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Fort Borstal – 17th October 2015 – Steve

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 17th October 2015
Rochester, Kent


All guests participated in the séance sessions with me in the Counterscarp Galleries.

The first group experienced lots of movement and everyone’s hands touched the floor several times as well as being twisted.

The spirit that was responsible for this was a First World War soldier that I have met before at the fort called Captain Daniel Bedford.

At the end of the session we all heard music that sounded like it was coming from within the counterscarp gallery.

The second group also experienced gentle arm movement, pushing and gentle swaying sensations.

The third group had lots of activity which started with gentle pushing and pulling back and swaying. Jazz (guest) was reluctant to feel spirit after other guests touched his chest with their hands so I moved beside them and Jazz and Gaya were moved gently and twirled. Toward the end of the session Jazz got touched on the back, like a poke.

This was an excellent ghost hunt with everyone having a paranormal experience.

Videos from our ghost hunts at Fort Borstal can be watched at

Psychic Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Old Police Cells Museum ghost hunt – 8th November 2014

Friday, February 20th, 2015

Old Police Cells Museum ghost hunt 8th November 2014

This was the last planned event at this location that we had in our calendar and we were hoping that it would be memorable.

Since there were only two from the Ghost Hunt Events team (me & Kym) and there was a smallish number of guests, I decided that we would hold 4 sessions for the guests.

The first two sessions of mine (one with each group) were held in the washrooms and end room with gadgets and ghost hunting equipment. Lots of unusual and unexplainable energy was discovered as there seemed to be a ball of EMF (Electromagnetic energy) in the middle of the room, starting about 1m off the floor rising to 2m from the floor. There was no obvious reason for this, as this room is below normal ground floor level and there is nothing electronic in the middle of the room as the light is by the door.

After these tech and gadget sessions, I returned to the same areas to hold séances. We were joined by a fast talking “Del Boy” type character that was able to push and prod some guests whilst only lifting the arms of others with the first group.

The second group a burly and slightly overweight Policeman called Peter joined us. He was able to push and pull the guests and move their arms with ease. He also managed to twist people and pull them down to the floor and even when on the floor we were still moved. It was like we were water being washed down a drain, as we were twisted together and pushed in a circle. This was very strange as it took us ages to work out how to untangle ourselves.

This was a great ghost hunt and a fitting last event for 2014 at this location. All the guests had some form of paranormal encounter either with me or with Kym

Psychic Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 12-4-2014

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 12th April 2014
Colchester, Essex

This was our second visit to The Red Lion Hotel for 2014 and whilst we look forward to every visit we also hope that certain rooms that were active and productive for the guests will be just as active and productive, although on each visit we try to use parts of the hotel that guests haven’t visited before so that each ghost hunt here is different. This was one of those occasions where we used more of the hotel than we have in the past and because of the guest numbers there were four groups. As usual I chose the cellar because the level of activity here is predictable although the spirit that we encounter usually do something unique to the guests.

The first group we encountered a male spirit called Michael he was 71 years old and from 1850s, the guests we treated to lots of arm movement most of which was on command. Once people had got used to the arm movement Michael quickly progressed onto pushing people forwards and backwards and in some cases pushing or pulling people to the floor by their hands and arms. One guest (Lucy) was pushed to the floor face first, which she didn’t find unnerving more of a surprise, although it is hard to describe this as a pleasant surprise, nevertheless Lucy felt fine after the experience.

The second group to the cellar we encountered a different spirit called Archie, he was aged in his early 20s but also from 1850s although this spirit was an army soldier, there was also another spirit with us who I am going to call the Laughing Man because he didn’t tell me any details about himself but continuously laughed throughout the séance. Archie was able to move and lift some of the guests hands and arms and once those guests had got used to this sensation he pushed and swayed the guests.

