure on our throat and had a strange taste in our mouth. Quite a few of the guests noticed rapid temperature changes and had the feeling they were being watched. Spirit moved the glass round in a circle and then drew a square and a zig-zag. The guests where so shocked as this was their first experience of glass work. The whole time this was happening the ghost pro device was flashing and responding to our questions as well. Also one of the guests was using the dowsing rods and getting the same yes or no responses as the ghost pro device.

2nd Session – Group C

As my first session had been so active on the board we decided to attempt the Ouija straight away. So after all introducing ourselves by saying hello spirit my name is…. The glass began to move again. The glass was moving to letters but they were very random and didn’t make sense. We heard what sounded like footsteps coming from the area next door so we decided to investigate. We formed a séance circle and I encouraged guests to call out but we didn’t hear any other noises. I said would any of the guests like to perform a lone vigil away from the others. Four of the men very bravely decided to stay together but go to another area. I put two of the male guests in one part of the tunnel with a laser grid. I explained they needed to keep calling out to spirit and ask the spirit to stand inside the grid and block out the lights of the laser. The other two male guests I moved further down the tunnel and gave them a ghost box pro device. I told them to ask questions that would have a yes or no answer and see what response they got from spirit. I returned to the remaining four female guests and we went back on the Ouija board. Straight away the glass begun moving, not answering any of our questions but spirit drew with the glass a circle, a square, a zig zag and a figure eight. This was filmed by Jason my team member, so hopefully we have some video footage to show you. Whilst spirit was moving the glass we asked could the spirit touch one of the male guests on the shoulder that I had placed in the tunnels. Once again the ghost pro devices we very active but we had no activity on the K2 meters. At the end of the vigil we checked with the male guests had anything happened to them. The guests with the laser said nothing had happened but the guests that had been further down the tunnel had had activity with the Ghost pro flashing yes and no to their questions. The best bit was James (Guest) had said something had touched him on the back of his neck. So Another great session.

3rd Session – Group A My last session was very different. The glass would not move at all, even thought it had been responding so well on the previous two vigils. The guests had such low energy levels that I even got them to sing a song to try and raise their energy. We formed a séance circle and I tried to encourage the guests to call out and ask spirit to interact with us. I always say the more energy and enthusiasm you have, the more spirit will respond but if you stand there and don’t say anything then spirit wont be willing to do anything for you in return. The only guest that had anything was Vicky. When we were all stood in séance, Vicky was using dowsing rods and asking questions. Vicky was stood just outside the circle. Suddenly she screamed and quickly joined the circle as she said had felt someone brush against her hair and ear and she had really jumped. The rest of the vigil was really quite with no activity on the Ghost Pro, K2 or the Glass.

Overall a great night. Some great activity on the ghost pro device. The glass moved and drew various shapes on command.  Two guests were touched. Also a pleasure for me to reassure people that the Ouija is safe when used correctly and with respect. I know a few of the guests were worried at first but left with a new understanding and respect for the Ouija Board. Fort Horsted is always an interesting location and one I enjoy as it is different every time I visit.

Sue Kyle
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 19-10-2013

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 19th October 2013
Chatham, Kent

Fort Horsted is one of our favourite ghost hunting venues and paranormal activity usually happens to various people in the whole group, rarely does so much activity happen to everyone in the same room, but on this particular occasion everyone who entered one of the most interesting areas of the Fort, known at the Fort as area 26 had much the same activity, albeit with some variations but generally everyone had some form of physical paranormal activity that they either couldn’t explain or once it happened the guests wanted it to happen more frequently.

As always we split the whole group of people into smaller groups and after a short historical briefing and a health & safety talk, a quick coffee and or cigarette we head off in our respective groups to start the ghost hunt.

Within the area known as 26, which is a wonderful [sic] 180 steps down and 30 up into the counterscarp galleries I picked one of the rooms which we have had lots of activity before and started a séance circle. To me is the best way that I can demonstrate the active spirits energy in a physical way so that I can “prove” that the spirits are real.

