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Landguard Fort ghost hunt – 14th March 2015

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

Landguard Fort ghost hunt 14th March 2015
Felixstowe, Suffolk

It was with sadness that we attended as this event was due to be the last ghost hunt here at the Fort. We have had some amazing things happen to us over the years and this final ghost hunt did not disappoint.

As usual I took one of the old magazine rooms near the entrance to the Fort. Here we met a spirit called Philip who was aged in his early 60’s and dressed as a plumber or boiler repair man. He was able to manipulate people’s arms and push, pull and sway people. This usually happened on command, but sometimes he moved a person by surprise, much to the delight of the guests. All three groups felt this activity.

However the first group also saw strange shadows and lights towards the end of the room, plus some strange noises, the second group another male spirit made most of the women feel sick, one had to be removed from the group as she felt that unwell. The third group had less activity in this room but after the spirit had moved all of the people, he seemed to lose interest.

After holding a séance for about 30 minutes all groups then walked through the tunnels, normally I would stop at the Caponier but because of the cold wind which made this area so much colder than being outside, I walked on to another magazine room which wasn’t windy to see if anything could be experienced by the guests and then walked on to the mine room.

In the magazine rooms (there are several) different groups felt different things, in one room there was a young army spirit, whose job was to wash/change the felt over-clothes (these were used in the days when the magazines rooms contained gun powder, as any spark could blow up the room), we also met a shy female spirit who didn’t wish to interact with the groups, but she seemed to roam the corridors.

In the Mine room, (a room used to assemble sea mines) we met a portly male spirit who didn’t wish to interact with us, although when I pointed out where he stood to various guests, they could all feel a warm sensation.

Often the most interesting activity happens when no-one is expecting it and whilst the table tilting sessions were surprising the best activity happened in the free time session at the end of the night. A group of guests were in the rooms above the break room, (these were once officer’s quarters) using a Ouija board on the floor. The Ouija board was made from wood and couldn’t bend.

The guests were talking to a spirit using the board, but what was strange is that when the planchette was mid-motion and sometimes stationary the actual Ouija board was spinning underneath the planchette, sometimes fast, sometimes slowly. Obviously no-one could be moving the Ouija board as all hands were on the planchette. A few guests filmed this, hopefully we’ll get a copy of the footage because we didn’t do any filming. Strangely the room that this happened to the guests is also the same room that we had doors slam in people’s faces last year.

This was an excellent ghost hunt, we hope that this is not the last, we hope to return some day

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Rye Castle ghost hunt – 10th October 2014

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Rye Castle ghost hunt 10th October 2014
Rye, East Sussex

It is always with a little bit of sadness  when we come to end of the year, as this was the last investigation at Rye until April 2015 and often the last event is memorable for lots of reasons. This event was no different.

As usual I headed to the first floor of the Keep and started to hold a séance circle. Within a few minutes we were joined by Philip aged in his early 40s, quite a portly gent who gave the impression that he locked prisoners up.

Arm movement was felt by the guests as Philip went around the circle and affected the guests one by one, some guests were pulled backwards and other forwards. As is becoming relatively normal, the people either side of me were being pulled down to the floor. The people opposite me were pulled backwards and onto a table.

However the more time that passed the feeling was that there was more than one spirit responsible and then I heard a spirit say his name; Ezekiel was the name the spirit gave which didn’t correspond to the person I saw. The person I saw was not nice and possibly a murderer as some of the guests were sensing some discomfort around their necks. At the same time other guests saw shadows and movement in the shadows especially in the direction of the terrace doorway.

The second group, we started as normal and once again Philip returned and started to move the arms of the guests but once all guests had been moved at least once I saw Ezekiel and once again guests started to feel odd. I decided at this point to end the séance just in case things got out of hand (which has happened in the past).

At one point one guest was lying down and their head was banged on the floor. Tasha (guest) who was standing in one of the cells felt pinching on the back of her legs.

Many times we all heard a strange tapping sound, like someone rapping their fingers on a wooden desk or cabinet.

After the guests chose what activity they wished to do and I joined some in the Women’s Tower who were having some mixed responses with glass divination. However once I stepped into the room the energy levels increased and the guests had useful movements and answers to their questions. Thankfully I didn’t need to touch the glass.

This was a great ghost hunt and we cannot wait to return in 2015.

