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Rye Castle ghost hunt – 27th September 2014

Rye Castle ghost hunt 27th September 2014
Rye, East Sussex

As usual I headed to the first floor of the Keep with half of the guests, the other half were in the Women’s Tower.

The séance that I held started well with lots of arm movement however this didn’t progress into anything else, normally I would expect the level of physical activity to increase to push and pull people, but this didn’t happen. Some of the guests ventured into the Cells in the corners of the room.  In one was a female spirit energy that had lost her child (baby) whilst imprisoned.

Many of the guests felt their ring finger being pulled and those guests who stood by the main window didn’t feel comfortable.

At various times some guests smelt lavender and something they described as an “old” smell. When I stood by them I could smell pipe tobacco.

Within the cell many people felt an odd or strange sensation in their hands, which I had hoped would result in someone being touched but alas this didn’t happen.

The second group was predominantly female and this brought a different type of spirit to the room during the séance.

Lots of movement was felt by the guests, with Courtney (guest) being bent backwards over the map table and having her arms and shoulders stroked by other hands of the guests.

Other guests were twisted like ballet dancers and generally moved and pushed or pulled. Once again Ted felt uncomfortable and had to move within the room. Although this time I could see why as the spirit energy had changed from an affectionate gentleman who liked “good times” to a gentle female spirit energy who called herself by many names until she chose Maggie as the name that we should use to call her. For whatever reason Courtney then felt emotional for this spirit.

A little later in one of the Cells another spirit energy was present and was able to touch people’s hands, I wondered whether this was the same spirit that had made the other group’s hands feel odd. However Courtney felt her bum pinched.

Once again another enjoyable ghost hunt with lots of paranormal activity felt and experienced by the guests.

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