The first group to this area were all quite chatty until I asked that spirit step forward and touch and move people and at first everyone fell silent, then as I noticed a spirit come towards us, he started to move my hands and then others in the group. The spirit was called Gerald Clarke, he was a Second World War soldier, a Private first class from some rifle regiment and he told me (later in the evening) that he trained to be a sniper. He was about 24 years old, 5’9” in height and of slight build. He was wearing his “Going out” uniform. This is a special uniform that would only be worn when the soldiers were out and about in a town or when they were not on duty or in active service. He also sported a pipe, but I forgot to mention this until Jason (GHE team & camera) and others started to smell sweet tobacco smells.

Gerald firstly moved people hands and arms and slowly became more confident and started to touch people’s heads and strangely ears, although the person that this happened to first didn’t like her ears being touched!

Many people in the group we asking (in their heads) that Gerald move their arms in a particular direction, although Gerald had his own ideas and rarely actually did what anyone asked until they asked in a polite way. Many people were also pulled down to the floor very quickly (by their hands and arms) and once on the floor Gerald continued to move them and dragged their hands across the floor to the other side of the circle.

As Gerald became more proficient at moving people there was one moment when everyone apart from one person was on the floor, mostly in a bit of a heap because some people had been dragged down on top of other people who were already on the floor.

During the whole session we all heard some odd and strange noises, some of those noises sounded like footsteps whilst other sounded like stones being thrown, (we have had stones thrown at people in this room before on previous ghost hunts) however we did not investigate the noises because we were usually on the floor or moving towards the floor when these noises occurred.

The Second group to this area started much the same way, people being silent but as soon as I saw Gerald, I explained to the guests what I could see people generally relaxed and once again gentle arm movement started but quickly turned into more meaningful movements. There was also another male spirit, Justin who I believe I have met before at the fort, although he didn’t do anything physical to the guests apart from stand near or behind them to make people feel uncomfortable.

After moving various people within this group, Gerald quickly moved on to swaying and gently pushing people with some guests commenting that they felt like they were on a boat or had just got off a boat.

Some guests felt a physical touch, usually on their backs or in the ribs and considering we were all holding hands as part of the séance it could not have been anyone physical.

This time though as people asked (in their heads) for their arms to be moved in a particular direction, Gerald complied and did exactly what every person asked of him. After many of the guests were moved in some way Gerald moved on to his speciality and that seemed to be pulling people to the floor, which is exactly what happened to me first and when I stood up others were being pulled down. Gerald however had now managed to understand how to move people and wasn’t happy just pulling people to the floor, he now managed to push and pull people in different directions by their arms and move people into strange positions and when anyone asked that they be moved Gerald always picked on one particular guest to move them first before moving the person that asked to be moved, this was very amusing to watch, but unfortunately this session was not filmed by us.

The Third group to this area started in the same manner as all the other sessions, gentle arm movement, usually just lifting someone’s arms so that they realised it wasn’t them and then very quickly (probably because Gerald now understood how to move us) moved on to pulling people in strange ways. This session was much like the first session as Gerald moved various people’s arms to touch other people’s faces, chins, chests and legs, which became very embarrassing.

After just about everyone had been either; touched, pushed or moved in some way Gerald very quickly moved on to pulling people’s arms across the group so that we either had to move or fall over. Justin (the other male spirit) also made an appearance although this time would not really enter the room and staying the same place throughout much of the time. I could see and hear him laughing a lot.

Most of this session the physical nature of the event meant that generally we were all moved and hands were being moved in all directions from just about everyone, it was very similar to a modern game of Twister although this was in virtual darkness!

Many times my hands were pulled to the floor and dragged across the floor, which was actually quite painful, although I was the only person to spend time on the floor, which I suppose made a change, because the other two groups this was a usual occurrence.

As this session progressed several whistles were heard, but unfortunately we were all making a noise or talking when this happened and none of us had any idea where the noises came from, although the noises all sounded like it came from within the Fort rather than the dry moat.