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Rye Castle ghost hunt – 27th September 2014

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Rye Castle ghost hunt 27th September 2014
Rye, East Sussex

As usual I headed to the first floor of the Keep with half of the guests, the other half were in the Women’s Tower.

The séance that I held started well with lots of arm movement however this didn’t progress into anything else, normally I would expect the level of physical activity to increase to push and pull people, but this didn’t happen. Some of the guests ventured into the Cells in the corners of the room.  In one was a female spirit energy that had lost her child (baby) whilst imprisoned.

Many of the guests felt their ring finger being pulled and those guests who stood by the main window didn’t feel comfortable.

At various times some guests smelt lavender and something they described as an “old” smell. When I stood by them I could smell pipe tobacco.

Within the cell many people felt an odd or strange sensation in their hands, which I had hoped would result in someone being touched but alas this didn’t happen.

The second group was predominantly female and this brought a different type of spirit to the room during the séance.

Lots of movement was felt by the guests, with Courtney (guest) being bent backwards over the map table and having her arms and shoulders stroked by other hands of the guests.

Other guests were twisted like ballet dancers and generally moved and pushed or pulled. Once again Ted felt uncomfortable and had to move within the room. Although this time I could see why as the spirit energy had changed from an affectionate gentleman who liked “good times” to a gentle female spirit energy who called herself by many names until she chose Maggie as the name that we should use to call her. For whatever reason Courtney then felt emotional for this spirit.

A little later in one of the Cells another spirit energy was present and was able to touch people’s hands, I wondered whether this was the same spirit that had made the other group’s hands feel odd. However Courtney felt her bum pinched.

Once again another enjoyable ghost hunt with lots of paranormal activity felt and experienced by the guests.

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Colchester Town Hall ghost hunt – 2-8-2014

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Colchester Town Hall Ghost Hunt 2nd August 2014
Colchester, Essex

As with many of the venues that we investigate for the first time, we never know what to expect, nor how to find our way around the building to remember which staircase led to a room that we liked. Colchester Town Hall is a large building, with many spooky or even ghastly statues watching over, with several staircases and a warren of corridors, we loved it!

I had visited the building before, to meet with the staff and to assess whether I thought the building was worth investigating, so I had a vague recollection of the rooms and had all but decided to use the Mayor’s Parlour for my sessions. After being shown around the building again by the security guard I changed my mind and chose a small room in the sub-basement. That was a good choice!

The first group to this room I explained that we were going to hold a séance and ask the spirit to move people. After a little while we were joined by Michael, a burly and muscular Policeman, well actually a Bobby as he came from a time when the modern police force that we know today was in its infancy as he gave the year as 1866. Michael was aged in his late 40s or early 50s.

When I asked him to move people he started to move Kat (who was standing on my right) and gradually he lifted the arms of the majority with just Jack being left out (he was standing on my left). Many of the arm movements were on command and Michael moved people exactly as they asked, assuming they asked in a polite manner! Kat was also pushed and bent over in some very uncomfortable positions and a few times, she was pushed to the floor. Michael was able to pull people backwards and push them forwards and several time pull people down to the floor and tangle people’s arms once we were on the floor. Many times the people who were on the floor we unable to get up.

The second group to this room, the activity started even before I had said anything, with people on both sides of me being pulled backwards and after I asked for people hands and arms to be moved, in an instant half of the circle (my side) started to be moved, it took a while before the other half of the circle were moved, but eventually everyone was being moved in some way. Several times Alan and I were pulled to the floor several times neither of us could actually get up. Stavros was also being pulled backwards, unfortunately for him he had a wheelie bin behind him but that did not stop Michael (the same spirit from the first group).

Once everyone had been moved in some way I asked for Michael to move us all in the same way, I didn’t ask this out loud as I did not want what I said to influence anyone, but one by one everyone’s hands met in the middle of the circle and then when I asked out loud for the spirit to finish it, all our hands at the same time rose above all our heads. This is a typical symbol that I have asked spirit to move people in this way before as it is a symbol from the fictional Three Musketeers, known as the salute.

When asking for spirit to copy or repeat noises we heard some noises but could not be sure where in the room the noise emanated from or whether the noises was created from something outside.

Since this was the first investigation that we have held here we decided that instead of just letting the guests to wander around the venue freely, we would carry on with more controlled sessions but using different parts of the building and doing different activities. I chose the rooms above the Moot Hall, which were a warren of small rooms, some though had alcoves or cupboards.