The third group to the cellar we met another male spirit energy his name was Henry although would answer to Henry or Harry. He was 29 years old and once again from the mid nineteenth century. This spirit was much stronger and also showed me much more detail about himself. He was wearing a black suit with a purple lining, a top hat, held a cane and wore a pocket watch. He liked champagne and was what we would call a gentleman of leisure. Many guests felt cold spots as well as feeling strange breezes across their necks and shoulders and two guests felt a poke in the back. There was some arm movement but every time Henry tried to move someone there was some loud noise from the street (above us) which unnerved the guests and resulted in some screaming from the female members of the group. There was also another spirit in the tunnel part of the cellar but he did not interact with the guests.

The fourth group to the cellar had the most amount of activity, this I attribute to the majority of them being ghost hunters who have attended several ghost hunts with us and other paranormal companies. Henry once again joined us and within a matter of minutes was productively moving people’s hand and arms, not always in a comfortable way, but it was movement nonetheless. Henry was able to move the majority and twist their hands and arms up. Many times we were all dragged to floor by our arms as well as using hands and arms to mess up the hair of some of the female guests. Sometimes those on the floor Henry would also touch the guest’s shoes. Lights were seen in the other part of the cellar along with some odd noises (knocks and tapping) from within our room, some of these noises were in response to the noises that we asked the spirit to copy or repeat.

This was another excellent ghost hunt at The Red Lion Hotel and many guests had several paranormal occurrences which defied any logical or scientific explanation.

The event video can be watched at

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Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 26-10-2013 (Jo)

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 26th October 2013

Session 1: We began with a short séance circle to build energy in the room. Sue then took half the group to the Ouija board and I took the remainder to the table. After a while the table began to rock very gently, Sue then told us we were half way through the session so we swapped over. My group received no movement on the Ouija board but we could see that the table had began to move for the others.

Session 2: Again we split the group in half, Sue to the Ouija and myself to the table. The table began to move immediately and very strongly. When spirit was asked where he was standing, he walked the table very definitely to that area. Spirit did not seem to like one of the male guest, John, and pushed him against the wall with the table. The rest of us removed out hands and left John alone on the table, which continued to move with force. We continued until the end of the session.

Session 3: I took my half of the group to the table and once again we received immediate movement. The movement was constant the entire session and when asked, spirit was twisting and spinning the table, having us running round in circles. Spirit was also “walking” the table to areas that we asked him to. When requested to hold the table in a position, spirit obliged. As usual, once the table was moving, I came away so that the guests could experience this for themselves.

Session 4: As before we had movement straight away. Two of the guests, Mel and Martin ( who were not together) were standing opposite each other so were used as “Yes and No” directions. Spirit answered questions by tipping the table the relevant way, and again was spinning and twisting on demand.

Jo Titcombe
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Rye Castle (Ypres Tower) ghost hunt – 28-9-2013

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Rye Castle private ghost hunt 28th September 2013
Rye, East Sussex

We as a team were heading back to Rye with a sense of uneasiness because the first event that we held here this year was an action packed amazing experience for everyone who was present, then we returned a month after that and whilst the level of activity was still interesting it was nothing like the first event. So we were a little cautious in getting our hopes up. However since this was a private event, the majority of the people have been on a ghost hunt before we didn’t have to show the guests what to do, they knew. This however didn’t prepare anyone for what happened.

Whilst half of the guests headed into the Women’s Tower with Carl, I stayed in the Keep with the other half.

During my explanation of the room, as there are two cells in two corners and a balcony which overlooks the courtyard I was standing on the balcony explaining to the guests the metal prongs which stopped anyone from climbing the walls. I was using my torch to show some of the guests where they were and undoubtedly shone my torch into the women’s tower skylight. However Carl came out of the tower as they had seen a light above them (which was my torch) but they had also saw a light shine up the staircase, which could not have been me because the entrance to the staircase is 90 degrees from where I was standing.