After our controlled session we always allow the guests to wander quite freely to different areas of the Fort, usually with one of the GHE team in toe because of the various dangers at this fort. I joined a group of four guests in an area that they had not visited during our controlled sessions and we came across a familiar (to me) female spirit energy. Her name was Annie and she had been a Nurse at the Fort. One guest asked that she touch his hand and although he felt no proper or physical touch, he did feel a strange tingling sensation in his hand and arm. This is a normal sensation as Annie has previously made guests feel the same when they have been in this area.

This was an exceptionally physical ghost hunt as everyone felt some kind of physical paranormal activity, whether they wanted to feel it or not! Obviously many of the guests who experienced the dragging across the floor or pulled to the floor didn’t want to return to this area and spent the free time doing that so they ventured off to different areas to try to communicate with the spirit with some of our electronic gadgets. Many guests reported some interesting communication and everyone left happy as they had all experienced something that they didn’t expect and realised that actually it wasn’t as scary as they thought it was going to be.

The full edited event video can be watched at

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events


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Fort Horsted – 21-9-2013 (Sue Paranormal Investigator Report)

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Fort Horsted 21st September 2013

I was based in Room 10. We could sense and feel spirit was with us although we could not establish exactly who they were. The most active areas were the room to the left and the corridor that run in between the two rooms. We went into circle and began calling out asking for spirit to make themselves know to us. The 2 x  ghost box pro’s immediately light up and responded to questions we established we had a female and a male spirit although they would not give any personal information, in fact when we asked would they be willing to talk to us via the board or glass they refused and said no, the guests found this quite amusing as spirit was quite amendment of what they were and were not willing to do for us.

We heard a lot of noises all night especially when standing in the corridor inbetween the two rooms. Lots of taps and banning. we heard footsteps and even sounded like someone walking on gravel but there is no gravel anywhere in the surrounding area.

In both my 1st and 2nd group but not the 3rd we could clearly hear the sound of running water, we didn’t hear the water constantly but it was quite frequent as if there was a stream behind us or water running down a bank. When i checked with the owner there is no stream or any reason why we would hear water in this area. When i spoke to Karen (she was in 3rd group) on a break she said she had heard water running in that area when she was here a few months ago.

One of the guest was wearing the hearing enhancers and he clearly heard a heavy door bang shut there is no door in this area.

In both my 1st and 2nd group when a female stood in the exact same spot the same things happened to both guests. They stood in the corridor with there back to the opening of the room on the left. When stood here both guests they kept being touched on their face and having their hair touched they also felt extreme cold spots next to them. The ghost box pro said when asked on both occasions that the Jasmine & the other guest both reminded spirit of themselves and the guests looked and was around the same age as the spirit. Interestingly both of these two guests did look very similar to each other had the same hair colour, hair style & length, same build and approx same age also this was the only time the female spirit interacted with us.

We went into the room on the left. Spirit would not talk to us via the board or move the glass but i gave one guest a set of dowsing rods and explained to them how to use them. We asked the spirit to use the dowsing rods and take the guest to wear the spirit was stood, it took the guest to the far back wall. The guest had established there yes and no position with the dowsing rods. We continued to talk to spirit and ask questions and we had 2 x ghost box pros on the table and one guest with the dowsing rods. interestingly we was getting the exact same response via the ghost box pro the dowsing rod also gave the same answer to the questions, so was very good to have two ghost boxs and a set of dowsing rods all given the exact same answer to our questions at the same time.

When we was in circle in the corridor area Audrey said that when she looked at Jason who was filming she could see Jasons face changing and that Jason looked like he had a moustache. We had seen a lot of shadows by the top entrance and had the constant feeling of being watched. We set up a laser grid in the area that you walk through to get to room 10 the area that leads round to the bend although this did not get any results.

Overall a very interesting night. Although we could not get any specific information to let us know who was was talking to we heard so many noises. Taps, bangs, footsteps, walking on gravel, a door slamming and running water.

Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Horsted – 21-9-2013 (Kym Paranormal Investigator report)

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

FORT HORSTED GHOST HUNT  21st September 2013

I love returning to Fort Horsted, this place holds many memories for me, and for tonight I’m in the ‘Hanging Room’ which is always very active.  My first group were ladies celebrating a hen party.  I started by explaining all the kit: KII, Ghost Meter Pro, dowsing rods and temperature guage. The ghost pro lit up immediately and everyone enjoyed having conversations with the spirits present.  The initial temperature was 13.7, and when everyone started noticing cold spots we checked and the temperature had dropped to 13 degrees.  Several guests were feeling the spirits around them, and some were swaying when standing in a particular area.  We all tried to get some movement on the ouija board but nothing, however as we all turned to look at something the planchette moved once.  We tried some table tipping but again nothing, however we kept hearing a strange noise, and realised it was as if someone was rubbing up against our coats, and one of the guests felt this movement.  For the last 15 minutes we went downstairs to the ‘dead end’ corridor as its been reported stones are thrown or noises heard.  We were all standing in the dark, some guests were seeing lights on the wall, others were being swayed and pushed.  Also a guest felt her hair being touched, and just as we were leaving we all heard a loud bang behind us.

With my next group we immediately had the ghost pro’s lighting up, and again the guests were able to communicate with the spirits.  Four guests tried to get some movement with the ouija board and table tipping but only got one tap on the table.  Three other guests tried table tipping with myself and we started feeling vibrations, and creaking under the table.   We were feeling cold spots in the room again but the temperature remained at 13.7 degrees.  We did get quite alot of activity on the KII’s this time.  Again we went downstairs into the corridor, and some guests were being swayed and pushed.  Jason (team) whilst filming believed he saw the pipe on the wall moving, and as we turned our torches on checked that no-one was able to move the pipe.  Hopefully we caught something.

My third group were guests that had been before so I stood back and filmed whilst they took control.  They all tried to get some movement on the table and were extremely impressed when the table started lifting up.  This happened several times with tapping on the table too.  The KII lit up many times too.

Last hour – free session – and many of the guests wanted to go to casement 26, so myself and team members Jason & Sue took the guests. Sue & I took guests at opposite ends and I started with a seance circle.  Jason came down and filmed us.  We had alot of KII activity.  Some guests were swaying.  Paul the manager was with us and had moved behind some of the guests.  Without realising he started to move the barrier into the back room, but the noise was so loud we all jumped!! Starting to breathe again Paul asked if we wanted to move into the back room, taking care not to touch the walls with the grafitti on, which we did, whilst remaining in the circle.  Asking spirit to step forward and let us know they are with us quickly, as our time here would be short, immediately arms started moving with almost everyone.  Mostly the girls arms were going forward, however the men’s arms were being moved uncomfortably backwards. Then the men were being pulled to the ground where they landed in a heap.  Us ladies found this hilarious.  With our time up we asked spirit to move everyone back to where we started, which thankfully they obliged.

A great end to a fantastic night!!

Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt 21-9-2013

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 21st September 2013
Chatham, Kent

As ever the team always like returning to Fort Horsted as we always have interesting nights, sometimes though the ghost hunt is exceptional, this was one of those nights!

After separating the group into teams of three we set off to our nominated areas, I usually choose one of two areas, but for this event I had chosen I room that I first had a great experience, as did the guests that were with me.

The room was one of the old magazine rooms and the farthest walk from the rest of the groups so we could be fairly sure that there would be no noise pollution.

We were joined by Geoffrey, a lieutenant in the Army from the Second World War, he was aged in his late-20s or early 30s and came from Lincolnshire. Also present was another Second World War soldier called Paul who was a quieter or shy spirit. Both of them seem to have a funny side to their nature.

On asking these spirits to touch or move people slowly some people’s arms started to move and quite quickly various people’s arms started to stroke the arms of other people in the séance circle as well as pushing people’s chins up (as if to say stand up straight). Some guests arms were pulled to the floor and hands dragged on the floor.

One of the spirits kept calling one of the guests “Teddy Bear” which at first I ignored but after a while realised there must be a reason for this and told the male guest what the spirit was telling him. He was a little surprised because there was a family link with the phrase Teddy Bear.