In one of the room I switched on my Spirit Box and asked the guests to start to ask questions and generally keep asking questions. In my experience it takes about 15 minutes for any spirit to answer our questions via this method. I could sense a young boy in the room and I told the guests to encourage him to answer.

After a while we could hear sensible responses to questions, so when someone asked “Where are we?” We all heard Colchester very clearly, then a few minutes later “High Street” and along with other names and when asking for the spirit to say one of our names, apart from my name we all heard “Jack” who was a sceptical guest and was hoping for some evidence, hopefully this will convince him a little.

I joined some of the group who had broken off from everyone else and joined them in another room where I asked for taps/knocks to be repeated. Since one of the guests was wearing a hearing enhancer she could easily hear the responses, whereas the rest of us hear something but could not say whether it was correct.

The second group of people to these rooms we concentrated on a couple of the rooms where the spirit box worked well and after a little wait the spirit started to answer our questions. I left the guests to experience this as the spirit in question asked that I leave the room. Whilst I was gone the guests had cupboard doors moving on command, being poked in the back and some very clear answers via the spirit box including people’s names.

In the shortened free time session, many of the guests continued with the activity that they were doing as the activity at this part of the night was impressive with just about anything that we asked the spirits to do, they achieved.

This was an exceptionally active night with lots of spirit activity; all the guests witnessed lots of physical paranormal activity and Ouija board sessions which were very interesting. Our six hour investigation flew by and we did not want to finish. We didn’t film this investigation which is a shame because it would have been interesting to watch, but this may have been a good thing as we often find that the events that we don’t film are more interesting than those that we do. We will be returning to this venue for another investigation and to use some of the rooms that we didn’t use this time around.

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 21-6-2014

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 21st June 2014
Rochester, Kent

This was a combined ghost hunt and paranormal investigation night and we had set up six of our cameras so that the whole of the Officer’s Mess could be monitored from one room, the object of the night was for one group of guests to investigate the Officer Mess rooms whilst another group watch them and see if any paranormal activity occurred.

Whilst two groups were investigating the Officers Mess the other two groups of guests would be engaged in ghost hunt sessions, with one group table tilting and trying communication in the Caponier and another group in the Counterscarp galleries engrossed with séances.

I joined the first group in the Counterscarp Galleries where Jo was starting the séance as the second camera operator, there were two spirits, one a familiar male spirit who is called Captain Daniel Bedford and another prisoner spirit called Munro who I have never seen before. Both spirit energies were able to lift the arms of the guests and pull them backwards and forwards and even pull them to the floor by pushing their knees and pulling their arms down.

The second session I joined Kerry in the Caponier who was trying to get the spirit to communicate via Ouija board and glass movements or table tilting. Kerry’s first session the spirit were reluctant to move anything however the Ouija board started promisingly but didn’t last long. I then suggested that the two tables were placed in the corridor with half the guests on each table and I would try to start one table and Kerry on the other. Eventually a spirit was able to move the tables, which started with Kerry’s table first and whilst they were being spun around our table started to rock and wobble. It took a while but eventually the spirit managed to lift the table. Many times though this seemed to only want to move in one direction; towards the floor. After some encouragement from the guests the spirit did start to obey the instructions and eventually we had two tables being moved and twisted and turned in the corridor to the Caponier.

For the two final sessions I held my normal séances in the Counterscarp Gallery.

The first group we were joined by Captain Daniel Bedford again and he was able to lift all of the guests arms on command and once he moved all the guests he quickly moved on to pushing people, which I had requested. Many of the guests found this fascinating because they could feel that I was not manipulating their hands as I was barely touching them yet they were being pulled backwards or forwards and their arms were being stretched and pulled in all directions.

Jason (GHE Camera) then suggested that the spirit pull us to the floor, the guests liked the idea of this and asked as well and within a few minutes several people could feel pressure on their shoulders, backs and knees and then one by one we were all being pushed to the floor. This started as a gentle manoeuvre but once the spirit had pushed everyone down he continued to move people on the floor or used other people’s arms to push them further to the floor. This continued until everyone had been pushed to the floor and against the walls.

The final group to the Counterscarp gallery we had some gentle arm movement but nothing of the calibre of the previous group because none of the guests asked to be moved in any way. The only exception was the guest standing to my right who was pulled and pushed until his back was against the wall, but he was the only person who was moved in this way.

After these controlled sessions the guests were allowed to explore the areas of the fort that they enjoyed during our controlled sessions.

