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True Crime Museum – 13th February 2016 – Steve

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

True Crime Museum 13th February 2016
Hastings, East Sussex


On this first ghost hunt (at this location) I thought I would aim for something that many wouldn’t; 13 people on the 13th February. It proved to be a good decision as we had lots of activity on Ouija board and table tilting as well as the séance held in part of the museum called the Death Chamber.

During the séance we had a number of spirit present, the two most prominent ones were an Army Captain and a Bobby (an old fashioned Policeman) both of whom were able to move us beyond what we thought possible. Some of the movements were painful, but were actually on command of what someone had asked for, not necessarily the people who were being moved!

The Ouija board had lots of communication as well as our electronic gadgets and dowsing rods and pendulums.

It was an interesting ghost hunt and a location we look forward to returning to in the summer.

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Old Police Cells Museum ghost hunt – 8th November 2014

Friday, February 20th, 2015

Old Police Cells Museum ghost hunt 8th November 2014

This was the last planned event at this location that we had in our calendar and we were hoping that it would be memorable.

Since there were only two from the Ghost Hunt Events team (me & Kym) and there was a smallish number of guests, I decided that we would hold 4 sessions for the guests.

The first two sessions of mine (one with each group) were held in the washrooms and end room with gadgets and ghost hunting equipment. Lots of unusual and unexplainable energy was discovered as there seemed to be a ball of EMF (Electromagnetic energy) in the middle of the room, starting about 1m off the floor rising to 2m from the floor. There was no obvious reason for this, as this room is below normal ground floor level and there is nothing electronic in the middle of the room as the light is by the door.

After these tech and gadget sessions, I returned to the same areas to hold séances. We were joined by a fast talking “Del Boy” type character that was able to push and prod some guests whilst only lifting the arms of others with the first group.

The second group a burly and slightly overweight Policeman called Peter joined us. He was able to push and pull the guests and move their arms with ease. He also managed to twist people and pull them down to the floor and even when on the floor we were still moved. It was like we were water being washed down a drain, as we were twisted together and pushed in a circle. This was very strange as it took us ages to work out how to untangle ourselves.

This was a great ghost hunt and a fitting last event for 2014 at this location. All the guests had some form of paranormal encounter either with me or with Kym

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