I moved around the circle as some people on the opposite side of the circle to me were not feeling any movement. Once I had moved various people on this side of the circle started to feel their arms move and on command and once again there was some gentle pushing and pulling back felt by the guests. Some people were also dragged to the floor by their arms and had their hands dragged on the floor. Those that didn’t get dragged to the floor had felt the spirit energies gently rock them, either forwards and backwards or side to side.

During this séance we all heard footsteps further down the corridor, usually this sounds like someone approaching which is exactly what we heard but as ever no-one arrives. There were also sounds of chatter or mumbling but because of the acoustics of the room it is very hard to know which direction the sounds are coming from.

At the end of the session I held an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. During the recording we all heard a strange whistle after one person spoke, although nothing was recorded. There were several ghost voices on the recording but unfortunately many of them were either too quiet or tainted with some other noise (either someone speaking or moving their feet). There were however two clear EVPs which can be heard at:-

The second group to this area (of which some have been to this Fort before and other had been on other ghost hunts of ours) knew exactly what to do during the séance. The two spirits from the first session were still present and almost immediately after I asked for the guests arms to be moved, the spirits complied and moved lots of people arms and pushing them into uncomfortable positions. One guest (Darren) wanted to see how far the spirits could push him and it was no surprise to me, but he ended up on his back on the floor!

We were also joined by a different spirit; a Colour Sergeant or Sergeant Major (the terminology depends on the division), this particular spirit was a very strict man although he was able to move people with greater force and stood behind one particular guest (Mark), the reason for this was apparent afterwards. Mark could feel a strange coldness behind him and Jo (who was next to Mark) also felt a sharp stabbing pain in her back, she said like a needle was pressed into her back. Another guest was afraid to look at the only doorway into the room, but this is a normal experience and exactly why I chose this room because that is what has happened to the majority of the guests that come to this Fort.

The Colour Sergeant wouldn’t tell me his name, but he had the demeanour of a man that if he asked you to jump, you would say, how high? He was 6 foot tall, quite strong looking build and quite muscular, he wore a moustache and had long sideburns that were down to his chin. He also wore the usual green fatigues and a cap with a red stripe. He also held a knotted/rope thing which at the time I didn’t know what it was, but have since found out this was called a swagger stick.

The Colour Sergeant stood directly behind Mark and he commented that he felt a thumb pushed into his back. (After we finished the session Mark told me that his father would do exactly the same thing when he was younger).

When asking for any of the spirits to make a noise, everyone heard the sound of a footstep, which Darren and I heard a noise that came from directly between us and since we were both looking at the floor, we each knew that neither of us moved.

Some other guests heard breathing noises behind them which became very unnerving.

At the end of this session I held another EVP experiment and since the majority of this group had been on a ghost hunt, they knew to be quiet. There were lots of spirit voices after the questions asked but unfortunately not all of them we could understand but out of 8 people there were 4 clear responses which can be heard at:-

The third and final group session in this same room the spirit energy of the Colour Sergeant and Geoffrey joined us and once again asking for the spirit to move arms of the guests resulted in some gentle but purposeful movements, most of the time on command i.e. when people asked for their arms to be moved (in their heads) their arms moved, obviously there is no way the person who was holding their hand knew that one of them had asked and was surprised when both their arms moved.

There was also some gentle pushing and swaying which some of the guests found unnerving but I find it is an excellent way to prove that people are not doing it themselves because it is very difficult to sway backwards because if you were doing it yourself you would not be able to see or know what you would fall into.

There was also some rubbing of people arms and shoulders with other people’s hands and once again some people were pulled by their hands to the floor, many of which didn’t want to touch the floor but no matter what they said (the guests) they ended up with their hands on the floor.

This was the only session of mine which was filmed (see the link below) and whilst Jason (GHE team Cameraman) was standing in the doorway to the tunnel he could feel a spirit near to him, this was a female energy, a nurse called Annie which I have seen at this Fort before. There was also another soldier from the Second World War; Alfred standing behind Jason and he commented several times that he could hear whispering and movement behind him.