I joined the majority of the guests who were in the Caponier participating in a human pendulum experiment.

All in all this was a very enjoyable ghost hunt and paranormal investigation where the majority of the guests had some form of paranormal encounter or something happen to them that defied logic and gravity or was just unexplainable.

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 18-4-2014

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 18th April 2014
Rochester, Kent

This particular venue is a favourite with many of our team, the reason behind this is that we now know what areas of the Fort are the most active and can more or less guarantee some form of paranormal activity when in those particular areas. We look forward to every visit because this fort is very active, very haunted and although we know what to expect, we still get surprised by what happens to the guests.

As always I choose to hold my sessions in the Counterscarp galleries, not only is the area very interesting as it involves walking through a very long tunnel, but it is also the most physically demanding as the staircase goes underneath the dry moat. The level of activity here changes from one investigation to another although there are always similar experiences felt by the guests.

The first group we encountered a male spirit who I have met before in this particular part of the Fort. His name is Biffa or Bernard to his mum, aged in his 30s and another spirit called Justin, both it seems were prisoners who were put to work to build the fort in the late 1800s.

The séance session started with some gentle arm movement, mostly on the instructions of those who asked for it, those guests who didn’t say anything or encourage the spirit to move them remained stationary. Once those guests who were actively encouraging the spirit to move their arms they then asked for the spirit to move or push them. Within a matter of minutes several guests were being pushed, swayed or pulled backwards. Some people were also being moved in circular motions.

The second group to the Counterscarp galleries felt some movement but the majority of the guests wanted to ask questions and conduct their own ghost hunt and use their ghost hunting equipment. It transpired from their questions that the spirit that was present was also a prisoner who had murdered his mother, a dog and prostitutes of Rochester. This spirit died in prison.

On our way out several of us clearly heard footsteps behind us as we walked out of the tunnel and back to the main part of the fort.

The third group we were joined by a familiar spirit (to me) his name was Captain Daniel Bedford, a First World War soldier. Daniel started to move the hands and arms of the majority of guests which quickly transpired into twisting people’s arms together. Several times the people either side of me felt a weight in their arms which resulted in us being dragged down to the floor by our arms. Michelle (guest) said that she didn’t want to face the floor but no matter how many times she said this and resisted the sensation, she ended up on the floor!

Many people of the group were being pulled downwards by their arms, but once on the floor the movements continued and several guests and I were pulled backwards so that we were lying on the floor. This has happened before but never have so many people been involved, it was a chaotic scene with people not only on the floor but arms entwined and to the point where none of us had any idea how we could untangle ourselves and remain holding hands. The spirit however knew exactly how to untangle people, although this wasn’t a quick operation.

At the end of this séance session I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. The results of this will be published at a later date.

Unusually I decided to hold another séance with the intention this time of the spirit moving everyone in turn so that all the guests could feel and hopefully know that they were being moved by unseen hands rather than being pulled by someone they were holding hands with. Daniel complied with this and moved everyone in more gentle ways by pulling them backwards so that each person had to take a step back to avoid falling over. During this time and to avoid people being consciously aware that they were moving all the instructions to the spirit were asked by me as thoughts, therefore none of the guests knew who I was asking Daniel to move, the guests only knew it was them when they found themselves being moved!

At the end of our controlled sessions, we allow the guests to go to the areas that they want to, to conduct their own ghost hunt or to experience a particular area on their own. I joined a group in the Caponier during a Table Tilting & Ouija board session.

As soon as I entered the room I saw a spirit that I had not seen before. He was called Cecil, who was a well-spoken Second World War soldier who was busy moving a table at guest’s request.

I also joined in with the Ouija board which is something I don’t often do, because as I was explaining to the guests I ask questions about things I want to know the answer to, not what the spirit did when they were in a physical body nor anything to do with my life. I want to know the answers to questions which are more spiritual in nature. The spirit energy who was called Robert, another World War Two soldier answered by using the letters and numbers of the Ouija board. Below are the questions and answers.

Q: What colour is the sky in the spirit world?
A: Red.
Q: How many levels of the spirit world exist to your knowledge?
A: 3
Q: What is the largest animal in the spirit world?
A: Oup, a whale

After asking these I then asked the spirit to use the numbers as a scale of difficulty (0-9) for different activities that we ask of all spirit.
Glass work = 3, EVP = 7, Table tilting = 8, Ouija board = 3 or 4, Séances = 9, Manifestation or moving inanimate objects = 99

This was an excellent ghost hunt, with lots of people feeling, sensing and experiencing paranormal activity first hand and participating in paranormal experiments that they had not encountered before.

