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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 12-4-2014

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 12th April 2014
Colchester, Essex

This was our second visit to The Red Lion Hotel for 2014 and whilst we look forward to every visit we also hope that certain rooms that were active and productive for the guests will be just as active and productive, although on each visit we try to use parts of the hotel that guests haven’t visited before so that each ghost hunt here is different. This was one of those occasions where we used more of the hotel than we have in the past and because of the guest numbers there were four groups. As usual I chose the cellar because the level of activity here is predictable although the spirit that we encounter usually do something unique to the guests.

The first group we encountered a male spirit called Michael he was 71 years old and from 1850s, the guests we treated to lots of arm movement most of which was on command. Once people had got used to the arm movement Michael quickly progressed onto pushing people forwards and backwards and in some cases pushing or pulling people to the floor by their hands and arms. One guest (Lucy) was pushed to the floor face first, which she didn’t find unnerving more of a surprise, although it is hard to describe this as a pleasant surprise, nevertheless Lucy felt fine after the experience.

The second group to the cellar we encountered a different spirit called Archie, he was aged in his early 20s but also from 1850s although this spirit was an army soldier, there was also another spirit with us who I am going to call the Laughing Man because he didn’t tell me any details about himself but continuously laughed throughout the séance. Archie was able to move and lift some of the guests hands and arms and once those guests had got used to this sensation he pushed and swayed the guests.

The third group to the cellar we met another male spirit energy his name was Henry although would answer to Henry or Harry. He was 29 years old and once again from the mid nineteenth century. This spirit was much stronger and also showed me much more detail about himself. He was wearing a black suit with a purple lining, a top hat, held a cane and wore a pocket watch. He liked champagne and was what we would call a gentleman of leisure. Many guests felt cold spots as well as feeling strange breezes across their necks and shoulders and two guests felt a poke in the back. There was some arm movement but every time Henry tried to move someone there was some loud noise from the street (above us) which unnerved the guests and resulted in some screaming from the female members of the group. There was also another spirit in the tunnel part of the cellar but he did not interact with the guests.

The fourth group to the cellar had the most amount of activity, this I attribute to the majority of them being ghost hunters who have attended several ghost hunts with us and other paranormal companies. Henry once again joined us and within a matter of minutes was productively moving people’s hand and arms, not always in a comfortable way, but it was movement nonetheless. Henry was able to move the majority and twist their hands and arms up. Many times we were all dragged to floor by our arms as well as using hands and arms to mess up the hair of some of the female guests. Sometimes those on the floor Henry would also touch the guest’s shoes. Lights were seen in the other part of the cellar along with some odd noises (knocks and tapping) from within our room, some of these noises were in response to the noises that we asked the spirit to copy or repeat.

This was another excellent ghost hunt at The Red Lion Hotel and many guests had several paranormal occurrences which defied any logical or scientific explanation.

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