After our controlled sessions we allow (as always) the guests to venture off to any area of the Fort under our guidance so that they can hold their own vigil or ghost hunt and use our ghost hunting equipment.

I joined a group in an area known as casement 10 and there was a male spirit in his mid-50s wandering about the rooms, he is a maintenance man and I have seen him before in this area. Whilst nothing exciting happened, some noises we heard and the guests that were here felt uncomfortable because it felt like someone was watching them. Other groups that used this casement in earlier groups reported the same thing.

Several guests went to the most interesting part of the Fort; The Counterscarp Galleries and held a séance where two people were pushed to floor in a strange way.

This session was filmed and can be watched at: –

The full event video can be watched at: –

This was a very active ghost hunt with all groups getting some excellent paranormal activity.

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Fort Horsted group two – 8-6-2013

Friday, July 19th, 2013


Carl & I were in the Hanging Room for tonight, and with our first group we passed around the Ghost Pro’s and KII’s for the guests to use, explaining how they all detect spirit.  We had activity on the Ghost Pro’s within a few minutes, initially we had a female spirit, then a male.  After a short while of guests asking the questions to spirit, we decided on holding a séance circle.  We had some swaying within the circle, and may have heard some whistles, but couldn’t establish where they came from.  We broke hands as no more activity, and all guests had the opportunity to explore with kit.  One guest whilst standing next to the area where someone was reputedly hanged, had some strong KII activity.  One of the guests whilst walking along a tunnel felt claustrophobic.  Another guest commented on seeing on the Ghost Adventures programme the spirit box being used, so for 10 minutes we used this, but no voices came through.

For our second group, again we had activity on the Ghost Pro and some KII lights.  We detected two male spirits, a British and French soldier.  We then tried the Ouija table and had some gentle glass movement, but no communication.  We asked spirit with the Ghost Pro if they were able to move the table, and encouraged by a yes we tried this.  The table started rocking gently, and a tap was heard under the table.  The guests then wanted to try the glass on the Ouija table again, and they had movement immediately with communication; Male – Bobby – age 82 – here in 1918.  The spirit also spelt one of the guests name “Adam” to his surprise.  The spirit then seemed to want to have fun, so the guests asked for shapes, circle, bigger circle, faster, and stop and change direction – and the spirit was able to move the glass to the guests request every time when asked.  The spirit also took the glass to the edge of the table to show where he was standing – which was to Adam’s right.  The glass continued moving around the table, twisting under the guest’s fingers, even when they all had the side of their fingers on the glass.  And whilst Carl was filming he had a stone thrown on his leg, by his left knee, looking down on the floor there were several stones, and one a little bit larger which could have been the one.

Taking our third group to the Hanging Room, we had very high KII activity as soon as we walked into the room.  On walking into the room almost everyone felt uneasy, sick, dizzy, headaches, tightness of chest with difficulty breathing, and a sickness in the chest.  Myself & Carl felt a very different atmosphere from before.  We had our new team member Jo with us this time, and as a medium she was able to say who she sensed was in the room with us.  It was a male spirit, called Malcolm, and was hanged in this room.  He was very sad, had lost his family, and took his own life.  We tried to communicate with him on the Ouija table but although had little movement on the glass, no specific words.  We tried some table movement, and the table rocked quite fast, not leaving the ground but fast enough to rotate the table slightly.  Asking if the spirit needed our help to pass over, he promptly left, Jo sensing he was punishing himself by staying here.  We all stood in the room for a little bit longer, and Jo was able to sense another spirit with us.  A man in a grey/blue uniform – Sergeant Rogers – tall with dark short hair, and very dark eyes, slightly evil looking, but not an evil person.  Had an air of authority about him.  He wore very shiny shoes, and was from 1914.  He didn’t particularly like Carl, said he didn’t respect him.  Perhaps he was the spirit that had pushed Carl in this room on previous times.  Feeling this was the case, Carl stood in the corner where Sergeant Rogers was standing, asking for him to move him again.  Whilst standing there Carl felt like someone was tugging at his belt, looking around each time, no-one was near him.

Again a great night at Fort Horsted.

Kym & Carl
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