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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 12-4-2014

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 12th April 2014
Colchester, Essex

This was our second visit to The Red Lion Hotel for 2014 and whilst we look forward to every visit we also hope that certain rooms that were active and productive for the guests will be just as active and productive, although on each visit we try to use parts of the hotel that guests haven’t visited before so that each ghost hunt here is different. This was one of those occasions where we used more of the hotel than we have in the past and because of the guest numbers there were four groups. As usual I chose the cellar because the level of activity here is predictable although the spirit that we encounter usually do something unique to the guests.

The first group we encountered a male spirit called Michael he was 71 years old and from 1850s, the guests we treated to lots of arm movement most of which was on command. Once people had got used to the arm movement Michael quickly progressed onto pushing people forwards and backwards and in some cases pushing or pulling people to the floor by their hands and arms. One guest (Lucy) was pushed to the floor face first, which she didn’t find unnerving more of a surprise, although it is hard to describe this as a pleasant surprise, nevertheless Lucy felt fine after the experience.

The second group to the cellar we encountered a different spirit called Archie, he was aged in his early 20s but also from 1850s although this spirit was an army soldier, there was also another spirit with us who I am going to call the Laughing Man because he didn’t tell me any details about himself but continuously laughed throughout the séance. Archie was able to move and lift some of the guests hands and arms and once those guests had got used to this sensation he pushed and swayed the guests.

The third group to the cellar we met another male spirit energy his name was Henry although would answer to Henry or Harry. He was 29 years old and once again from the mid nineteenth century. This spirit was much stronger and also showed me much more detail about himself. He was wearing a black suit with a purple lining, a top hat, held a cane and wore a pocket watch. He liked champagne and was what we would call a gentleman of leisure. Many guests felt cold spots as well as feeling strange breezes across their necks and shoulders and two guests felt a poke in the back. There was some arm movement but every time Henry tried to move someone there was some loud noise from the street (above us) which unnerved the guests and resulted in some screaming from the female members of the group. There was also another spirit in the tunnel part of the cellar but he did not interact with the guests.

The fourth group to the cellar had the most amount of activity, this I attribute to the majority of them being ghost hunters who have attended several ghost hunts with us and other paranormal companies. Henry once again joined us and within a matter of minutes was productively moving people’s hand and arms, not always in a comfortable way, but it was movement nonetheless. Henry was able to move the majority and twist their hands and arms up. Many times we were all dragged to floor by our arms as well as using hands and arms to mess up the hair of some of the female guests. Sometimes those on the floor Henry would also touch the guest’s shoes. Lights were seen in the other part of the cellar along with some odd noises (knocks and tapping) from within our room, some of these noises were in response to the noises that we asked the spirit to copy or repeat.

This was another excellent ghost hunt at The Red Lion Hotel and many guests had several paranormal occurrences which defied any logical or scientific explanation.

The event video can be watched at

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Landguard Fort ghost hunt – 11-4-2014

Monday, April 28th, 2014

Landguard Fort ghost hunt 11th April 2014
Felixstowe, Suffolk

Landguard Fort is one of our favourite locations that we always look forward to the event as there are so many rooms within the fort, many of which we haven’t tried anything paranormal. However on this particular evening we had split the whole group into four smaller groups and each group was as far away from each other as possible so that we shouldn’t have any noise interference.

Each of my sessions I chose a different room within the same area so that I would remember each group and the activity, mainly for writing this report, but to also try to use more rooms within the fort.

The first room I chose was one of the magazine rooms, I have held séances in this room before and after a slow start the spirit started to interact with us. The spirit was called Philip aged in his early to mid-20s, a boiler repair man from the 1960s. Philip first started to move some people’s hands and arms with eventually the majority of the guests feeling the sensation. Philip was able to use our hands to stroke the shoulders of other people in the circle and in some cases the faces of two particular guests.

The second group I took to the Caponier. This is always a cold place because it is semi-open to the elements and the wind can blow through the shooting apertures. We were joined quite quickly with a spirit called Thomas, aged in his early 20s, who had passed in a motorcycle road traffic accident in the 1980s. He told me that he left behind a wife and two children. He was wearing a white T shirt and jeans. Thomas quickly was able to move the majority of the guest’s arms which some guests found fascinating. Other guests who did not have much arm movement were pulled backwards; usually this happened as a surprise and quite quickly, especially to Angela and Lyndsey (guests).