Back inside the keep we were joined by a spirit called Tommy or Thomas, quite recently a spirit from 1988 aged in his 50s and quite broad shouldered and well built.

Whilst using KII (EMF meters) and our electronic communicator meters we all noticed a strange “ball” of energy in the room, it seemed to start about 2 feet off the floor and extend to about 7 feet above the floor and was approximately 8 feet in diameter that suddenly “arrived” at the same time as Tommy. It was also centred in the room right over some of the display cases, which although had an electrical supply, these were all turned off as I checked to make sure. There was no obvious explanation as to why this ball should be there as we have never had something like this happen before and as quickly as it arrived it disappeared. It was only after talking to Ted (the Museum guide) later in the evening that he suggested the tie ring. The tie ring was in the centre of the room and prisoners were tied to this ring when there was no room in a cell.

Tommy though was able to say several words on a spirit box (a device that scans the FM radio bands at 100ms in reverse) including “Tom” and answered some questions posed by the guests.

After a short break I demonstrated what I had done in the first group with regard to the torch as those in the Women’s Tower were a little confused how my torch managed to shine up the staircase and no matter what I pointed the torch towards the light never shone up the staircase, which sort of proves that it wasn’t me. Although no-one had any idea what they saw the first time as my torch looked completely different apparently and according to those who saw it my torch wasn’t that bright either.

The second group to the Keep we still had Thomas present and once I started a séance circle he was able to move people’s arms very easily. He also pulled Darren (guest) downwards and backwards so that he was resting on the table behind him in an awkward manner. Tom also pulled Mark, Darren, Esther and me to the floor by our arms, then without any warning pulled Jo down as well. Once we were on the floor we were all still being moved and twisted although Darren remained in an awkward position much to his delight [sic].

Eventually we were allowed to stand back upright and more or less as soon as we got to our feet, Esther and Jo were both moved in a swaying circular motion. Others of the group had our heads pushed down by other people’s hands and arms and Darren had his head and ear “stroked”. My hands were pulled in opposite directions which was quite painful and also pulled behind other people’s backs. Whilst this was amusing for us it was also fun for the spirit energy as he smiled throughout the session obviously enjoying what he could do with us.

After another break I headed with a group to the Women’s Tower as I wanted to see if the same sensations and noises that I had heard on previous ghost hunts happened again.

On the top floor everyone felt the same swaying and pushing sensation. No matter where anyone stood, everyone felt the same sensation and that was being pushed or pulled towards the corner of the room by the only window. This is exactly what happened when we first visited earlier in the year, which was just after the tower had undergone some building work. Whilst we were here we all heard a familiar noise, footsteps. However like the previous time I visited this tower the footsteps sounded like someone walking on a wooden floor and since the tower is detached from anything else this sound still remains a mystery.

Darren felt a female energy at the bottom of the stairs was too afraid to enter the building, so we went downstairs to see if this would make any difference.

Since we were all in the small downstairs room no-one was expecting to hear the sound of a person walking on gravel (which is what is in the garden, the previous exercise yard) but that is exactly what we heard, someone approaching, but no-one did. Then we all heard a stone thrown into the Women’s Tower which landed a few steps in. We checked but no-one was outside nor on the balcony to the keep. Immediately after the stone being thrown we all heard the sound of water being poured from a jug as we heard a “glug glug” sound plus several bangs. Darren and Mark went to investigate upstairs as they thought that the noise came from upstairs, however they didn’t stay long because they kept hearing footsteps and other noises that we didn’t hear nor make because we were standing still.

As soon as they came back down to join the rest of us both Carl & Ted thought they heard the footsteps on gravel sound. Although most of us thought it sounded like it was raining, however when going outside it wasn’t raining or windy.

Back in the keep once again lots of KII spikes seen on our meters plus lots of electronic communication.

There was a soldier present in the room, but not a uniform that I have ever seen before. He was wearing a bright red jacket with a white belt (similar to a Boer war soldier) and a black fez style cap. It is the cap that puzzles me because it didn’t look like it belonged to the rest of the uniform.