During this séance I had the sensation of smelling Silver Nitrate which I know from my professional photography days, however this is not used in the photography business anymore and it has a distinctive smell. On asking the guests if they could smell anything, they all replied ‘no’. I then asked if any of the guests had used Silver Nitrate recently, one person said yes, and she had used it a few days before the event, she works in the medical profession. Silver Nitrate is not commonly used in any industry and certainly not handled by many because it is toxic and corrosive.

The third group I took to a different magazine room, this was in the second grouping of magazine rooms and an area which I have never held a séance before nor an area which any of our team have investigated before. We were joined almost immediately by a male spirit called Cedric who was about 65 years old. Whilst I asked for him to move our arms and hands, little happened at first although when people’s hands started to move, most found this surprising and a sensation which they couldn’t believe or understand. Many people questioning the person they were standing beside say “is that you moving”, the response every time was “no, I thought it was you”. This unnerved a lot of the group. Several others felt an unusual pain in the back of their knees, throbbing arm pain and in the case of one person a static buzzing sensation in his chest. Several of the female guests felt odd sensations in their legs and lower back when their arms were moving, no-one could really describe the sensation although they all agreed it was unusual and something they had never felt before.

The fourth group I took to some of the older areas of the fort, still a magazine room but these rooms in this particular part of the fort were probably the original armament rooms from 1880. We were joined by another boiler repair man, Charlie and a female spirit briefly joined us. Charlie was able to lift the hands and arms of everyone, as well as drag us down to the floor by our hands and used my hands to rub some of the dirt on the floor onto a guest’s boots.

I also took this group to the Caponier were I encountered Thomas earlier to see if he was still around. He was and he happily pulled the guests backwards much to their surprise, it was one of those sensations that at first it was a little scary because no-one knew who was going to be moved, but once it happened a couple of times each guest wanted more movement.

After we finished our four sessions, each group had then spent time with all of our team doing different activities and we then allowed the guests to conduct their own ghost hunt or to go into rooms that we had not used. I suggested to a group to go up onto the first floor to a room where I have seen and heard some odd things.

This group were asking for knocks to be repeated, but instead of knocks the door promptly slammed, which freaked them out as it was not at all windy and there was no obvious explanation of why the door slammed.

This was an excellent ghost hunt with lots of paranormal activity experienced by the guests and we look forward to returning to Landguard Fort later this year.

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Oliver Cromwell’s House ghost hunt – 5-4-2014

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Oliver Cromwell’s House ghost hunt 5th April 2014
Ely, Cambridgeshire

This was the first ghost hunt that we have undertaken at Oliver Cromwell’s House and as a team had no idea what to expect from the night. I had previously visited in the day time albeit months previously and had my suspicions about which rooms would be eventful, fortunately those rooms and some others we had some great paranormal occurrences.

On this particular evening I wasn’t feeling too well and because the groups were smaller I decided that I would join in with other groups rather than hold my own sessions.

The first session I joined in with Sue and Carl (GHE team) in one of the bigger rooms, lots of communication was apparent from our electronic devices although little of no KII (EMF) energy was seen on the meters.

When Sue held scrying sessions in the mirror in the room various people who tried this saw their faces change as did the people who were watching.

The second session I joined in with Sue and Kerry (GHE team) and after I scared Kerry by entering a different door to get the Study we settled down with a séance. There were some gentle movements and swaying felt by some people, but since I wasn’t part of the séance I spent the time describing the spirit energies that I could see. In this room there was a Mayor or a very important person. He was dressed in a black suit, aged in his mid to late 50s and generally was a quiet man.

From here we moved into the Bedroom and this time I joined in the séance circle. Some slight arm movement was felt between the people either side of me and we all heard some odd noises. One of the noises sounded like the radiator cooling down, but after asking the staff about the heating, they told us that the heating had not been on all day and thus should not have been making any noise.

The third session I joined in the séance with Jo (GHE team) as I was feeling better and felt that I could cope with the physical movement that would undoubtedly occur. This time we started in the Bedroom and we were joined by a male spirit called Peter who had passed away relatively recently, I was given the year 1980 and he had passed away in a Motorcycle RTA (Road Traffic Accident) on the road outside Oliver Cromwell’s House.

Peter proceeded to lift the hands of the guests and push and pull us. This is exactly what I had asked for and when Peter got the hang of doing this several of the guests were intertwined with each other. Others were dragged by their arms across the room and other guests had their hands moved in rather painful ways.

Once the movements stopped we moved in the adjoining Study where cold spots and draughts were felt although no-one could work out where the draughts were coming from as the majority of us were sitting on the floor and we couldn’t work out how a draught could be felt if someone was sitting next to the person who felt the cold spot or draught when that person couldn’t.

Several odd noises were also heard in this room and one of the noises sounded like the candle sticks being moved as it sounded like metal on a stone floor. However we don’t know and it may be possible for us to check this sound on the video that was recorded in the room.

The other sessions with table tilting and Ouija boards which were held in the downstairs rooms were very successful with lots of movements and in the case of the Ouija board lots of useful communications were received by the guests.

All in all a very enjoyable ghost hunt and a location that we hope to return to in the future.

Watch our edited highlights video at

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 11-1-2014

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 11th January 2014
Rochester, Kent

We always look forward to returning to Fort Borstal, it is the majority of the team’s favourite location for many reasons. Since this was the first indoor ghost hunt of 2014 we were hoping the spiritual activity would be as good as the activity that we have had on previous occasions. Thankfully we and the guests were not disappointed.

As ever I chose the counterscarp galleries as my location for the night, as this area is one of the more active areas and the activity that the guests experience is somewhat predictable, but also very physical in its nature which in my opinion is the best way to experience spiritual paranormal activity.

The first group to the counterscarp gallery we formed a séance circle and after telling the guests what to expect and inviting spirit to come forward, arm movement started quite quickly. This usually starts with the people either side of me and as the séance progressed more people felt their arms being moved, first gently upwards and then once the person got used to the sensation and the guests encouraged spirit, more generally happened.

The spirit that was responsible for the movement was Capt Daniel Bedford who I have met many times here. This spirit energy is capable of moving people in any way in which he sees fit, but usually the movements are gentle in nature.

Sam (guest) felt a strange sensation in his left leg and as I asked for people to be moved this sensation worsened until Sam had no alternative to go with the feeling and he was made to crouch and bend over.

The people either side of me experienced some gentle arm movement which when they asked in their heads to be moved in a particular way, Daniel obliged.

Being that this was the first session I had to move around the circle so that other could experience the movements and sensations, this is quite normal. Although as I moved around more people got moved by Daniel, even those who were nowhere near me, much to their amazement.

Some of the guests were also pulled backwards and pushed forwards when they least expected it and moved into very uncomfortable positions. All guests eventually had their arms moved in some way.

The second group to the counterscarp galleries were treated to much more physical movements and very quickly after I started the séance everyone’s arms were moved and people were pulled and pushed into strange and uncomfortable positions apart from two people. After my side of the circle was pulled to the floor and we were all twisted up, I then moved to the opposite side of the circle so that those guests could also feel the same sensations.

When I moved here, we all were very quickly physically moved and dragged down to the floor by our hands, people became twisted up with each other and Dan (guest) who was on my left was pushed to floor until his head and face were on the floor. We all found this very amusing because he couldn’t get up or move in any way and was literally stuck to the floor!

Other people had their faces and arms stroked but the majority of the time was spent getting up after being pushed down. Emma (guest) was also pushed down to the floor many times and also couldn’t get up. The spirit that were responsible for this were two prisoner spirits by the name of Justin and Biffa who are also spirit which I have often met in this part of the fort. Capt Daniel also made an appearance but generally let the other two spirit do all of the work.

Towards the end of the session we all heard some unusual noises, like someone shuffling in one of the other rooms, since we were the only people here I have no explanation for the noises but we also were laughing quite a lot and probably didn’t hear all the noise that may have been associated with this anomaly.

The third group to the counterscarp gallery did not experience the same level of activity as the first two groups, however the majority of the guests did feel some gentle arm movement, especially Kelly (guest) who did not want to be moved or touched, but when it happened to both her hands she found it interesting and not as scary as she first thought.

Some people were also very gently pushed and pulled backwards, just to give them a physical experience but it was not of the same level as before. This was because Capt Daniel was the only spirit present and the group was a lot more reserved and less vocal than the other groups.

All in all this was a very enjoyable ghost hunt for everyone and many of the guests had a very physical ghost hunt, some had an exceptional time and were moved in ways they never thought possible.

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