We recorded a spirit box session and EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voices) but on analysis nothing tangible could be heard.

This was a great ghost hunt with lots of strange and paranormal occurrences for the guests and it also had a familiar feel for us, because we have investigated here five times previously and every time we have similar activity, not necessarily the same activity from the previous time but something that has occurred on a previous visit happens in a similar way or the experiences of the guests happens again. We cannot wait to investigate here again in 2014.

Psychic Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Rowfant House ghost hunt – 6-4-2013

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Rowfant House ghost hunt 6th April 2013
Crawley, West Sussex

Rowfant House is one of the secret gems of the countryside, once owned by a very important and influential family who let Winston Churchill stay during the Second World War and is now home to the Latvian Lutheran Church in England.

We had no idea what to expect at this ghost hunt as it was the first ghost hunt undertaken at this venue by anyone. We were not disappointed as activity seemed to happen all night long.

All the guests were split into three smaller groups which were headed by different members of the GHE team, I had commandeered a bedroom for my sessions as I felt that something terrible happened in this room. It was also the same room that Churchill used when he stayed at Rowfant House.

There were two spirit energies that were present all night with me, the first was Captain Terry McLoughlan, aged in his early 30s and was in what is now the RAF and from the First World War era. Terry was of slim build, about 5’10” in height with light brown hair. He was dressed in a very smart uniform. The second was Annabelle, aged in her early 20s with long brown hair wearing a dirty white dress. She suffered from Eczema and when I first noticed her she had a smell of ammonia about or associated with her.

The first group to enter this room felt some unusual cold spots and high levels of KII EMF energy along with some long conversations on our communication devices. Many guests smelt carbolic soap throughout the session.

During the séance some guests felt arm movement along with some pushing and swaying which was Terry making himself known. After the séance some guests sitting down felt tingling sensations and very heavy heads, others who were all sitting on the sofa felt very serene and relaxed. The person who was sitting in a chair favoured by Winston Churchill felt very depressed (they did not know at that time that it was Churchill’s chair, this I told them after the session had finished).

Many of the guests took photos during the session, some of which contained light anomalies or orbs.

The second group, in this room smelt soap once again, although two guests thought that it may have been bleach. During the session there were many strange flashes of light seen outside the windows, had it been thundery then I would have said it was lightening, but it wasn’t. Just after one of these flashes some guests thought they saw a face outside the window. It wasn’t a real person because we were on the first floor! However it remains unexplained what they saw.

Andy (guest) whilst sitting in a chair felt very important and I didn’t tell him until after the session finished that this was Churchill’s chair. Others who were sitting in the same seats as the first group felt the complete opposite (of the first group) many feeling uncomfortable and edgy. I felt very dizzy and I was sitting on the bed.

The third group had the most physical activity and during the séance, which included lots of arm movement, pushing and pulling the guests backwards and twisting arms behind people’s backs. One guest felt sick and had to leave the room. Many times our hands were moved in a circular motion, sometimes in mid-air and sometimes close to the floor, why remains a mystery. Jason (guest) and I were pulled by our arms to the floor. A third spirit energy came into the room towards the end of the session, he was a mischievous male energy who wanted to touch certain people in the group and many guests felt a cob web sensation around their face.

Once again some of us who were facing the window saw strange flashes of light outside, although we still have no explanation as to what could have caused this.

After the séance had finished I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice experiment. Many of the guests’ questions had some sort of response although we couldn’t work out what they all said.

The best results of this experiment can be heard at:-

For the very first ghost hunt at Rowfant house we were amazed at the level of activity that the guests encountered throughout the night.

The Ghost Hunt Events team consisted of:-

Carl – Paranormal Investigator
Jo – Paranormal Investigator
Kym – Paranormal Investigator
Steve – Psychic Medium

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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